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  1. ⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅ ⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅ HUB [Government] [Common Law] [Religious Law] [The Moonwarden Conclave] [The Foundation of the Maehr] [Ancestral Pantheon] ⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•
  2. The Primarch The Primarch is a role entrusted with the weighty responsibility of overseeing the government and assuming leadership over the malyker as the ruler, wielding the power of the realm. It is a position that transcends lineage, as the current Primarch personally selects their successor, ensuring a worthy individual steps into the position. Grand Warden Ulath’utoral | Utoral’ana The Grand Warden is the leader of the Moonwarden Conclave, and holds a very important role within the Ashen State. They are the head of knowledge, magic, and religion within the eyes of the malyker and work alongside the Primarch in guiding the maehr along the path of the Helun-Velulaeya. A key role of the Grand Warden is to create laws that pertain to the usage of any and all magics within the realm, and any laws that would reflect the views of religion and religious freedoms. They are the cultural leader of the maehr. Law Keeper Darmyr-Myno The position of Darmyr-Myno provides invaluable legal counsel to the Primarch. Serving as the head of the legal courts, they possess the utmost expertise in matters of law. Moreover, this role acts as a trusted proxy for the Primarch, wielding authority over the high council, their influence second only to that of the Primarch themselves. ⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅ The High Council The Ulath'tyuth is the primary governing body of the city, holding judgment over the city with executive authority. Those who sit upon the council are appointed by the authority vested in them by the Primarch, embodying a collective wisdom of the maehr that ensures effective governance and wise decision-making. Lord Commander Ulavaen The position of the Lord Commander encompasses not only the role of the military leader as well as that of the head of Silan'siol, the primary city defenders. Endowed with the highest authority in times of crisis, the Lord Commander possesses the capability to make swift and decisive decisions during such times as deemed necessary. It is their duty to appoint skilled warriors who will stand against any and all threats looming over Nor-Velyth, ensuring its safety and protection. High Steward Rytkuv-Ulath The Rytkuv-Ulath is the role who is trusted in overseeing the aspects of housing, taxation, and infrastructure within the city. They bear the responsibility of appointing and managing the stewards who aid them in this task. High Financier Omekkoyr-Ulath The Omekkoyr-Ulath plays a central role in managing the income and finances of the city. They serve as the figurehead in matters related to trade and actively work towards facilitating economic growth and prosperity. Their expertise and influence should extend across various economic endeavors, enabling them to foster thriving commercial activities and ensure the overall financial well-being of the city. Event Keeper Kasyana The Kasyana assumes authority on city events, festivities, and tournaments. They are entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring the organization and execution of various activities within the city. With a focus on enabling and facilitating activity within the city, their dedication lies in creating memorable experiences and fostering a sense of unity and celebration among the city's inhabitants. High Diplomat Veluryna-Ulath The Veluryna-Ulath holds the vital role of managing external affairs and cultivating desired relations between nations. They work through diplomatic channels, oversee matters of trade, military alliances, and international cooperation. The Veluryna-Ulath is to work towards fostering positive and mutually beneficial relationships with other nations. Their duty lies in ensuring the city's interests are represented effectively among nations. High Architect Lunytaro-Ulath The position of Ulath’Lunytaro encompasses overseeing all constructive projects and developments. With a dedicated focus on improving the realm's infrastructure and ensuring its growth. Operating under the direct command of the Primarch and Darmyr-Myno, they collaborate closely with these authorities to bring their vision to life. Court Alchemist Zakertyr-Maura The court alchemist plays an important role within the high council, utilizing the art of alchemy to enhance the realm's welfare and security. Their duties encompass the creation of elixirs, potions, and remedies, advising on matters of their expertise, and contributing to intellectual and scientific progress of the city. ⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅
