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  1. @Toxolotl @Archipelego I’m ambivalent, but y’all should probably make a community feedback that is fully processed before implementing these changes. It will be an immense benefit if everyone has one place to voice their opinions before it gets out of hand.

    1. Archipelego


      A feedback post is planned for a couple days from now, when things have settled and most people have read it.

    2. Phylarch


      Welcome to the tyranny that is unwillingly to change. 

    3. Jake the Dog

      Jake the Dog

      Might want to hurry it up, cause right now those changes are major poo poo

  2. Tell me how this Hip Hop Beat I produced sounds, I recently started making music. Click on my profile here to see the link

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  3. RP Name:: Beranabus MC Username: Booklight12 Discord: Jefe#3340 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: None Why Do You Wish To Come?: To aid the holy orders (Paladins) What Skills Can You Bring?: Magic, world lore, medicinal, tactical, record-keeping
  4. I think it’s time for you all to follow in the footsteps of us old heads and jump ship. 

  5. It should be noted that air evocation has always been able to cast a mist/fog (Able to be dense enough to dowse fire). Since humidity is a factor of air. It does overlap somewhat with water evocation, however, the explaination i’ve gotten from LM’s in the past is that it is just not able to be as dense as water evocation. Water evocation can fill the entire spectrum of water density from a light fog-> Liquid Water. Air Evocation can go from no humidity-> Enough to dowse fire. Additionally, you may want to note how air evocation can still interact with the environment, such as sand, water, dirt, fauna, etc. There are some spells you may want to add that are specifically based around interacting with the environment, as that is a big part of air evocation too. Ex: Casting twister over water to create a water spire to put a fire out on a ship. I think that is one of the big utilitarian aspects of air evocation that is often overlooked but a big divider between it and other evocations.
  6. The ancient Seregon, catching whim of his family name being mentioned within the realm of Arcas prepares his pilgrimage to the Silver State.
  7. Looks cool only thing I'd say is remove the asphixiation aspect. As previously stated a spell like a bubble of water or bubble of air around the head of an individual with the goal to suffocate, drown, asphixiate an individual has always been in the redlines for both water and air evocation due to the easily powergameable nature of it. Besides this i really like the lore post and like the aesthetic of it. Good work bud.
  8. From what ive seen in my experience alone is that upon the removal of villian applications banditry had severely declined due to there no longer being a penalty for poor roleplay and thus the threat of a va being taken from you and with it any form of villiany roleplay one may want to participate in. There is a reason most countries IRL have licensing procedures for industries besides the revenue acrewed by the applicatiom process for different licensing such architecture/contractor/drivers/industrial licensing. Its to protect the quality of these aspects of life and to assure that if rules are broken these licenses can be taken away so to prevent others from imitating these mistakes. I am a firm believer that banditry can be a good form of roleplay. But the mentalities of both bandits and banditees wont change out of good will. Staff intervention and good server policy is what can make banditing/villiany roleplay overall higher quality.
  9. Wait so Cernunnos and Cerridwen are both names of a god and goddess of nature in real life religions?

    1. MamaBearJade


      Yes, They are celtic gods.

