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    Klouf 'Forged-Fist' Grimgold
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  1. IGN: TheWaffleman30 RP NAME: Klouf 'Forged-Fist' Grimgold AGE: 102 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Legion, Worker's Guild Member, Clan Grimgold CANDIDATE: Alaric Grimgold
  2. OOC MC Name: TheWaffleEater2 Discord: Waffle#9820 Timezone: CST IN-CHARACTER What is your name? Klouf 'Forged-Fist' Grimgold Why seek membership to the Mages Guild? I wish to expand my knowledge of the Arcane arts, and learn what others think of it. What arts, if any, do you currently practice? Fire Evocation What position do you desire to attain upon acceptance? a member within The Artificium When should you be contacted for an interview? Sunday anytime through 1-10pm CST
  3. IGN: TheWaffleEater2 RP NAME: Klouf 'Forged-Fist' Grimgold AGE: 86 ACTIVITY REQUIREMENT: Active Within Legion, Worker's Guild, and Merchant's Guild, Clan Grimgold, and Proud Homeowner in the Fourth Grand Kingdom of Urguan. CANDIDATE: Alaric Grimgold
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    Klouf was born in a small poor family, His mother was a good fighter, a strong one, his father was a runesmither, a rather weird one to be exact but a very good one., he had one grandfather that was also still around, he was a great Blacksmith and miner. Klouf wouldn't really know his father much as he had "died" when he was around 4 summers old, but as he grew older he would of found out his father had gone mad due to finding a Dark Rune he was making. After his father left, his Grandfather who was beginning to get pretty old at this point, had some useful knowledge for young Klouf that would help him later on in his life. His Grandfather gave him many tips and tricks on smithing, and mining he taught him when he was a young beardling. His grandfather helped him on how he should forge tools, weapons, armor and other things malleable. He even told him stories of his great accomplishes. His grandfather had lived through a lot of wars, he was around when Lord Valen Grandaxe stormed the Orc Capital and took the precious item the dwarfs demanded, those were very heroic time for his grandpa, and he remembers them like it was yesterday. His distaste for Orcs had sprung from the stories his grandpa told him and how disgusting they were towards them and their people. His Mother also played a good part in this too, she helped him with tricks at fighting with an axe in hand, using it against trees and such. After his knowledge taught from his mother and grandfather, he now sets off too see the world and make a name for him self.
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