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  1. Booklight12

    RP Combat Text Channel

    A plugin really isn't necessary. I feel as though what would be far better and more enjoyable would be a clearly defined system for rp combat. As it is everyone kinda has different forms of rp combat. Some.do freeform emotes, some try to include turnnorders, in some events they have stricter dnd style combat. I feel like having a set way of turn orders and what is feasible in one turn would be far superior to what we have now.
  2. Booklight12

    Suggestions for the Event Team

    I've tried to take part in the events but I really can't stand the weird like world boss mobs with health and pve. A lot of the events I've seen just appear to be rehashed versions of the previous where there is a monster/s with a 100% health bar and then a ton of random mobs. Their goal is to attack something and you fight until the main monster is chipped to 0 or you lose. However most of the events are just defenses. There isn't much storytelling despite the interesting concepts. I feel like there should be more events without mechanical combat and either use rp combat on a smaller scale with smaller groups (5-15) and reserve world events for special occasion. Or simply events that are entirely exploration based with minimal combat or threat of combat unless the people in it are stupid. Also try to reimplement an event hub area like mordskov that has a group of dedicated ets floating around there to interact with groups within if they schedule and event. Mordskov was the highest quality of rp from the event team as a whole.combined effort I've seen on the server. I would saynhowever that it's commendable to strides the et have been making to create more events that can reach the entirety of the.community.
  3. Booklight12


    Can just play a smaller handling that calls themselves gnomes tbh.
  4. Booklight12

    On Lotc Villainy and Solutions

    No one is saying to return to the old sticter form of the vas. It's not rose tinted if people acknowledge the blatant negatives of the format which had got it removed from the server, and brainstorm methods an improved va system could be incorporated into the community to make an attempt at enhancing the villainous roleplay which is clearly lacking, and has been for years in terms of quality.
  5. Booklight12

    On Lotc Villainy and Solutions

    I have and always been a proponent for the va system. This issue of poor villainy has been in effect since the end of anthos after vas we're abolished. While it is an ooc hurdle to make an application and wait for approval, just to do villainous acts, I believe it is necessary. The only issue with things such as listing specific criminal acts chars are willing to commit is the ability to metagame them, by quickly looking at forums to see if they have a va. That's something I was briefly guilty of as a newer player that j ended up stopping. But all in all, I believe having vas improved the quality of rp standards on the server as a whole, as in order to be a villain you had to provide good rp. There is no excuse for people not providing good rp except laziness or uncaring towards the quality of one's own to. Those that feel these way could quickly get snuffed out with vas. I can't see any negatives to VAs if implemented effectively.
  6. Booklight12

    [ ET ] Nepotism, Repetition, and Timezones

    I mean I agree with some things said mainly in terms of repetitive events using pve as a means of storytelling, an et should imo, be able to handle at least 6 players emoting if they are decent roleplayers. I feel like a lot of the disorganization in events could be fixed by initiating a turn order (specifically but not limited) for combat encounters. Whenever I take part of combat with people on a character I have in rp, I stress the importance of turn order for all people involved, initiated by rolling. There is definitely an issue with players however which can make it frustrating for ET when the players involved power grab important items or loot and don't reasonably loot when the opportunity arises, or not at all. I have been in an event before where we were in the middle of a big combat encounter and one of the creatures was destroyed, one less competent roleplayers had gotten. Out of combat and emotes going over to the dead creatures body so that they can steal something that fell from the body, which is ridiculous. However the clear distrust in the community as a whole has become very apparent in the way many, not all et present themselves. And I don't believe in all situations players should have to request and organize an event to be able to take part in any form.of event, semi-consistantly. Any team, and staff of any business or group are far superior when they do their job in an active, action oriented manner as opposed to a reactive manner when they only act when forced to or asked to. There's obviously a big place for requested events, I'm not saying there isn't. The only other thing I feel could be improved is relations with the greater community. From my own past experiences with the ET members that we're those apart of the community that I wasn't on a very familiar basis with, even if I didn't like the event I felt like both myself and the ET believes that events were a gift not something that should fundamentally be apart of a role-playing community. This is a bad idea to have in a players mind as they may think, any criticism given will come with backlash, as they may feel the ET themselves would take it as a personal affront. This has happened to me before when an et had given a subpar event to a group of roleplayers that clearly showed competence. I had tried to, in a friendly way give them advice, and tell them that we all felt it could be been better. But they said something along the lines that it's not our place to tell him how to rp, and that if we have a complaint take It on the forums not to them. We didn't put it on the forums as I didn't have much care for it and never got an event from them again. But it put a sour taste in my mouth. I love the ET though, keep rolling.
  7. Booklight12

