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  1. Has anyone accrued 1 million minas before?

    1. 501warhead
    2. SuperDuckyGamer


      no, but friendship is priceless and i have plenty of that



  2. Seers - Eyes of Vaasek

    The simplicity is quite novel. Good piece of lore.
  3. Is this an addition to Conjuration, or it's own Magic?
  4. [Denied] [AT]The honest app

    Oh my god this would be hilarious. +1
  5. [MA] [Earth Evo] Zekt'ira

  6. Earth Evocation Lore

    Can you give some insight as to why this isn't a thing any longer? If you can grow the stones, you should be able to cause them to combine. It happens naturally underground all the time; Veins of minerals growing into others. That's what void mages do with their elements, replicate their natural properties and forms.
  7. I personally don't hate this. Though I dont really like the requirement of another stone/gem/etc to be incorporated. I figure something like a simple spell imbued into the item would be stylistically pleasing while still keeping the mechanics. tldr; Leave gemcraft to enchanting so we dont have to bling out mage tools to be pointlessly icy.
  8. [✓] [Magic Rewrite] Transfiguration

    Very good. +1
  9. [Lore Submission] Sprites & Sprouts

    +1 Hedgehug has good values and is honest.
  10. Your View: Magic

    Throw a bottle of Alchemist Fire or a pouch of Thanhium dust. Not to mention ranged weaponry such as bows and crossbows.
  11. [✓] The Roost's Land Charter

    Eliza signs. ((Earth_Evocation))
  12. The Mage's Institute

    RP Name: Eliza MC Name: Earth_Evocation Known Arcane Arts: Earth Evocation, Telekinesis, Arcanism, Transfiguration Position Desired: Student When is the best time to contact you for an interview: Whenever
  13. The Eternal Mubarizun

    ((OOC)) MC Name: Earth_Evocation Teamspeak (Optional, Say yes for IP): Yes Discord (Optional): N/a Skype (PM if wanted): Luxurypoop Timezone: UTC -6 ((RP)) Name: Eliza Age: 100 Gender: F Race: High Elf Additional information (Optional): Previously Muharib.
  14. [ST] [Arcane] Raeed Earth App

    I'll help this friend be the best Stoner he can be.
  15. [Telekinesis][MA] z3m0s

    Do /money pay Earth_Evocation 233297 and I agree :J