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  1. CosmicWhaleShark

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    I'll be rescinding my accusations and apologizing to Thomas here, he provided clarity to debunk my previous impressions. Thank you for the patience.
  2. CosmicWhaleShark

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    You know who the real beta is when they call their friends to back them up on forums. inb4 mass hide, anyways, Thomas, link the explanation post if you would. PM me.
  3. CosmicWhaleShark

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    Mind linking the explanation post Sarcastic text laughing beginning with a p, nice. I know reading isn't exactly second nature for you but you'll see I expanded on to say, on LotC. I don't care where he ends up, I just don't want it to be on a server with players I know and players I've looked out for in the past in a place I've spent nearly eight years on.
  4. CosmicWhaleShark

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    That explanation provides a completely different impression, with that said why then was your relationship directly with the admins at odds? If the logs were taken out of context it seems like a simple matter to provide context. If accusations were thrown around enough to make the timing of your departure all the more questionable, why was there no announcement for clarification. I was on the GM team at the time, we were in the dark there too initially. Appreciate the invitation as well, though I don't care where you end up, I just don't want it to be on LotC. At this point I am just curious how it escalated to such a scale when you apparently had all the resources available to debunk the evidence. Why bring a lawyer into a case regarding out of context logs as the only hard evidence, why consider hiring a lawyer when you're in a living situation that demands 50 hours a week from you and a divvying of your obligations and hobbies. Your story is just as inconsistent from what I'm seeing.
  5. CosmicWhaleShark

    [Pending]Tahmas's Lore Moderator Application

    Because you got caught. Because predatory practices on children is the same as pugsying, yes. This means he knows how to not get caught as easily guys. Considering I'm quoting what he's literally said I don't think this one is too fringe, thanks FM team. As for the arguments regarding why I'm not reporting this and stating this publicly. This guy was an administrator previously. Another rather famous pedo was also an administrator. I was a GM longer in a single run than some people have done in multiple tenures, I ******* know, dumbasses. Community awareness is the weapon against this, not the staff that is just as corrupt.
  6. I'd genuinely like the FM who was responsible for hiding my post to message me. I do not want this member of the community within the community, let alone on a staff team, and I am free to state why and to be disputed openly. 

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      Hi Cosmic, I'm sorry you're feeling upset about this issue! The first appropriate step you can take it to either message a forum moderator manager or the forum moderator director. You also have the ability to submit an anonymous staff report here. You can select who gets to view the official report, this will have the issue solved in the most immediate and efficient way.

    4. Pinochet


      the fms have always been like this where have you been

  7. CosmicWhaleShark

    LOTC Staff & Rules

    Nor should you, which is my point in the posts previously towards staff. No worries man, lots of players more established than you have tried doing the same thing in the past with full knowledge.
  8. CosmicWhaleShark

    LOTC Staff & Rules

    The Cloud Temple rule has in fact been written into more than one past version of the rules. This would be a good example of this -- Not pointing the blame to you, this is being addressed towards staff since there's a lot of confusion recently it seems.
  9. CosmicWhaleShark

    LOTC Staff & Rules

    It's true there is no specific rule for that particular situation. In the past it's been treated case by case by a moderator, and eventually the devs recognized the occurrence to be common enough to implement the halt ping where you can let a player know you are trying to get their attention if they're walking away. Due to the confusion this initially brought on, it was then clarified that this is simply a courtesy between players, to let one another know they wish to RP still but don't have time to type that out or don't know the username of the player, in which case you just click toward them. Short answer, it was a situation we essentially had a consensus on as far as moderating goes. There wasn't anything to really discuss, just, hey guys we usually have these assholes (you know the kind I'm referring to) that just downed a player, they're saying this and this and they did it because they said a single word of RP or tried halting them with our new toy. Oh, really? Well, that was dumb of them. Poof, poof, player either banned or items returned and hands shaken. Not hard. There is confusion however, and a lack of clear and concise moderating from what I've seen in several situations. If I were to attribute anything to the cause, it might be that moderators don't read the current ruleset to get updated on what to enforce, they don't ask questions, or they don't read the previous ruleset they're now revising and making a new version of - consequently causing either negligence in retyping perfectly suitable rules or suffering to misinterpretation and misremembering when considering whether or not a rule should be transferred onto the new set. This in turn creates a disconnect from players who play either actively and keep up to date with these rules, and returning players who may not play as often - used to a different ruleset who in turn may be the victim of or the abuser of oversights in new rulesets. That was more of a read than I was planning this response to be. If I was to attribute a main cause to the issues recently, it'd be simply put, there is no truly plain overall message the staff is sending right now. They are the parents telling their kids to go play outside, and to play nice, when it's a torrential downpour. Friends, some of you have been doing this for a while. You don't tell retards what to do, you give them something shiny to distract themselves with so they stop smashing their face against the arm rest of the car. You should do that instead with the players. Is that vague? Yes. Do you get what I'm saying? Probably not. I talked to Fireheart about incentivizing actual content creation in LotC, maybe ask him.
  10. CosmicWhaleShark

