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    Art,Video games, LucasFilm movies, horror movies, anime, food (mainly sweets) and i like the color purple

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    Sofiele-Heartstring, Ember, Syrielia Wynasul, Faragh, Frisketa Medina De Pelear
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    Human, Half-High elf, High elf, Hyspian. Dark Elf

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  1. Congrats @Josh3738 Ik u will do great!
  2. “Don’t do it, don’t do it, Don- AGHHHH I WANT TO TINKERRRRRRR!!!! I WILL RETURN HOME IN A FEW DAYS BELOVED!” Ember screamed across the empty inn to Jakob Calavennon @Oh_Ontario
  3. Ember shakes her head "They seem to always find themselves in predicaments, I ponder why they find themselves in such state." Then she begins to chuckle "They are best in the business- hope they survive- they are my only equals. . .neeee" she shook her head
  4. Hapy easter! Christ has Risen! happy TVD! Love all my trans homies
  5. I enjoy this trans Visibility concept, didn't know it existed. please let us enjoy this time of the year by accepting both sides naturally and happily!

    (Happy Easter and TVD! and stop passive agressive posting- your not cool if you do!)

    1. Borin


      Its some Americanism

  6. XA$N Stocks rising 📈

  7. Adam is out here click baiting me harder than the YouTube algorithm
  8. “Damn it all- I hoped to be wrong for once” Ember exclaimed waking up from her sleep
  9. Congratulations and o7, may u have a wonderful life!
  10. There stood a Elven man- blond and with blue hues looking down at a teenage elf. "What is the most important aspect of one's self?" A young elfess looked up at the elder Sun elf father. and said "Family" The Memory shifted further beyond, a cell, a bird cage. Though it may not have been true, Ember remembered the Cold grasp of the sand she sat on, then she returned to reality, loosening her hold on her young sister whom seemingly felt the same way- cold, in different, every part of her different. That warmth was not the same one. "She said she loves me- she seems fine big sis." "You don't know her like I do. I know all of you- and shes a shit liar. . .she did not even pick me up." Ember remembered this, it echoed in her head, as she awoke from her own sleep. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A hot morning dusk broke through the encampments of the land that is soon to be Aluria, as she arose she walked to the edge, the sun rose and she was able to face it. There she remembered "I forgive you."
  11. “Joyous I say-“ Ember praised
  12. Ember looks down at the missive with a skeptical look "Prepare the Sentinels, we may have visitors soon."
  13. A young sister would scoff, Alexis looked down at this missive "Jush ignore der wishes, what are shey gonna do. . . pray? TO WHOM?" The Sister prepares to ignore the treaty entirely and simply do Gods work. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Mean while ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- A Dame seems to be watching kaethul from afar, she had to investigate before acting. "Time to go covert- I guess. . ." said sofiele
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