    2. FreeHongKong
    3. Jentos


      its a shame druidism in lotc has nothing to do with actual druidism 

  10. I agree with what is being said. What i actually like abouy dark magic is the lore and history behind it. Thats what is most engaging about the magic and the vast array of lore that was behind many of the dark magics were well written. However, the players in more recent years have been the issue. I feel as though in more recent years the actual purpose of dark magi has beem forgotten. Dark mages are meant to be catalysts of roleplay, specifically villiany roleplay. They are supposed to be what some people hunt and others fall victim to, but ultimately it should be something people should br able to see. I just feel as though most users are complacent with their acquired powers without ever really using them to create roleplay. This isnt an issue just within dark mages as most people sit around and wait for roleplay to happen as opposed to starting it themselves. This is an issue which has devolved much of the roleplay on the server to slice of life rp which we can all agree is pretty boring in excess. However dark mages were meant to be the best roleplayers on the server who can create roleplay for others.. This being said i am and have always been a fan of dark mages having privileges to create and host events with ET using their chars as event characters. But i havent seen this in a while.
  11. I actually really like this idea, instead of limited raids by OOC cool downs, limiting their capabilities to raid by the roleplay economic costs of raiding is actually a really cool concept. It could add incentive to roleplay decisions having to balance economic costs of a raid vs the rewards. I feel like to improve the economy, there should be more worthwhile things to spend mina on besides goods. But that topic should be discussed on a diff thread... I like the first option, but maybe make the costs per person slightly more like 200 or 250 mina per person tbh. But potentially increase the number of people able to participate in a raid. It could incentivize creating barriers that can be overcame through roleplay as opposed to OOC barriers.
  12. I have to agree with what other people say in that, for the most part, it’s the people that are the ones that make magic be perceived as some type of overpowered monstrosity. Even overpowered magic I believe at least can have a place on the server. It’s a matter of giving these magics to players that are willing, able, and have shown aptitude in creating environments where these powers can be used to express complex and enjoyable roleplay. The issue I found is that people are naturally lazy and rely on others to provide this good roleplay. This is for many reasons, that being that for the most part, the casting process of magic is monotonous, often times it feels like a chore to charge up magic and follow the pre-established flow of casting a spell. However, it is the players' duty to express emotion through their magic emotes, it is not at the fault of the lore. If people used common sense they could deduct what realistically is acceptable when casting magic, even blurring the line at some points is fine as long as it makes sense. In terms of the actual application of combat magic, no it should not be made into a uniform and restrictive spell list. People that roleplay magic for genuine reasons enjoy it because of the freeform nature of it, even combative magic. Additionally, I don’t believe magic should be placed on the same level as mundane weaponry. The argument that players invest 6 months+ into practicing magic vs players picking up a sword and being a master (Which goes against the rules of the server) is a valid one. The fact that players must constantly practice their magic and hone their skills in it is what separates it from mundane combat.
  13. Redlines shouldn’t be longer than the lore-text itself. From what I gathered this is basically an extension to transfiguration that allows an individual to bind spells to the world without the need of some type of physical conduit. If that is what this is I feel like all these redlines and tiers are unnecessary. Given this, I feel like the lore is way too specific to fulfill a specific niche, and while it is a good concept I feel like the actual lore explanation is lacking. If this is just creating atomic sized rifts to fuel spells without a physical conduit, why can’t this be used simultaneously with certain types of magic? It seems like redlining earth evocation is just an OOC method of preventing people from building random things. But it lacks an IC reasoning for this, as how the magic is described (As limited as it is) it wouldn’t make sense. Edit: I do like the concept however, it’s something people have been wanting to do for a long time and I think it’s something this server should have had a long time ago.
  14. Magic Across the plane Mages have begun to spring up amongst most cultures as they begin to integrate them into the societal structures of the nations and tribes they belong to. Among the Naevians due to the sheer number of mages within these lands magic becomes vastly idealized within these lands, while some mages worship the unnamed god of magic, others continue to worship Kazotar. Despite this due to the massive number of mages in these lands compared to other cultures they decide to create a joint temple between Kazotar and A’aus Which is able to quell the divides amongst the non-fervent culture of the naevians. While the people are relatively settled, political actions if taken could insight a conflict if mismanaged.. Overall, the Naevian people specialize in fire magics, due to the amount of mages in the nation this form of magic is able to