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  1. [Actor]Lumiin

    failed drama class
  2. ~-~ A Great Celebration ~-~

    Haemich Ireheart bitterly shakes his head “Oi dun’nae reconise this illegitimate thrummaz.” referring to the Grand Prince Frerir. “Heh is nae voted by huh senate an ‘ere fore does nae represent tuh Khazadmar.” The ginger dwarf proceeds to lumber about advising all to not to come to this soulless coronation.
  3. The Dwarven Research and Scholar's Guild

    Application ((RP)) Name: Haemich Ireheart Race: Mountain Dwarf Prefered Field of Study: Brewing ((OOC)) Mc name: Hakkaido Skype: dan?
  4. Verthaik "The Dishonorable" Frostbeard

    Haemich scratches his head. "Oi thought Charles an' Verthaik were lovers?"
  5. I personally love Halfling.
  6. #OrcLivesMatter #Pray4Orcs

  7. A New Era

    Haemich would throw a rotten tomato at the king as he finishes the speech "Tyrant!"
  8. Haemich mutters a prayer "Lard cast yeh light upon us. Fur teh night is dark n' full uf terror."
  9. Haemich Ireheart welcomes all Urrks to his tavern.
  10. you should be our clan farter


  11. Vote for the next Clan Father of the Grandaxes.

    Haemich GrAndaXe drops his ballet for Verrik Grandaxe.