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  1. In totality, the event site for Ando Alur was good in my opinion. Our group was able to get tons of RP out if just theorizing solutions to fix the problem, just the fact it was an available place to travel fed months of interest / story sharing / etc. For added context it was in the late stages of the event-zone's run on the server (Druids were scheduled to go into the zone a week after we went, to close it with the Aspect stones). We requested small-scale events beyond going to the crater but were denied as only larger nation groups were being scheduled at the time, so we tagged along with the Dwarves who had something scheduled already. The day of the event, nothing of significance was emoted going on around the crater, even though the entire zone was supposed to be active - rather than just sending a group of 20+ home having done nothing, we decided to scope out the middle before... the cliff collapsing emote happened. The rest is history. We were just players excited to play with rarely touched world lore. Though it was a bummer that it was locked behind circumstances that were inescapable and impossible to interact with meaningfully without dying. 3-4 emotes post-fall into the crater the exits were surrounded.
  2. Let me play a wonk wizard or so help me. . .
  3. Irritated eyes beheld the parchment, brought to that Weaver's grasp in her own smoke filled parlor. She tuts at one particular line "I am barred from entry, how boring. . ." spake she, to a constituent.
  4. I have grown fond of Air Evocation since I picked it up, and began exploring the ways I could supplement my roleplay with it. Losing a combat spell should hopefully not greatly inhibit anyone's character identity. I like the optional 2nd-slot, regardless of the level of strength it gives my character in CRP, because I've always felt that commitment to a school of magic should allow someone to access more tools to hone the Evoker niche. I'd have loved to have seen more Aesthetics woven in upon taking the 2nd slot though. Optional alterations to the way a characters magic and appearance is displayed, greater feats of non-combat Air evocation, maybe inherent enchantment abilities not requiring Tfig, etc etc
  5. Moonspeech is a wonderful piece of Voidal lore, and it is mostly unused. In ye olden days, I recall any interactions with Moonspeech to be approached carefully and with reverence. This is bringing that lore to the modern era, and will empower the void cult narrative behind Voidstalkers. Not including self rp, the use cases are Voidstalker to Voidstalker, and Voidstalker to Horror. The latter hinges on whether ST want that level of interaction to exist, as it does inherently require a solid foundation as to how Horrors interact with player characters which doesn’t really exist yet. If a pivot is needed, I’d recommend having different ’dialects’. Where Vstalkers could communicate between eachother efficiently, but Horrors themselves might not understand the muddled version of their language.
  6. The magic is inherantly unnatural, while compatable with diety magics because it is natural. A void mage could use it, just cant enchant it. You would be killing the natural life bank by imbuing the void into it. You could clarify that the material is in fact living, and that would eliminate inconsistencies. Enchantment does not work on Living material due to other factors, not because it kills the life it is enchanting.
  7. This ‘invisible’ CRP dominates a space that would otherwise be viable for other roleplay, sometimes for multiple hours at a time. If CRP is locked in my city’s square, other players cannot use or interact with that area until the fighting stops. They can either sit and spectate or go someplace else. This is the most glaring issue with this new system, that simply extending the timer won’t fix.
  8. Luxury


    Welcome back! Hmu on disc @ _luxury if you want to tap into some rp!
  9. SORCEROUS STATE OF HOHKMAT - CHAMBER OF EARTH To Hohkmat’s Sorcerous conglomerate and mundane constituents, It is with great pleasure that the Chamber of Earth announces its next venture: The expansion of our domain to Healthcare services. Our role in the Earthen Chamber is designated purely towards supporting the Hakad people, and therefore it is our responsibility to ensure their safety and wellbeing. Following this missive, the formal oversight of Hohkmati Healthcare will be in-part delegated to our Chamber’s very own Wilford Reinhold. Leadership will be temporarily co-opted by the Vizier of the Chamber while another suitable replacement is sought for an exploratory Medical Research and Development division. If you are a capable Sorcerer with a penchant for discovery and innovation in medicine, seek out a Chamber representative for more details on how to be involved. Non-sorcerers may also find an opportunity in the Chamber of Earth as a tenured Medic in our Clinic. Signed, Rhae’lin Ashwood, Vizier of the Chamber of Earth Wilford Reinhold, Head Physician of the Chamber of Earth
  10. A tired Weaver peers through a veil of smoke spurred on from a rich cigar, mounted on the lip of a blown glass ashtray. Low lids only just allowed the Elfess' yawning gaze to review the proposal. Vizier Rhae'lin Ashwood sighs in conclusion, stirring the muddled air in her office. "Croquet is played with mallets, not feathers... Isn't the game of Hohkmat this way too? It can be.. fun to play by the rules sometimes."
  11. [!] The missive comes onto the desk of one solemn scholar, the severe Mistress Vizier of the Earth Chamber Rhae'lin Ashwood. "That one has proved to be a monolithic presence."
  12. You can eliminate confusion by using this format [Connect + Charge + Cast] to represent what is occurring over the course of 3 emotes. Otherwise, the buffs look pretty good and the clarifications are always nice. The two emote water shield will likely beat out other similar shield types that are considered staples in their magics. Deflect from Air evo is comparable as a two emote spell, but it cannot be sustained. Earthen Wall had been considered the top of the magic shield game. I think a sustained shield for ranged attacks will be more effective at 2 emotes regardless of lack of solidity. An observation if nothing else. Though I think there is something to be said about the things each individual magic should be the best at to keep them niche and unique, and making sure this isn’t going to make Water evo objectively better at offense and defense.
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