progress but remains relatively simple in practice providing a major benefit in combat, but little for the infrastructure of the Naevian people. Other magics remain in a primitive state within the republic and are unable to be applied further, yet. The Arkelon people find the pull of magic to use magic to be overwhelming. Amongst those of the Arkelon people that practice, it appears as though the magical energy provided by the leylines that stretch across the plane of existence are able to amplify the telepathic powers of the race due to their close reliance of this racial ability. The few Arkelons that do practice this would be overwhelmed by the enhanced telepathic abilities they are given, and would feel a significant change to their mental states as they would entirely lose the connection they once felt with their race, while knowing about the hive they were no longer apart of it, they could think freely, and able to see the morality of an entire race hive mind preventing social change and divergent thought. The sensations brought about by their heightened telepathic abilities would cause many to go mad as a flush of thoughts, images, and philosophy erupt through their minds. It is a maddening sensation that only a few could withstand without losing their mental state. However, those that were able to resist the maddening pull of magic found themselves in a heightened state with new powers. While rudimentary some of the Arkelons that could use this new power would find themselves being able to form apparitions, different auditory, and visual illusions that were small but powerful. Others seemed to find themselves able to hear wisps of thoughts among those around them, and seem to be able to be more persuasive than they previously were. Mind magic has been introduced to the children of Ark. Those that did survive the experience without going mad could deduct that this was caused by the others being unable to control the sudden connection to their telepathic powers and found themselves still fully connected to the hive mind being able to read the thoughts of thousands and be unable to control the auditory and visual illusions that affected only themselves causing them to go insane. Peace eternal.. 7 years passed since Adonis had taken up the helm of the magic coalition.. It had been a stressful time, however, being the first of the mages to reach the island by feeling the pull of the runestone, and being the most powerful and accomplished wielder of magic on the island. There have been strong divides amongst the followers of different gods amongst this island being a melting pot where followers of feral and greater gods live together under the pursuit of magic. Through recent talks peace is just beyond the horizon, and recently Adonis has been able to get sleep to restore his health after long hours of debate and contemplation. Sleep has been a safe haven afforded to him by these recent peace talks, where he has been able to retreat back into the recesses of his powerful mind, and explore the cosmos that is his consciousness.. Recently as he meditated in sleep he had felt a strange pull. It began immediately after the wielders of earthen based magic on the island finished the construction of the temple meant to house and protect the runestone housing the slumbering god. It began merely as whispers in the night, faint, alien, and undecipherable. Quickly the sounds were sharpened and honed into a palatable and familiar sound pattern. Tonight like any night Adonis dreamed inside his quarters nestled within the temple to the runestone. The voice spoke softly to him ushering cryptic words of prophecy as it had done prior in a low, monotonous, yet ethereal tone. “With every breath the air grows still, Deathly cold winds howl and wail, Raging thunder pounds like drums, When something wicked this way comes.” These ***** riddles dumbfounded the magi… Blue almost extraterrestrial swirls coalesced around the magis dream world creating a collage of kaleidoscope patterns that pulsated like a membrane of a living organism, making a deep beat that shook Adonis to the core.. The riddles began to shift again to undecipherable runic sounds which were visually seen within the recesses of his dream. Uttering strange alien sounds, before reshaping themselves once more to common tongue, however, strangely enough they were not monotonous they began faint but quickly grew in volume.. “Adonis” “Adonis” “Adonis” “Adonis” “Adonis” “Adonis” “Adonis!” “Adonis!” “Adonis! Wake up!” His visual dream quickly broke down with every utterance of his name, this heart like pulsation within his mind grew loud and faster, as the previously serene dreamscape gnarled and twisted in shades of crimson, then purple, before hues of brown began to take shape and a yellow light emerged as he awoke from his slumber within the chambers of his living quarters. He blinked rapidly as he was accustomed to being awoken so suddenly, he could barely hear the words coming from the old man before him, a familiar, but normally quiet old man named Byyrni, a once feral god worshipping warrior-changed old sage. Adonis’ vision was hazy and but Byyrni shook him awake, causing him to snap to attention, uttering “What, what do you need old man, you know I rarely ge-” “The Ferals! They are attacking, there’s no time to explain, you must help us they… ****! Just come Sir.” The old man cut Adonis short and waved his hands about causing the fire in Adonis’ hearth to go out. Only then with the crackling of the fire gone did Adonis begin to actual listen, and hear… The cries of women, and muffled grunts and curses of people could be heard outside. However, this was only white noise compared to the sound of battle.. Strange sounds Adonis had