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  1. Hey 👋 dibs again this year for valday. K, ttyl, babe. 

  2. I only come back here while intoxicated

    1. CaptainGeorgery


      Hail and wb drunk firned


  3. Nearly 7? years and I've popped back because I'm drunk.

  4. I feel I would enjoy the lore on the server a lot more if it were more consistent. I enjoy Diablo's lore because it has a great sense of syntax with things like names and old tales.

  5. Moved to off-topic, obviously. 

  6. my application is doen. please check

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    2. spectreofthegun


      i also did the defs of metagaming, power-emoting, and role play

    3. spectreofthegun


      i readded metagaming power-emoting according to your specifications

    4. spectreofthegun
  7. moved 2 off topic..........obviously :steammocking:

  8. Moved to off-topic, obviously.

  9. It would be good if, similar to Rise of the Undead, LoTC's media and events would correlate into like... expansions. Think WoW.

  10. Volutional

    [Completed] political correctness

    Political correctness has been proven to improve the lives of the left, and trivialise the actions of the right. If you think of incidents of sexism - it is technically correct to say that both of the sexes are not equal in biology, and therefore society has been constructed (not primarily, it was built on sexism) to be representative of the physiology of males and females. Yet, political correctness would have you believe that both sexes (and all of the current genders...) should be equal in statistics of payment and of social norms. This sways me to think that political correctness is quite detrimental to society as we know it, and allowing it to flourish in the guise of social justice would really have a negative impact on how we behave. We'll end up policing our language to a point of disaster. I'll probably be lynched for not saying they/them to a non-binary presenting person soon enough.
  11. Volutional

    [✔]The MetaGame Club

    Club Approved.
  12. Volutional

    [✔]keeping it reel club application

    Club Approved.
  13. Please remember to check whether you are allowed to post in a ban report before doing so. Easy mistake.