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  1. [Rules] PK clauses for NL

    While I agree with this, and think Nation leaders, or anyone for that matter should know when to PK through valid RP, in practice this could never work without nation leaders getting pissy, noone wanting to be a nation leader, or people just ignoring this. The reason why this wouldn't feasibly work is because of the slew of little things that could make it completely one sided. If a nation leader should be obligated to a PK clause, what about the person/people trying to kill him/her? If they are caught in the act and killed should they pk? What about a person or political partner that might have hired them? With that said, what if there's no single nation leader and it's like a senate/counsel, what if the person who killed the nation leader is a known criminal who had been killed numerous times over, only to return to the place and cause trouble. As well, what consents as rp good enough to pk? Someone can literally see a nation leader on the road travelling, call their buddies, meet them on the road, kill the nation leaders party in pvp, and just res the nation leader and bring them back to be crucified. There's too many factors to make this a feasible method, we can't really enforce this because, the community is not on a mature enough level on a whole for this to work without hassle. Maybe if Va's were reinstated and RP quality was improved this could be somewhat more feasible, but right now villiany activity is not accountable. This won't work right now.
  2. check ur messages

    1. Booklight12


      Sorry was away for the weekend will respond when I get hte chance and am free! Which will be shortly.

  3. [Clarification/Addition] Conduits of Enlightenment

    The main intention of this lore and some of the additions were to update the lore, by adding how it interacts with other magic/creatures, as well as to comment on the soul lore avacyn wrote. The only changes to the original lore were that noted in the changes sections which is kind of a tl;dr. The reason I wanted it to be OOC was just to get a general description of some changes that would happen. The heightened aura part is what I was told to add in response to it being a heightened soul, and was told it'd make sense given the lore. But as I said it's all up for change. With that said, the other change that is a big difference between the original lore is the fact that it requires a feat application. That was done with the sole intention being that, 3 years later with the characters that have achieved this, very few actually used the lore without a teacher. There was an unforseen interaction between the conduit and those they guide that was actually really cool which made great roleplay, that people who didn't have teachers couldn't experience. The lock is there to make the experience rewarding. I hope this response answered some questions, thanks for the critique though. If you want we can discuss in pm's or discord if you've any ideas on how you feel about the lore piece, what you like/dislike. There I could also explain more in-depth on things I might have passed over. Edit- As for cognatism, much of that was explained and discussed in the original lore piece. This was before the alteration to Cognatism lore where it includes Voidal Horrors, which is a big reason why it wouldn't fit under cognatism, as this can and has been achieved by people like druids/clerics/shamans, where it wouldn't fit. It's meant to be a feasible thing achieved by any people or race. So it's completely neutral.
  4. The Malakim; Aos Forsaken

    I can sense Fords angst. As for the lore, I mean I like the concept of having to battle horrors to achieve this. Not sure if this will be accepted but if it is, or even if it isn't, feel like it should inspire people to do more voidal horror stuff. Technically in the lore they were the first enemy of creation. Would be cool to see more events with them on this map.
  5. Arch-Daemon: Aggaroth, The Lord of Torment