    Lore Suggestion (Sanguinari)

    In Raphael defense, strigae rp isn't really secluded it's near nonexistent to the high majority of players on lotc. But I'm a believer of not having any form of vampirisn on the server as a whole.
  8. I agree with most of the things you stated here however your ideas on magic and toxicity I do not. In terms of toxicity, I don't believe Toxicity should be enabled, or players to be ignored. People aren't toxic because of specific reasons, such as people being creeps, pedos, 'degenerate' or cyberers. These are factors which may cause people to make fun of another player, but there are countless cases in which people are toxic just because they can be. The internet is a cesspool of toxicity because everyone is anonymous and feels powerful. Despite the fact that a solid 3/4ths of the people who still play on this server are weird as **** IRL. (I respect the weird people, but it's true). A lot of the people just feel powerful because there are no repercussions for their attitudes online, when in real life toxic attitudes will just make an individual look ridiculous. With that said, there are also a ton of underage people on this server, and while the old heads mature and a lot of us are no in our late teens early twenties, there's still many newer players that are young, 13,14,15,16. Most of these kids go to school, which are places (In the US atleast) which have literal laws against bullying, and overly toxic behavior. A, these kids shouldn't be exposed and encouraged to act this way they shouldn't need to. We can say that those on this server need to grow think skin and deal with toxic players, but they really shouldn't. There is no way someone can logically justify a toxic community being better than a community who respects eachother, and has a staff who can straighten out the attitudes of other players within their community. Staff shouldn't need to deal with toxic players 100% of the time, as many times it's silly. But in various circumstances, a player should feel protected by the staff knowing they will deal with toxic players. In terms of magic, there is currently a reagent that is used to cast magic being mana. Every spell consumes mana, and every character has a limit to how much mana they can expend. The only issue is that, while it is not clearly defined exact amounts a spell costs or each player has as it would be impossible. Instead it is up to the disgression of the magic roleplayer. The only issue is that a lot of newer casters can honestly not be trusted to roleplay fatigue and such. How exactly to fix it I don't know the answer, but a physical reagent to magic would just make it wonky and is not how most people would want to roleplay it. The main issue with the community in my opinion is the great divide between players and groups. There is no cohesion between players anymore, as the history of the server is literally forgotten OOCly to the point of, as you said. Human characters/players having their own history, while everyone else follows other history. There are players that don't even know what Aegis Asulon or Anthos are OOCly, which is not okay. However, the immense amount of separation between these factions are what has created this lack of cohesion in concise lore/history of the server. I've always hated the term 'human' 'elven' 'dwarven' 'orc' and 'magic' roleplayers. As an individual who has played every one of these roles and doesn't identify as any of them, it really irks me.
  9. Booklight12

    Storm Clouds Gather

    ((Sorry about the ooc but just wanted to know how long it's last and if it would still be worthwhile to come 45 min after 8))
  10. Booklight12

    Returning after 3 years

    Ayy welcome back rogue I'm in the same boat as you, but you don't need to reapply and can play your elf if I recall that being the race you played.
  11. Booklight12

    Domesticated Magic

    I agree, what I was thinking was to introduce a post kind of like the old creature idea post that people could submit ideas for household spells that could be approved or denied and added onto the main post as necessary.. However, I feel like there should be some minor amount of freeform nature to this. Having an application or having to vet all your ideas with the lt every time you want to do something that is not on the spell list could be a cumbersome system. The way I view it is that household magic is like tier .5 of every void magic. If you have an accepted ma you should be trusted enough not to abuse this. That's how it was under the... Old old old.. Old MA system as supremacy described it to me.
  12. Booklight12

