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    Cesara lived in the wilderness, Roaming the forests. She lived alongside her older brothers, Mark and Augustus Skynor. Life in the farms was tough for her brothers, as they’d have to daily work in the fields in order to get a meal on their plate each day. Cesara would have been having social classes with her mother, as she was said to eventually leave the farm, as a way for her brothers to get away from her. When she was at home, she would often read stories of fairly tales, princesses and their knights. Her brother Mark would’ve also be kicked out from the house by the time he reached 14, at that time Cesara wouldn’t know much of her brother, as she was only ten. That event would later anger her brother Augustus and made him follow his brother to abandon boring life in the farms and move onto a more interesting lifestyle, Cesara, being the curious bean as she is would, insisted on coming with her brothers, and reluctantly they took her with them. They wandered around the world until they eventually arrived in the county of Leuven where they currently reside. They’d hope that they would begin life anew and achieve their goals and dreams they had set. They would as well eventually move at Renatus, the Imperial city, for her brothers to complete what goals they had set, and for Ara to figure out what goals of hers may be...
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