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  1. "Ah realleh hope thi' ends quickly." Comments Raudraik as he picks up dusty bagpipes from a chamber in Lichtestadt as well as a sword.
  2. A flower eating boy on the journey of his life shed a tear, despite the struggles he and his dear friends fought for, true change was a long way to come.
  3. Raudraik, local Lallybroch native and speedy courier to the duchy chuckles. “Ah’m in danger.” He said to himself as he packed his things for a long journey before it dawned on him the mortal danger his family were in.
  4. The hedgehog stole another Ayrian Salmon from his father, preparing to use it against the King and his soldiers if needs be. Should the King ignore the missive, the Salmon the boy had just picked up will become rotten and ready for a throw.
  5. “Many years ago, none of these houses objected when the Barclays fought a war on their own to claim some southron throne down in Sutica and now they whine when a religious war is called?” Asked the Bastard of Druzstra to his cousin, the Grand Inquisitor. @Proddy
  6. At last, the old’s man cruel torment to see all of his friends and family pass away one by one is over. Upon entering the seven skies or most likely, hell, with new peace of mind, Kaustantin begins dancing.
  7. The decrepitly old and deaf Kaustantin Baruch enjoys another piece of history he witnessed as he reads the missive with a rare smile on his lips. "A worthy son for the golden one." He whispered quietly to himself.
  8. "For once, I feel bad for you, Aleksandr." The Bastard of Druzstra stated as he tossed the missive aside.
  9. Deep in the Attenlund swamp, a wounded one eyed figure laughs and drawls. ”And people dare say that what you reap is what you sow, me and you are more alike than ever before, cousin.”
  10. Deep in the Rimeveld mountains, Ailred of Vidaus, a bastard not of blood but by decision, curses.
  11. An elder man looked at the announcement of her passing in pure horror, he clutched his heart as he read it through, to lose a friend is one thing, yet to see all his childhood friends drop one by one made him weep and cry, for their time was coming to an end. ”We will see eachother soon again… it’s only a matter of time…” Kaustantin finally declared as he looked at Emma’s letter to him, beyond his reach.
  12. The widow stared at his wife’s corpse with pure horror, his shaky hands clutched the cold shoulders of her, drenched in blood. The old man struggled to speak, to wail, his shrieking breaths heard loud and clear to all of whom were nearby his cottage in Valwyck. He closed his eyes as her dangling head rested onto his. After hours like this, the old man’s eyes opened bloodshot red with rage and grief.
  13. “Life is rather short and burdensome, my dear niece, I’m proud of vy for finally figuring that out.” Kaustantin stated to the gushing wind outside his window overlooking Lichtestadt. His head pivoted back to the side. “Another Bear has retired, when will it be vyr turn?” He asked his wife with a grumble.
  14. “Mea son? Homosex?” The Elder Kaustantin grasped his chest, seemingly at a loss for words. “They were COUSINS!” He tore up the missive and threw it into the fireplace before riding hard to Valwyck, leaving his wife to ramble freely with the spirits in their home.
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