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  1. please please please please
  2. +1 Cant wait for it to get denied
  3. haaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!! :3 :3 :3 OwO haaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (RELEASE ME RELEASE ME RELEASE ME RELEASE ME RELEASE ME RELEASE ME RELEASE ME RELEASE ME RELEASE ME) 

  4. Sounds like a great deal - Everybody all the time
  5. A random Gorkil rambles about clan bureaucracy
  6. Sometimes I wish I was a sentient block of good gouda cheese sitting there in some village in the Netherlands living the best Dutch life as a block of cheese. All fun and games until the Dutch inevitably betray and eat me, but until then I'm chilling. 

  7. Hell yeah! Even better! Now we got ferryadmins! Double the fun!
  8. What a way to shit in our faces lmao gj

    1. 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖌𝖚𝖘𝖍


      LOL. That's the kind of treatment players get here. Life is so much more pleasant without lotc. staff is incapable of doing anything that's sensibly productive.

    2. itdontmatta


      3 minutes ago, 𝕾𝖙𝖆𝖗𝖌𝖚𝖘𝖍 said:

      LOL. That's the kind of treatment players get here. Life is so much more pleasant without lotc. staff is incapable of doing anything that's sensibly productive.


      yo wanna play rust?

  9. Usually I hate everything produced by the Dutch but this is fire
  10. To the esteemed residents of all Aevos, My name is The Wraith of the Mistguard I am a former resident of the state of Lurin. This is my confession. If you're reading this missive, my coven’s ties with the state of Lurin are severed. Lurin has been harboring us for over many years now. Shortly after the descendant’s defeat at the hands of the Mori, Lurin came to uswith a rather interesting proposition. They allowed us to dwell within their capital, given our own lair through their vast network of underground canals. The offer was, of course, accepted by my compatriots. We worked closely with the Lurinite high command, planning attacks and incursions into neighboring realms whilst paying a portion of the spoils gained in our attacks to the government. I quickly realized that the structure of the state of Lurin was rotten to the core, built through, for, and by violence and thievery through groups that would be otherwise exterminated by most realms. From our perspective, we were given everything we had ever wanted on a silver platter. Government funding, a permanent base of operations from which the murder of hundreds was planned and the protection of the Yellow Cross and therefore, the Lurinite government. The tunnels we resided in were accessed through a mere residential apartment in the heart of town. Nobody has ever suspected a thing. For years me and my compatriots were functioning members of Lurinite society. We paid taxes, interacted with the mortal residents of the city on a daily basis and even celebrated a birthday party publicly, a birthday that some Lurinite government officials even attended. Some of you, dear readers, may raise an eyebrow. Question the credibility of an immortal. After all, aren't villains capable of lying? To prove the authenticity of this missive, in the next few weeks missives naming and detailing Lurinite government officials that aided our coven will be published for all to view. I hold no grudge against the Lurinite government, the other way around. I am thankful for their service and aid. Through them I grew more powerful than I have ever been. But alas, my knack for sewing chaos went unsatisfied for too long, and so, out of mere boredom I have decided to spill the beans regarding the state of Lurin. Your truly, in eternal undeath, The Wraith of the Mistguard :)
  11. Sometimes I wish I was cheese

  12. hi ill also make your character in bg3 but for 5$ a piece cuz i need money for tats

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    2. flexMate


      1 minute ago, Neviah said:

      bro dont steal my ******* idea...

      cant outhustle a hustler foo *shits my pants*

    3. UnusualBrit


      Tempting offer 

    4. Neviah



  13. what's a female? never seen any

    1. Yagi_Kamisama


      wait they’re real?

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