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  1. Booklight12

    [✗] Gnomes

    Can just play a smaller handling that calls themselves gnomes tbh.
  2. Booklight12

    [✗] Lore Suggestion (Sanguinari)

    In Raphael defense, strigae rp isn't really secluded it's near nonexistent to the high majority of players on lotc. But I'm a believer of not having any form of vampirisn on the server as a whole.
  3. Booklight12

    Storm Clouds Gather

    ((Sorry about the ooc but just wanted to know how long it's last and if it would still be worthwhile to come 45 min after 8))
  4. Booklight12

    [✓] Domesticated Magic

    I agree, what I was thinking was to introduce a post kind of like the old creature idea post that people could submit ideas for household spells that could be approved or denied and added onto the main post as necessary.. However, I feel like there should be some minor amount of freeform nature to this. Having an application or having to vet all your ideas with the lt every time you want to do something that is not on the spell list could be a cumbersome system. The way I view it is that household magic is like tier .5 of every void magic. If you have an accepted ma you should be trusted enough not to abuse this. That's how it was under the... Old old old.. Old MA system as supremacy described it to me.
  5. Booklight12

    [✓] Domesticated Magic

    Think a resubmission is necessary, is household magic going to be set to just the spell list? Or still allow (minor) freeform use. Like summoning a quill to write with using minor void translocation or an illusion spell to increase the volume of ones voice. If this would still be allowed under household, I feel like it should be clearly stated. If not allowed, this point is moot.
  6. Booklight12

    In Need of New Robes (Skin Request)

    A note is posted on the Caras Eldar public forum written simply yet neatly stating: "Old robes were somehow misplaced from my body.. I am in need of new robes, I seek out whoever can assist me in weaving new robes of the finest materials. Contact Beranabus Seregon so we shall meet and discuss in person on a reward." (In need of a new skin, either permanently or for the time being, I would like the skin to be created in roleplay jointly between my char and another. However I am not a skinner. Feel free to pm me and respond to this post. The payment method may be discussed in roleplay)
  7. Strange watching when people complain there is no RP and when RP is given to them they do their best to get out of it.

    1. Ougi


      truly we live in a society

  8. Like smaw said, in the lore aenguls and daemons are the same entities. Daemon is just a name given to an aengudaemon that exhibits questionable and more direct influence on the mortal plane. Daemons can be good and aenguls can be bad. As for it kha being effected by holy magic, they haven't been effected aince their creation and it would be awkward if they were suddenly effected given that there can be and has been a kha cleric before. They at this point basically have the same soul as the base descendants. As for the post itself, good job. id just check with the other kha players to check mistakes.
  9. Booklight12

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    The only thing wrong with healing magic is the attitude toward it and the standards of to. If holy magic is a guild locked magic it should be held to higher standards of to by the community using it and the staff. Nothing is wrong with it mechanically imo, i just dislike seeing mundane healers in the middle of healing someone and the person being healed/ a nearby cleric saying "let me heal instead because it's better". this is logical since it is a better form of healing but i think its more of an rp problem brought about by a "meh" to culture.
  10. Booklight12

    The Atlasian Naval Guild

    MC-Name: Booklight12 Character Name: Abdul Mubdee Age: 32 Race: Man Hometown: Ask my brother Taheem Possible Goals to achieve: To adventure, and learn about these lands before I take on my duties later in my life. Wanted Role/Job: Sailor, Bard? Discord: Forgot, Pm me
  11. Booklight12

    [Completed] Yay or Nay to Ascended Magic?

    Heerozero kinda summed a lot in his post he made above, however the ascended lost their magic and any connection to being ascended for like 1 or 2 years and at the end of the map in anthos when setherien was already destroying much of the map they got the magic back. I definitely see both sides of the argument for and against the ascended. The issue a lot of people have being a mix of, Poor RP, only seeing slice of life RP, hostility/mismanagement, and powergaming of magic are brought about by the actual structure of the ascended. As they are the ascended have different sects which divide the guild, this structure under my belief is outdated and doesn't work with the number of ascended there are. I think there should be a stronger focus for the ascended to build a stronger culture for those within the guild, especially the newer ascended. And stress the importance, and perhaps requirement of high roleplay capability. If the ascended are supposed to be some order, beyond political and mortal ties, that are immortals and literal caretakers of souls in aeriels stead, they should act like so in roleplay. In Anthos when they were introduced again, it was pretty fun to roleplay with urasept and the other ascended, but as they dragged on the idea of ascended being beyond mere mortals kind of lessened and the mysticism around them became non-existant. I think ascended can work, but for them to work they need to work on improving their roleplay as a whole and the quality of it. These are just my mismanaged thoughts on the topic, I would write more and in a proper format, but that's effort.
  12. Booklight12

    [Bounty] Missing Transporters

    *A red haired man with a cross emblazened on his chest would read over the parchment posted, he grinned as he saw the opportunity at hand and promptly began scriving down his name down upon the parchment so he may be contacted at a later date.. It read* "Aenley, Red haired man, wears white, can be found as the only red haired human in the dominion or the Hansetic settlement of Keter."
  13. Booklight12

    [✗] Guardian Spirits of the Realm of the Fae

    While i dont consider the excess amount of lore as a bloat, moreso than a misuse of lore, and uninclusive nature of rp. i have to agree with what most people are saying. Soul trees are meant to be the end game of druids. saying they are failed amd arent doing what they were meant to be, and creating a new end game isnt going to fix soul trees. this lore will jist have it that noone will want to be a soul tree as this is a more appealing opportunity. If something is wrong with a lore, fix it, make it so more people can rp and find enjoyment with it. dont just go over it and make diff lore thats more appealing. This doesnt go for this lore in specific but all lore. as the previously mentioned mentality is what many would.be lore writers have.
  14. Booklight12

    Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    There you go @Qwelled_
  15. Booklight12

    The Void, A Summation

    I gotchu babe, and I know you don't have the intention of 'infringing' on peoples roleplay like some people might think. OOCly it's not a big deal, as mechanically magic doesn't change. However, the issue mainly stems from the variety of interpretations magic specifically is open to. It is seen already that people are prone to just using guides and stuff and terms used OOCly in roleplay in terms of magic, but even outside of magic. Void magic is rarely if not ever interpreted as something else. This is because of a multitude of reasons. Example being, if say the high pontiff of the human religion became a mental mage, or illusionist, either by accident or on purpose. They could view this as some gift from god, but in the end, a mage will likely just come along, seeing hte high pontiff use void magic, and claim it's just void magic and their interpretation is 100% wrong. The same thing will likely happen with this. Many people who dislike magic dislike it for that reason said above, and why Shamanism is the most accepted, and appreciated magic OOCly by all communities, because it does what I explained above, without paying heed to the lore OOCly stating a daemon created the spirits. While it's just a single sentance, it could mean a lot to a decent number of people. My own personal opinion is to keep that addition moreso undefined, not secret but simply not delved into OOCly to maintain some air of mystery. That's my only two cents hombre, ultimately it's up to the current LT, but as I said, everything else looks neat af. Good job +1