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  1. Catherine of Virdain sent Hedwig a hefty sum of money, as she likely wouldn't be able to attend.
  2. Josefina Barclay signed the Lorraine.
  3. Josefina Barclay cheered alongside her cousin.
  4. Catherine de Lewes examined the letter, a grimace crossing her face as she recalled what had happened to her and Jadwiga. "And he's a Haeseni Knight, he has no right." The Savoyard youth proclaimed to her friend, Jadwiga.
  5. T H E S E A N C E of T H E T R I P L E T S Issued by the House of Haverlock We are delighted to announce the birth of an heir and two siblings. While during Margot’s pregnancy, there were complications. On the 12th of Ambers Cold, 1964, the Baroness persevered and gave birth to her three children. The firstborn son and heir has been bestowed the name Léon Henri Haverlock, named after the Grand Prince of Minitz, Robert’s best friend, and the current Baron of Virdain, Henri de Lewes, Margot’s brother. The heir appeared to be the fattest one out of his siblings. The secondborn and firstborn daughter has been named Isabelle Louise Haverlock, after Count Louis Haverlock. One of the children had an error, which caused her leg to be pulled too harshly and was fractured due to the nurses carelessness. Nonetheless, their baby girl shall be a joy to care for. The lastborn son has been named Auguste Percival Haverlock, the first of his name. Though as the nurses handed him to Margot, she shrieked in fear - handing him back to the doctors immediately. Robert scolded his wife for her hysterics, putting each of his children in their cradles. SIGNED, Robert Matyas Haverlock, Count of Talentine, Baron of Gotfridcher Margot of Virdain, Countess-Consort of Talentine, Baroness-Consort of Gotfridcher
  6. A painting of Robert and Margot-Lucilla in the floodplains, c. 1962. By Leo Vinny T H E U N I O N of G O A T & S U N 1963 In the year 1963, Lord Robert Haverlock and Lady Margot de Lewes secured their private wedding ceremony, officiated by Frantzisko Cardinal St. Godwin in the chapel of Whitespire - only kin and close friends in attendance. From 1960 to 1963, Lord Robert Haverlock and Lady Margot de Lewes often spent time together in Whitespire, Aaun - a rare occurrence for them to leave the city alone. Their acquaintance began when they both happened to be at the Hand of Horen - Margot had accompanied her mother, Amelia of Virdain, on some courtly business, while Robert had been discussing some court ideas with the other courtiers. Amelia hysterically suggested the two meet each other, as well as share an Illatian drink in the tavern. The couple courted for three years before deciding to marry, despite Amelia's persistent pestering. SIGNED, His Lordship, Robert Matyas Haverlock, Baron of Gotfridcher, Count of Talentine Her Ladyship, Margot-Lucilla Haverlock née Ashford de Lewes, Baroness-Consort of Gotfridcher, Countess-Consort of Talentine
  7. The 18th of Snow’s Maiden, 1963 “Bound by vows, nations intertwine in the tapestry of diplomatic union marriages” In the early months of 1962, amidst the concluding stages of the coalition's conflict with Veletz, an intriguing incident unfolded in Haense. Sir Rurik, Prizak of the Order of Rychwald, participated in a tournament organized by the Grand Prince, who had recently concluded an alliance with the Order. Among the spectators at the tournament was Holly Galbraith, whose attention was captured by Sir Rurik's sheer showcase of strength. Following a persistent search, she encountered him during a wedding ceremony and seized the opportunity to solicit his signature, thus intrigued by her assertiveness, Sir Rurik extended an invitation for her to spend time in his company. Throughout the evening, amidst shared laughter and anecdotes, mutual curiosity and admiration fostered a burgeoning camaraderie between them. However, as dawn approached, Holly disclosed her engagement, casting a pall over their previously convivial interaction and compromising their short rapport. Following deliberation, Holly resolved to remain with Rurik, drafting a letter to her betrothed, elucidating her absence and expressing remorse for the entirety of their relationship. Despite lingering uncertainties, she harbored a definite conviction that her future lay with Rurik. In due course, Rurik proposed to Holly, prompting her acceptance after careful consideration. Opting for a discreet ceremony, they enlisted the services of clergyman Mattia of Tyria to officiate, with only close kin and friends in attendance. SIGNED, Holly Brezwyck née Galbraith Sir Rurik Brezwyck, Prizak of the Order of the Rychwald
  8. Catherine de Lewes went to her grandmother, angrily pulling on her sleeve.
  9. "She will be a good leader alongside you, my friend." Robert proclaimed proudly to his childhood friend, Leon.
