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  1. An old elf granted this letter a resting place in the top drawer of the aged mahogany desk in her study. It stacked neatly atop several other yellowed parchments, a library of memories, allies, and perhaps friends. The woman sank into the upholstery of the over sized padded chair letting her mind fidget with the way things used to be. “We’ll meet again, perhaps on the verge of reality.”
  2. Felix held the missive before his gaze for a long while. A kindling occurs in the soul when reminiscing and the Elf felt it in those passing moments. A man of few possessions holds no anchor to the place he stays. Of the things he packed for the voyage, the tome of Commands and Woes handed off to him by Aila stood out. A good read for the path back to his comrades in light and justice.
  3. The news found Eliza nestled amidst the glittering spires of Haelun’or. The aged Mali’aheral allowed herself to ease into a bout of contemplative silence, calling to memory her time with the Ascended. “Another one to the maelstrom.” She sighed, cured nails securing a nearby teacup to sip from. “If reality were a river, Elvira braved it’s rapids.”
  4. glad this got picked up : ) looks good
  5. I like necessitating a material, not a fan of that being hallucinogens; treads rather close to shamanism. I’d have rather seen candles, chimes, and/or meditations bowls. Glowy eyes seems like an ‘eh’ solution to giving spellcasting more noticeable attributes. I think more deliberation can be had on that matter. Otherwise, the rest of this is quality of life improvement and clarification. Good!
  6. RP Name:: Eliza MC Username: Earth_Evocation Discord: Luxury#8643 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: None. Why Do You Wish To Come?: To observe, document, and study. What Skills Can You Bring?: Medical prowess, Survival tactics, Miscellaneous utilities, Combat training.
  7. The combat spells you present are fair and represent a healthy portion of the spell tactics I’ve seen with the evocation over the years in it’s freeform days. Permanence seems a little under cooked on an initial read, but it’s potentially just that it’ll be better in practice than I’m predicting. rockgang
  8. Name: Eliza ((MC Name)): Earth_Evocation Age: Uncounted What magic are you trained in, if any? Earth Evocation, Telekinesis, Arcanism, and Transfiguration How do you lay claim to the fact that you are pure Mali'aheral? An unsullied bloodline is displayed appropriately across ones physique. How long have you resided within Lareh’thilln? As of this letter, only a few evenings. Permanent settlement is in progress. Will you follow the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya to the letter in the pursuit of arcane knowledge? Naturally. What magical knowledge do you wish to acquire, if any? I seek that which is beyond the boundaries of the known. Discovery, experimentation, and documentation is what I desire in essence.
  9. Lookin good. My one gripe is that it’s stated here that sand is difficult to conjure because of the intricate grains. Previous lore had it such that grains were easier to ‘pull’ through the void due to their minuscule nature, thus making it simpler to call it forth in larger quantities. Stone is fairly simple in structure, so if the concept of sand being somehow ‘intricate’ is thrown out this would be otherwise satisfactory.
  10. They’re getting a little more acceptable each time they get rewritten. This one could make it through, might take another one or two posts. Keep at it lads +1
  11. Luxury

    The Ivybride Coterie

    [!] Letters are sent to each of the applicants “The Coterie is currently closed to applicants. You will be contacted as availability permits.” Ooc: Waiting for lore rewrites to move forward with this.
  12. Luxury

    The Ivybride Coterie

    [!] A letter is sent to the applicants “Your application has been reviewed. Head to the Llyrian Concord post-haste for your interview.”
  13. Luxury

    The Ivybride Coterie

    [!] A letter is sent to the applicant “Your application has been reviewed. Make your way to Llyria for an interview.”
  14. Luxury

    The Ivybride Coterie

    [!] Letters are sent out to all of the applicants: “Your application has been reviewed. I await your presence in Llyria for an interview.”
  15. [!] Fliers pop up on notice boards around Arcas. Shimmering calligraphy may catch the eye of passersby. The Ivybride Coterie An exclusive opportunity for magically sensitive descendants. Ivybride is not simply a school for magic, but a lifelong program intended to foster the concept of Wizardry. ::The Matron’s Promise:: Members of the Ivybride Coterie are guaranteed a thorough education through various types of Arcane schools facilitated directly by it’s Matron. Acolytes can expect a personalized approach to learning, with curriculum being developed for their individual needs. This will include a required sum of hours dedicated to learning magical etiquette until such a point that an acute understanding is exhibited. Casting instruction will begin promptly thereafter. What you’ll learn The core Archetypes of Arcane provided by the Ivybride Coterie are: Earth Evocation Arcanism Telekinesis Transfiguration Graduation Upon mastery of one of these schools under the Coterie, an acolyte will gain the title ‘Graduated’ as well as a Staff made in collaboration with the Matron to mark their accomplishment. From there, the Member may choose to take on another core Archetype or seek to become a Guide. Guides will study the delicate art of teaching Wizardry and Arcane. Fill out the section below and send it to the Llyrian aviary Application ((Mc Name)): ((Rp)) Name: Are you currently a mage: When is the best time to contact you for an interview((Discord)):
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