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  1. “Good of Markus and Ivan to agree to sort it out, yet will this Duma be the forefront of reconciliation or a chair throwing brawl?” The Bastard Knight questioned wearily, he was too tired by his age.
  2. “Caius Primvs chose a fitting name.” The Bastard of Druzstra uttered before he kneeled for a night of deep prayer.
  3. The Bastard of Druzstra spent the night praying.
  4. A warrior at heart, A radiant Knight to others, Knelt and wept for his lost twin, his other half. If only life could’ve been easier for them, they would both live full lives of happiness and joy, without overburdening duties and trauma. “If only.”
  5. “A very sad and pathetic end to the Heartland Novellens, generations of their name brought down on a whim.” Intoned a one eyed bastard, regardless of his indifference to the once rulers of the Empire, he couldn’t escape feeling bad about the lost souls who now watched their family name shrivel to dust.
  6. A man obsessed with fire and Ra'tuhmet took a deep breathe as he walked through the streets of Sulianpoli, it had begun.
  7. "Let all those who stand in the way of justice die to victorious arms." The one-eyed Inquisitor proclaimed as an invitation was delivered to him.
  8. "We will come back for you; I swore upon it." A one-eyed Inquisitor declared as he traversed through the unforgiving climate of ash and snow, his festering wounds from previous encounters mattered little to him, for his heart was full of ire at the thought that they let such a young and inexperienced man suffer.
  9. A very confused Ailred of Druzstra viewed the missive. "We've reached an age in which people romanticize vampiric dark creatures. Truly appalling."
  10. "Oderint dum Metuant." Spoke the one-eyed Inquisitor as he walked through the Basilica. "Soon enough, this benighted family will all be tested for being accessories after the fact."
  11. A one-eyed bastard lingered in a foreign realm as he questioned the acts of what happened earlier in the basilica. Fiat iustitia et pereat mundus, he thought to himself, that flexio could have a reasoning behind the acts. Still, his thoughts of an unborn child under his conscious beleaguered him further. At long last, he came to a shrine of God to pray and found his answer in the silence of thoughts, a commitment that justifies the means. He stood up and confidently whispered. "Let justice be done, though the world perish."
  12. A benighted one eyed man surveys the missive, despite his diminishing interest in worldly things, he cannot help but wonder how good the sourdough bread tastes like.
  13. "The Canonist League has outdone it’s persistent inactivity by granting negotiation and peace to a cornered animal. Despite this, peace shan’t last long, human unity has always been a thing that could never exist with fragility and division. Alas, us humans have short memory of history." Uttered a voice of an Inquisitor in the Everardian Basilica, as he lit the candles. He prayed for those lost in a war that in the end, died in total vain.
  14. A man stared into a fireplace as he saw his invitation burn. If one could have seen his face, his expression would be a mixture of hate, anger, desperation and melancholy. One paper burnt did not satisfy him, he quickly dumped many letters into the fireplace, but that wouldn't make him satisfied either. Perhaps something else burning could mend a broken heart.
  15. "Oh, well..." Uttered a voice in the Everardian Basilica, as he lit the candles. Whilst his younger self may have been elated with the news of the Princess Royale's death, the man's singular eye widened in terror for a split moment, before falling onto pity for the fallen Princess.
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