  3. The rich history of the maehr stretches back to the War of Four Brothers, a pivotal moment when Velulaei played a vital role in commanding the elves beneath Malin in their struggle against the Great Deceiver. From this historic conflict, many stories are woven through countless strands, dispersed across the realms. The vastness of maehr history defies any singular comprehension, for it sprawls across time and many souls. It is a narrative too intricate for any single individual to grasp entirely. However, amidst this great history, there exists a well documented group of maehr who have either wielded leadership or left an imprint upon our heritage. Yet, the veneration of the ancestors transcends the recognition of only those whose names are well-known. It delves deeper, celebrating the wisdom and legacy of every maehr past, regardless of their renown. In the end, it is not solely about the few prominent figures but about the collective wisdom that resides within every strand of our ancestral heritage. Velulaei and Uradas The Mother and Father Patreon Ancestors of Parents, and Remembrance. Velulaei and Uradas hold the highest positions in the Maehr Pantheon. Velulaei, a figure steeped in melancholy, has remained secluded since her encounter with Dak’ir Des’nox, during which she learned of Magara’lin. This daughter of Malin is often found pacing an empty courtyard in Stargush’Stroh. Her thoughts and desires seem distant, eternally mourning the betrayal of her son, Azul. It was this Maly who struck a pact with Luara, ultimately saving the Maehr. Uradas, on the other hand, has transformed into a jovial presence. He now implores caution upon the Maehr, advising them against becoming fanatical murderers of faith. In his mortal life, he had to disown his son and clash with Azulites. Today, he asks one thing of the Maehr: to rescue those they can and guide them to the realm of spirits. He urges them to refrain from shedding Maehr blood whenever possible. It was this Maehr who took the difficult step of imprisoning his own son, Azul. Arganos The Festive Patreon Ancestor of Bards, Celebrations, Narcotics, and Mirth. Arganos, a malyker who thrived during the age of Magara’lin, was renowned for his extravagant gatherings, which often extended for months in celebration. It was this Maehr who not only fostered revelry but also made a significant discovery for the Maehr community. Arganos was the one who revealed the presence of Bethuraz, the spirit of revelry, to the maehr and championed their worship. His contributions left a mark on the maehrian people, forever intertwining the name of Bethuraz with the Maehr's history of joyous festivities and reverence. Moryvan The Great Patreon Ancestor of Generals, Military Leaders, and combatants, and Loyality. Moryvan, a valiant Maly, dedicated his service to two distinct Maehr figures during pivotal moments in history. In the tumultuous era of the War of the Four Brothers, he stood as loyal Lord Commander in Velulaei's garrison, bearing the responsibility of leading with unyielding commitment. And once more, when the shadows of the Azul Heresy loomed over the Maehr, Moryvan retook his mantle, this time under the banner of Uradas. He returned to his role as a commanding figure, he led fearless charges against the Azulites, tirelessly combating the discord that threatened our unity. In the culmination of this relentless struggle, Moryvan's insight proved invaluable as he divined the decisive siege that ultimately ended the Azul Heresy, cementing his legacy as a pivotal figure in Maehr history. Agate The Jaded Patreon Ancestor of Metallurgists, Scribes, Crafters, and Pragmatism. Agate, one of the first five Jusmia, is credited with the creation of the ancient forges of Magara’lin. Revered for his unparalleled craftsmanship, Agate was a stern and unyielding elf who, while not universally beloved, commanded immense respect and a measure of fear throughout the city of Magara’lin. His temper was infamous, a tempestuous force that only began to abate with the fall of Magara’lin. Amid the tumultuous times of the Azul Heresy, he rallied as many clans as he could muster, and orchestrated their exodus from the tumultuous Magara’lin, ultimately finding refuge in Reza’jer. To this day, their descendants uphold the legacy of Agate, preserving the knowledge and culture that they rescued from the ashes of their homeland. Hau’ner The Hunter Patreon Ancestor of Hunters, Farmers, Beast Tamers, and Tenacity Hau’ner, a stalwart figure, led his clan, The Qua’Req, through the subterranean depths of