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  1. Dyn

    Archive this

    Character Name: Tarnov Minecraft Username: Demonxerov2 Timezone: CST Usual Playing Times: 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM for the next two weeks probably, except this Thursday, friday, and saturday. Can maybe stretch the times.
  2. Dyn

    Pinsir99's Fm App

    I say why not. There is no reason to really deny Pinsir, as far as I know. (Plus the whole Flormai thing so it's even better.)
  3. Hrm. I like the lore.... But it is written by Swgr... -100000 Jk, +1
  4. Dyn

    Knights Of The Eventide Dominion

    OOC Section MC name: Demonxerov2 Skype Name (Optional): Demonxerov2 Does the character you're applying for have a VA, and if so, what evils?: No IC Section Your First and Surname: Damien "Xero". Race: Human Age: Around 24 Notable Skills: I can fight a bit, I can somewhat treat wounds, and I'm okay with heavy lifting. Does the applicant hold faith in the Holy Creator?: You bet I do. Reasons for joining: Some guy handed me a poster by a well. That's about it, I suppose. Just wanna be helping the good guys and all. What moral boundaries does the applicant have?: Uh, I like people and tend not to hurt them unless I have to. Additional Information: None.
  5. Dyn

    Pinsir99's Et App

    I support this fine person. Vierna has always seemed more than responsible enough and fun enough to do something like this and I believe she'll be fine for the job.
  6. Dyn

    [Actor] Chimp2008's Event Team Application

    I support this man. While not the tallest in stature, he is quite large in ambition and I beieve he would make a great ET.
  7. Dyn

    [Actor] Rockethaul's Event Team App

    I incredibly support this great man. He has shown to be amazing in creativity, great with words and more than capable of providing great entertainment. I most certainly hope he is allowed to join.
  8. Dyn

    [Actor] Ionmaster's Actor Application

    I won't lie. You do L-OOC a ton. Please cut down on that. Other than that, I greatly support this person.
  9. Dyn

    The_Blind_Seer's Fm Application

    I support this fine noseless man! Always being kind and fair, I believe he would make an amazing FM (and GM and Admin.)
  10. Dyn

    [Playable] Ghosts And You!

    Pretty cool to be honest. I wish the best for this idea. Also, lovely skinning you did.
  11. Dyn

    [Lore] Redstone Tattoos

    Hnnnnng. -Looks between approval and secret code five alert. Nodding, he smashes his fist through the glass casing that covered code five in order to drop an approval nuke onto the thread.- (Fancy way to say +1)
  12. Dyn

    [✓] [Racial Lore] The Wood Elves

    Wood elf Dyn approves. (Only because the mightier Dark Elf Dyn allows it.)
  13. Dyn

    Ever's Gm Application

    I'm a bit mixed about this. I've seen you as a guide recently in OOC. You've done some good things, helping players with concerns and answering questions. You also recently lost your temper and acted aggressive towards one player who made comments, despite them having been idiotic and against the server, and allowed yourself to just openly insult him. This seemed to only feed the fire until Nppeck stepped in and banned the man on his request. Regardless, some of the language used by you was rather unsuitable and even your little insults I found inappropriate. I think a GM should be able to handle these things calmly, but you were a bit aggressive. However, I do believe you more than capable of maintaining your composure if tried. I believe you have been with this server for a long time, giving much good to it and helping the players. And this is why I support. Summary: +1
  14. Dyn

    The Guild Of Assassins (Newly Improved)

    Dyn looks at the note before tearing it up and throwing it away. "Trying to make a list of assassins for them to kill? Well, not getting me."
  15. Dyn eyes the poster, curious of what a "Blackmont" is before he sees the name "Augustus Flay", someone who he had thought long dead. The man who practically tortured Bethina, the same who had his goons attack Dyn harshly for living. Dyn's anger surfaced as a fist was sent at the poster. He had doubts that August would even remember him or his family. But Dyn knew him. Dyn never forgot what made him change into the murderer he was now. Whether he was better than August or not wasn't his concern, only making August pay in blood. Dyn scribbled his note, signing it at the bottom with his Straton, and sent it off with his crow.