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  1. Admin is dead long live the admin
  2. I don't get it! *Slaps bellehmancy SHOULD HAVE been accepted!

  3. —⊏⊐—⊏⊐—⊏⊐——⊏⊐—⊏⊐—⊏⊐——⊏⊐—⊏⊐—⊏⊐— Suspension of the Campaign of Thromdrick Irongut —⊏⊐—⊏⊐—⊏⊐——⊏⊐—⊏⊐—⊏⊐——⊏⊐—⊏⊐—⊏⊐— I entered this campaign for Grand King as I was unsure of my competition. I saw two untested dwedmar and one who had been tested but failed his tests. I did entered the race out of duty, as I was unsure of what would be produced by such a candidate pool. However, I have kept my eyes on one Grelu Irgard. It is of my opinion that he would make a fine Grand King indeed. As such, I am tendering my resignation of my campaign for Grand King of Urguan and endorsing Grelu Irgard as the candidate I support. Narvok oz Urguan. Narvok oz Grelu. —⊏⊐—⊏⊐—⊏⊐——⊏⊐—⊏⊐—⊏⊐——⊏⊐—⊏⊐—⊏⊐— Signed,
  4. ━━《》━《》━《》━《》━《》━《》━━ A King of Vuur'dor ━━《》━《》━《》━《》━《》━《》━━ Many of you know me already, my reputation proceeds me in many cases. Many have made their minds up already, for that is the way of the stubborn dwed. Of those who wish to learn of me, however, I write this missive. △▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽ I am Thromdrick Irongut, Clan father of the Irongut clan, final Lord Justiciar of Urguan, High Prophet of Ogradhad, Rhun Oathed, Strolok'dur, Dok'ok of Vuur'dor, Creator of the Bak'ur'lordakmar. By my hand was the fuse struck that felled Kal'Darakaan, by my hand were some of the first caverns of Khron'Hundmar dug, and by my hand is life itself crafted from Vuur'dor as Yemekar once crafted the dwedmar. As I examine my competitors fields I see inexperience bristled by naivety in most. Of this, I can promise the opposite from myself, I have spent far greater time in the Kingdom then all but one of my fellow candidates and understand what it means to be Urguani, to be dwed. △▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽ The Legion's Might My contenders seem eager to strike at our enemies. To strike at the heart of those opposed to our ideals. Of this, I have seen in my years, I have seen it fail far more than succeed. Calls to strike at druids or to "no longer take disrespect from our enemies" are admirable but lack the wisdom of true wartime of times where Urguan did not stand with continent spanning coalitions. I would not see us tied up in such conflicts, the dwedmar must tend to their wealth. To strike out recklessly will only blunt our crafts and dull our gems. To attack those who practice golemancy beyond the dwedmar a naïve dream, admirable as it may be. I would not wish to see this, under my rule war shall be avoided at all costs, less we fall to disrepair once more in its name. Let the legion's might be preserved for those who truly deserve it so that we might strike with the force mightier than ever before should the time truly come. △▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽ The Clans' Might At the heart of the mountain lies the clans and their might. Of this I am not ignorant, being a member of a smaller clan I am well and truly familiar with working with the other clans. To unite the clans is an ongoing task and one that I would dedicate myself to just as my fellow candidates. My greatest mentor to date, Norli Starbreaker, was not of my clan. Nor pupils of mine, nor other teachers of mine. Since my beginnings at the Grand Kingdom I have been of the dwedmar, not solely of the Khorul'mar. I knew how to keep particular clans in check in my tenure as the Lord Justiciar and acted accordingly, ensuring the stability of the kingdom. △▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽ The Faith's Might In the icy glaciers of Khron'Hundmar my faith was reborn anew. Taught by the Rhun Prophet, I was forged into a dwed of great faith in the Brathmordakin. I have carried this on with my teachings to all who would listen. Even in the face of blatant persecution and imprisonment, I maintained my faith. For that is the purpose of what it is to be dwed. Da Kirka Dverja must be reshapen, forged anew as one as we strive for now. Da Kirka Dverja must once more gain its standing on the council, its standing to beholden the dwedmar to its law for we are lost without our faith. △▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽ Our Allies' Might Of the writings most worrying to me as I examined my fellow candidates' missives was that of the abandoning of our allies who have stood with us for many years. To turn only to our closest neighbors and ourselves betrays the lives of other nations who have fought for Urguan. Nations like Haense would not leave us in our direst of times, of this we should return the honor. For the dwedmar are folk of honor. △▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽ Our Greed's Might Perhaps the most radical of the changes I wish to see in the kingdom is the renewal of the greed of Urguan. Our great ancestor was renown for his greed, of which I fear much of has been lost with time. The greatest offender of this is the Workforce of Urguan. It betrays our ideals to have an institution of crafting led solely by the government who may remove and replace whomever sits atop it at will. Dwed who work their fingers to the bone will see only the pay mandated by the treasury of Urguan. No longer should such stand. Under my Grand Kingdom, the workforce shall be disbanded to make way for the privatization of all crafting in Urguan. The dwed who works himself bloody shall see the fruits of his labor as he dictates not as the Grand King dictates. He who founds his own workforce must be the one who may choose his own successor, who may own that which he has built rather than give it away at the Grand King's whim. △▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽△▽ Narvok oz Urguan, Narvok oz Yemekar, Narvok oz Derkalimin Signed,
  5. Thank you Beamon4

