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  1. Your favorite plum here, What would be the first step of action to change urguan for the better? If your mind.
  2. As the wind conduit looked at the arrival, azfrai'lur raised a brow "anodah kloud lezzer, but dere iz one olredy, dah wonders dah wind karriez..."
  3. Azfrai, conduit of the wind would nodd with a welcoming smile towards the goblin. The shaman spoke "mi whil zhow latz dah powah agh beauti ob Fiarza"
  4. Fûthmoz [Lesser wind spirit to Fiarza, spirit of clouds and songs] Appearance/behaviour: - - - - - - - - - - - - An air elemental like figure taking any shape he wills with the use of clouds. Wind spirals around him constantly and would usually take the shape of a large bird like creature or a humanoid with long hair and beard when showing himself. His movements are constant like the air flowing around him and in his realm. His demeanour is mostly calm but shifts quickly depending the situation. Realm: - - - - - - - - - - Fûthmoz spirit realm would be a cloudy white area in the bright cloudy sky, no sun would be in the realm and it would have tornadoes around connecting the clouds of above and below. Only grey floating mountain tops could be seen above a ''floor'' of clouds. Its appearance would change quickly due to the wind swirling around in it, carrying feathers and leaves from pacts, gifts and sacrifices. By Azfrai’Lur, conduit of the wind [Plummius]
  6. thats just stealing poros from league of legends... the lore is and they reproduce is literally in game of league..
  7. At the top of a mountain.. the pale uruk finished reading the paper, Azfrai simply let go of it.. letting the winds carry it somewhere else, at peace "finally.. zome zpoken truth"
  8. This picture is a lie. She has a secret room. She doesn't sit there. I know you.
  9. A new beginning “The call of the forest” My name is Kyalah Folen’lif and I am here to call all the Mali’ame that are lost, to return to their true path. For way too long we had to travel in nomadic tribes held only by the names of the ancient seeds. For way too long most mali’ame had no place of their own, Nevaehlen lately failing as a safe space for Mali’ame after the war we are now scattered. Some found the Under-grotto being a temporary safe place, some still searching for a home or never found one and with it, lost their path of nature. failing the gods themselves they have forgotten the ways of the old and that is why I, Kyalah am here, sent by the great mother to unite us all by word, history and faith. I will guide all the lost children of the wild faith back to the right path, our path. I am no druid yet I know of their connection, I am no chieftain but I seek to care and guide for those who lost their ways, or haven't found them yet. I will be your mentor, mother, sister. as the forest connects each tree. I shall be the roots that connects you all. “The forest calls you mal’oon, it needs you lari’oon” “Turning a new leaf” In my travels across Almeris and now Aevos I have seen and met too many lost mali’ame. Much like my own journey, these lost ones were ignorant of their connection to nature, their spirits tainted by the influence of Valah's ways. Many wandered aimlessly, oblivious to the ancient wisdom that coursed through their veins. Moved by compassion and a deep-seated desire to guide my kin back to the righteous path, I extended my care to these lost souls. Through patient guidance and care, I witnessed their transformation as they discovered seeds of respect or found a place to call home among our people. In the embrace of our culture, they rekindled their connection with nature and rediscovered the essence of being Mali’ame. The turning point in my journey occurred amidst the haunting ruins of Nevaehlen, where I found a fellow Mali’ame eager for enlightenment. Guiding them through the ancient temples dedicated to our mother, Cerridwen, I revealed the purpose she holds for us and how, through worship, we return to her embrace. It was within this sacred space that the gods spoke to me in a vision, their voices resonating through the rustling leaves and the murmurs of the wind. In this sacred communion, I discovered my true path and underwent a profound transformation. Shedding my old identity, I relinquished the name Folen’lif, embracing a new one that resonated with divine purpose – Uheirtal’ame. “Planting a new seed” “Unity, nature, family and worship.” Those are the principles the mother and father bestowed upon us as Mali’ame. These principles, deeply rooted in the ancient ways of our people, serve as the guiding light for those who, like me, are committed to raising the banner of Uheirtal’ame, those who seek the forest. The banner, woven with threads of unity and nature, welcomes all Mali’ame who yearn to return to their roots, embracing them with open arms and a spirit unburdened by questions of past deeds and lives. and those same principles are those I will guide towards when raising the banner of the new seed ,those who seek the knowledge of the old ways, the spiritualists amongst us and those who wish to connect to the wild path. This seed is a ‘sanctuary’ for those who hear the call of the old ways, for the spiritualists amongst us who seek communion with the divine forces that have guided our people for generations, that gave us history. It is a haven for those who wish to tread the wild path, connecting deeply with the untamed essence of nature and the energies that course through the veins of our world. As the gods spoke to me, their divine words resonate through the heart of Uheirtal’ame, giving purpose to the creation of a new seed. This seed, bearing the weight of intention and purpose, sprouts to form the foundation of a new chapter in our cultural legacy. Named with profound meaning, Uheirtal’ame stands tall as another branch on the great tree of our history, a testament to the resilience and continuity of our people. Within the embrace of this sacred seed, individuals will find a home. It is a refuge for those who seek the path, a place where the teachings of the Cerridwen and Cernunnos are preserved and from the ichor way to the sanguine fire. All will pass down through the generations. It is a seed of knowledge, a repository of ancient wisdom and spirituality of nature that will fuel the thirst for understanding among the children of the mother and father, we may not have the legacy of the other seeds but i assure you, we will go down in the mali'ame history as one and will make an impact. So come and be part of Uheirtal’ame! Become a true mali’ame.
  10. A claim for the chieftain! After the wolves fought A word of an old lur After Grimruk the steel wolf challenged Madoc, our former wargoth to a klomp for the title, the position in the lur clan as the right hand of the Wargoth, the Chieftain, remains now empty as Grimruk now leads the clan. I am now claiming the position of Chieftain and will remain that way until challenged for it. I have grown up in the clan alongside Bruddah Grimruk through mud and water. I will not disappoint the clan and as always, LUP’LUR, LUP’VOTAR. SIGNED, Azfrai’Lur Elder of the sword bloodline, The pale Uruk, The wind paw.
  11. Mi, Azfrai of the Lur clan, wishes to aid in the horde as azh of the council! whether it be in word, practice or battle. Mi will help by being the stretched hand to the horde providing as much as mi can! Mi call upon the rex to accept this as mi will not waste time and will act upon the given place of Yazgurtan immediately and thoughtfully. As a Lur my loyalty will not stray, my thoughts focused and my mind is of the horde!. If mi need to challenge azh of the holders to this title, mi will! May the spirit of wind carry my soul to my wishes. AZH HORDE! AZH GRUK! AZH GRIZTH! Lup'Lur, Lup'Krugmar Signed, Azfrai’Lur, The pale uruk Elder of the sword bloodline.
  12. As Azfrai returned from her travels upon seeing this declared she chuckled to herself :"Finally..." a sigh came out alongside a smile "A hozh change.." she whistled as she entered the gates of San'Yarrow
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