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  1. I love your profile picture. I play the RPG that it comes from.

  2. Server misses you. Alras specifically.

  3. WOOT - Made Legendary Blacksmith (Level 100 )

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    2. Praetor


      Yeah! I feel more accomplished with lvl 3...>:3

    3. Roze


      * hides his pathetic 64*

      Meh, I got my lvl 100 farming. All I wanted.

      Nice going Gordok.

    4. Kendra



  4. Yes since you are in the Obstacle Challenge. Follow the steps at the beginning of this tread except paying me.
  5. Please see me In Game if you wish to join. My MC Name is Gropier.
  6. You're all set Aislin. I have give you access to the Member's Only Door and assigned you a private locker (Locker #243).
  7. We will have some team battles, like 2v2 or 3v3, but those will be special tournaments after we have quite a few members. However, the primary goal of the AFK is to rank individual fighters.
  8. I would recommend you get someone to sponsor you or offer your services to someone for a period of time if the pay for your AFK Membership. Maybe apply for the City Guard in Alras. King Syrio (MediocreGamer) might go for a deal like that. Alras is a great place to live.
  9. Anyone can go look at the ladder without being a member. The link is: http://www.myleague....cafk/standings/ And you are perfectly correct, the AFK will be a great place for people to come to hire guards and such. In fact, I think the leaders of each nation should pay for their guard's memberships because guards don't make that much and the AFK Gym is perfect for training. Look at it like you are outsourcing your training efforts.
  10. King Syrio - When you fight, I am offering my services as a Lord and a gentleman of holding your minas, just in case you have a bad day and lose. I only charge 1% up to a maximum of 1000m, which is far better than 10% losses. This deal also goes for any others that fight in the AFK.
  11. The Fight Klub is Bashy Bashy, Bloody, Bloody!!!
  12. Introducing the Alras Fight Klub (AFK for short). The AFK exists for one purpose; to determine the best fighter in all of Aegis. It is a Membership Only fight club designed to rank fighters from best to least. To accomplish this, we rely in an outside stats tracking website that keeps track of official matches and ranks members in a Ladder system, with each member on a different rung of the ladder. The person on the Rank 1 rung is the best there is. Adjacent to the AFK Gym is the AFK Arena. It is a wonderful arena that will be great for hosting tournaments and special events. The plan i
  13. Found you! Glad to have you around. Hopefully your Application will be approved soon.

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