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  1. Take your OOC vendetta elsewhere Owl. With every single FW post, amendment or proposal you have creeped in like a dog begging for scraps. Dio is not well so leave him alone. Once he's better, he'll respond to you; maybe.
  2. No, was not asked for by the FW to community to amend, was not needed by the FW community to justify amending, spoke with ONE other witch before posting amendment proposal. The community doesn't want this.
  3. Brilliant idea; if ST are allowed to implement PK clauses during events, we should be able to implement ST resignation clauses if the ST fails the event. Don't worry, we'll make it worth their while.

    1. Werew0lf



    2. Netphreak


      Let's talk about in in VC so we can scream profanities at each other like real boys do.

    3. Unwillingly
  4. The President of the United States of America agrees that we have too many ST. Must reduce numbers. (The guy has no idea what he's talking about 95% of the time but we're in the lucky 5% of mental sanity :3  )

    1. Rebellionlife


      BULLSHIT! No way he could make a coherent sentence without also saying we have to many ice cream cones as well

    2. Netphreak
  5. Baked, you're baked if you continue nerfing stuff.
  6. Agreed, it happens to the best of us. Play more Helldivers! FOR DEMOCRACY!
  7. Upon horseback, a brunette woman with a red cloak, fair complexion and icy blue eyes reads the missive; eyes widening at the naming of an individual before she would release a cackle. Her frigid hand would gently graze the missive before she takes an aggressive hold of it; tearing it down from the wall and shoving it into the saddle bag on her horse. "Oh Sarryn... Seems we have much to discuss; especially in these days where people are slandering your name." The woman's flesh cracked slightly, the fog rolling off of her in that warmer climate. She'd flip the reigns and ride off to send a letter.
  8. I would like to assume that the staff have discretion when it comes to dishing out short or long term bans. Then again, we all know what happens when we assume. With that being said, in my opinion; there should be a set statute of limitations. Getting banned today for something that was posted or said three years ago is pretty shady on the part of the Moderation.. Culture shifts, people view things as offensive as the culture shifts. Something I post today could be viewed as highly offensive in two years; would I deserve a ban for that? I understand that LOTC is able to do what they can with what they have in terms of staff volunteering; we are not the greatest pool of candidates as this community is toxic in almost every form and corner of the platform. So then, you're left with choosing the lesser of the two evils; whom as always are human and are subject to make mistakes and bad judgement calls. No Moderator is a perfect Moderator, it's impossible. Policy amendments and reforms do help, especially if they're enforced from the top because things roll downhill. Consistency has been an ongoing problem with many of the staff teams, I feel though we're headed in the right direction after so very long, though.. With my observations and correct me if I'm wrong; nothing seems to get done without a mass public outcry or outing of people on a public report. That is an issue as well, but carry on!
  9. In short, you are able to view the template that moderators use to dispense various actions by simply scrolling up to the top of the forums page and clicking on the tab that says "Rules", scroll down a little bit and you'll see the table.
  10. Be sure to seal your roofs, the Daemon of Freedom flying around will drop the freedom turds upon your open houses.

    1. Java17


      i miss the person i was before i read this 

    2. Netphreak
  11. Drazi get Admin buffed... Looks for more buffs, bruh.
  12. Can we look into the Story Team next? I hear there's force pk's going on . . . . Don't shoot me.

    1. Islamadon


      Nah . . . The "Forced PKs" were the result of people like 2 years ago ignoring warnings to avoid interacting with an area of EXTREME voidal concentration. In choosing to stay instead of flee their soul basically got obliterated.

    2. squakhawk


      INVESTIGATE 3/11

    3. SethWolf
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