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  1. He’s the reason for the teardrops on my guitar...


  2. Does this mean you’re going to be fun again


  3. Banditry would be a lot cooler in my opinion if there was an actual source location for the bandits, a camp or a fort site. This would open up RP avenues and would make the classical hubbub that results from retaliations and metagaming a bit more cushioned. Banditry as it stands now is rather lame. You have dumb **** like [disguised voice] or people with bandanas, arguments that they sourced the armor from different locales – did you actually RP getting this done? I doubt it. It’s openly disruptive and there is zero risk on part of the bandits themselves save having to deal with a decent number on the defense. That’s silly. Having the requirement to have a site would be far better imo. You cannot bandit, if you do not have a site. Sites can be raided at any time, on account of the fact bandits can bandit at any time, and you do not require a warclaim to destroy them. This will encourage making a site both adequate and well hidden, like actual bandits. But muh proxies and mercenaries. Ok, cool, if you want to RP with zero consequences as a nation or a nation leader go on massivecraft. You shouldn’t be endorsing pvp and ‘organic rp’ like raids and banditry if you do not accept the risks that SHOULD be associated with it. Bearing that in mind I also think this would address the issue of ‘caps’ for players. This would open up a lot more fluid pvp interaction between groups potentially and be a lot more inclusive for a larger number of players, giving that feeling of both accomplishment and being in a battle that actually matters versus a large lagfest in a warclaim that starts two hours late. Bandits, for once, also actually have to work for banditry rather than just having a chest in their other character’s home that they store loot in. Could be neat. Random banditry cannot truly prevail if there is unenforced pking, part of the reason a lot of people don’t like roadside bandits is because there’s next to zero legitimate ways to retaliate save killing them there and then. It won’t ever stop, because that player will either just have another shitty alt or just not pk and continue on their ventures with loot and supplies they either acquired on a different character or was distributed to them on behalf of a nation in which case... Again, rather frustrating for the reasons stated above. If you’re a lone wolf, you should be RPing imo, rather than resorting to pvp. Large group situations are a different story, thus, making that large group (let’s say 3+ since an RP fight with that number and beyond is cancer) actually do something and create something they stand to lose might answer a number of the complaints and feedback over the years.
  4. We’re not Rping yet Ford just chill
  5. I’d prefer to not get hit on by a pedophile who’s new to the server, good suggestion however. Sandk1ng when are you going to warclaim @everyone I want to fight for you.
  6. Hey so, what’s up, it’s me? Who am I? Who is anyone? Why are we still here? Just to suffer? Every night... I can feel my leg... And my arm... Even my... Fingers... Anyways hope everyone’s doing well. Was curious what isn’t gay to play nowadays, was curious what groups have the happening ****, you know that RP grind you know, that camiyo kabehyo, the shizznit and biscuits. I’m not planning to be terribly active and I’m not promising commitment to anything but I am interested in RPing again and what better place to look than the place you’ve RPed at for nearly ten years on and off... Hah... Haha... Right guys... Good, makes sense, glad you agree. Bonus points if you link a skin I can use.
  7. 5f33a783bd0cae4ec84268678a75f3b8.png

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    2. CosmicWhaleShark


      What’s good you potato slinging ****

    3. Telanir


      Still slinging man, always a pleasure to see you

    4. CosmicWhaleShark


      Likewise man, seems you’ve generally managed to keep the stick out of your ass everyone else has there nowadays. Keep doing that, appreciate the good vibes.

  8. i want my flintlocks and i want them now

    1. _Jandy_
    2. rotund_man


      you must start with matchlocks, son

    3. ScreamingDingo
  9. come back

    1. CosmicWhaleShark


      i am a free spirit 

  10. So based on my skimming of posts let me just make sure I have this right. The current iteration of tree hugging elves burned down their own city rather than actually fight and Haelun’or has declared war on them but still needs Oren’s assistance to fight the dweebs. Is there context I’m missing or is this the hilarious summary?

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    2. ABruhhMoment


      The wood elves planned to merge their activity and since alderyn was losing nation status they burned it down and right after haelunor warclaimed it even though it is now a ruin and will be so if the warclaim goes through and yes the helves are much too weak to warclaim on their own so they have oren backing them to help

    3. ChaseusBelli


      The city was indefensible. It was built by mostly rpers without war claims in mind

    4. CosmicWhaleShark


      It was always indefensible, it was garrisoned by elves. 

  11. Stomping can be heard echoing through the trees of a deep and ominous woodland, birds fleeting from their roosts and scattering to the sky above as a presence drags the corpse of a large boar into a clearing where a red and white clay villa rests atop a hill. Beside the main structure there is an area nearly just as wide, encircled with a shorter wall and a roof with a hole at its center, where upon a large furnace and charcoal pit smolders, hissing and popping with the occasional sparks flitting upward with the draft. The boar is slumped onto the stone tiles in a heap as the Elf reaches for a rack of freshly made tools and weapons, taking his time as he wiggles his fingers and grunts while debating the choices with himself. Eventually he settles on a broad but stubby blade as well as a large hook. Threading the hook into a metal pole and setting it beside the boar. While still holding the blade in one hand he sidesteps over to another corner and hooks his foot into a bucket, chucking it over to bump against the corpse, rolling to a stop in a noisy wobble as it debates which tile to finally rest on. The last piece of the assembly the Elf retrieves is a large circular metal grate, nestling into place at the charcoal pit. With a gorey squelch he proceeds to slam the hook upwards into the roof of the boars mouth, hefting it up afterwards by the pole and resting it on two other hooks hanging from the edge of the ceiling’s hole. The boar swings there with its legs hanging stiffly in the air while blood sizzles down from its mouth into the charcoal below, dripping from its chubby cheek which hangs at too sharp an angle to trickle any further down. With his preparations complete he begins to deftly wiggle the blade through the flesh of the boar at the apex of its stomach just where the ribs peak, careful not to slice into any organs as he throws the edible entrails onto the grill and the undesired trimmings in the bucket. “I am a generous spirit.” He mutters to himself with a chuckle.
  12. Settle a debate for me. If a player only browses forums, rather than playing in game, are they still a ******? With love, Cosmic

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    2. _Mason_
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    4. CosmicWhaleShark


      I had some genuine laughs seeing the replies, thank you, stay gehy 

      Edited by CosmicWhaleShark
  13. f99566c966b068f8c1583ad882316164.png


    did someone say war?

    1. Areon


      Add me on discord please.




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