never even contemplated hearing as magic was flung outside. It was war, and it was right at the doorstep of the vast temple he made for his unnamed god.. Adonis and Byyrni ran past the inner chamber which housed the runestone, it was a vast hall which was covered by 50 foot pillars of sandstone and sediment, constructed by the finest earth mages and made by the best architects found from the many surrounding nations, but most prominently from among the Argenites. Pillars of light came down and runic symbols lit up with blue hued light as if filled by the essence of the slumbering gods dormant presence.. However, this was for naught as the normally serene room was filled with riddles of war as a group of bodies seem to be charred near the entrance of the temple, likely the first of the band of feral followers and extremists that got burnt to a char by the temple magi-guards.. Adonis and Byyrni ran past these bodies and rushed outside only to be filled with sights of chaos.. The land infront of the temple was unnaturally altered, as vast boulders seemed to have fell down from a nearby mountainside, the forest surrounding the temple burning due to stray fire magic, as well as large ice spikes portruding from the ground flung from water mages. Adonis could also see the crackling of lightning, as he witnessed all out combat, it was both beautiful and horrifying as he saw the first battle of mages. Arcane energies slammed into eachother and exploded as the bodies of the dead lay, frozen, charred, bludgeoned and disitigrated. The other mages fight, in duels of their, whereas another large group of roughly 10 mages fight back a group of 20 of the extremists, they seemed to be struggling the most as they were outnumbered, only slightly aided by the superior strength due to their close worship of A’aus. Adonis was stunned but quickly went into action as he flicked his hand to the side aiming his staff head at one of the enemies who just recently slew a young temple guard named Junos. Adonis groaned as powerful energies coarsed through him, causing his veins to glow a bright orange hue, seemingly being directed into his right arm and leading into the head of his staff before lunging it forward towards the extremist, sending a bright blue and crimson hued line of fire towards at her, she seemde taken aback for a moment as she attempted to use her ice magic to form a shield around her.. However, this was for naught as the seemingly uncontrollable and anger fueled jet of honed brimfire and flame quickly melted away the shield and hit her directly, enveloping her body in flame which jetted past her, and melted her flesh away in mere second, too fast for her to even scream as she died instantly The battle raged like this for around 25 minutes, causing great damage to the main entrance of the temple.. The feral god worshippers were defeated, those that ran away either being killed in pursuit or captured after surrendering.. The day was won but it was a pyrrhic victory, causing 50 casualties to allies, as well it was found that around 23 of the conspirators were mages themselves who lived on the island. Those who were killed were given a proper send off, as traditions begin to form for death rights which see that their bodies are burnt or disintegrated using magic in a large and mournful event. Many good men and women died in this event being the first conflict within this island, and the first ever skirmish of mages.. This frightened the members who lived on the island now being comprised by a vast majority of mages but a few non-mages. Due to these events, Adonis who was previously allowing all to enter the island became largely skeptical of others, doubting the intentions of strangers. And because of this, sanctions are put up on the island for now as the heads of the island plan what they may do going forward to prevent an event like this in the future. But for now they lock down the island as they begin to erect defenses, and towers, installing an evening watch that patrols the island using mental based magic wielders. The people of the island wish to call upon the slumbering god for help, but there is no answer to their prayers or calls, causing some who believes in the runestone god to have doubts, some of these men and women calling once more to the gods they previously prayed to for help in the coming years. Magic Summary Naevian Republic now has a large fire magic based their skills are still very rudimentary, many especially those that follow A’aus are peaceful, however there is a group of roughly 200 mages that continue to worship Kazotar that are willing to fight if necessary for the Naevian republic. They are able to shoot jets, balls, and other forms of fire in a range of around 10 feet, however lack long range capabilities in the meantime as they must continue to progress further. The Arkelons get the ability to use mind based magic including, illusions, telepathy, and mind reading of those within their race (For now), additionally gain enhanced persuasion skills, however these abilties are for now rudimentary as well. and bound to non-outlandish abilities, to use these abilities on Non-Arkelons for now takes great strain, being able to more easily use their powers on their own race due to a natural hive mind. Summary Population of island is now 700 Temple finished being erected to house the runestone and protect it, only those who worship the runestone can gain entry now after sanctions are installed Sanctions put in place which slows down population growth into island due to fear of feral gods attacking Focus of magic tech shifting towards defensive and combative magics to protect island from future feral god incursions.
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