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  1. A faded banner

    An elf faded from time like the banner scrawled upon the parchment contemplatively observed the southeron place these notes to those who were old enough to remember. Eventually as he departed back to the recesses of wherever he came from, the mali uttered "The cycles continues, the observer is right."
  2. Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    I'd like to point out to those that are saying that "If it's not against the rules then they aren't doing anything wrong." or "If nothings wrong don't fix it." that this is a rather weak response. This isn't a government, or a business for that matter, it's a simple roleplaying community on minecraft. We can call it a non-profit organization. In the real world, the progressive idea in the country i'm from (America) is that, besides the constitution, any laws or legislation that is written down are subject to change/refinement. An unclear rulesystem is ripe for exploitation, and it should be the duty of those making the laws/rules of the server, (Admins/devs) to make the clearest rules, that the moderation team can follow, so that exploitation is kept to a minimal. If you have all these ideals, this entire post is entirely sound, and logically there is little people can say to argue against the premises Leo said, in any situation. Namely raid rules being skirted around with baiting, and pvp forts/settlements. While I believe in an ideal world/community, we can look past this, and respect eachother enough OOCly not to exploit the system out of spite. The community as a whole (not just those targetted by the post, everyone is guilty of this) is not on the same level ideologically for that to work. That's why I agree with what's being said with the topic.
  3. Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    I liked villiany apps back then, despite my char initially getting like 3 apps denied. I do agree it was restrictive, that's obvious. I moreso would be an advocate of a VA that is akin to the Magic apps atm. More dumbed down, moreso for documentation, but a group of people dedicated to dealing with poor villiany in a more action oriented way, as opposed to reaction oriented that are only feasible atm with br's. That or create a blacklist report system just for villiany (If there isn't one already). edit- With that said, gm's should not be afraid to give out blacklists. And it shouldn't require an official BR to blacklist someone. If you see a player that is quite blatantly doing poor villiany just to target a person or community, and they have gotten warnings and won't change. Than give them a blacklist.
  4. Necessary Changes To The Rules.

    I have and always will be a believer that Villian Applications made RP better quality, as villians were forced to provide good RP. If they did not they would get blacklisted with a snap of the finger. VAT's back in the day were not afraid to give out blacklists, and this constantly watching eye of the VAT made all of my experiences with Villiany as a newer player in early Anthos very rewarding. As for what's being said in the topic, I like to consider myself a pretty impartial member of the community. I have played a Malinorian elf, a white rose, an orenian, lucienist, orc, and frostbeard. I have friends with boths sides (Albeit one of my characters is in the virarim atm). From my experiences the quality of banditry is lackluster. But the problem isn't with the rules, but rather the mentality of all players on the server as titan said. By playing with these different communities it's given me insight on how each community pins other players of the community. Everyone likes to generalize that human nation players are feudalist warmongers OOCly and Icly, Dwarves are lootwhores, orcs only play to pvp, and elves are RP purists that are losers. From these experiences, some generalizations have minor merit, but in the grand scheme of things you can't generalize a player for the race they happen to play on at that time you interact with them. It has gotten to the point in the past 3 years that players OOCly won't RP with people of a certain race, and think all people of that race are negative. (Just the most recent example) Recently on my main character who is friends with frostbeards, and orcish community as well as elven community, but just so happens to be an elf, was stopped on the road leaving the dominion to go to the dwarf nation capital. In Roleplay I was rping with them, and was discussing how that char defended some frostbeards way back when from undead and was promptly killed. I'm not faulting the guys as it wasn't terrible RP, the two people banditingdid not claim pvp, and I complied with rp combat as my character wouldn't fight them. It kinda put a sour taste in my mouth and I logged off afterwards. Constant raiding/conflict drains peoples want to RP, so in that sense I agree with what is said. However, it's not black and white. Both communities need to have their leaders talk to one another entirely OOCly, vent their sides and try to come to some conclusion. I recommend discussing in voice chat, as people are less likely to throw shade in voice chat, when compared to typing where you have as much time as you want to react and form the best comment. Only a recommendation, but I urge both sides to atleast try it.
  5. Guardian Spirits of the Realm of the Fae

    While i dont consider the excess amount of lore as a bloat, moreso than a misuse of lore, and uninclusive nature of rp. i have to agree with what most people are saying. Soul trees are meant to be the end game of druids. saying they are failed amd arent doing what they were meant to be, and creating a new end game isnt going to fix soul trees. this lore will jist have it that noone will want to be a soul tree as this is a more appealing opportunity. If something is wrong with a lore, fix it, make it so more people can rp and find enjoyment with it. dont just go over it and make diff lore thats more appealing. This doesnt go for this lore in specific but all lore. as the previously mentioned mentality is what many would.be lore writers have.
  6. HORSES!!!!! and /walking!

    definitely agree with everything you said bud.
  7. HORSES!!!!! and /walking!

