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  1. The once Marshal of the Northguard, now Marshal of the Ashguard raises a glass of whiskey in his office to celebrate, "To me! And my hard work." With that Lee knocks back the drink, letting out a satisfied sigh, "And with it, may there be a new wave."
  2. Lee Sun glances at the missive, "It's that time again I suppose. Let us see what news a new forum brings."
  3. Lee Sun rubs his eyes, "A shame, we have lost another good soul in Norland. May you find your place in the All-Father's halls."
  4. +1 Definitely can see these potions being very useful!
  5. Lee Sun sighs, setting down a scout report "The Svarlings are certainly out to make my job as Marshal a hard one." He walks out the Northern gate watching the plume of smoke rise, "But I'll be damned if I let them do that to Varhelm."
  6. Lee Sun reads the missive, "I look forward to my first feast as Marshal."
  7. "Tis a chance to test my new blade," Lee Sun says to himself reading the missive.
  8. Gaea_Foundation


    Lee was born in a quiet farm as the oldest of the Sun family. He spent his time as a kid helping around the farm. He had a younger sister named Evelyn who was four years younger than him. When he was twelve the Sun farm was visited by a militia who took Lee by force, beating their father who attempted to intervene. After the militia-men knocked him out he was taken to an army camp where they sold him and he began training for the military. He found a way to make this hostile camp his home and became a part of a tight-knit squadron, who depended on team formations to battle at maximum efficiency. However once he entered the battlefield he quickly learned the grim reality of war (Haeseni-Haelun'orian War), and he lost all but one of his squadron. Devastated by this turn of events he debated his life and came to the conclusion there are no gods, and that the zealous nature of the "gods chosen" that had sent him and his brothers into battle did not deserve his sword. At night he made the dangerous decision to desert, sneaking out past the guards posted, not to defend the camp, but to catch deserters and fled into a nearby forest. There he waited out the night and when the sun rose he scrubbed any identifying features off his armor (crests, rank) and made his way through the forest, avoiding nearby cities knowing they would all have his name and face as a deserter. He figured out how to survive on the road, until he reached another country and he now spends his time traveling from city to city working odd quests and searching for his family and a powerful weapon.
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