  6. Runesmithing mentioned, let's goooo 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪 Runes laddeh
  7. Thromplestiltskin Irongut has mixed feelings about this. (RIP big G best king we've had in years even if our characters beefed. U a real one)
  8. My brother in yemekar read the purpose sections of both posts I give a very specific reason as to why I did this
  9. TUNNELTROTTERS Travelers tell tales of distant snorting ringing across the walls of the mountains hidden deep within the mountains. Great beasts enshrouded by the darkness, meandering through the tunnels. Only recently have the dwarves, who delve the deepest, come to realize what these sounds originated from. A party of dwarves drove themselves on an expedition to find the source of such noises and new beasts hitherto unknown, meandering about the tunnels of the mountain: Tunneltrotters. The tunneltrotters were found to be several hogs, living inside the mountain and tunnels built within, thriving and adapting to the environment to a degree that left even the dwarves dumbfounded The party of dwarves found several different types of tunneltrotters and were quick to note their findings: FORGEBOARS Lava in their veins, fire in their eyes. The forgeboars under the mountain prove to be fearsome foes. The forge boar lives in the deepest cores of the mountains, where rock burns as hot as their veins. The occasional forgeboar will make its way up, climbing the mountain to meet higher up where travelers might find them but they are exceedingly rare. Luckily, the forgeboar is a docile beast but regardless, they are scalding to the touch, and only the most trained wrangler can come to wrestle a forgeboar properly for when the forgeboar is cornered, it fights back and is a fearsome foe. The only known way of cooling a forgeboar to be able to ride is to cut the tusks, allowing them to act as exhausts for the great heat held within. CRAGTUSKS The cragtusk is a mighty beast with a hide of stone and two tails. A fearsome enemy, the cragtusk is known to be very violent to those who come near its hoard. The shimmer of gold, the glint of a gem, the luster of an emerald, all attract the mighty cragtusk. The cragtusk is known for its tendency to amass great hoards of gems and ores. Oftentimes, mines go bare as a cragtusk races through the shafts, picking away at the ores and gems in the walls with its tusks to steal them back to its hoard. The hide of a cragtusk is a difficult thing to crack, usually requiring three or four strikes of a blunt object like a hammer to crack open and reveal the soft inside from which blades can easily pierce. Some miners however, choose to bribe the cragtusk. By slowly giving a cragtusk gems and ores over time, one might gain their trust and tame them. A tamed cragtusk is a useful ally to have on one’s side as they are very adept at smelling out and finding gems and ores. TREMORHOGS The blind tremorhog is quite a docile beast but is the largest of the tunneltrotters, standing at six to eight feet - double the height of normal tunnertrotters . Often tamed and used by miners, the tremorhog can sense tremors deep within the mountain and prepare itself and its miners for collapses or large beasts coming their way. The tremorhog is a quiet beast that almost never emits noise and flees at the nearest sign of danger, intent on protecting its whiskers from which it senses tremors with. MOSSHIDES Mosshides prefer regions beneath the mountain lush with moss and fungus. Oftentimes, such places produce an excess of spores and impurities into the air, making it difficult or impossible to breath in such areas for normal descendants. Living in such an environment has adapted the lungs and stomachs of mosshides to be able to inhale almost anything safely and ventilate air often unsafe for normal descendants. It has also led to the mosshides growing a substantial amount of fungus and moss on their own backs, providing a soft cover to sit on for riders. Miners often use tamed mosshides when exploring new areas within the mountain in which they are unsure of safety. Sometimes but rarely, mosshides have been known to wander out of the mountain and into nearby forests to eat the fungus grown there. PURPOSE (OOC) Credits: BuffBadger - Primary Writer
  10. hell will have to FREEZE over before I add a po*nty ear to my runesmithing lore write. I DID ENOUGH DEI REQUIREMENT ART
  11. im tired boss

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