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  1. "Right.." Leutwin groaned in response, currently being the full-time babysitter to Leopold's son.
  2. 12th of the Sun’s Smile, 1941 IST IN SEARCH OF CLINICAL STUDENTS Saint Amyas’ Hospital is in search of studious pupils to treat the poor sick and injured souls of Aaun. Saint Amyas’ Hospital is actively looking for students, and aspiring medics and physicians. Taking part in the medical field is a great opportunity to have a positive impact on other people. It is located in the clinic of Whitespire, Aaun Positions of the Clinic Head Physician | Julietta Haverlock The Head Physician is the most advanced person, overlooking the entire clinic. This role carries the most responsibilities, that range to management tasks, and leading the school itself. [Julietta Haverlock is on maternity leave, so myself, Leutwin Barclay will be picking up on the roles of a Head Physician.] Clinic Councilors | Leutwin Barclay The members of this society are appointed by the Head Physician based on their experience and contribution. They have the ability to perform a wide variety of surgeries, and other medical procedures. Councilors carry the role of an administrator, working alongside the Head Physician. Physicians Physicians have advanced skill, and have the capability to deal with most medical procedures, and surgeries. They have knowledge on treatments, and other methods. To become a physician, you will need to serve the clinic for some years, and take lessons. Medics Becoming a medic is the most common thing that happens in the clinic. A medic’s experience doesn’t require a large amount of surgeries, but they have capability to perform procedures to save the life of a patient. They are encouraged to be taking lessons, whilst carrying the medic role. Students Students will be found carrying this role, if they wish to work up in the medical field. Acolytes of the clinic can have any amount of experience, and will be warded under the Councilors, if they wish. Students will be required to pass tests at the end of their training, to be considered a medical professional. SIGNED, His Lordship, Leutwin Barclay [!] If you are interested, contact Leutwin Barclay IGN: alien_mc Discord: alienn2 https://discord.gg/u5UqPKNVS2
  3. Leutwin serves drinks in the tavern with Leopold to celebrate.
  4. Leutwin casted a sad gaze to Leopold, remembering the parade the two of them had attended just before. He made sure to pray for Edith, and her children. As well as the rest of the Kingdom.
  5. "This is very wholesome." said Leutwin
  6. "These are the people you really need to avoid.." Leutwin commented to Alfred, "They cause problems, and then try to name themselves as victims." He scoffed, shaking his head, "No one is making them stay here."
  7. Leutwin beamed, "I'm glad Eloisee's hard work has paid off, she deserves this." He nodded, going to congratulate the new Baroness.
  8. "Who could do such a thing to Boon and Bane?" Leutwin said to himself, in disbelief.
  9. hello mr. nice builder 

  10. Leutwin looked to the missive with relief, despite seeing it three hours later

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  12. "It makes Chi happy!" Leutwin shook his head to Aleksander.
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