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  1. Time is a little convoluted on LoTC depending which flow of time you take. However, 15 real minutes is roughly 6 hours irp, as each real hour is about an irp day. It's currently 1:33 AM when I'm doing this, and I'm bad at math, but converting for this as I understand it would mean a bird should take 0.625 minutes, which is a little over 30 seconds. (15 minutes goes into 6 hours 24 times. 4x6=24. Then 15/24=0.625.) Again, idk how solid my math is, but 15 minutes irp is a little over 30 seconds irl.
  2. Thank you for the reply! I was just coming back here to report it happened twice in a row just now when trying to send a letter to someone, which brings my experiences with the plugin to about 50% fail rate resulting in the letter being deleted. I'm excited for this change! My letters being deleted is the biggest worry right now, so glad it's getting fixed. Though I'm still a bit sad at the sheer length of time it'll take to get letters to people and then get responses, being able to send letters to offline people will be very handy. If they're online I'll just hunt them down and personally deliver the letter. :D
  3. Boots reads the missive, patting one of his many new cavalry horses. "It's always good to win a war before it starts." The horse neighs, anxious to be beyond the walls and on the field. "Not today Carrot, it seems you are on early vacation." Boots then looks out to the lake, wondering if horses can swim. If not, then he will train them, as the sea is where horses come from.
  4. Birds are very easy to shoot down. Not bad, just a mention. Write who your message is to so when I intercept it I can send it along for you all! Secondarily, I sent one letter yesterday and it worked fine, but my second letter I sent a minute or two later I got a notification reading: "Error: An unhandled exception occurred. Contact a developer." and it deleted my letter. Helpful reminder for everyone to memorize what your letters say so you can remake them when the server eats them or they get intercepted, to write to and from, please and thank you, and carry extra paper. Would it be possible to get a clock or something that shows when the next letter can be sent? Makes it hard to send batches of letters to multiple people for a party, just getting 6 people could take 30 minutes (or more if the server eats them) of just sending letters, then who knows how long for them to receive it, then time for them to travel. Having a clock or timer would be helpful so I have a rough estimate of how many hours I have to wait to ask people over for tea. Neat plugin, but perhaps needs a little polish to make it more convenient so people don't just /msg or Discord anyway, people tend to take the path of least resistance, and Discord rarely swallows my messages.
  5. Boots Anarórë stares at the letter, wondering how someone couldn't have seen this coming years ago when Krugmar and Norland made the alliance. The time to speak up is very far long past, so many king's courts to petition at. Boots shrugs, knowing he's still doing more for Norland outside of the Ashguard than the traitorseer does in the Ashguard.
  6. Petition to make the night go slower on LoTC, look at the Moon ZOOOOOOOOM across the sky, I'm trying to monologue about the Moon and suddenly it's gone. It hasn't always been this fast has it?

  7. Boots shivers at the thought of dancing, but adds his name as well, hoping he is for once free during that time
  8. MC_BreadStick is the only one following me, they're the realest one out here.

  9. Warden Boots receives a sparrow with a red and black ribbon tied around its leg at his home in Grenzstadt. Setting down his novels worth of paperwork and leaning back in his chair he tries to think about how many of this land's years he has been in the Ashguard, seeing the second of two marshals resign. He considers retiring himself to spend time at home with his wife and two children, but still believes himself much too young to retire. How young is too young to retire? He picks a single mina out of his coat and flips it up into the air...
  10. I am become immortal. Carrot King grows more powerful by the day.


  11. Boots receives word via his tiniest sparrow, and for a moment he sits in stunned silence. So many threads cut from the tapestry of fate, many he was eagerly looking forward to. He looks across the room to his newborn daughter with a pained expression on his face, his teeth gritted as his lips move, saying a silent prayer. A prayer that his daughter might grow up to be as great as the Greatest Bear he has ever known, and a prayer that the young Inga is watching over her siblings with her mother. Boots decides, for once, that his preparations and work may be delayed a while so he can spend time with his family.
  12. Boots sits down to enjoy a nice red velvet cupcake after a successful battle AND wedding right after each other, thankful Oren routed early so he could get to his own wedding.
  13. Boots quietly cheers inside his helmet as the Orenians decided to flee the country and instead raid Ferryman's Keep, thus allowing him to go to his own wedding. "Perhaps they got their maps upside down again."
  14. Boots returned to his thoughts as the battle ended, trying to figure out what a pizza is. "Iron from Ice!" He would call out, as he busied himself with making field repairs on his armor and counting over how many arrows he had left and how many he had run down in the course of the fighting.
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