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  1. Booklight12

    [FRP] Gods and Men 5 [RP]

    The mortal plane of existence had been relatively silent since its creation, the gods who flocked to this youthful realm would have gone about their immortal days birthing, thinking, ruling, and accepting the increasing number of worshippers by day. The routines of existence quickly became prominent even as they began to help shape the cultures of the people they held domain over in their fledgling states. While the gods of the realm knew that other immortal spirits were bound to have entered the plane of existence, few truly certain, or even cared for that matter as they focused on imprinting their image unto the realm. However this would soon change… They could sense it, with their godly foresight, like an itch that needed to be scratched, they would have felt it coming for days before it did, the rising sense of anticipation and wonder as to what mysteries were to arrive in the coming days. This was before it came, an alteration to the very makeup of the plane of existence they sat upon… In an instant a blinding blue flash would erupt from the night sky, showering the entirety of the realm in the eternal essence as raw energy was deposited unto the world. The denizens of the plane, humans, Ternesians, Arginians, Muintiri, and all other mortal beings alike would feel drawn to this well of energy that was pouring this mysterious energizing substance into the realms as it was woven into the tapestry of existence. But like all things the light quickly faded back into the recesses of existence, dissipating into nothingness.. Where the light faded new light emerged, aurora lights streamed across the plane seen by the Gods, acting as ley lines of energy which connected the newly formed network of magical energy. Even some mortals could see this arcane borealis, however faint it was. And among those mortal who could see it, they would quickly find themselves able to draw upon the newly laden magical energy.. Mages were born and brought upon the land. Some may revel in their new powers being able to create things like the gods which birthed them and use their powers to further worship their patron gods, some may create guilds, while others may live their entire lives ignorant of their potential. With the creation of magic in the realm, all would change. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On a massive plateau of a mountain island, a lonesome god lingers in its prime form, it was a powerful god, whose appearance was a grand display of celestial bodies comprised in a humanoid form.. It had explored the entirety of existence before yet grew bored in the mundane, seeing most of what already was, yet rarely seeing anything new. After seeing this fledgling world being born A’aus new it must evolve and allow the concept of wonder to be spread across this primitive realm being molded by other gods.. This concept festered in the powerful mind of the god as it formed a ritual that would see its’ will be spread across the realm. While at the cost of the gods knowledge and greater powers A’aus knew that this was merely the cycle all gods must follow once they have explored the infinitum of space, in order to bring back the wanderlust that all gods eventually yearn for. Thus, one night A’aus outstretched his arms into the air and allowed a beacon of blue hued energy to erupt from itself creating the first generation of magic upon the realm, and once more the cycle of this gods life continued and renewed.. Life seemed immemorial, unbounded by the shackles of time.. What was time.. What is this.. What am I? The god.. It was as if A’aus soured through time and space at an infinite speed as all memories, powers, and meaning escaped it godly being.. Before concrete shapes began to emerge into frame… The god felt weak, and it knew little of its meaning as it was reborn.. It knew of its godly existence as if it was ingrained into its very being but knew little else.. It was a curious god, young and fresh, but oddly weak. Trapped in their incorporeal form as they lacked the strength to enter a physical vestige. Light blue arcanic energies whipped about in this form as the curious god gazes upon the realm, and views their creation from afar. A’aus was and is its name, but how did it know that? A strange god that gazed upon the realm and saw a fledgling plane, one that was now unique and magical. A’aus knew this network of magic was its own, and despite its desire to reach out and ****** back that which was its own, A’aus soon came to realize that it was unable to do so and grew frustrated at itself for it was now a weaker god. It did see mortals however, who would seek this power out to draw from it and change the mundane to the magical mimicking the gods themselves that created the mortals. A’aus knew that while it was not as powerful as it once was, perhaps through these mortals communing themselves with his leylines of energy power may once be restored through their unspoken worship.. However now, A’aus was tired, after expending all of its previous energy it would need a long sleep to restore enough energy to restore a physical form. The weakened god continues to gaze upon the realm from his throne of creation and is content as he utters to itself “Today wonderment is created in this realm.. But for now I rest..” The incorporeal ball of arcane energy merely willed a large runestone into existence as it was erected from the earthen floor of the plateau.. A’aus quickly gazed upon the world beyond the mountain island before allowing its incorporeal form to be drained within the rune stone.. Transitioning back into a non-conscious state of being as it awaited its stores of energy to return back to it… Waiting..
  2. Booklight12

    [FRP] Gods and Men 5 [OOC]

    God App Name: A’aus (Ah-ous) Symbol (Water, plants, fire, etc): Incorporeal arcane mass – Humanoid figure Race (Default human): N/A Nation Name: The Aozuul (Not an actual nation just a guild of followers based solely on the island of origin) Nation Symbol: A blank blue banner with a white circle at the center Nation Terrain (Plains, desert, etc): A lone mountain island just off the coast south of the big volcano in the center of the map, the terrain is standard forested island with a large mountain in the center Race App Name: Magic Wielders Originating Race: Any unless specified otherwise Features (hair colors, etc): Retain any and all physical features of their race however they have a spark which allows them to wield magic to varying degree. (which can be specified by you or follow arcane guidelines of LOTC to keep streamlined) Skin Color: Any (The god is basically the creator of magic in the world, and I plan to create a small guild of mages/adventurers that learn to follow him in the future, however they will not be directly created by him. The race he creates is not an actual race but among all races created by other gods, giving them a spark to be able to use magic to varying degrees, therefore they are not directly tied to him or have to worship him, but instead have an unclarified connection as when they use magic it is technically drawing from A’aus. If this needs to be specified further feel free to pm me, just feel like having a god like this that has no goals to actively expand their worshipers could be interesting)
  3. I hope you’re doing great 😎

    maybe check out my most recent posts in creative writing, i’d like to say I’ve improved a little since we last roleplayed along with lockezi’s character progression

