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  1. Nyrheim my beloved. Grenzstadt lives! Legally just a farm! Southern Norland survived the Mori and denied the enemy use of the Northern half. Time to show the new players what they missed.
  2. The Laird of Grenzstadt finds the letter a bit late in their stack of letters to read, busy making preparations to fight the enemy and putting off reading in general. "I was there to see the battering ram explode outside the enemy fort, and for the Haensers to run away. It was my cannon that opened the enemy fort, and it was my fellow Norlanders which saved Leonid and others from certain death more than once that fight. I have never seen an assault conducted so poorly, especially when there was already a weakness in the wall exploited just a few months before by Vikela that would have required no siege equipment and was easy to find." A living doll rushes past to bring various writing supplies, before sitting down to begin writing a letter. "I was there to see Greiret caution Leonid of the obvious snow trap, and for Leonid to order a cavalry charge uphill in deep snow and pitfalls into a prepared mounted enemy. I knew that assault would go poorly when I saw a battering ram there too." With a hand motion the living doll hurries off to the aviary. "Though it's not just Leonid's fault, there are plenty of other commanders who have made repeated disastrous calls that killed a majority of their men." An open addition is distributed along with the letter above via bird with a simple message: "Iosefka Anarórë, Dragonslayer Laird of Grenzstadt, for commander. For a victory, finally."
  3. The minor god Io returns from fighting Gashadokuro with a minor victory, to find a mercenary at the gate. After a small conversation our narrative focus centers on an excerpt of the following conversation. "Only 150 mina?!" Io exclaims. "You are being scammed. Arthur is way more work than 150 mina." Io straightens out from their awkward tilted position to read the parchment. "150 mina-" Io bends the other way to read a little farther down. "300 mina total is not enough for this regardless of the legitimacy of darkspawn calling darkspawn hunters darkspawn." Io adds with a laugh, spotting Farian. "Ah Farian, look at this. Io gestures to the parchment. "Only 150 mina to fight Arthur. They're worth at least 650 each, without factoring in the trouble of it." Io turns back to speak to the mercenary properly. "Come, look at the quest board. Free food, free bed, and easy work to be had. If it's fighting you want then join me in fighting the 'raider's." Io then watches the mercenary evaporate before their very eyes. "Oh."
  4. The Greatest Archer In The World wanders into another silly adventure.
  5. The Chocolate Captain reads over the paper upside down and backwards. "Oh! This is what that was? I thought we were just visiting friends... I hope Yera is still our friend..." They then balanced the paper on their Dargon's head to see how long it would be until it fell.
  6. The Artillerist catches up on the many missed missives and letters with their talking book. "Wasteful." They say with a sigh in regards to the war, to which their book replies. "I mourn not, I simply record." With a nod, a piece of Drusco is set next to the other trinkets and spoils. With a smile, the Artillerist goes to spend time with their wife Blanca.
  7. The current Laird of Grenzstadt claims more land for Grenzstadt, leaving a banner that speaks to any passerby. A new title is added to the list.
  8. The Newest Minor God arrives. "I forgot to bring a gift." they whisper to their fellow Norlanders.
  9. The New God prepares the lever.
  10. I return to never leaving my nation for any reason, very good. I will begin informing everyone to not travel for RP lest they be camped at every SS pillar. When do deaths of nation members contribute to less owned chunks for the faction, er, I mean nation? I thought I stopped playing MassiveCraft, but with certain admin comments and actions it's beginning to feel more and more like it.
  11. The Missinformation (missive information) Spreader spreads the missive, thus securing another favor debt from Farian.
  12. Blanca's spouse sat next to their spouse, extending an arm to give Blanca a hug. There was little Io knew to say, but would be there now and for many years to remind Blanca she's not alone, and the family she made will be here for her.
  13. IGN: ichigomaster98 Discord: Aliay Number of characters: 1 References: I will send everything I have over Discord
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