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  1. holy shit this goes hard. I did not know I needed this in my life
  2. [!] This letter was distributed throughout all of Aevos, and posted bulletin boards across the realm. Maid/Bodyguard Looking for Hire To those that read this, My name is Aria Willow, and life has led me down unexpected paths, prompting me to seek a new endeavor as a maid. While my past may not be adorned with conventional domestic experiences, I bring forth a unique set of skills that I believe can be of great service. I am competent in alchemy, parenthood, and combat. My temperament is one of a level-headed individual, capable of maintaining composure in the face of chaos. In my pursuit of new opportunities, I am open to serving anyone in need of my skills, offering my services in exchange for room and board. Whether it be managing household affairs or contributing to the well-being of a community, I am confident that my diverse experiences have equipped me to serve. For any interested, please send me a bird. [!] Attached to the back of the letter was a small drawing of Aria
  3. The Eiriksson beside Io @ichigomaster98 sighs, glancing over them. He flips open his satchel, "Here, I brought something. It can be our tribute."
  4. I think Epiphytes can't be an Ashwood dryad by their own redlines currently, but its not really about them getting ashwood skin, its more about their soul tree being very hard to destroy. So, for example, my aspen dryad's tree could be burned or destroyed much, much easier than an Ashwood Dryad's would be. Ashwood as a tree is iron in strength when alive, so people could try (and I believe have) to argue that because they are also alive and made of ashwood (as a CA) and should thusly be iron strength as well. So the original redline was put in place to prevent that arguement in the first place. This is just my attempt at ammending the redline so that the intention of keeping natual cas from getting unfair protection while still allowing the treated material to be used as parts for CAs. Ashwood is iron strength in life, and after falling off the tree only if properly treated. Otherwise, it reverts to a mundane wood. So yes, you understood correctly.
  5. Old Lore: (Redline in question bolded) Proposed Change Reasoning
  6. Ok, I'm going to try and respond to all of these constructively as I can. To begin with, I represented Nor-Velyth before some of us redirected our interests. Creete independently spearheaded the fundraising efforts, and Nor-Velyth played no role in the financial aspects of Ravenswood. I don't defend the depleted state of the Nor-Velyth treasury, but it's a significant stretch to attribute it solely to their actions instead of my poor choices as an inactive NL. Regarding the tear, while it exists, there's no intention to detonate it. It's securely stored in a vault, untouched. So, are you assuming intentions without cause? While I understand your dissatisfaction with certain aspects, addressing them here seems like an unproductive complaint and an unwarranted shift of blame that should fall on me. To start, I'll answer you question as I know. Lairs are granted 0 rights as a build on the map, and if a tile with a liar is purchased, there is no protections from the tile being bought or their eviction. Additionally, we had enough signatures and interest to meet the requirements of a realm app. However, I will now transition to talking about your reply to one of the status updates; A curious question is welcome, but if it was genuinely that, is it not much better to ask them privately? When posted on a public forum it does not seem like a genuine question and more like a critique. As someone who has led and been in Nor-velyth/Nor'asath for now... 1.5 to 2 years? This is not at all the case, Nor'asath's main interest in the beginning was gathering dark elves and worshipping the spirits. While the focus upon the latter has shifted slightly from time to time, Nor has always been about being dark elves and the worship of the Moon/ancestors/spirits. They even have slang to refer to other races in a demeaning way. I think you have made this comment while missing a critical amount of context. This comment is also not constructive in any way? We are applying within the rules of the server as outlined, and while I can understand why you may feel this way, and it is partially a subject I agree upon, why take up you issue here rather than in a separate post or status update? This is a group of players actively looking for a new place to rp, started as a vassal and gained the community it wanted. While I do think this is something that needs discussed, would it not be better to focus this frustration with the state of the server on some of the actual settlements on the map currently who do not possess the funds or activity to actively contribute to the server?
