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  1. images should not be allowed in forum signatures

    1. Malins Welcome

      Malins Welcome

      at the very least they should be made to be hidden in a spoilerbox

    2. Winterblessing


      would be cool if they were toggleable!

    3. Crevel


      You can turn off the ability to see other people's signatures in your Account Settings.

  3. hi I just wanted to say thank you for making this great resource!!! 

    1. Malins Welcome

      Malins Welcome

      Glad you're enjoying it!

  4. sorry to hear about the divorce

  5. oh heck yes, great going
  6. Malins-Welco.me has been updated [Link] with a NEW TOOL and new features for Sawmill. Go check it out!!

    1. Ainulindalen


      Amazing tool! Thanks!

  7. Using this thread as the official one from here on our, as it's the one that got pinned. INTRODUCING NOTEBLOCK Noteblock converts inputted text into commands that can easily be copy and pasted into your game to make writing notes and item descriptions easier. Automatically limits line length to prevent unreadable letters that extend off the screen! SAWMILL UPDATE New Features: A toggle for Friend Broadcasts (disabled by default) The ability to read and modify the terms that get filtered out of the clean logs, allowing users to filter out server messages I missed, keep in server messages that they want, and to remove disfavored characters from your roleplay history, should you decide to do that. This update should make things much easier for non LOTC roleplay communities to use this tool
  8. I liked the look of them on the discord but I didn't realize there would be enormous versions of them placed under people's avatars on the forums. That just looks awful, nothing that big should be in that spot, they should be 50px high at the most
  9. You youngsters don't even know. Me? I watched Shadow of Israphael.
  10. On the banks of the Petra I oft reminisce How my life once so promising resulted like this All the lies that I lived by, the trust I betrayed The people I hurt with the games that I played Chorus: And the Great River Petra she can not divert Her course has been written in stone and in dirt She sends futile waves to protest 'gainst the brink Of the Great River Petra where I stand and think The Great River winds to and fro 'cross the land Driven by forces she can't understand If all that I know now I had known back then I'd bet my last mina I wouldd do it again [Chorus] In the great river Petra as she nears the sea I see 'midst the ripples a reflection of me That's a difference, O Petra, dividing us two What surface can show a reflection of you? [Chorus]
  11. nice profile picture, love that image

    1. Axelu


      Agnus is one of my favorite paintings. Thank you! 

  12. The letter came to James Vursur accompanied with a creeping sense of dread. He ordered himself red wine and opened the letter in Chambry's bright town square overlooking the Petra. To the sound of that river's inexorable flow, he read the letter to confirm his suspicions, and worse. Had he told his friend not to avoid death? He sipped his wine as he tried to recall their last conversation. No, he had not given advice one way or another, only given him a different angle from which to look at the problem, a disadvantage to one side he might not have considered. It was only right that he should make as informed a decision as possible. James could not say that Aldyrch had made the wrong choice. James poured out his glass. Another flower from his garden was missing.
  13. Have a good Father's day anyway, you all. 

    1. Burnsider


      Thank you! 

  14. Coronation scheduled exactly at dinner time on Father's Day. Typical Haense L

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. AnonymousAlexa


      I have a dad and im not a haenser. coincidence? 

    3. Laeonathan


      timezones exist

    4. Carson


      I don't have a dad :*((

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