    [Denied][I] CosmicWhaleShark's Game Moderator Application

    I ooze professionalism. I am staff conduct.
  11. CosmicWhaleShark

    [Denied][I] CosmicWhaleShark's Game Moderator Application

    Considering you were involved in so many situations that required GMs I imagine this comment has more weight than others' would. Just kidding, that hurt me about as much as Dunamis RP'd back in the day. Cool, how?
  12. CosmicWhaleShark


  13. Username CosmicWhaleShark Age 23 Timezone EST Discord: CosmicWhaleShark#4835 What map did you join during?: Aegis Do you have access to a Microphone? Yes Average Daily Play Time? Varies Have you ever been banned before? Yea, twice before, a while ago, you guys don't care. Have you ever held a staff position on Lord of the Craft? If so, for how long? AT for several months, ET three times, probably collectively like two years worth. GM nearly two years. Why do you want to join the GM Team?: Because I've not been impressed by how the GMs have been conducting themselves and think it may help if you had me on the team again, acting in what capacity I could. I can't guarantee steady activity but I can guarantee anything I'm involved with to go smoothly if I don't require outside assets. Have you applied for this position before and been denied? If so, link the application: Only my troll ones. Anything else you want to tell us?: Several of you who have worked with me in the past are in positions of authority to accept me. I'm not going to stand on ceremony saying this and that, you know what you'll get, you know what I consider important on the server and you know that I'm not squeemish about taking on certain issues. Based on that, you should be able to determine whether I should be accepted.
  14. CosmicWhaleShark

    Telanir's 'community guidelines weapon': He can do it to you too

    I've actually never liked your perspective on bans, Matt. It's one many players share and it removes the point of the ban. Which is, to get you to stop doing something. If you make a ban appeal, you acknowledge what you've done and are stating you won't be doing it again, under the assumption you're aware of it now - considering you're appealing for it. Sometimes mods that I worked alongside would say, hey, it's been a while, why don't we give this guy a break. No, **** that guy, he's a raging *****. He can get unbanned when he appeals properly. Wow, that guy you let off easy did the thing you banned him for originally? What. A. *******. Surprise. Repeated infractions of the same nature should be longer bans, excessive infractions regardless of category should equal flat out longer bans, simple. This lenience for one of the only real ways to ensure LotC remains structured properly and stays true to the entire point all of us play here to begin with, has been one of the reasons for the decline of the overall experience. I don't see eye to eye all the time with Telanir but in this particular case, good on you buddy, do more of that.
  15. CosmicWhaleShark

    Grim's Lore Team Application

    Already, your feedback should be considered moot. You do not like this man, therefore you nitpick, channel your hyperbolic comparisons, and proceed to word vomit an entire paragraph stating you've never personally witnessed the content you are critiquing the quality of. You just know it's cheap. Wow, ****, I am going to have fun with this. Joel does not rest on the laurels of a staff position, that is what distinguishes him. Most staff members become terse and seem to make it feel like you're wasting their time any time you consider them watching your typing notification. Joel, is going into this, as a genuine fellow with a genuine goal set that won't do anything that isn't in his eyes for the ultimate enjoyment of the player. That is the same model his events followed and that is the same model is tenure as an LM will follow. Do you know why it's standard now? Because all of the staff ******* sucks, LotC is forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel currently and cannot afford to be short-staffed for the sake of quality. That's why it's standard. Oh but we're shitting on Joel here rather than focusing on the server's issues and putting people motivated in the positions to provide solutions. Nice completely baseless point, how considerate of you. Joel has a very well developed record of harassing completely new players that had no prior altercation with him. This is going to be a real huge issue. It would have been simpler if you just said, everything in the previous paragraph is wrong. So, just to be clear, the point was, it was your personal opinion you don't like him. Yes, I think that still stands, moving on. You (Mixed up my trannies) Squirtgun featured his collaboration with several other players, regarding Mordskov, on a server forum announcement and made it into a world ending event. He sure was a shitty member, wasn't he? I can almost guarantee you what you've seen is just what some people call Australian. There is a difference between originality and execution. While one is commendable the ultimate goal for the server is for the players to enjoy themselves and have fun. If a more familiar piece of media, say, vampires - something that's been getting 'ripped off' for literally hundreds of years - that is executed well, is fun, so be it. Considering how well written this response is to Joel's application I have a sneaking suspicion you may have been the ghost writer for the new lore. You seem unsure yourself so just to make sure you actually know, provide actual critique, maybe list a few examples of how. Is it similar to the frost witch OOC air? Or the insert any other faction on LotC air? People with similar interests and playstyles go into a group to play together? Whaaaaaaaaaaaat. This sentence, honestly, is beautiful just by itself. Not even going to add anything. Just read it again, really read it. Yea, she said that.