  7. MC Name: Divinity_of_Gaea RP Name: Acria Darthul Persona ID: #70996 (Also if you could remove my realm leader tag <3)
  8. Vidar stood in the halls of the hearthtemple, staring at the flame which blazed within it, the same flame given to Thoromir by the All-Father. He had always found himself lingering here, staring at the flame in his youth, debating his own thoughts against the teachings he was so familiar with. But, he had always found his mind unwilling to follow the will his heart so longed for him to hold. This turmoil was what brought him to that great bridge in the quiet corner of these lands. It was there he intended to face his sin, and face a final repentance, the only fate the boy had convinced himself worthy of. But it was there he had an encounter with a masked stranger, the Dame of Flame. A herald of the All-Father, who seemed to have been wrought from Ashwood had talked him off that ledge, and guided him to a cave hidden within the lands. There, she would take him to the cold peaks of the Red Lord’s realm, but not without trial; forced to fight against despair as he was left to darkness, deprived of his form, left only with his mind to stand against the darkness around him. It would be a trial he survived, and when he tread upon the soil of the All-Father’s realm, he was reminded of the simple truths of this world. ‘Suffer not the unworthy’ The first ashwood revealed as he set it ablaze, melting away the snow that hid the words. “For they will lead the worthy astray,” Vidar spoke upon the empty air, his breath rising from him in a great plume of condensation. These words leave his mind unbidden, his thoughts of the scripture he had spent his childhood reading. ‘Spread the Flame’ Would be the second reminder an ashwood would give him as he set it too ablaze. “So that all may know his warmth,” He spoke upon a whisper, the torch firmly in his grasp. He was quiet, distracted. He wondered why the All-Father was showing this to him, why he was here. ‘Stand Against the Long Dark’ Were the final words etched in the last ashwood around the dias from which he had taken the torch from. “So that our kin may have a home to return to,” were the words that parted from his lips as he looked up to the final ashwood which was now roaring with a familiar fire. The smoke of the torched beckoned him forth, guiding him back to the center of the dias. There, he would place the torch back once more. Rising from the smoke came a figure he had only read of in scripture, appearing before him was a great ball of fire, wrung in bands of flame and runes. ‘It was the All-Father’ the boy thought to himself as he found himself staggering backwards, mouth agape in awe. It spoke to him, but his words would be foreign upon his ears, ‘The language only our god knows, the first’ was his rationalization. However, beside him, the ever watching Dame of Flame would give him the answers he needed, translating the divine language the Red Lord spoke. “Be not afraid, Vidar, child of Eirik.” were the words conveyed to him by the Dame. The boy fell to one knee, “I greet the Red Lord, the only lord I shall ever bow to, our savior.” “Rise and stand, lamb of Thoromir. Second to seek. Second to see. Who is to bear the flame.” The being of fire spoke, its gaze feeling as though it pierced the boy. The boy’s mind raced as he stood, he thought that surely his ears had deceived him, and so he asked, “You would deem me worthy? Of being your word, a vessel of your will? Me, the one so unworthy of my kin?” “You spoke to the hearth- you spoke to me. It is the warmth between the flame and the dark I am found. Make your choice.” It rumbled, growing closer to the boy, though its heat grew no more oppressive. He would find his conviction in those words, stepping forth, he’d answer with eagerness, “Please. Let me be your voice. I shall carry out your will just as Thoromir did, I shall be the flame which rekindles the faith of our people.” It brings forth a fiery wing, placing it gently upon Vidar’s forehead, a warming heat felt within him. His mind went black, and he would stir once more in the caves of Aevos, the Dame of Flame- gone. He had traveled back to Norland, and stood before the hearthflame once more. His mind fell into a trace as he stared at the flickering flames, no longer was his mind filled with worry and doubt, only conviction. “My life was forfeit. If your will had not reached me that day, I would have died. But yet I live, and I will do so solely for you. For without your light, mine would have snuffed out.” Vidar spoke upon the silence that was only broken by the crackling of the flame within the temple.
  9. An Executive Notice From the High Council Of the Moonlit Lands of Nor-Velyth Issued and confirmed by the former Primarch of Nor-Velyth To the citizens of Nor-Velyth and those who share her lands, Rarely is the path forward a straightforward one. As much as I would like to rest, Helun-Velulaeya has plans for me. I wish they were plans that allowed me to remain on the throne, but they are not. And so I leave, and with me, many will follow, each of us searching to find the end of our new path in life. Yet, Nor-Velyth is the home of the maehr, and so it shall remain—a candle passed from one to another. It has been entrusted to one who seeks to reignite the maehrian population and bring them back. This is not a grand announcement, but a simple one. Hail to your new primarch, Laevona. May she bring prosperity to this zidar that I did not. Hail to the new city she shall bring forth, full of changes and new beginnings, a herald of Ublulhar. Acria Darthul, Former Primarch of the Moonlit Lands of Nor-velyth, Princess of the Maehr, Laevona the Clanless, Primarch of the Moonlit lands of Nor-velyth, Of Luara’s chosen,
  10. [!] A Letter is pinned to the notices board around Nor-Velyth An Executive Notice From the High Council Of the Moonlit Lands of Nor-Velyth Issued and confirmed by the Primarch of Nor-Velyth, in the year of 161 SA To the citizens of Nor-Velyth and those who share her lands, This announcement hereby lifts the banishment from Evelynn Ri’karth. She has been tested and confirmed to have rid herself of her vampiric ailment. In addition, the Council does not believe that she should be held responsible for the attacks upon Watanabke Ayako, considering the revelation we have been given towards her true identity. She is to be treated with respect as a citizen of this realm, and welcomed back among the ranks of the maehr openly. Acria Darthul, Primarch of the Moonlit Lands of Nor-velyth, Princess of the Maehr, Clan Lady of Clan Darthul
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