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  1. May the almighty have mercy on her soul this is so sad to hear. Prayers to the family.
  2. flexMate

    Map names

  3. Can you confirm or deny your affiliation with skeletal terrorists?
  4. What do you think of the great country of the republic of TURKIYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111111111111?
  5. Thrabor Ireheart laughed with the lads over a cold pint of Ale served in a wooden mug "Fook dah Moreh!"
  6. "A foolish leader for a foolish realm." A certain undead commented.
  7. Glob'Dob'Lak, the rightful Rex of Lakmar nods in approval.
  8. On a ship in a docked in a distant land, a comically short elf, although unaware of his friend's fate - smiled thinking about her.
  9. Glob'Dob'Lak played a sad tune on this banjo that day.
  10. "Uh how shameful... Our long time ally has abandoned us. So long, Valyris or as we used to call you in Serheim, Larry." The undead shook his head before tossing the missive back to the filthy sewer he found it in.
  11. "Heh." Was the only comment made by the undead, all while his friends and comrades were dying of laughter in their respective rooms.
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