  4. Booklight12

    [✗] Gnomes

    Can just play a smaller handling that calls themselves gnomes tbh.
  5. Booklight12

    [✗] Lore Suggestion (Sanguinari)

    In Raphael defense, strigae rp isn't really secluded it's near nonexistent to the high majority of players on lotc. But I'm a believer of not having any form of vampirisn on the server as a whole.
  6. Booklight12

    Storm Clouds Gather

    ((Sorry about the ooc but just wanted to know how long it's last and if it would still be worthwhile to come 45 min after 8))
  7. Booklight12

    [✓] Domesticated Magic

    I agree, what I was thinking was to introduce a post kind of like the old creature idea post that people could submit ideas for household spells that could be approved or denied and added onto the main post as necessary.. However, I feel like there should be some minor amount of freeform nature to this. Having an application or having to vet all your ideas with the lt every time you want to do something that is not on the spell list could be a cumbersome system. The way I view it is that household magic is like tier .5 of every void magic. If you have an accepted ma you should be trusted enough not to abuse this. That's how it was under the... Old old old.. Old MA system as supremacy described it to me.
  8. Booklight12

    [✓] Domesticated Magic

    Think a resubmission is necessary, is household magic going to be set to just the spell list? Or still allow (minor) freeform use. Like summoning a quill to write with using minor void translocation or an illusion spell to increase the volume of ones voice. If this would still be allowed under household, I feel like it should be clearly stated. If not allowed, this point is moot.
  9. Booklight12

    In Need of New Robes (Skin Request)

    A note is posted on the Caras Eldar public forum written simply yet neatly stating: "Old robes were somehow misplaced from my body.. I am in need of new robes, I seek out whoever can assist me in weaving new robes of the finest materials. Contact Beranabus Seregon so we shall meet and discuss in person on a reward." (In need of a new skin, either permanently or for the time being, I would like the skin to be created in roleplay jointly between my char and another. However I am not a skinner. Feel free to pm me and respond to this post. The payment method may be discussed in roleplay)
  10. Strange watching when people complain there is no RP and when RP is given to them they do their best to get out of it.

    1. NoZaku


      truly we live in a society

  11. Booklight12

    Arcane Incantations

    I agree with others that said to just put it on the roleplay forums instead of posting it as lore as any form of casting magic for the most part is allowed aesthetically. This should probably be moved. But if not this would be cool, my character and others use incantations to a degree. I like the writing down using a runic language. But i feel like the verbal incantation section could use a bit of work. Adding more words to accommodate different a more complex spells for example. Ps: Really feeling the hebrew
  12. Booklight12

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    The only thing wrong with healing magic is the attitude toward it and the standards of to. If holy magic is a guild locked magic it should be held to higher standards of to by the community using it and the staff. Nothing is wrong with it mechanically imo, i just dislike seeing mundane healers in the middle of healing someone and the person being healed/ a nearby cleric saying "let me heal instead because it's better". this is logical since it is a better form of healing but i think its more of an rp problem brought about by a "meh" to culture.
  13. Booklight12

    The Atlasian Naval Guild

    MC-Name: Booklight12 Character Name: Abdul Mubdee Age: 32 Race: Man Hometown: Ask my brother Taheem Possible Goals to achieve: To adventure, and learn about these lands before I take on my duties later in my life. Wanted Role/Job: Sailor, Bard? Discord: Forgot, Pm me
  14. Booklight12

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    Heerozero kinda summed a lot in his post he made above, however the ascended lost their magic and any connection to being ascended for like 1 or 2 years and at the end of the map in anthos when setherien was already destroying much of the map they got the magic back. I definitely see both sides of the argument for and against the ascended. The issue a lot of people have being a mix of, Poor RP, only seeing slice of life RP, hostility/mismanagement, and powergaming of magic are brought about by the actual structure of the ascended. As they are the ascended have different sects which divide the guild, this structure under my belief is outdated and doesn't work with the number of ascended there are. I think there should be a stronger focus for the ascended to build a stronger culture for those within the guild, especially the newer ascended. And stress the importance, and perhaps requirement of high roleplay capability. If the ascended are supposed to be some order, beyond political and mortal ties, that are immortals and literal caretakers of souls in aeriels stead, they should act like so in roleplay. In Anthos when they were introduced again, it was pretty fun to roleplay with urasept and the other ascended, but as they dragged on the idea of ascended being beyond mere mortals kind of lessened and the mysticism around them became non-existant. I think ascended can work, but for them to work they need to work on improving their roleplay as a whole and the quality of it. These are just my mismanaged thoughts on the topic, I would write more and in a proper format, but that's effort.
  15. Booklight12

    [Bounty] Missing Transporters

    *A red haired man with a cross emblazened on his chest would read over the parchment posted, he grinned as he saw the opportunity at hand and promptly began scriving down his name down upon the parchment so he may be contacted at a later date.. It read* "Aenley, Red haired man, wears white, can be found as the only red haired human in the dominion or the Hansetic settlement of Keter."