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  1. Grats on returning, but even more grats for getting yourself a group and getting stuck in, it can be difficult starting up. Best of luck with the next journey Marie has ?
  2. Who’s back do I scratch to get my forum rank changed to what it is in-game?

    1. Sykogenic


      It should be done automatically if you use the /freja commands in-game.

    2. Volutional


      Thanks my bud

  3. An honest and eccentric smith. Not here to forge rings of power then... Okay... ? Welcome, and enjoy.
  4. I have a free persona and I wanna join some bois. Who’s game?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. AlphaMoist


      Dark elves in Vira’ker are poppin

    3. J33xt101


      Could use another cave dwarf Ironkiln.

    4. BBoar


      VonSchlichten’s always looking for another oddball!

  5. Hey ? dibs again this year for valday. K, ttyl, babe. 

  6. Nearly 7? years and I've popped back because I'm drunk.

  7. I feel I would enjoy the lore on the server a lot more if it were more consistent. I enjoy Diablo's lore because it has a great sense of syntax with things like names and old tales.

  8. Moved to off-topic, obviously. 

  9. my application is doen. please check

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    2. spectreofthegun


      i also did the defs of metagaming, power-emoting, and role play

    3. spectreofthegun


      i readded metagaming power-emoting according to your specifications

    4. spectreofthegun


      please accept now! :megugun:

  10. moved 2 off topic..........obviously :steammocking:

  11. Moved to off-topic, obviously.

  12. ya boi needs a cliche

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