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    1. meg


      ******* hell

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      kurk brak

      gorgeous. i have no words.


  1. Dyn

    Archive this

    Character Name: Tarnov Minecraft Username: Demonxerov2 Timezone: CST Usual Playing Times: 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM for the next two weeks probably, except this Thursday, friday, and saturday. Can maybe stretch the times.
  2. Oh my god I almost had a heart attack when I saw a zombie with an godly shovel. He could had wrecked me.

    1. Kim


      For some reason I thought you meant irl and I was super confused

    2. BenghisKhan


      Maybe it was a zombie halfling if it was holding a shovel

    3. Demotheus


      God damn zombie halflings..

  3. Dyn

    Pinsir99's Fm App

    I say why not. There is no reason to really deny Pinsir, as far as I know. (Plus the whole Flormai thing so it's even better.)
  4. Hrm. I like the lore.... But it is written by Swgr... -100000 Jk, +1
  5. Dyn

    Knights Of The Eventide Dominion

    OOC Section MC name: Demonxerov2 Skype Name (Optional): Demonxerov2 Does the character you're applying for have a VA, and if so, what evils?: No IC Section Your First and Surname: Damien "Xero". Race: Human Age: Around 24 Notable Skills: I can fight a bit, I can somewhat treat wounds, and I'm okay with heavy lifting. Does the applicant hold faith in the Holy Creator?: You bet I do. Reasons for joining: Some guy handed me a poster by a well. That's about it, I suppose. Just wanna be helping the good guys and all. What moral boundaries does the applicant have?: Uh, I like people and tend not to hurt them unless I have to. Additional Information: None.
  6. Dyn

    Pinsir99's Et App

    I support this fine person. Vierna has always seemed more than responsible enough and fun enough to do something like this and I believe she'll be fine for the job.
  7. I figured the reason for this was because they wanted to have the player be experienced with the type of RP on the server beforehand.
  8. What a wonderful night to SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP.

  9. Dyn

    Remove Villain Applications

    Regardless of his date of joining, he is more than allowed to give his opinion on the subject and attempt to refute any arguments, like anybody else. I'm just also going to add that people back then, while may have been pretty free, also got banned on a constant basis. Just my input.
  10. Heh... Heh heh... Heh heh heh... Ha.... Hahahaha... HAHAHAHA... WHY AM I FREAKIN LAUGHING?!

    1. tnoy23
    2. Tavari



  11. Dyn

    Remove Villain Applications

    Whatever happened to kindly talking without throwing insults about in a passive aggressive manner? (I'm looking at you, Dalek.)
  12. Dyn

    Remove Villain Applications

    Considering that you guys brought two armies based on one guy's rumor, we decided to fix up the base. It was done in RP. Sorry you don't like it.