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  1. [!] An oppressive Sutican gatekeeper frowns.
  2. Trapdoors and doors do not seem to always stay fixed in the position that you /cprivate them in. Block updates on adjacent blocks seem to cause the doors to default to their orientation that you placed them in.
  3. Where were you during the great inventory wipe of 2019?

  4. Full Name: Eliza Age: Unknown Past/Present Affiliations (Military Organizations, Nations, etc.): To be shared in person as necessary Residence: Sutica ((OOC)) MCName: Earth_Evocation Discord: Luxury#8643 Timezone: cst
  5. Similar to some of the other concerns, I think this piece can be LOTC’ified a bit more.
  6. I like pieces that give incentive to focusing solely on voidal magic. It’s a bit bare in it’s current state so I’m anticipating a load of additions and clarifications to get cobbled on top of what’s here if this passes.
  7. Name: Eliza Race: Elf Age: 100 Discord#: Luxurypoop#8643
  8. IGName: Eliza User: Earth_Evocation Refrences: https://gyazo.com/d4a01a95125214b6ad2997193defac41 What you want: Dress no-head Special notes: You’re awesome. Alex model pls Tips?? :’)): 😜 i’ll throw a lil extra your way
  9. I think all Void magics that are heavy in combat use could benefit from having a lore approved sample spell set. It’s important to establish the norms for the extent and type of damage that can be done for an entirely text based system. I’d much prefer having references like this to counter powergaming without going the spell-point route. Even avid supporters of free-form evocation can use something like this to base their spells off of. With that said, this specific piece should be looked at closely again with a LT or a MT to improve on the exacts that are noted here.
  10. I like parts of this lore, tahmas. Over all a good submission! Some bits left things looking a bit detached from a common theme, such as the garden bit and it's passive interaction with Voidal abundance. I think those two things should clash opposed to working seamlessly. Just a tiny nitpick tho. I like the drawbacks from the Scar and it's growth with death. The aesthetics are moistening as well.
  11. More of this please. I enjoy lore depictions of our canon deities.
  12. Interesting and unexpected. Very well done!
  13. [!] A hooded courier seeks the three, delivering a letter to each of them. "The Order seeks you, aspirant. Send a letter to Haelun'or to meet with one of the Triarchs." [[Pm Earth_Evocation ig]]
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