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    Art,Video games, LucasFilm movies, horror movies, anime, food (mainly sweets) and i like the color purple

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    Sofiele-Heartstring, Ember, Syrielia Wynasul, Faragh, Frisketa Medina De Pelear
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    Human, Half-High elf, High elf, Hyspian. Dark Elf

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  1. Princess ember watches as the world goes to war with each other, she’s seemingly is happy that her own realm hasn’t gone down this path. “Peace in the jungle as they say”
  2. Even with the explanation above Just a question, something I noticed within each of the spells, is you reduced them to merely [3] emote to cast this spell (if connected it takes 2 instead of three) ) 1.[Connect] + 2.[charge] + 3. [cast] why are you reducing the amount of emotes in spells, which take time to form. The emote count prior was ok within its original ammount.
  3. Player: Please teach me animii


    me: 300 Mina rn

    1. Punished_Pup


      Yeah but fr..
      Teach me : )

    2. Reckless Banzai Screamer
    3. ClassyDryad


      Please train me animii (for less I don't have that money.)

  4. “YIKES” said Vivien reading this missive as she visited Aaun in secret Ember spits her own drink out in her office, then realizes it’s a gossip column ”oh thank Solaris, I thought we were going to have another black hood group, except- an ancient supremacy group”
  5. Vivien applauds for those who gained such high positions she redtudies most of the books found within the academy. Mainly the one written by the Vizer of the academy herself @Creete
  6. Ember grasped the missive with her two hands as she yelled from the top of her lungs ”ALL SOL’TARRIO TO STATION, GEAR UP, E’ WANT ALL MEN ON HORSES SEARCH DAY A’ NIGHT NO ONE COMES BACK UNTIL QUIDLA IS FOUND, I WANT HER BACK NOW NOW NOW!” the princess even herself went to hear up as she had a hunt to go on for a ker.
  7. Vivien has her teenage admiration for such edge lord missive “SO COOL!”
  8. “Ay’ very nice” Ember spoke out as she was creating things in her ships lower deck
  9. “I’m not dwunk enuff…. MOAR FOR YEE COWN!” Said a drunk ember reading this missive, then using to make a paper star shurikin
  10. Vivien maelstrom looks at the missive as she studies further… her bored hums echo. ”oooohhh so that’s what he looks like. If he brushed his hair he look less insane. But then again…” she touched her own unbrushed curls
  11. These appeals are wild asf

  12. A meditating princess was simply laced in her own form rest. Ember soon foresaw this dream- a vision, she had then opened her eyes to the dark night that had been overcomes with warmth upon the ship she slept in. “The north has been plagued with darkness, boundless enigmas swarm this land. We are cursed by coming here.” She spoke preparing to embark upon a small trip before her pilgrimage
  13. "Yikes" Said the Royarch Shaman Ember. She looked on the missive with a smirk of entertainment, and also massive dissapointment towards their allies. Then again, Canonist were never good in demands. She traversed the mountain range of Balian, studying the sky and clouds after she visited the sovereignty of Balian, enjoying the sight of the fort.
  14. @Boknice275look look they wish to know more about Sun elves 🤭
  15. -1 nodes were exploited by individuals who left their alts in the mine. Then destroyed it when others found it. Just go events and hope the ET is nice enough to give you a bar. Sadly that’s how it is for now.
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