Magara’lin. Renowned for his remarkable abilities, it was Hau’ner who achieved the remarkable feat of domesticating the Lurkers, transforming these formidable creatures into invaluable beasts of burden. Through his expertise, the city was enriched with a bountiful array of fauna and flora, serving as vital resources for both craftsmanship and sustenance. However, as the shadow of the Azul Heresy fell upon Magara’lin, Hau’ner's dedication to the Maehr cause took a heroic turn. He harnessed the hordes of Lurkers and other untamed beasts, directing their formidable might against the Azulites. In this act of valor, Hau’ner played a pivotal role in the defense of his people, unleashing the very creatures he had tamed to thwart the forces of discord and preserve the Maehr way of life. The Dal’makia Trio The Ancient Lords of Trade Patreons Ancestor of Merchants, Traders, and Greed The Dal’makia, a trio of formidable brothers, held sway over the bustling trade networks of Magara’lin. Their influence was vast, with guilds that permeated the city's underground, ensuring that virtually every transaction ultimately flowed through their grasp. Not content with local dominance, the Dal’makia siblings embarked on a grand expansion. Their trade enterprises extended beyond the confines of Magara’lin, reaching every corner of ancient Axios. Through their shrewd and far-reaching endeavors, they not only solidified their own legacy but also played a pivotal role in shaping the economic landscape of an entire era. Waenia The Healer Patreon Ancestor of Medics, Doctors, Witch Doctors, and Concern Waenia's path was one of transformation. Once a bandit lurking beneath the shadows of Magara’lin, her life took a profound turn upon encountering Velulaei. Guided by newfound purpose, she devoted herself to a higher cause. While dwelling beneath the city, Waenia passionately spread the teachings of Akezo and delved deep into the study of the human body. Her advocacy extended to promoting the principles of a healthy diet, regular physical activity, and the restorative properties of sleep. When the bitter storm of the Azul Heresy descended upon Magara’lin, Waenia emerged as a beacon of resistance in the underrealm. She orchestrated a relentless campaign of counter-guerrilla warfare against the Azulites, tirelessly defending her people and their way of life. In her unwavering commitment to the Maehr cause, Waenia's journey from bandit to guardian is an inspiring testament to the transformative power of dedication and purpose. Renelia The Resolute Patreon ancestor of the unyielding, the stoic, and comradery Renelia, the daughter of Velulaei and an embodiment of resilience, is held in reverence for her unwavering fortitude and unyielding strength. Her life's journey was marked by trials and tribulations, and yet, she emerged as a beacon of unwavering perseverance, an enduring symbol of hope for her people. In their darkest hours, Renelia's spirit serves as a guiding light, infusing her kin with the courage to remain steadfast in the face of adversity. The Velulaei’onn, in their profound respect for her legacy, endeavor to emulate Renelia's unwavering determination and resilience in all aspects of their lives. Her shrines stand as a testament to her enduring spirit, adorned with the relics of battle—armor and weapons still bearing the marks of hard-fought struggles. Khel The Zealot Patreon Ancestor of the Zealot, Warriors, Wrath, and Fury The name Khel Oussana stands as a mark within the pages of history, a trail of blood etched deeply into the world. This Malyker, Khel, earned a place of legendary notoriety by liberating the Ker from the cruel yoke of Mori enslavement in days long past. His journey was one of relentless determination, a fierce and brutal crusade that shattered the oppressors and sent them fleeing in disarray, scattered to the winds. Khel, in the prime of his life and well into his later years, was a figure of wrathful intensity. However, to those fortunate enough to earn his friendship, he revealed a kinder aspect of his nature. Yet, in the echoes of his existence, Khel remains a unique anomaly among Ancestral Spirits. He defied the boundaries of the afterlife, breaching the veil that separates the mortal realm from the ethereal. With unbridled rage, he traversed Stargush and the Soulstream, embarking on a relentless quest to obliterate the remnants of his own clan—a chilling testament to the consequences of provoking the ire of an ancestor. Khel's actions serve as a haunting reminder of the power that can be unleashed when ancestral fury is stirred. Koltira The Mentor Patreon Ancestor of Teachers, Sages, and Wisdom Koltira Ravexxi, the visionary founder of Dark Haven, embarked on a