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    Sofiele-Heartstring, Ember Munnel, Chen Han, Samuel V. Ludovar, Maria Antonella Francheska Weiss
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  1. a young hyspian girl also missing from home feels as if something was wrong, her exploration must be cut short. though word across Petra between foreign hyspians reached her small ears. She needed to find her way back home.
  2. I wouldn’t turn your guns on Alex for a vote all admins made. Don’t shoot the mail man
  3. @MokoMochi& @Northtitan- My homies since the beginning, my best friends since the start I couldn’t ask for anything better. You guys are but the best and most loyal people I have ever met and to know you guys are like that with everyone we love you as a set of people. I WUV U MOKOOOOO & NOOOORTH @JoshBright - your literally my brother, a pain in my ass but one I will always trust more than ever love u man @HIGH_FIRE- the only Balianite that keeps me sane and steady, the lord of the homies, love you man! @AgentofDeath13- As much as we argue and debate I always cherish the times I get to learn from you. Weiss Fam- YOU GUYS ARE BUT INSANE AND RAD PEEPS WHO HAVE BALLS OF STEEL!!!! Paladins- A community I will always stand by even in hard times. You guys always make an effort to work together even if it doesn’t seem so. Know your efforts never go in vain especially you @Valannor!
  4. The Elfess in the west saw this missive with a disgusted face, both on the failure of the parents who watched over this girl and the dogs within the east who dare kill innocent people. As if it were a sport “Humanity knows no boundaries. Only that war must be won, at any cost even at the life’s of a descendants generation”
  5. Ember now realizes why Norland stays away from almost all of these canonist, she thought they may be unto something.
  6. Ember wonders why only half the west wishes the best of her ilk, if not all Malins kin. In the end she had suspiciouns, maybe in time they will find out more. For now however. . . The crown princess began to shout orders around her helpers as she begun making all the medicines in the book lector danzen gave her.
  7. The elf looks down at the missive with a rub to her head as she wonders why. “The dragon is going to kill us all, much faster if we are all killing each other.” she said in a quaint tone, chirpy as always as she sarcastically expressed.
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