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  1. With the new map in the far future, would we go back to the 4 original races?

    1. Kaiser


      not sure, the live stream's up

    2. SparehoeCakes
    3. DruinsBane


      Honestly I hope not, it would feel like a slap in the face to anyone whom has put time into the extra races.

  2. Check out our League of Legends stream! http://www.twitch.tv/gankaroos

  3. If you do want to sub to my Youtube channel, it is youtube.com/user/Gankaroos

  4. Would anyone be willing to subscribe to my new Youtube channel?

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    2. Wizard


      Well, I think my content is better than on average from people. This is one is purely Minecraft. I have another for regular games.

      It is called Gankaroos

    3. Haelphon
    4. domainoft


      Link it to me and I'll take a look :)

  5. What's a good Youtube name? I am looking to start a channel fresh.

  6. Can I make a na LOL account, and a eu account for no cost?

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    2. Wizard


      Would I just change regions in the loading screen and log in from the eu account?

    3. Irish


      You can't transfer an existing account for free.

    4. Wizard


      Okay, I wanted to make sure I would not accidentally transfer my main account. Thanks guys. Sorry, me a noob ever

  7. Wizard

    [✗] Move The Cloud Temple

    If only the atmosphere of Al'Khazar could be recreated...
  8. Wizard

    Aegis Style Undead Return

    I will put in my two-sense. Since RP fighting has been the default, I have not enjoyed a good battle on the server. I find it hard to handle the sheer amount of text coming in and it clutters everything. PVP is simple, effective, and ends a fight promptly. In Roleplay, people miss emotes (in a huge majority) and play their characters more powerful than need be. Why can we not just head back to the roots of the server? We have over complicated the simplicity and sheer enjoyment of seeing our character grow and evolve as we play. Instead, we have suffered months of OOC bickering. If we had just stayed with a tried and true system, we would not have the problems on the server faced today and in the recent past.
  9. I wish getting subscribers on Youtube was easier. :(

  10. Guys, keep on voting! We made the minestatus frontpage again!

  11. Could an entire race be killed off in RP actually?

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    2. Silevon


      I'm sure the directory will not allow it.

    3. Lark


      Great, not you've jinxed us.

    4. Austin


      Dusks group got killed off mori or something i forgot

  12. Good thing know one seems to know what the Fraternity is, because we don't either!

    1. Old Man Boiendl

      Old Man Boiendl

      Good thing they don't know proper word usage either ;)