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  1. yeah lowkey trump kinda on top he do be being banditted though
  2. Definitely an orc that is making cactus juice
  3. My main canonist human character converted to canonism in savoy and went a bit more right wing canonist prob in-between the savoy and Oren emblems
  4. Congrats on one year on lotc bro

  5. K_rusader

    Been awhile

    Glad to see you are doing well man, I also took a hiatus from lotc about 6 months ago though I still do lurk on the forums and on the discord a bit. I do have to say that the quality of my life has improved by a significant margin after I left the server. I think that a big issue for who some take the server so seriously at times is well some people see the server as an escape from their personal lives. Some people get emotional about what goes on the server because for them it is their life. Some people also get very attached to their characters and as such ooc and irp begin to merge into a singular being.
  6. what motivates you to play lotc each and every day
  7. Personally I felt quite sidelined and invisible in the orc community. The community in general went into a full on Spiritualist roleplay setting and there wasn't much conflict roleplay going on. It felt as if ideas and suggestions were being ignored by leadership as well. Also a major project that me and a few friends had been working on for a lot of our time on LOTC got evicted with not much of an explanation. I personally think that the two veteran players who contribute the most to the Orc community are Panashea and Wolfkite the latter of which has left the server since he graduated college and got to old for the server. I noticed that the quality of my experience in the orc community significantly deteriorated after Wolfkite left the server. I noticed that you also took a break from the server around that time and also our Irp war, territorial and activity gains and any progress in general that we had made in 2022 got reversed within 2 months of Wolfkite leaving the server. For me what was hard was seeing and hearing about some of the blunders that Orc leadership made despite the feedback that members of the community had given irply and oocly. And also the lack of quality conflict. There needs to be a balance between conflict and spiritualist orc stuff. Don't get me wrong the Spiritualist stuff is good but orcs also need to be warriors.
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    Follow them back. Pat them. Hug them. Give them money. Pay their taxes. Pay their rent. Financially support them forever.

  9. A big blue gorilla that likes food Some Norlander that converted to canonism and got Ganked by the BSK.
  10. Atherian some highlander human soldier you interacted a bit with him if you remember. Ja'Bungus a big blue gorilla that likes food.
  11. Andrew tate plays Lotc confirmed??????????????

  12. Keep the ah I need somewhere to spam with leather to make big bucks
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