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  1. Had some great memories, good luck with wherever life takes you josh!
  2. This is a cycle I garuntee you as soon as we go back to activity checks everyone will complain about them and then eventually checks are removed and realm bloat happens
  3. This sounds a lot like freebuild
  4. I mean soul stones have zero risk as compared to traveling on roads. You can bypass being banditted by soulstoning instead of traveling on roads. Also soulstone pillars are very easy to defend by a nation as they are in view of a populated area so it's very easily to irply rally on the campers and kick them out while also irply warning everyone with the bell.
  5. GIVEN NAME: Onas Daesmon NOBILITY/GENTRY (Y/N): N AGE: 60 DATE OF BIRTH (if known): PLACE OF BIRTH (if known): RACE: Wood Elf ETHNICITY (Auvergnian, Illatian, etc.): Amathean PAST MILITARY/COMBAT EXPERIENCE (if any): PAST LABOUR EXPERIENCE (if any): Mayor of Whitespire SIGNED NAME: Username: K_rusader Discord: K_rusader
  6. Onas Daesmon's Agenda for Mayorship of Whitespire. Issued to the people of Whitespire by Onas Daesmon, On this day of our lord, 1954 Greetings Citizens of Whitespire, I Onas Daesmon hereby announce my intentions to seek a second term as your mayor of Whitespire. Unfortunately the last administration of Whitespire failed to make any meaningful changes to the city of Whitespire and as such they have failed their campaign promises, especially after the realm faced one of it's worst tragedies in it's history. If I was your mayor there would have been an immeadiete declaration of martial law and a new commander of the city watch would have been appointed instantly, it took almost half a year before his majesty appointed a new commander. When I was faced with a great flood I acted with quickly and decisively. My agenda as lord mayor shall be as such: An implementation of Martial law untill the current war is over to better help our military, eliminate red tape that has plagued the city government, and provide better safety for the citizens of Whitespire. Implementation of a Civil Service program. To help projects be completed faster especially with the ongoing war and to bolster our militaries numbers. Finish the construction of our cities sewer which has been ignored by the previous government. Reforms to the city watch to strengthen the city watch and to make sure that no traitors can ever infiltrate the city watch. See to it that the NGS finishes their museum and that the library of Whitespire is expanded Create a memorial to those who lost their lives in the massacre of Whitespire. And one to the great Harvest revolution half a century ago. Build new buildings providing more services to our citizens. Create a park in Whitespire Have more shops be opened in Whitespire. Host a fair/tourney in Whitespire. Onas Daesmon
  7. Nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  8. What are your retrospective thoughts on the new war system, raiding overhaul, infractions overhaul, and crp default? Also thank you for being admin for our server I know at times members of the community me included may have been vocal about certain rulings you made but you did a lot for the server and moved it in a positive direction.
  9. The mayor of Whitespire is greatful for this gesture of good faith from the Crown of Haense.
  10. The 1942 Emergency Session of the City Council of the City of Whitespire Published by the City Council on the 5th of Amber Cold, 1942 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- IN ATTENDANCE: Lord Mayor of Whitespire, Sir Onas Daesmon Ward Representative, Leutwin Barclay Ward Representative, Father Franzizko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Statement from the Mayor's Office: A flood occured in Whitespire last month causing great damage to the city and rendering the majority of the city uninhabitable for the time being. The mayor would like to thank the selfless efforts of many citizens of the city for their actions saving many lives. With the tragic events that have occured in our beloved city of Whitespire the City council was summoned by the mayor to release a set of emergency measures to aid our great city in the recovery process from such disaster. The mayor's office has released a set of resoloutions to reduce the risk of further damage to life and property. Resolution 1: The city council has approved Motion 316 Declaring a state of Emergency until the 5th of Amber Cold 1944. With this motion further access to the city to civilian personnel will be denied based on the discretion of the Royal government, The City Council, the Mayor's Office, and the City Watch. Food, water and Medicine shall be distributed to citizens who are in need of such supplies please seek out the mayor's office currently located in Merryweather for assistance. The city watch will be dispatched to account for survivors and to assist refugees. The Steward's office shall be tasked with collecting census data and repairing any damages sustained by the flood. Citizens shall be exempt from paying any taxes until the state of emergency is over. The city government requests assistance from foreign and domestic actors to help manage the situation please write a letter to the mayor Onas Daesmon to assist our efforts. Sir Leopold Haverlock and the Mayor Onas Daesmon are given emergency powers to ensure the safety of the city and can make decisions to ensure the immediate safety of Whitespire's citizens. The gates to the city may be closed at any time to stop the entry of unauthorized individuals. Resolution 2: A sewer shall be constructed in the city of Whitespire to prevent a future flood from affecting our city as such the water shall be drained and released back into the ocean preventing a flood. The city shall seek assistance in building this system from the royal government and the church of the Cannon. Resolution 3: The city council hereby authorizes the creation of a city watch to help protect and aid the city in times of disaster. The first Lord Commander of the city watch shall be Sir Leopold Haverlock. ( @Sebbysc ) Upon the vacancy of the office the city council shall vote on the next Lord Commander. The City Watch shall act as the main Law Enforcement agency of Whitespire municipality as well as be able to respond to any crisis the city faces. Documentation outline the city watch shall be released to the public soon from the office of the Lord Commander. The cities medical office shall be reviewed to ensure that it is able to operate in the event of a crisis. Under current decree Citizens are restricted from entering the City Center of Whitespire due to the ongoing flooding. Violating this decree may result in the arest of the violator. All Citizens are able to reside in Merryweather for the duration of the State of Emergency or may reside in any of the houses in the Apple Bee or Conkerhove districts of Whitespire. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This Document has been authorized for Release to the general public by the Lord Mayor Onas Daesmon.
  11. Man, It's just fun to watch lotc from the sidelines 

  12. It seems that every other week there is some controversy on this server 😭 But yeah I do feel like from personal experience there is a problem with moderators/admins responding to situations where they are needed. I have had a lot of incidents where I have needed the help of a moderator where either a moderator never responded to the situation or they took the ticket/report and didn't really resolve the incident. I've had to reach out to administration about incidents that I have been involved in that would require administration or management review and typically I do get an initial response but eventually communication does break down. But also all of the admins and especially Itdontmatta have a lot on their plate to handle at all times. Itdontmatta has done a lot for the server and has been the best moderation admin in recent memory by far. More likely that not issues with upper management are probaly not resolved because the admins are to busy dealing with something else.
  13. Congrats on 2 years I haven't played on the server a lot recently but we made some good memories together In your time on Lotc what was your Favorite moment?
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