    The best course of action imo is. Make horses faster, readd horse protection, get rid of pet teleportation. itll make stables useful again instead of leaving horses out in the open. and prevent people from tping their horses to them when in rp they dont have them. If you wanna travel somewhere with the horse, you need to ride to your destination yourself. not ss there and tp horse.
  8. The Bloodless Raid

    Yssdril To'las caught whim of these strange claims coming from the rugged bandit group and looked over to the mali near him in the woodland city.. "Why do these things think 7 mali are 7000?" Hed inquire as these bandits clearly overstated the number of dighters present in this bout.
  9. Add hookah plugin and alcohol back into the game

    I want my hookah bars and overpriced drinks. The old old alcohol plugin was probably some of the most fun i had mechanically on lotc. being ablento mix different reciprs to find the best drinks.
  10. Lotc Show Yourself Thread II

    There you go @Qwelled_
  11. The Void, A Summation

    I gotchu babe, and I know you don't have the intention of 'infringing' on peoples roleplay like some people might think. OOCly it's not a big deal, as mechanically magic doesn't change. However, the issue mainly stems from the variety of interpretations magic specifically is open to. It is seen already that people are prone to just using guides and stuff and terms used OOCly in roleplay in terms of magic, but even outside of magic. Void magic is rarely if not ever interpreted as something else. This is because of a multitude of reasons. Example being, if say the high pontiff of the human religion became a mental mage, or illusionist, either by accident or on purpose. They could view this as some gift from god, but in the end, a mage will likely just come along, seeing hte high pontiff use void magic, and claim it's just void magic and their interpretation is 100% wrong. The same thing will likely happen with this. Many people who dislike magic dislike it for that reason said above, and why Shamanism is the most accepted, and appreciated magic OOCly by all communities, because it does what I explained above, without paying heed to the lore OOCly stating a daemon created the spirits. While it's just a single sentance, it could mean a lot to a decent number of people. My own personal opinion is to keep that addition moreso undefined, not secret but simply not delved into OOCly to maintain some air of mystery. That's my only two cents hombre, ultimately it's up to the current LT, but as I said, everything else looks neat af. Good job +1
  12. The Void, A Summation

    Tbh, I am on board with a lot of the stuff you said Arzota. The void in this lore is relatively the culmination of most of the lore written on it.. However, I agree with the statement about what a decent number of what people said about mages reaching out to voidal nodes. Just seems kind of awkward tbh, given that void magic is also used by aengudaemons to create their powers/realms/give power to followers. I feel like it'd just be better ultimately that part of the lore was left undefined. Most if not all magic users roleplay their mana as what is used to directly fuel their connection to their void and draw out the magic they use. Like Korus said, keeping certain things of this nature undefined OOCly and RP is paramount to keep the diversity. Because if people know they only use their innate mana to keep a bridge open, than people will eventually discover it and just disprove everybody. That could just lead to the opposite effect in making magic more 'structured' 'scientific' and less mystical like many people who dislike magic are angry about. Everything else however seems cool to me, but I skimmed through most of it, didn't read it super indepth. But I do like the voidal horror stuff being defined, i'm guessing that addition which made voidal horrors not actually float around the void but just be 'created' when they enter the cosmos was redacted?
  13. Leylines

    Leylines have been a thing but theres no official lore on it and havent really been used for rp since... athera. why dont you help the loremaker hone the lore to fit preestablished rp around leylines? but tbh there isnt much
  14. Leylines

    Mages have already been able to use void nodes to their benefit which is far more chaotic and powerful than ley lines. I highly doubt that this is made with the intention of benefitimg transfiguration. thats a very assumptious statement. With that said i like this lore as BNK said is a bit lacking in the greatness it can be. would be cool to see what happens if these ley lines converfed naturally to create cool areas/biomes like fantasy twilight forest esk lands. like 1 or 2 such regions per map. itd be dope.
  15. Freebuild Idea (Suggestion)

    i like this, maybe limit the size to a certain block radius to prevent people just making freebuild cities.