    Tsuyose basically said everything that's needed to be said. I'd definitely wouldn't mind this being a thing, if it was an aspect that effected the community. If a aengudaemon stole Iblees' mantle as archdaemon I think everyone on the server should RPly discover this, not by us having to seek it out specifically, but large world events taking place. I think the role of aenguls and daemons have shifted a lot in recent years. Definitely think if world events stemmed from this it would be interesting. That or Iblees returning for hte 4th time, but at that point it'd be kind of redundant. If something as great as the shifting of titles from one arch daemon to another happens, it shouldn't be a whisper. It should be something grandiose.
  6. I definitely see your point, and wouldn't personally be too buzzed about a minor app. However, just because I wouldn't really mind it doesn't mean there can't be anything better. I can see it having some benefit, but it wouldn't get rid of as much powergaming as you think. The main problem is people just 'having' a certain item out of nowhere, or being given an item by another person who is an alchemist who expects them to know all the effects. Merely making people roleplay it out using proper lore once a week can thin out hordes of people. Just say something like alchemists fire was too dangerous to tranfer from the previous map (which it should be) and require everyone who uses a potion on a specific list to have a named and staff signed bottle. Noone could just pull those higher tier bottles out of their ass, and when they are used they are gone. Merely having to send screens or rp infront of a mod would thin out the majority of the people that don't know how to roleplay it. You can say it may require more manpower, which it might. I just don't believe that an app which most people will just make and want to be grandfathered into would change much. I could be wrong of course and we can't know unless it's implemented, but I am certain there are other ways of going about this that wouldn't require someone to wait a week or two for an app to be accepted. edit- There should also be some push and pull from the community, while I haven't really seen powergaming from alchemy besides people pulling it out from nowhere. If there is powergaming the player in question should be notified and corrected. I'm talking about real powergaming and or not understanding of the lore as that can be proven, people pulling it out of their ass without mc item can't really.
  7. The way Jistuma preached alchemy lore is the fact that Alchemy is a magic in itself that is allowed to be accessible by all people who want to learn it. I will say I personally think alchemy apps would benefit the server, realistically I don't think they'd be as effective as intended. If this were accepted it would need A defined list of what you can/cannot create without the app How it interacts with playermade alchemy How it'd interact with the already made FA apps What potions actually are the issue, or is it just Alchemist fire and greater healing potion Looking at this, I think this is kind of a blanket, and rudimentary solution, and would do more harm than good. The main point of alchemy is that it is accessible to all, while I agree there are some people that may not know what symbols are, and other alchemical lore, and kinda just wing it. I'm putting my faith in the vast majority in that they know it. As I can agree there are some issues with people pulling out alchemists fire, or pulling out a full healing potion to heal their friend after combat without any threat. The issue with that isn't really that people are powergaming, but instead that they are misusing the rich system put in place for them. I comes down to a lot of people, which all people were guilty of at some point, which is just pulling something out of their ass that they didn't RP, but figured their character would RPly have. Some people it's shackles, some people it's magic items, while some people it's alchemists fire or healing potions. That doesn't make great roleplay, but it's entirely up to the player, and given what I previously said, an app wouldn't stop them from doing that, they'd just have an app to say 'now I really think my character would have that'. I'm gonna end with 2 things. Making apps for stronger alchemy would just have the MT faced with a barrage of applications from literally everyone, most mages say they are alchemists, most druids say they are alchemists, a lot of clerics are alchemists, that's hundreds of alchemists on the server, other people might just make applications for alchemy just so they can be able to make a potion like that, if they wanted to. So I can't really get behind making an application. I can however get behind alchemists fire/greater healing potions needing to have documented RP and only being able to create say 2-3 bottles a week. Alchemy is heavily power gamed as no one takes their time to have an alchemy stand, go out gathering items, and do other things of that sort to actually be able to make it. Requiring RP for making these things, as well as a named and moderator/lt signs water bottle named alchemists fire would make those people that pull these things out of their ass stop, without making a barrier for people genuinely wanting to do alchemy. Enforce strictly but don't barricade prejudicely
  8. New Character Ideas

    To be honest, you might enjoy being a mercenary. Pretty fun the shenanigans you can get into just by offering your sword to whoever. Gives you access to any RP that you'd really like. From guarding a noble, to assassinating someone, to hunting monsters, to capturing people, to pvp (If you like). Definitely a fun character to play just because of the opportunities you open up for yourself to have fun with, and for others to be able to interact with you.
  9. [Clarification/Addition] Conduits of Enlightenment

    Id wait until this lore, or whatever itiration or clarification is approved. Im going to discuss with all comduits so feel free to comtact me. @Keefy
  10. Beardmancy

    As an avid lover and aspirant of beardmancy way back when. i like this. Not sure if itll be accepted but if it is, make sure its entirely non combative. Beardmancy got a little intense when one man made a literal sea of beard hair. Keep it simple. edit- Also it should be a thing that beardmancers can bless people with beards please.
  11. Current state of horses & potential bug?