transformative journey that drew the admiration of many, despite not residing in Stargush. This paternal figure extended his wisdom and guidance to countless souls, serving as a beacon of enlightenment. Koltira's profound influence extended beyond the boundaries of his physical presence. One of his most notable accomplishments was his pivotal role in introducing the concept of Ancestral praise to the Malyker community, including the formidable Khel Oussana and numerous dark elves. This act of enlightenment and spiritual awakening reshaped the course of their lives, drawing them closer to the veneration of their ancestors. Lenden The Joyful Patreon Ancestor of the Helpful, Joy, and Compassion Leyden's early life was marked by a stint as a bandit, a path that he would later abandon to become a warm-hearted and benevolent Ker. His transformation into a jolly and helpful figure in the community was profound, and there were few individuals whom Leyden would not extend a helping hand to. His unwavering commitment to aiding others earned him the favor and respect of many during his lifetime. However, it was Leyden's deep-seated abhorrence for those who resorted to banditry and theft that set him apart. He went to great lengths to confront and combat these nefarious elements, actively working to thwart their actions. In his unwavering dedication to justice and the well-being of others, Leyden demonstrated the power of personal transformation and the profound impact one individual can have in creating positive change within their community. Wytall The Warsage Patreon Ancestor of The Cunning, Intelligence, and Guidance Wytall remains a figure shrouded in mystery, with little information available about his life. However, his deeds and wise counsel were of such profound significance that they secured him a revered place within the hallowed realm of Stargush. In life, the memory of this enigmatic dark elf is cherished by many, and the wisdom he imparted continues to resonate with those fortunate enough to have received it. Even in the ethereal realm of Stargush, Wytall's presence endures. He roams the sacred grounds, extending his helping hand to both new spirits and mortals, embodying the timeless essence of compassion and guidance. The enduring fondness and reverence with which Wytall is recalled by those who had the privilege of knowing him stand as a testament to the rare and enduring impact one can have on the lives of others, even in the face of limited knowledge about their existence. ⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅⊰∙∘☽༓☾∘∙⊱⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•⋅•
  4. Seems like a nice niche that adds a nature magic that is not directly attached to the druids or the aspects, a +1 from me!
  5. Acria removed her bronze circlet, setting it on the table. She would not wear it again for some time. But she smiled regardless. "A poem," she mused, nodding her head as if she were not surprised in the slightest at Lavaelyn's penmanship.
  6. Acria sat poised in the very seat she had occupied for countless days of her reign. Before her lay the table where she ceremoniously spun her modest metal circlet. As the melodic echo of metal on marble filled the air, memories flooded her mind, harking back to the fateful day when Qudlia had leaped, the sound of her impact lingering like a dull thud. Her thoughts wandered back to the words they had exchanged upon the palace's pinnacle many years prior. Acria forcefully brought her hand down upon the circlet, abruptly halting its motion. She rose from her seat, carrying the circlet with her, and made her way to the edge of the roof. There, she held the circlet at her waist, feeling the caress of the wind against her skin as she gazed upon the city she now governed. It had been her enduring aspiration for an extensive period—to ascend to the role of Primarch—and now she wore the crown. No longer were there obstacles impeding her desires. Yet, despite all this, Acria found herself frowning. Acria's inner voice resounded with a resolute conviction. "No, this is insufficient," she ruminated. Merely donning the crown and presenting herself as a luminary figure did not fulfill her deepest longing. She possessed everything one could ever covet—a kingdom she ruled. Yet, it left her yearning for more. Raising the crown to frame the grandeur of the city from her elevated vantage point, she contemplated, "Now, who shall I burden with this responsibility," a strange smile graced her lips, "Yes, that individual will suffice." With a swift pivot on her heels, Acria strode purposefully towards the lift that would transport her to the rest of the city, eager to share the momentous news. A new Primarch was to be crowned.
