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  1. I did order minis of my characters, and I also had them printed at 2x size. Sorry for the bad photo quality. I had a hard time painting these because the primer I used on them turned out to be NOT primer
  2. HUGE Malins-welco.me update! The site looks so much prettier now! Plus two new calendars.



    1. Unwillingly


      hey I love this website

    2. Knight of Elken

      Knight of Elken

      i never knew about this before, how cool!!! 

  3. MAJOR UPDATE Massive pretty-fication! Two new calendars (Ashen Year and Dwed'rum Kronol'krom) Check it out!
  4. I have discovered CSS GRIDS. The next version of Malins-Welco.me will be very cool.

  5. reject nations, embrace scholarly organizations

    1. Pancho


      Citadel of Maesters roleplay when?

  6. Has it ever been known that messenger for a Bard Battle would be met with physical violence? Regarding the clown I can understand but when the same policy is applied to two clerics, two personal friends of mine, that's a bridge too far. And then Inny Yuln'aher went a bridge further than that. Have I not been requesting this entire time for her to send someone to negotiate the terms of the Bard Battle? Well, she did indeed send a messenger, but not to negotiate the terms of the Bard Battle but to dictate terms to the non-negotiation. This messenger bore only the information that I had annoyed Inny Yunln'aher, of which I was already well aware, the information that she wanted to continue to delay negotiations indefinitely, which I had already assumed, and the demand that I no longer bother her about it in the meantime, which I will disregard, and some red paint, the likes of which was applied to the messenger before it could be applied to me. If her messenger had been able to douse me I would not have even complained. The inability to roll with punches and harsh responses to ribbing are unbardsmenlike, as are backing down from a challenge once accepted. I am deeply displeased at how she has treated my friends and associates during this most recent debacle and I hope that she can continue the ordeal with a more correct attitude, and that next time she tries to catch me off guard she will try a little harder. James Vursur
  7. Username: Wholesome_Thomas Persona Name: Friend Persona Age: 261 Place of Residence / Street Address: Chambery Underdark
  8. hey if you're playing a ghoul shoot me a message so I can metagame and report you to the Church

  9. guys please check out the original song I wrote, composed and hired someone to sing


    1. Hunnic


      Get the guy who sang "Little Brascalite" search it up on YT or the forums

  10. CARRION BLACK By James Vursur Dedicated to Yuliya Styrne [ Instrumental Version ] LYRICS: Sigmund saw the end of time before his very eyes He asked: 'can I get something that's more practically applied?' So Aenguls gave another scroll the pontiffs keep concealed On which the recipe for Carrion Black was revealed When I was a much younger lad, a novice to the world I walked into a tavern and I met a pretty girl Her eye sparkled like emeralds and her lips were ruby red She offered me a glass to drink and this is what she said: The first sip is the vilest bit of swill you've ever had. The second's guaranteed to be at least three times as bad It only gets worse going forth until your glass is drained Then you'll never want another drink 'sides Carri'n Black again. If rumor's true, the Black is brewed in secret monasteries Where saints labor in silence to produce the stuff for free For every mina that they make goes to the holy see But what's for sure is every glass elicits prayer from me There was an army general who was rigid and severe So when he didn't come to work the folk were fraught with fear It turned out that the tavern boy had got his order wrong They found him crowned in halfling town a-bellowing this song: The first sip is the vilest bit of swill you've ever had. The second's guaranteed to be at least three times as bad It only gets worse going forth until your glass is drained Then you'll never want another drink 'sides Carri'n Black again. I've wandered 'cross the world to find the finest drink to choose From Haleu'nor to Urguan I've sampled every brew The Elven wines are well and fine, and Grog is always fun But I'll go back to good ol' Black when all is said and done When I was a much richer man, I drank away my nights A friend observed my folly and at once took me aside. He asked 'How could you drink away the fortune that you'd gained?' I sat him on a barstool and I patiently explained: The first sip is the vilest bit of swill you've ever had. The second's guaranteed to be at least three times as bad It only gets worse going forth until your glass is drained Then you'll never want another drink 'sides Carri'n Black again. (Repeat until patrons lose consciousness)
  11. Once upon a time in Oren there was scandal where a man had bet a thousand minae on the outcome of a certain horse race. Then, on learning that the horse in question was sick, he went on a monumental drinking binge in which he spent his last penny before the bet came due. I am very pleased to hear that Inny Yuln'aher has taken the advice I had been giving her for decades. Now that she has reorganized the college such that her own personal energy is not the only driving force of the institution perhaps she will be able to attend to other matters, such as the Bard Battle she accepted half a decade ago and has ignored ever since. Why would this be? What was primarily at stake for Inny Yuln'aher was her position as Headmistress of the Bard's College. Having now relinquished this prize, will she now continue to gamble with chips she no longer holds while I remain wholly liable for every red penny of the initial bargain? Such a matter might have been quietly resolved between our seconds had they been in communication with each other, but neither myself nor myself nor my second, Rhosyn Now-Cardinal Stafyr, have heard from Inny Yuln'aher nor her representative the least communication concerning this matter for the five years since she consented to the duel. If it is the case (as seems to be increasingly likely) that Inny Yuln'aher does not wish to proceed with the Bard Battle, she is welcome to express her withdrawal to me. I am a reasonable man, and I grow impatient to have this incident resolved one way or another. Until then, I have my means of breaking through her wall of silence and going forward it will not be so easy for her to ignore the situation. James Vursur Still Friend
  12. Am I understanding correctly that the year on this calendar is the same as the so called "Second Age"?
  13. malins-welco.me has a new calendar (welcome Hyspia) and a new header which looks pretty nice if I do say so myself.


    If YOUR nation has a calendar that is not on the site please let me know so I can add you in.

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    2. Malins Welcome
    3. Wavey


      THANK YOU <3

    4. _RoyalCrafter_


      The dwarves got their own calender officially a few months ago!

       Thank you for the great work you do for lotc

  14. What would you guys say are the major nations nowadays?

    1. creamynoteblock


      veletz haense krugmar 

    2. NotEvilAtAll


      humans: haense & veletz
      elves: cnor & hnor
      dwarves: urguan
      orcs: iron horde
      halflings: dunfarthing

      multiracial: lurin

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