  10. i find this comment ignorant considering the work house barclay leadership has put in over the years to lead up to this these guys have built a community and rlly deserve this
  11. Leutwin entered the skies - greeting his family and friends he had before, and ones he had not met. “I guess pleading for my children - simply not wanting them to be fatherless at the ages of seven and five, is pathetic.” The man chuckled, seeking to enjoy his time in eternal life.
  12. A RITTERS END Leutwin Barclay strolled the tourney grounds just outside of Haense -- Soon followed by a rustling sound that came from the bushes and nearby trees, causing the aging Knight to halt in his tracks - then trailing his gaze towards the commotion. A pair of blue eyes looked upon the man through the darkness. “Who’s there?” Leutwin softly called out cautiously, squinting towards the general direction of the figure. The Barclay received no response - and slowly walked towards the eyes, keeping a safe distance. “Hello?” He called out again, keeping his tone calm. “If you submit to your death, it will be painless, if you struggle, you will feel pain. If you escape, you will be haunted.” The stone figure boomed out, standing at 9 feet tall. The sounds of horses galloping in the distance approached them - Leutwin recognizing one of the horseman’s armor, though unknowing of who the man, Sir Rurik Brezwyck, was. Leutwin gazed to the two horsemen, finding humor in the fact that he thought he was being saved by a Veletzian. The other Veletzian went to fight the being Leutwin had come across previously. Soon after - Sir Rurik trampled Leutwin’s lower body with his horse. “For the sake of my children, don’t do this,” pleaded the now trampled man with a pained voice – Sir Rurik’s visage formed a sly grin as he swung the blunt side of his lance to Leutwin’s temple, knocking him unconscious. Sir Rurik’s brother-in-arms assisted in fighting the unholy being – leaving the Veletzian Knight to grab Leutwin’s body and throw it over his steed. “Y will be back, borsa!” Sir Rurik called out to his comrade, galloping away from the scene to make way for Veletz. Upon arrival, Leutwin was tied to a wooden log planted into the enclosed grounds of Veletz. The movement awakened the injured Barclay from his unconsciousness – the mere question, “Why are you doing this?” escaped his lips. Sir Rurik’s eyes widened in shock upon seeing him regain his consciousness. “Don’t do or say anything stupid, and vy won’t be harmed.” The Veletzian warned, robbing Leutwin of his belongings in the process – most importantly taking his dagger. Leutwin began to pray under his breath, but was interrupted by Sir Rurik forcing his mouth open, “Y almost feel pity,” He coldly stated, attempting to push the dagger into Leutwin’s mouth to butcher his tongue. The Barclay’s eyes widened - a gasp escaping from his lips as he soon found himself digging his teeth into Sir Rurik’s fingers. This action prevented his tongue from being cut out — Sir Rurik flinched away, “Vy really want to die, da?” He questioned, his voice growing gruff. A horse approached soon after - his injured brother-in-arms dropping from the horse, lying on the ground with a wounded shoulder. Sir Rurik turned his back to Leutwin to tend to his friend’s injuries. Leutwin slowly took the opportunity to attempt to free himself from his binds - sawing the rope against the wooden log. Sir Rurik, anticipating this action, swung around to wrap his left arm around the Barclay's shoulders - using his right hand to plunge the dagger into Ser Leutwin’s heart. Leutwin’s eyes locked onto Sir Rurik’s - his face now turning a pained, reddish hue. His mouth opened to speak -- though nothing came out as death soon met him. His head bobbed back then -- his now lifeless eyes facing the sunny skies of Veletz. Sir Rurik returned Leutwin’s lifeless body to Minitz, curling him into the corner of the city, close to hidden - but easy enough for him to be found. The Veletzian then sent off a letter he had written to Leutwin’s brother, Matthias Cardinal Lotharia. Ser Leutwin Barclay 1916-1959
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    thank u for introducing me to the community albanian bro
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