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  1. Atherian Der Ryder takes a quick look at his watch hearing the news. "Lets see how long these two love childs last." He then grabs his mace, crossbow and shield. "Guess its time to rally to the flag of Sedan to make things right in Rozania, eh?"
  2. Legal Name of Applicant: Atherian Der Ryder Demonstration of Service: (5 years) I have been protecting imperial merchants on the roads of the empire and elsewhere since 1834 Proposed Location of the Establishment: (The location we had in mind are circled in red but if it it not available for whatever reason alternate locations we would still be interested in are circled in light blue)
  3. K_rusader


    Hailing from Norland growing up in the ports of Varhelm Atherian worked as a dock worker growing up helping sailors dock their ships. He practices the Red Faith and is someone who wants to seek adventure he wishes to build upon his Family legacy as his grandfather who raided and plundered Ornian settlements as a revenge for the sacking of Seahelm. Aetherian severly loathes the Ornians who sacked Seahelm and this has built a big mistrust of the Ornian empire because of this. Growing up he saw many who had tales of great raids and battles that they had participated in this lead Aetherian to wish that he served more of a purpose in his life wanting to become a seaman like his grandfather was participating in great raids and making a name in the annuls of history for himself.
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