    Horse speed should be raised slightly higher than a normal players sprint jump speed tbh. Just nothing insane like we had with professions
  12. Conduits of Enlightenment Clarifications/Additions Brief This lore I am going to try and keep as short as possible, this is more so a clarification and update to the Conduits of Enlightenment lore I made in 2015 which you may find linked below in the work cited. This isn’t entirely an addition, but rather an attempt to explaining (some) of the lore, and how it interacts with other pieces created after it. It’s a bit outdated, and while the original lore was made from my characters point of view, this will be entirely OOC based. With that said this isn’t an entire remake, and reading the original lore is recommended to understand this to its fullest as this is not a means of explaining it, but instead enabling it to work with the other lore added since 3 years ago. What is a Conduit of Enlightenment? A Conduit of Enlightenment is the title bestowed upon a descendant who has went through the process of enlightenment and has achieved a new state of existence. Their soul is directly connected to their mind through a ritual that naturally enriches the soul to a greater state via metanoia. This directly affects their everyday existence as they are now at a higher state of being, and understanding of their own soul and those around them. How to become one Originally anyone could become a conduit of enlightenment, and while I believe anyone is able to, and should be open to the lore I also want it to change. In order for your character to enter this state of being you must be introduced to it by a current being who has entered this state. It is a perpetual change that alters the soul of the player themselves, and thus cannot be reversed by any known means at this time. This is done by the conduit teacher guiding the character. The method in which a character can reach enlightenment may vary from player to player. However, the end result is that the player must with the assistance of their guide expel all mana from their body in an instant at the moment a character enters a meditative stasis. This stasis being the exact moment when a person transitions from being normal, to entering a meditative state of mind similar to a void mages connection to the void. Others conduits, because they are so attuned with souls are able to sense when others enter this state of meditation, and are now able to use their own mana as a catalyst in this ritual of connecting the person's mind and soul instead of the person becoming it. Requiring different amounts of mana to be used depending on the person. However, if it is too much for the conduit it is wholly possible for the aspirant to expel their mana instead. And then they become a conduit. Dreaming Dreaming is basically the term for the form of meditation conduits have. Normally when mortals meditate they just enter a state of bliss that the conduits feel indefinitely. A humbling sensation that gives the meditator a sense of peace. However, because Conduits have transcended this and perpetually are in this state, when they meditate instead they slip into a lucid dream like state. In this state they can do literally anything within their minds. They can recreate their own version of Aos, create an infinite forest, or test different things that may be unsafe in the real world. Time is also relative in this state, 1 day in meditation can be 1 hour in the real world, or 1 hour in meditation can be 1 day in the real world. When they enter this state they are essentially The Creator of their own world, which is basically the outcome of what happens whens one's conscious touches their soul. Although it is entirely in their head, but very real to them. Effects This state enriches the superior soul into a greater soul, this does not work instantly as the bolstering of one's soul is gradual, the older the soul is in this state the more potent it becomes akin to that of a aengudaemons patron (This has no mechanical/combative effects). In this state of being the conduit is in a complete state of spiritual equilibrium. They would begin to see the world around them differently as they gain attunement to souls, and the true nature of them. While it is still possible for a conduit to fight, and get into a fight purposefully, as the state of being continues it becomes less, and less likely for them to instigate a fight, but is only a recommended path and may change depending on character interaction. Because of their state of being they gain some other unintended effects. Because of the enriching of their souls their soul essence is enriched. It acquires similar feats as Yeu Rthulus followers, as both created types of bolstered souls. However, it is different. While Conduits to make it twice as difficult for soul puppeteers to curse them. They are not protected from dark magics as followers of Yeu Rthulu have due to their angelic protection. Because of their nature, Conduits are known to have greatly heightened aura akin to a Celestial Mage, as well their Genus is near equivalent to that of a Voidal Horror. Interactions with other magic Voidal- Nothing, their connection to the void may be eased somewhat due to them being in an constant state of peace/meditation. It’s slightly harder to remove someone's concentration because of this. Mental Magic- When in the dream like state, mental magic does not work on them. Dark Arts- Users of Dark Arts specifically Necromancers, Shades, Strength of the Abyss can use this however due to the nature of their corrupted souls the images they see in dreaming are naturally twisted, and dark, if they want to project a tree it will be barren, if they want to project a building it will be a ruin of its intended make. The effects of peace are negated but the effects of paranoia may be lessened slightly, but still present. Frost witch's/Blood mages/Soul puppetry users- They can become a conduit without repercussion. Blood Magic- Their Genus is equivalent to that of the potency of a voidal horror when used as a catalyst for a ritual. Mysticism/Necromancy- They have heightened souls making them powerful catalysts for their dark rituals as well. Aengudaemonic- Monks (Non playable), Ascended, Shamans, Clerics, Druids, Paladins can all use this. Keepers of Xan- Does not work due to relegated soul. You must have a soul present to be able to use this. If you become a keeper after becoming a conduit? (Up to LT, may be interesting Soul Tree Druids- Have to be near the tree for it to work. If out of its general vicinity it will not work. Same rule applies if you become one after being a conduit. -Creatures- Undead- It will never work for any undead creatures Nephilim- Because the change is natural there is no effect, they may use it. Archons- They may use it and gain its effects Daeva- The same effects of shades but amplified (If I am missing anything else please remind me) Changes -Gradually becomes a greater soul akin to Patrons of Aengudaemons, but not tied to one. -Genus/Soul essence is heightened making them susceptible to being great catalysts for dark rituals if this fact is discovered -Requires Magic Feat App to be recorded. -No longer self teachable (It is not rewarding to self teach this, as this is greatly an interaction between the enlightened and those they guide.) -Any active conduit that has been one for 1 IRL month may make a TA. -A conduit teaching another may instead use their own mana to enlighten someone, and can sense the exact moment they are able to do so. -New interactions with other magics -This is a form of a Metanoia ritual, the soul is not changed but instead connected and empowered. Debrief Just wanted to have a debrief, and say that this mostly a clarification using current lore, not adding any new concepts. I have been meaning to add onto the lore itself for quite some time, but have been either busy or too lazy to write any additions. So this is merely a piece of lore i’d like to use to gain the attention of the general community again. Ultimately my goal is to either keep it as it is, or add different expansions so that events and roleplay could stem off from this. I wanted some interaction with other magics, namely blood magic and other dark arts, as while this isn’t a dark art at all, and the users for the most part will likely be wary of dark arts due to the nature of this ritual. I think it would be interesting to see how a potential interaction can be formed. Also, Gladuous brought it to my attention that the actual way people become conduits was kind of lacking, which is why I made it possible for another conduit to create others. If anyone has opinions, gripes, or things you’d like to see added/removed feel free to discuss on the post. That’s what it’s here for. Resources Conduits of Enlightenment Soul Lore Clarification Part I/II Enaction of Yeu Rthulu
  13. [Lore Submission][Arcane] Voidal Force

