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  1. The rep farming is real

  2. Heya Ferrymen, Frisket here. When I began in LOTC, I was a member of Elysium (ew, I know). From such community, I was possibly one of many people who disliked or even hated the teal bandana players, who seemingly-in my mind at the time only understood "click makes right" and ultimately looked at you all as just terrible role players, or just players with just an intent to ruin role-play in a roleplay server, because you had nothing better to do than to do bandit RP and conflict RP. This was in the past, I admit, there are times today where I think this still, but remember that it's a block man game and you guys are here for one thing which I will express in, below. After talking with many others who were within your friend groups, and who were either connected to you guys by friendships or relationships; Or sometimes straight up talking to ferry members, I started to see a different POV of the teal scallywags, and how they contribute to roleplay as a whole. Maybe the only issue is that I assume that you guys pick people based on PVP skills, which I could be wrong because I am working on the old 'Ferryman Application'. However, many of these people who actively spoke out against the harsh comments me and many others made about your group, simply stated one sentence, that amongst every group, we agreed. Sadly this term was mentioned by a BANNED player, but many others who I have spoken to have also said something similar, however I think, this simple rebuttal, is one that allows me to overlook the encounters with my OOC eyes that I judge you all with, and find some fun and pleasure in fighting against or with you guys and gals or others. "They joined the server, because they want to roleplay. Not roleplay the way you roleplay, but roleplay in their own way." So to answer your question: I don't think I would offer any alternative to the roleplay you guys do, I think your post about the Order of The Ferrymen were possibly one of (if not) the most anticipated post I have awaited to learn about since my POV change. To understand, the same group I have fought for a good little while with and against. Bandit RP is a very important aspect of the dangers in the roads. Casually we should have bandits attempt to steal and rob places, sell info and create possibly a black market to govern and control the flow of products, loot and heist treasuries before uniting under one big raiding group and emerge from the shadows to raze and pillage places. An Idea I had while writing this response is maybe make a black market? (Teal market confirmed?). Have the ferrymen sell info, dark magics, maybe illegal contraband to sneak into cities and create corruption? Just an Idea, but generally I have no current issues with your RP. I've seen better RP from ferrymen than most voidal mages. If you guys have anything you wish to say, or ask me questions, I will be paying some attention to this for the next few days (no Guarantee of reply because I stay busy and look at the forums in a dry day-to-day basis.) but if I don't reply, my discord is also open for conversation! (teawithFrisket)
  3. Embers seemingly plans a trip to the lands of Lurak. Finally something to do within the lodge.
  4. W effort, go tech team
  5. "Hera.... if only you could see this...." Ember whispered to herself as she looked high above the sky, from the top of a building, her journal and quill not being lowered as she continued to write her experiences with the group and their journey into the "Junk world"
  6. @wooz 




    -shoves a mic in your face-to-face



    1. wooz


      Erm ermmm

  7. God I loved reading this
  8. "Ay' Ochem'aa. You might need to stay with your Brothers and in-laws for a little bit. Mama has a Job to do" Ember said as she suited up. Mask and everything.
  9. Nani da fuq 

  10. “A well made Choice, I pray her positions will make their citizens feel ever so safer and prosperous.” She spoke reading the missive from her temporary workshop.
  11. Ember yawns from a distant home. "War is boring when it's teased or rumored. I just want some cake....such a weird craving, unlike some people I will make a cake and not make rumors about making one. If a war happens, they will know." The elfess went to her kitchen to bake some velvet cake with vanilla frosting Her favorite!
  12. Haense is going nuts with this discord rp, crazy even.

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