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  1. The one who observes reads Article III, then looks over towards Aerrund. "It's going well!"
  2. I'm Laird Iosefka, and this is my favorite magic of the soul.
  3. The Laird reads over the missive, not seeing an invitation directed towards them at first due to their reading difficulties, but then they see it! Not only an invitation, but a very special one with a note attached! Preparations are arranged to escape their duties at the famed Great Norlandic Winner's Festival to make sure the wedding may be attended, hopefully with Blanca at their side.
  4. Io of Norland, beneath their orange hair and through their green eyes observe the bounty. "Who's Mary?" They ask, wearing their blue jakke.
  5. The greatest wedding chef will become the greatest ferrum chef with their unorthodox cooking style.
  6. The one that darkspawn and bandits fear is directed by Aerrund to the stack of missives and letters and books they don't read to a letter they should read, an invitation, this invitation! After looking it over and seeing themself listed as family they travel with Aerrund to ask about the wedding which will surely not cause any issues! (As it didn't the last time Io and Aerrund went to visit...)
  7. The good friend of Sybille was sat at their loom discussing cat facts with Blanca when a smaller version of themself ran in holding up the announcement, an unusual insistence that this missive actually be read. "Oh." Was all they said as they read the missive upside down and backwards as usual. "I had not hoped to record this for a while still..." Spoke their own voice to them from a shelf. "The tales of us standing side by side against hordes of enemies shall be told." Added their own voice again from the nearby weapon rack. The further voices were not heard however as they threw themself back into bed, dragging along and nearly strangling the life out of the smaller version of themself with a hug. "I hope she didn't hate me." Was all that was said for the rest of the day.
  8. The Master of Tickets collects money. "If people saved their daily monk-stipend for tickets they could have an extra THIRTY or SIXTY tickets for doing almost nothing!"
  9. Plate armor SHOULD be strong, but not everyone should be in plate armor. Random infantryman #241 doesn't need, and probably can't reasonably afford, plate armor. However I am pleased to see most people wearing suits of armor that are not full plate. I think if anything plate armor should be stronger, too many times has someone just said "Erm, ackshyualliee I hit you between the plates." Ultimately for plate armor I think it is more or less okay in my experience, and is a problem of whether people are roleplaying reasonably. Bows should be 2 emotes. I think I am the only person I've ever seen try to be an archery main, and why should others go out of their way to nerf themselves by firing 1 shot of a bow when they could have stabbed someone three times? Or throw a potion? Or do anything else? I think bows should be 2 emotes, but much like my last point I think people should also be reasonable about it and not carry more weapons than they can carry. Though most annoying about archery is rolling bad and just wasting 3 turns, it would be nice to waste only 2 turns instead. I think a happy medium could be 3 emotes for the first shot, followed by 2 emotes for subsequent shots as long as the bow stays in your hand, a sort of 'connection' action required of equipping your bow. Any argument about bows having to stay weak because 'muh magic' is made by mages who are too salty and too unimaginative to use their overpowered magic to good effect, and should be disregarded entirely.
  10. The Head Researcher of Mana Laws for the Bard's College prepares to name one of the many-axe-dragons.
  11. The Minor God returned home from Kaethul following a pleasant conversation with another prospective follower. Immediately spotting the one they were looking for they brought them in to speak. "Tell me." They spoke, this missive set before them then. 'The Great Knower' then knows a little more, more than most others, enough to resolve these issues, if only they are asked to and owed a favor. The missive is sent away via servitor to be sorted with the rest, and a thought is given to webs.
  12. The Minor God was harassing voidal mages at the time, but would be proud of the formatting.
  13. I think this is the post that got me to start playing LoTC
  14. The Third Teacher is greatly thankful Sera wrote this. Less moving letters to keep track of! The book reads over the missive for them.
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