    [Poll] Bandits, Brigands, Crime lords, and Villains

    Villiany is an issue on both the victim and criminals side in most cases tbh. Most victims are unwilling to lose OOCly, and will go out of their way to prevent themselves from falling victim to a villianous persona seeing it as a personal attack to them OOCly. Something I personally am sad to see is that there has never been a criminal syndicate on lotc that has lasted some significant amount of time. Most groups attempting to be a legit crime syndicate in or around a nation tend to get stomped out very quickly and targetted by the nation they may be under. Nations should allow the facilitation of criminal roleplay in their regions as long as it is done constructively, and entirely in roleplay. I understandd that most nations see any form of criminal roleplay as a nuisance as the main point of the leaders/guards of a nation are to stop criminals RPly.. However, this is often taken OOCly and these fledgling groups are gotten rid of before they can become significant, this often happens through metagaming, or suspicious deductive tactics which have a citizen or guard rat out the group, which are promptly removed from the region, or raided and seen as the end of it. I still have yet to see a real crime organization that is facilitated entirely in RP that isn't lackluster bandit groups, but I would be more than happy to see, and even join a group like that.. As for most of the criminals themselves, there are two main issues, first with banditing, and then with returning. The issue with most bandit rp is that it is entirely one-sided, and under the pretense of creating roleplay, but tends to stir up more drama than it's worth. Most bandit groups tend to wait on the road of a nation at off hours, or at random times and merely wait for a lone person to come, which they themselves promptly tell them to stop, and give them their items. The problem is that the items taken are usually masses of items or an entire inventory as opposed to a more realistic, weapon, or maybe a cool item in the inventory like jewelry. Instead the bandits take all items in the inventory, they may be a nice item which may be something like a wand, which to a bandit would merely look like a stick that is useless, but it may be named or be enchanted. If they resist most of the time pvp default is used, and if not they go on their way losing their items and generally having no means of fighting back. The problem with this bandit which is the most common form is the fact that while (like someone said above) these characters who are banditing may be multidimensional, albeit a lot of the time they aren't, or have an interesting story to them this is not shown in the few minutes of interaction people have with bandits. However, when something is done about these bandits, a lot of times a skirmish may occur with a local guardforce inwhich the bandits are slain. Realistically that would end the rain of the bandits right there, but the thing with lotc is that everyone always chooses to have multiple lives. So, the next day the bandits tend to come back to the similiar location, or just do the same act only to be killed again, and again. This creates a sour taste in both groups' mouths as the guards get annoyed at the bandits who keep coming back one way or another, and this can dismantle a relationship between both these parties in an instant. What I suggest if A for victims to choose to accept risk and try to rp with it, and B for villainous roleplayers to be more creative in the way they do their criminal acts, maybe instead of a simple halt and threat, they could (In roleplay) hire a local child, or poor looking character to try and lure a person from the road under the pretense of a wagon crash or something of the like, and when they lead the victim to the 'site' instead are men with weapons who may threaten them to give them their items without resist or face consequences. These consequences could be death, or instead, the imprisonment of this individual who could be sent to the orcs to be sold as a slave, which would in turn generate more money than the items they probably carried, but most importantly more roleplay. I feel like we as a community resort to death and killing so quickly, but there are some many more creative options than killing that could be fun for both parties. Just think about how you roleplay and it should be good... But that's easier said than done.
  13. Booklight12

    Domesticated Magic

    Think a resubmission is necessary, is household magic going to be set to just the spell list? Or still allow (minor) freeform use. Like summoning a quill to write with using minor void translocation or an illusion spell to increase the volume of ones voice. If this would still be allowed under household, I feel like it should be clearly stated. If not allowed, this point is moot.
  14. I agree with everything said here and the post reflects my opinion of the past events on Lotc (For the most part) since I joined. However, one thing I have not seen in literal years are any events that may relate to past lore, or unexplored lore on lotc in a significant way. I feel it would be a benefit to the community to incorporate events, or an event-line that is kind of like a blast of the past, to bring in old ideas/history of the server to the modern day. This could benefit newer players that don't even know what Aegis is. Just a small comment I had, I could write great lengths on the topic but, I hope someone sees this and agrees as the servers history is rarely ever referenced.
  15. Booklight12

    In Need of New Robes (Skin Request)

    A note is posted on the Caras Eldar public forum written simply yet neatly stating: "Old robes were somehow misplaced from my body.. I am in need of new robes, I seek out whoever can assist me in weaving new robes of the finest materials. Contact Beranabus Seregon so we shall meet and discuss in person on a reward." (In need of a new skin, either permanently or for the time being, I would like the skin to be created in roleplay jointly between my char and another. However I am not a skinner. Feel free to pm me and respond to this post. The payment method may be discussed in roleplay)