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  1. Omi head on ts.adamantgaming.com on teamspeak when you have a chance to catch up

  2. Where are all these freebuild towns, I haven't seen any active ones

    1. argonian


      near the marna crossroads there's a bunch near there. always ppl at that crossroads between veris and the reiters too.

  3. If anyone's looking to make a dwarf.


  4. I

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Jordan1921




    3. TEEbrown


      Woah, I think that's the first time you didn't call me aznian hahah

    4. Jordan1921


      lol Oh yea, I forgot about that. Sorry aznian.

  5. Approved by the Grand Kingdom of Urguan
  6. Activity Check A new leader for the party is being chosen Any dwarf currently active in the Party that wants to do more for the Kingdom and the Party can apply for the position. A dwarf from the Party will be given greater consideration than a dwarf from outside the party. Check your housing within the Workers Party area for an Activity Check. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/topic/132614-looking-for-new-leader-of-the-workers-party/?p=1266012
  7. Anyone know where the most active freebuild area is?

  8. Anyone else having trouble connecting to LotC?

  9. I'm loving seeing the numbers of LotC back up in the 200s like the old days. Kuddos to the current staff.

    1. DrakeHaze.


      Kudos to war.

    2. Fid


      Kudos to war and staff and Chivay and High Elves, folks. All played a part.

  10. Notices the word free but Eddric can't read. He waits beside the posted notice till someone comes along. [PM me]
  11. How the hell do I get outta mine worlds, I'm so lost haha

  12. Where did the villain apps go?

    1. TMGavLan


      Villain Apps have been removed. Anyone can commit evils, but are expected to RP it well.

    2. Moot


      Out the door, thankfully.

    3. TEEbrown


      This must be a sign from god for me to come back hahah

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