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  1. how it do

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    2. Crevel
    3. Heero


      yo yo yo whats up homeslice

    4. Harrison


      dont bother trying to return its not worth it just keep playing classic

  2. how does this work

    1. shmucko mode

      shmucko mode

      ah youre alive you fool

  3. will you please ******* come back and listen to my soundcloud?

  4. whats cookin good lookin


    1. mitto


      now this is a fossil

  5. whats up lotc alert nation

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    2. iMattyz


      not this ******

    3. Harrison
    4. sneLf


      Are you our host? MoooooooonkeyCoooffee


      If so please get us riiiiiiiiiight into the neeeeeeews

  6. Honestly, while these lore seems cool and all I agree with most people on this thread. We already have so much to our magic, more than just about any other subtype along with artifacts, creatures and whatnot. Let's just keep Druidism the way it is.
  7. In all honesty, what does this bring to RP?
  8. baby come back

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    2. Ford


      I get my new laptop today or tomorrow. I had one but the LCD cable came loose and then ruined it so I had to return it. I'll be back soon

    3. Ford
    4. MonkeyCoffee




      i will await your return my friend

  9. Hello player department

  10. Is it me or do commands like /persona and /card and **** not work? Brings up command not recognized.

    1. IrishPerson


      They aren't working, being fixed atm

    2. MonkeyCoffee
    3. Rickson


      Same for me

  11. Emma Evaglno Basic Information Nicknames: N/A Age: 152 Gender: Female Race: 3/4th High Elf, 1/4th Halfling. Status: Alive and making things float. Description Height: 5’8” Weight: 138 pounds. Body Type: Slim. Eyes: Right one is green, left one brown. Hair: Flowing blonde hair that covers her left eye ending in a braid over her shoulder Skin: Peach. Markings/Tattoos: N/A. Health: Healthy. Personality: Introverted, shy and a booklover. Inventory: Usually some sort of book, otherwise not so much. Further Details: N/A. Life Style Alignment: Lawful Good Deity: N/A. Religion: N/A. Alliance/Nation/Home: N/A. Job/Class: N/A. Title(s): Telekinetic. Profession(s): N/A. Special Skill(s): N/A. Flaw(s): Doesn’t like attention. Magic Current Status: Active. Arch-type: Arcane. Sub-Type: Telekinesis, Rank: Tier 4 Biography Parents: Jon Evaglno & Annabelle Twiddlefeet. Siblings: Elwen Evaglno (Deceased). Children: N/A. Extended Family: N/A.
  12. aaaaaah civilization 6

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    2. GgDionne


      :O allready? I just started V

    3. thaddeus11


      Now i get to waste another 700 hours in another civ game.

    4. SparkleFalls


      I saw that this morning and almost screamed.

  13. justice rains from above

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