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  1. "Goodbye, fool I never met." Cerulion said in a bored tone after scanning over the missive, "Let's hope it stays that way."
  2. "Too much liquid opium," Acria Jusmia mutters, shaking her head as she passed by the missive.
  3. Would work great, however, growth speeds are severely limited during anywhere near peak hours. If the chunk is rendered by an EU or late night gamer, however, it would work.
  4. The recluse Norlandic 'ker alchemist, Heldalel Indoren, would finally stumble upon this letter picking it up to read it, he would frown, "I don't remember signing this... or even hearing about it. And I'm one of the only maehr in Norland." He shrugs and continues on, "Must be the ramblings of a depraved fool who decided to sign for those he did not consult."
  5. Adalsteinn places the heads of a Jindle and their ally on stakes outside the gates of Alisgrad, shaking his head, "I do not know who you think you are, but let this serve as a reminder."
  6. This is my first ever status update. I will use it to say that Barbog is a based moderator.

    1. Barbog


      you just made my night ty

  7. Adalsteinn wishes his last conversation with Mera did not end in argument.
  8. "A well deserved ascension," Adalsteinn says with a nod.
  9. MC Name: Gaea_Foundation Discord: Gaea#6327 Image: Description of Image: Roulette Wheel Dimensions: 1x1
  10. Adalsteinn, looks down at his spazzing father, "Are you alright dad? I heard cactus green and 'shroom help with seizures."
  11. Overseer of the Ashguard, Sindri Vildr leans back his chair, "Time to play some chess."
  12. Suez#6327 Gaea_Foundation Azhl Ashley - 150 mina
  13. Suez#6327 Gaea_Foundation Azhl Ashley - 110 mina
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