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  1. Can I be unbanned?

    1. Fireheart


      You are not banned?...

  2. “Tables are going to turn within a year or so.” says a Frostaxe.
  3. Quirkyls

    Winter is Coming

    “Someone’s going to have to apologize and it ain't me. “ says a Grandbeard
  4. cutie

    1. HortonHeardAWho


      GOD Flame you're so f*cking cute.


      No homo tho!

    2. Flamelynx


      thanks lol, lot of people also saying i look a lot like @Raomir haha. Must be the nose, eh?

  5. just wanted u to know u stink

  6. what time is the funeral for your status update?

    1. blago


      I gassed it after getting a message. They know who they are, though. 

  7. dude stop posting selfies, nobody wants to see them 

    1. Raomir


      beamon you actually got destroyed, how you not gonna respond to this 

  8. when I grow up I want to be a compulsive liar
    pm me tips 
    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Fimlin


      As long as its more % truth than lie than its the truth

    3. Quirkyls


      okay thank you

      what about 49.9% can I just round or is it just a lie?

      like if I told 1000 facts but 499 is false would the fact bundle be considered true or false?

    4. Dtrik


      If it were not for Aemich your clan would be nothing. @Fimlin


      (Look @Raomir I made a funny)

  9. hey keef, can you approve my new ship design? thanks


    1. Keefy


      Where the rudder at man?

    2. Quirkyls


      its a long ship

  10. If you want to provide crative RP for the server consider yourself banned! Stick to the script people for thinking outside of the box is prohibited.

    1. 1784


      Wow I love how unbiased GM's are :^D

    2. Man of Respect

      Man of Respect

      do you have any proof that the gms are biased??????????????????

      your statement is false @1784, the staff lacks any bias...................

    3. 1784


      nnooooooo I am debunked how could u do this 😞

  11. i agree with leo over here every magic should be the same no matter what. shamanism = druidism, both religions of peace
  12. 共產黨宣言”分為序言部分和四部分,其中最後一部分是簡短的結論。引言開始時宣稱“一個幽靈正在困擾著歐洲 - 共產主義的幽靈。舊歐洲的所有權力都已進入一個神聖的聯盟來驅除這個幽靈”。指出各地的政黨 - 包括政府和反對派中的政黨 - 互相推翻了“共產主義的品牌譴責”,作者從中推斷出權力 - 承認共產主義本身就是一種權力。隨後,引言勸告共產黨人公開發表他們的觀點和目標,“用黨的本身的宣言來滿足這個關於共產主義幽靈的童話故事。 - Wu Yun Jia
  13. Narvok oz Urguan!

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