    For a first attempt yeah definitely bud. With that said though, It can still be improved. I personally would remove spells and spell names and just have it as a pushing and pulling force that can be applied in certain ways either with more or less mana. From my own opinion at least.
  14. [Lore Submission][Arcane] Voidal Force

    From what I gathered and interpreted from this is that this is moreso a mix of Telekinesis and Air evocation. Voidal magic can effect people, air magic can knock people back, the premise he rose was that this wasn't the evocation of air and using that to force people back, but instead just the force applied by the air evocation, or telekinesis in a one dimensional manner. I/E pushing, pulling. It's basically air evocation which has a different aesthetic, and technically a feat a void mage could do. Is their lore amazing? Not really, but he knows that as he said it's his first lore attempt.
  15. Anti-Spook Ward Amendment Proposal

    The idea that wards are OP have only arised really because of the overabundance of them on the server, and the users who can make them. A couple years ago, mage wards were basically non-misty fii magic, and could ward basically anything if you had enough knowledge about it. That was when there was only like 4 or 5 active users. And now with like 20 or 30 it obviously would not work. And so that was changed. I've kind of always been a believer that cleric wards were weird when out of combat. I don't think they should be a really common in the way it's been used. It should really be something that is greatly taxing, and requires a lot of people. There should be an app, and there should really only be maybe 1 or 2 sites that are warded. With that said these sites because it'd be so limited should be able to be the site of sutica, and should greatly reduce the ability of undead, and potentially just demanifest lesser undead like ghouls, and ghosts. They shouldn't block out other undead, but should render it absolutely useless for undead to be in these warded sites without complete preparation and an army behind them. I think this addition fixes the issue pretty well. But if wards were removed completely it'd make Sutica a pretty big target for undead to attack because there's no holy protection around it weakening them. It's illogical to think the literal hub for holy people wouldn't be protected by a divine force.