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    1. meg


      ******* hell

    2. kurk brak

      kurk brak

      gorgeous. i have no words.


  1. Dyn

    Archive this

    Character Name: Tarnov Minecraft Username: Demonxerov2 Timezone: CST Usual Playing Times: 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM for the next two weeks probably, except this Thursday, friday, and saturday. Can maybe stretch the times.
  2. Oh my god I almost had a heart attack when I saw a zombie with an godly shovel. He could had wrecked me.

    1. Kim


      For some reason I thought you meant irl and I was super confused

    2. BenghisKhan


      Maybe it was a zombie halfling if it was holding a shovel

    3. Demotheus


      God damn zombie halflings..

  3. Dyn

    Pinsir99's Fm App

    I say why not. There is no reason to really deny Pinsir, as far as I know. (Plus the whole Flormai thing so it's even better.)
  4. Hrm. I like the lore.... But it is written by Swgr... -100000 Jk, +1
  5. Dyn

    Knights Of The Eventide Dominion

    OOC Section MC name: Demonxerov2 Skype Name (Optional): Demonxerov2 Does the character you're applying for have a VA, and if so, what evils?: No IC Section Your First and Surname: Damien "Xero". Race: Human Age: Around 24 Notable Skills: I can fight a bit, I can somewhat treat wounds, and I'm okay with heavy lifting. Does the applicant hold faith in the Holy Creator?: You bet I do. Reasons for joining: Some guy handed me a poster by a well. That's about it, I suppose. Just wanna be helping the good guys and all. What moral boundaries does the applicant have?: Uh, I like people and tend not to hurt them unless I have to. Additional Information: None.
  6. Dyn

    Pinsir99's Et App

    I support this fine person. Vierna has always seemed more than responsible enough and fun enough to do something like this and I believe she'll be fine for the job.
  7. What a wonderful night to SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

  8. Heh... Heh heh... Heh heh heh... Ha.... Hahahaha... HAHAHAHA... WHY AM I FREAKIN LAUGHING?!

    1. tnoy23
    2. Eleatic



  9. Well. That's a great thing for the server.

  10. Dyn

    [Actor] Chimp2008's Event Team Application

    I support this man. While not the tallest in stature, he is quite large in ambition and I beieve he would make a great ET.
  11. AlpineAI is really a penguin.

    1. GloryorSolitude


      You just now learn this?

  12. AlpineAI is really a penguin.