  7. Acria, the once Jusmia would not shed a tear that day, nor that night when she lay thinking about it. She'd wonder if she was broken, or if she really ever did care about Qudlia, or if perhaps, at some point she had stopped caring. Perhaps, she was an Azulite.
  8. Quietly, Variel boarded the boat that had been made for the voyage. She had gathered what she would need for the trip and the destination in mind. She did not know what awaited her, save for the brief details Boots had shared with her, yet she smiled softly, oddly... excited for this journey abroad. She did not when or if she'd come back. But she didn't really mind either.
  9. Nether wart blocks and Warped wart blocks (Nether wart blocks are craftable with netherwart, but not the warped ones)
  10. [!] A Letter is pinned to the notice board in Nor’asath and the realms of Aevos. ☾༻⸻⸻☾ꈊ☽⸻⸻༺☽ An Executive Edict From the High Council Of the Principality of Nor’asath Issued and confirmed by the Primarch of the Ashen State of Nor’asath, in the year of 134 SA ☾༻⸻⸻☾ꈊ☽⸻⸻༺☽ To the citizens of Nor’asath, By the authority vested in this declaration, let it be known that as of this day forth, Evelynn Va'eylul, identified and confirmed as a vampire, shall be subject to banishment from the ashen realm of Nor'asath. This solemn decree is issued in response to her grievous transgressions, namely the assault and attempted harm inflicted upon a citizen of Sakuragakure. Henceforth, it is firmly decreed that should Evelynn Va'eylul be discovered within the sacred boundaries of our lands, she shall face the dire consequence of death. This severe measure is deemed necessary to safeguard the sanctity and well-being of our realm, ensuring the preservation of peace and protection for our inhabitants. ☾༻⸻⸻☾ꈊ☽⸻⸻༺☽ Signatures Acria, Primarch of Nor’asath, Primarch of the Maehr Dal’lisse Oussana, High Priestess of the Maehr, Vulyzaana of Nor’asath, Chieftess of Oussana Lavaelyn Maiheiuh, Halerir of Nor’asath
  11. "Beneath the captivating guise of a masquerade, secrets dance and whispers entwine, concealing the enigmatic essence of untold stories." °l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l° Prepare to step into a realm where masks conceal identities, and anonymity reigns supreme. This extraordinary gathering shall embrace the unknown, where hidden desires and clandestine encounters converge in an atmosphere of sophistication and mystique. Dress yourself in opulent attire, your finest evening gown or impeccable tuxedo, and adorn your visage with a mask, your most exquisite facade. Under the stars and moon of Nor’asath, all shall be whisked away into a realm where fantasy and reality merge. Upon arrival, guide yourself to the ballroom within the palace, a grand hall. The air will be filled with enchanting melodies, beckoning you to immerse yourself in the graceful movements of the waltz, or perhaps to sway to the rhythmic beats that echo through the night. Beneath the veil of secrecy, connections shall form, alliances may arise, and memories that will linger for eternity will be forged. Engage in enigmatic conversations, exchange glances with mysterious strangers, and allow yourself to become lost in the intrigue of this ethereal celebration. The Twist "Silent shadows weave their intricate dance, as whispered secrets echo through the corridors of espionage, where truth and lies become indistinguishable." °l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l° In the depths of the grand ballroom, a veil of intrigue unfurls, shrouding the dancers in an enigmatic dance of secrets. An ethereal addition, whispered only among the chosen few, has bestowed an air of mystery upon this evening's revelry. For those daring enough to partake in this enigmatic game, a singular destiny awaits. Each entrant receives a number, a mystical emblem of their identity, bestowed upon them in utmost secrecy. To further accentuate their participation, a delicate pin is tenderly placed in their hair, a silent signal to others who are intertwined in this game. And there, held gently in their hands, lies a piece of paper, an instrument for unraveling the unknown. The game's riddle begins to take shape as each player finds themselves adorned with their own unique number. Their mission, veiled in a dance of shadows, is to approach others bearing the elusive feather, their movements a delicate symphony of intrigue. While