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  1. 3andD

    Varendoz Adventurer's Guild [Enroll Now]

    Ostrobor nods then smiles the suns smile.
  2. 3andD

    A Statement By Bjolfr Nord, Markev, 1693

    Ostrobor sends his regards to Bjolfr via bird.
  3. Ostrobor sends his regards to the author, enjoying good reads such as this.
  4. Ostrobor hears of the speech from the Adrian keep, swiftly writing a letter of approval to Darius.
  5. 3andD

    The Adrian Ducal Retinue

    “Accepted. Report to the Barracks in Adria for initiation.” Each reply is delivered by couriers wearing black hats with a plume of red and gold feathers on them.
  6. 3andD

    An Announcement for Candidacy

    Ostrobor is given the news by a servant, while he is locked in his room!
  7. 3andD

    Announcement of Candidacy, Markev, 1693

    Ostrobor nods from his office in Belvitz.
  8. 3andD

    Bring Back Lances

    Do it!! Great idea 😃
  9. 3andD

    Recanting a peasant's tale

    Ostrobor reads the story, smiling at the well written account of our Emperor that was written by his good friend!
  10. 3andD

    His Grace Ratibor's Adrian Duma of 1692

    Ostrobor nods smiling, but then frowns lightly when he reads that his brothers full title was not written... For he is the count of belvitz! He notes all this down giving it to Beelzebub Basarab.
  11. Full Name: Ostrobor Carrion City of Residency: Belvitz Year of Birth: 1657 Address: Adrian Keep
  12. 3andD


    Ostrobor wakes up after being beaten by the bandits who killed Rubens, having his wife kiss his bruises better!
  13. +1 hes a known dogger but I’m worried he might be moving in to dog my nan... edit: hes a great leader, cool guy, and he was GM before so we know hes responsible