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  1. Aaron feasts on shark meat during breakfast at the cliffs of Brynrose before a missive drops to his grasp from above, his eyes widen as he sees the title. “HA-“ He can’t speak, evidently by him choking on his meal. “Hrph.” He spits out the chewed meat before remarking in a raspy voice. “He wasn’t kidding at ALL when he said he was going to kidnap-“ He stops himself before uttering more to say. “Protect.. a baby from a badshit crazy mother and benighted future.”
  2. In truth, what really bothers me here is the imbalance of technology the firearms will create, it creates situations where some parts of the map are just ready to enjoy the fruits of the industrial revolution whilst the others are stuck on medieval roleplay thus crashing any immersion that exists in the world. What was described in the thread was a Flintlock musket, if firearms are to be added, I suggest they'd start off with crappy, prone to malfunction and 15 or higher roll to hit Matchlock Arquebuses that require multiple emotes to engage an enemy with and a lot of IRP training beforehan
  3. Aaron looks on to the missive, sees the declarations of war and scowls. “You know what? Fock off with the rat poison, ready the flamethrower.” He declares, finger pointed at the sky.
  4. Aaron looks at Fionn’s reaction and a smile curls up on his lips. “Another ******* wedding, lot’s of free food.” He exclaims with glee. “Let’s just hope there aren’t any hammerhead sharks at the wedding.” Aaron whispers to himself, terrified at the prospect of having another shark related incident in Haense.
  5. Aaron looks up at the missive and simply laughs. "Prepare the rat poison." He says to himself and prods his chest after the heavy laughter.
  6. Aaron takes hold of the paper, after inspecting it for a time he gives a quiet judgement to himself. “Part of the Royal Household may be inbred, thus not really surprising they engage in sinful acts like that.” He then tilts head. “But the accusing Priest is a senile old man who should be confined in a retirement home rather than lead major penance trials, he may have just wrote this paper during one of his doddering impulses.” He scoffs and walks off.
  7. Aaron scoffs as he hears the news at Haense. ”Those Northmen started the war and they’ve been pummeled ever since over and over, evident karma.” He shrugs with a grin, then recounts the words of a wise hermit: ”Do shite, get hit.”
  8. “This missive is nothing but a noble’s suckfest.” Vahan states with a huff.
  9. “And should they break this treaty, hmph.” Vahan looks over and reaches for his newly brandished sword. “We can’t expect god to do all the work.” He says as he places the sword in it’s scabbard.
  10. Vahan can’t help but develop a grin on his face as he hears the news. “I love to see nobles bury hatchets in their respective skulls, it’s very good entertainment for the common man.” He remarks.
  11. Vahan furrows a brow at Eothain's uncontrollable choking, he then pivots forward to read the paper, and also starts to laugh uncontrollably, believing the paper to be a folly. He then rushes over to do the Heimlich maneuver to Eothain, who had gone back to choke from his laughter. After he helps Eothain, Vahan's thoughts linger to a riddle; What will generate more revenue, the very small fee of meet-ups to the bride or the dowry?
  12. who dis

    1. Herod


      your mother

    2. Eöthain


      she is a very kind and gentle woman, i am glad you know her!

      Edited by Eöthain
  13. im israeli, i don't really understand why you're pushing for people to take sides on politics in a virtual platform? we're all here to have a good time roleplaying :P
  14. Herod


    Vahan was born to Artyom and Svetlana twenty four years prior to the current year in the Kingdom of Haense. His parents were both Hunnicians, the non assimilated remaining Raevirs. His father was a poor merchant with a cart horse and a few wares, his mother was unemployed and stayed at home with Vahan in his early years, he was an only child. He grew up in the city of Karosgrad, in a district when Hunnician presence most remained, the city was somewhat recovering in that period, as years prior it had received independence from the Empire, after the tragic suicide of the King. His native langua
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