the waltz weaves its hypnotic spell, a clandestine dialogue unfolds. Whispers disguised as questions escape their lips, weaving a tapestry of deception and truth. In this ephemeral dance, each player is permitted to inquire about their counterpart's enigmatic number, but only the veiled truths will reveal the path forward. For within this nocturnal ballet, one answer may hide a tantalizing lie. Yet, caution must be their closest confidant, for hidden amongst the revelers are enforcers, masterfully disguised, their watchful eyes meticulously scanning the dance floor. Any deviation from the shadows, any flicker of exposure, will mark their downfall, a resounding failure within this seductive game. As the night draws to a close, ink meets parchment, and each player transcribes their guesses, etching their suspicions into the darkness. Names and numbers intermingle in a final act of intuition and deduction. The notes, bearing their secrets and uncertainties, find their resting place in a hallowed sanctuary, chosen to hold these cryptic confessions. In this ballet of intrigue and subterfuge, where truth intertwines with deceit, a mystifying dance unfolds. The allure of the unknown beckons, and those who dare to step into this realm shall forever be entwined in the legend of Veist's enigmatic game. Invitations °l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l°l||l° Invitations would find themselves to the following realms: Date: Saturday July 1st 5pm EST King Adrian I of Balian and his citizens @ErikAzog High Princess Idril Sylaveri of Amathine and her citizens @JJosey Sohaer of the Silver State of Haelun’or, Luthien Maeyr’onn and her citizens @BlueBudgie Rex Kybal’Akaal of the Iron Horde and his citizens @Evonpire The winner of the Twist shall will get a sketch art by @UniBearse of their character in their masquerade outfit!
  12. [!] A Letter is pinned to the notice board in Nor’asath. ☾༻⸻⸻⸻⸻☾ꈊ☽⸻⸻⸻⸻༺☽ An Executive Edict From the High Council Of the Principality of Nor’asath Issued and confirmed by the Primarch of the Ashen State of Nor’asath, in the year of 133 SA ☾༻⸻⸻⸻⸻☾ꈊ☽⸻⸻⸻⸻༺☽ To the citizens of Nor’asath, In the interest of filling vacancies within the High Council to enhance the city's governance, we are pleased to announce the elevation of Syru Thyone to the role of High Puerir. The previous occupant of the position, Lavaelyn Maiheiuh, has been transferred to the vacant position resulting from the crowning of Acria, Halerir. Both individuals will now enter a five-year probationary period during which their ability to fulfill their roles will be monitored. If they prove capable, they will be granted permanent membership in the High Council. ☾༻⸻⸻⸻⸻☾ꈊ☽⸻⸻⸻⸻༺☽ Signatures Acria, Primarch of Nor’asath, Primarch of the Maehr Syru Thyone, High Puerir of Nor’asath, Lord of House Thyone Lavaelyn Maiheiuh, Halerir of Nor’asath
  13. The Death of an Eiriksson Adalsteinn Eiriksson stood in the same spot as he had many years ago, staring at the tree where his father once stood, the day he took his life before his eyes. In his hands, he wrung an iron band, the crown signifying his position as chieftain, idly with his automaton hands as his thoughts raced. “Perhaps it is time to join you, in the All-father's halls, father.” He thought to himself as he looked upon the flames that burned upon it. Its colors were muted to his purple hues, the once complex colors now a solid orange. He had lost the brown eyes he had been born with, replaced with the eyes of a fallen Adunian by a shaman in Krugmar. He let out an exhale, another thought flickering to the surface. “An Eiriksson does not die on his knees.” His father’s last words echoing through his mind. Beside him, an ax and a rope. He intended to go as his father had, though he had no audience. He had not lived a life quite like his father. As he stood there, steeling himself, the sounds of marching found his way to his ears. A feeling filled him, it was not dread, nor fear. It was joy. Moving quickly, he armed himself with the very ax he meant to end his life with, drawing his shield one last time. He was ready to die, blade in hand. He met the mori charge head on, with a bellowing warcry, felling the first one instantly, the other retreating. From his lips came prayers of faith to the All-Father. “I rejoice for I may die today, but I do so in the All-Father’s name! And that I will soon join