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  1. want to earn 500 minas each warclaim, just for fighting? Join dunamis. 



    1. Rissing


      You can't buy me!

  2. [Denied] Dreek

    +1 Nick is an amazing player, and will fit in rather nicely with the rest of the et team, brining much needed things to it aswell.
  3. Tsuyose's LT Application (post purge......)

    Great writer, great lore moderator. The obvious choice is to bring him back onto the team.
  4. my art stash

    Could you draw my character, Jack Revlis?
  5. [✓] Alras Awakens

    "This is going to be fun." Toran Frostbeard signs the charter.
  6. vhjiKy2.jpg

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Vege





    3. DPM


      it was funny up until the point where i saw in the corner "ifunny.co"

    4. Alakabam


      le 9gag army has arrived xDDDD


  7. [Denied][GM] Mitto revival arc

    +1 Become the Target Banner you've always wanted to be! <3
  8. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

  9. [Accepted] DarkSainthood's+AD+Application

    Thought Meg was a girl for a long time, what I discovered was quite horrible. He's a beast. +1
  10. Patrique is the best there is, top lad and a great builder. +1
  11. I'm back on the forums. 

    1. DJSneeze


      get o u t. god mom

  12. Just thought I'd... drop by and greet an old friend.

    Though... Heh. It's been two years - I'd be surprised if you remembered me all too well.

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      I can only imagine how it must be to return after two years.. With all that has changed.


      Welcome back

    3. iKurstee


      Like you wouldn't believe.

      Though.. there are a couple of things that look familiar.


      But, thank you. 

    4. Ang


      Welcome back to 5.0 Axios. :)

  13. Love LotC warclaims, 10 minutes delay is fun times

  14. New forums look like ****