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  1. A certain retired king grows a few more frown lines as he reads of the disappointing goings on of the allies he worked very hard to make. A certain bandit hunter wanders more of their attention down South. "I didn't expect those ones to be the next bandits I find. I hope it's only a few bad ones, I don't want to have to kill Yera or the goddess." They think out loud to their horse Whitman as they arrive to the gates of Nevaehlen. "Hello! I'm here to help you hunt bandits!"
  2. Io reads the flier which flew to Norland at impeccable speeds just as they put their own brand new squire to bed for the night. Io considers the flier for a moment before deciding their very own Fishacus will become the best squire or he will die in the process.
  3. 'The Peacemaker' absolutely read this. 'The Dragonslayer' absolutely did not read this.
  4. The sentiment that staff shouldn't meet the requirements of their position is a weak one. If being unbiased and having common decency, maturity, and meeting a baseline of expectations is too hard to meet for someone then they simply should not be staff of any sort. Admin position should feel like work because it is work. Nobody made anyone else become staff, they decided to do the work. If they're not doing the work then they shouldn't be staff anymore. I don't see how there's room for anyone to disagree on this, why is someone staff if they're not doing their job? Do your job. On a side note, LotC Moderation Team Discord server should really just be the forums. That server is both obscure to get in and pretty tyrannical with the constant mutes for disagreeing with certain staff members, and adds another server of bloat to my maxed out Discord server list. In the process of writing this message I was asked what that server is by someone I had help me proofread, this is not an uncommon occurrence. The general sentiment I hear is that it just shouldn't exist. Use the forums. On another side note, I agree auction house should return. Its removal has only worsened the economy, and the arguments that it creates trader roleplay are just wrong. If you want to walk around to sell items and deal with all the headache that comes with it then the revival of the auction house won't stop you. Why not have both?
  5. There's groups of toxic players here and there, but the worst of them have red and blue names and enable the others to be how they are. Staff letting people blatantly cheat constantly and doing nothing about it, then punishing people following the rules, is probably the #1 thing for me not wanting to play on the server at the moment. The fishing plugin is pretty cool though, and it's only half the time chunks aren't loaded.
  6. [!] A simple yet informative invitation is delivered to the citizens of Norland and those of her allies- The Cove, Adria, Haelun’or, Talar’nor, Balian, Elvenesse, and Petra Norlandic Yard Sale and Auction 12th of Caedric’s Kindling, 466 Age of Stifled Flame You are cordially invited to join us on our day of mercantilism and merriment as citizens of Norland and citizens of other nations auction off belongings in the center of Norland's capital city! Those interested in reserving a space to display their wares may contact any member of King's Council. Spots will be reserved on a first-come basis. Other festivities and games may be held according to the interests of the crowd. Please join us on our day of sales and salutations! Signed, By the Blood of the Herald Odin Freysson Ruric, Chieftain of the Freyssons [OOC] Tuesday, August 8th 4 PM EST Location: Vjardengrad, Norland
  7. Odin 'The Peacemaker' Freysson Ruric intends to keep the peace and provide his other clan members with what they need.
  8. Io stops reading after 'To the forever-weak coward of Norland,-' as they sit in the Vale tavern, having routed the Frostbeards by simply arriving.
  9. Io 'Dwarfslayer' Anarórë bursts into their home with a large smile, covered in blood and carrying a large sack of trophies. "I finally caught some bandits! They tried to run like always, but they weren't fast enough this time!" They excitedly tell their wife. "The first one that I killed ran aaall the way to the ocean to hide his tears, but I am faster on land and sea! Then! They came back, and I killed a few more of them that tripped while running from me!" Io neatly sets out all of their spoils on the floor, then picking up a rather impressively made dwarven mace, raising it to show their wife. "The one who tripped dropped this when he fell! It's barely used!" Io then sets the mace down and picks up a midnight-black sword. "He also had this, but I have lots of these." They set it back down into the rather large collection. Io then receives the missive from one of their children, showing them the loot as well before reading it over. "They didn't mention me. That's alright, if they mentioned everything I did they would run out of ink!"
  10. "I like stars." Io says to themself. "Do you like stars?" They ask Blanca next to themself in their home. "I don't know which is my favorite, they are all good spirits." Io then takes Blanca along to find the children to ask if they also like stars.
  11. Io the dragonslaying high elf, best friend of Veralya, sits on a table somewhere far down in the dark humming to themself, kicking their feet over the edge of the table, and doodling on the side of their cannon. "I can't believe they thought it was uncle Kosher." They say to themself, drawing a very cool doodle of a person with wings, a big smiley face, and huge muscles.
  12. "Name, nation, country, allegiance, organization, clan, house, family, guild, ethnic group, region, religion, reason, and why?" Io asks the standard gate questions to a new arrival to the fortress capital city of Vanskgrad. "Do you have any weapons? No? You should buy some in the city for a reasonable price!" Io gestures down the street towards the stall of Paragon Vykk 'The Founder' Volaren, where many fine wares of various types can be purchased for a mina fee. "There's lots of bandits around lately, but they seem to mostly cry and run away, sometimes they leave a hand or two here, sometimes they leave more. Oh! I almost forgot to ask! What is your favorite color, favorite food, favorite drink, what is your ideal first date, do you think tacos are sandwiches- Oh, tacos? Well, everyone knows tacos! They are a Norlandic invention, it's a type of sandwich, just as any other sandwich." Io thinks a moment, nodding. "I think that's all! Watch out for the short ones who doodle green lipstick around their eyes, they're very loud and annoying, but they're not particularly dangerous." Io then allows the new friend entrance into the city.
  13. "Wow! I was just there!" Io says as they return to Vansk with their child.
  14. Io finds a letter in their hands during their trip to Petra, giving a little gasp as they read it. "How terrible Sigismund is! I am glad he wishes to distance himself from his better sibling!" Io returns to the conversation at hand, giving the letter to those nearby to read.
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