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  1. I’ve fished around almost everywhere and to everybody I can get in touch with, and unfortunately I still don’t have the correct forum rank on the forums. If somebody could sort this out, I’d be much appreciated (should be Bedrock!). Also, the VIP Forum Rank thread was archived. Not sure if this was on purpose, but it’d be useful to have it back as that was the only way I knew to get this problem fixed. Also, /freja sync didn’t work (see my profile to the left, it now has both ranks).
  2. Grats on returning, but even more grats for getting yourself a group and getting stuck in, it can be difficult starting up. Best of luck with the next journey Marie has ?
  3. Who’s back do I scratch to get my forum rank changed to what it is in-game?

    1. Sykogenic


      It should be done automatically if you use the /freja commands in-game.

    2. Volutional


      Thanks my bud

  4. Had the same issue with feathers, but then somebody gave me some? Maybe it’s time for a change, because these things should be simple to get and find.
  5. An honest and eccentric smith. Not here to forge rings of power then... Okay... ? Welcome, and enjoy.
  6. People have always been saying LoTC is dying ever since the first map change – that isn’t a problem, it’s just a fact when you’re dealing with change and a large player-base. The same has happened constantly; Because people spend a long time on this server, years of their lives, it can get really dramatic when they run out of energy and suddenly feel that LoTC is **** and they can’t get anywhere anymore. That’s a valid opinion, but frankly it’s a you problem. The server itself, and the people playing it, are still the same old happy-go-lucky for as long as your mindset allows you to see it that way. For me, I just needed a close-nit group of RPers (of any skill, who cares?) to log in with, chat to OOC and IC, and do my thing with. I’d recommend the same, and if you don’t have that group, go out and find one – PM people, chat in global OOC, make a forum post.
  7. Here’s the kicker: LoTC’s rules will never cover everything. In principle it wouldn’t make much sense to constantly alter the rules, because then they would need to be announced, and your timeline would be filled with ruled change 2465. Fundamentally, if you’re not doing anything wrong (and everybody knows right from wrong here), you’ve likely got nothing to worry about. And if you do something by accident, the moderation team are not robots, they will understand and will not penalize you for anything petty (I’d like to hope).
  8. I have a free persona and I wanna join some bois. Who’s game?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. TheAlphaMoist


      Dark elves in Vira’ker are poppin

    3. J33xt101


      Could use another cave dwarf Ironkiln.

    4. Pork


      VonSchlichten’s always looking for another oddball!

  9. Hey ? dibs again this year for valday. K, ttyl, babe. 

  10. Nearly 7? years and I've popped back because I'm drunk.

  11. I feel I would enjoy the lore on the server a lot more if it were more consistent. I enjoy Diablo's lore because it has a great sense of syntax with things like names and old tales.

  12. Moved to off-topic, obviously. 

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