him in his warm embrace. But until the moment of my passing comes, I will make you BLEED.” Engaging the commander in combat, the aging combatant found himself outclassed, but still he fought. The mori placing a hand on his chest, he felt his heart throb, the massive man falling to his knees, for the first time this fight, fear filling his thoughts. Feebly, he struck at the mori, landing a lucky strike as he rose, his mind wondering if his body would give out on him in this fight. “Fight me like a true warrior, coward. No petty tricks.” The Commander would lean back but not quick enough the tip of the shield would carve into her chin, drawing out crimson ichor would seep out from her sliced chin. She hiss before the swarm of red vapor surrounds her, the Mori shifts up the stairs, her eyes glaring daggers at him. “How dare you, you will submit before you die” Adalsteinn Eiriksson raised his shield once more, as he sized up the commander, his sword still hanging upon his belt, advancing once more, matching the backsteps of the Mori. “A Norlander kneels to no one.” “You will die as you were then, matter not to be pale walker” “It has been almost ninety years, I have yet to taste defeat, darkspawn.” “Then prepare to taste it once and for all, slave.” The commander would push out her hand, the thin red mist seeps into his very flesh disappearing from sight. As she curls in her finger his movement would begin to slow, as his muscles twitched. His metal arms remained unaffected, but he found himself frozen in place. Fighting against it fruitlessly the commander sneering at him, taking light steps in a wide arc around him, as she pushes her left hand down. His knees would begin to buckle and bend as his muscles moved on their own accord, making him keel onto the ground. “And now you will get the death you so crave.” Adalsteinn Eiriksson slowly dropped to one knee, then the other his entire body showing signs of feeble struggle as he planted the tip of his sword into the ground, he would throw aside his shield and try to use both of his hands to fight his own body. “An… Eiriksson… does not… die… on his knees.” The Mori commander laughed, holding her hand to the crystalline blade. As she moves behind him she watches the shield be thrown aside and tsks. “So much for that.” She taunts pulling back her blade. Through pure will and determination get the slightest control back over his body. Adalsteinn Eiriksson whipped around to face his combatant, sword poised to swing, but as he went to move, his arm did nothing. The sword fell lip out of his destroyed metal hand. His glanced at it and then back at the commander, a hollow laugh escaping him. “Well, how about that.” He now started his own death, face to face, with nothing else to do. The commander glared at the sheer defiance that Adalsteinn showed her, anger flashes in her eyes as she draws back her sword once more. “Then die on your feet for all I care!” She bellowed, thrusting the blade of ichor directed at the man's throat to deliver a final sentence. Adalsteinn Eiriksson met a warrior's death, as many Eirikssons had. His last words, “May I be welcomed in the All-Father's halls…” A distant smile on his face as his body went limp, dead, the strike a truly lethal one. Ironically, in some ways, his form did fall to its knees, but not before his death. To Thor: To Ingrid: To Odin: Credit to @Ztrog for the based RP for his death.
  14. [!] A Letter is pinned to the notice board in Nor’asath An Executive Edict From the High Council Of the Ashen State of Nor’asath Issued and confirmed by the Halerir of the Ashen State of Nor’asath, in the year of 126 SA To the citizens of Nor’asath, Resultant of a proposal made within the walls of the throne room during the adjourned court of Ashen State of Nor’asath on the 9th of The Grand Harvest 126 SA- Mithius Dalma a renown merchant, skilled tradesman, and elder maehr will be granted a probationary period upon the seat of High Terhir of the Heial’tahu. Over the duration of two elven months, his ability to maintain the position will be tested, and should he succeed, will be given the seat in perpetuity. Primarch of Nor’Asath Netseth Loa’chil, Archon of Stygian Hollow, Prince of the Mali’ker, and Clan Lord of Loa’Chil Halerir Acria Jusmia, Of Clan Jusmia, Vindicator of the Silan’siol, Maehrnite of the Maehr Clergy
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