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  1. [✓] DarkSoundwave Ban Appeal

    After spending the past few weeks reflecting upon my ban, I had realized not only had I broken rules, but also shown a poor attitude towards my fellow roleplayers. I had combat logged during a PVP battle and for that I am sorry. Combat logging ruins the flow of roleplay and breaks the immersion. It was very unsportsmanlike and could have been handled better. During the ban report process, I was salty due to the situation. I had no intention of PVPing and instead of explaining this during the fight, I simply combat logged, making it unfair to those around me. I felt salty and did not wish to spend time on a fight when I felt I was going to be banned either way. I allowed myself to get slightly brash with my fellow roleplayers and for that I am sorry. I have learned my lesson, and spent the past few weeks debating with friends whether or not I should have even appeal. I know what I did was wrong and ask for a chance to return. I did have other games to play, but none that connected me to the friends I have grown so fond of over these years. I am sorry.
  2. IGN(s): DarkSoundwave Ban Reason: Player(s) Involved: @AstaresTemplar @RL_Rivside @WanderingFriend @Kukiii @Lacklessx @THUNDER37 @Lum @Lighters_striker Details: I was involved in an rp fight that got too large and became pvp, I didn't want to be apart of the pvp, and I stated as such and several others did too. I logged out and from what I understand so did several other people. I also understand that the rp it self was voided. Even though the image says I was banned for combat logging, I don't think thats the reason I was banned. As Niccum pointed out in the report What I had said was taken out of context. There wasn't any malicious intent behind it, a little bit of salt but I didn't mean it in a challenging way. I feel a month ban is ridiculous for what I did/said. Additional Media: (If applicable, show any screenshot(s)/video(s) relevant to your appeal.) Discord logs from Lumii informing me that THUNDER37 simply wanted someone punished Lumii-11/10/2017 Apologies for that clusterfuck of a BR. if you truly do want to be banned I’ll stay silent and not reply to it; but if you want me to set the record straight I can. DarkSoundwave-11/10/2017 Good morning... Okay So the br I truly just want it over with. The ban is the easiest route Lumii-11/10/2017 Alrighty. DarkSoundwave-11/10/2017 Like I don't know how this can exactly be resolved without a gm. Lumii-11/10/2017 It shouldnt have even been taken to a ban report DarkSoundwave-11/10/2017 It shouldn't have There were six others that did the same thing I did Lumii-11/10/2017 Mhhm. DarkSoundwave-11/10/2017 Where's there ban report? Lumii-11/10/2017 Thunder just wanted someone banned and you asked for a ban report to be written, so, he wrote one on you. Shitty reasoning, yeah. DarkSoundwave-11/10/2017 Yeah Lumii-11/10/2017 I don't want you banned. Neither does Kukii or Lock. DarkSoundwave-11/10/2017 It's like "challenge accepted brah" Lumii-11/10/2017 I'll vouch for you anyway. Because it seems like Niccum is going to let the report sit for two days. DarkSoundwave-11/10/2017 I just want it to just go away So I can either be banned or continue teaching my dedicants Like thats all I really want is to just have it go away so I can stop worrying if I'm gonna be banned. On Niccum though I don't see why there's a two day time limit on this matter. Just scroll up, he'd see what I posted... Lumii-11/10/2017 Mhh
  3. [MA] [Herb] DarkSoundwave

    MC name: DarkSoundwave Character's name and age: Weed Druid Riv'su Des'Nox, 89 Character’s Race: Mali'ker What magic will you be learning?: Natures Healing Who will be teaching you?: Chryscocyon Druid Teachers MC name: JadePetal
  4. [Deity] [Druidism MA] DarkSoundwave

    MC Name: DarkSoundwave Character's Name: Riv'su Des'Nox the Weed Druid Character's Age: 87 Character's Race: Dark Elf What magic(s) will you be learning: Blight healing Teacher's MC Name: RideTheSky Teacher's RP Name: Toren
  5. [✓] Ferals: Protectors of the Thistle (Resubmission)

    +1! I have been waiting so long for werewolves. Can't wait to attempt to commune with them.
  6. [✓] [Lore Submission][Creature Lore] Bryophites

    +1 decent rewrite
  7. [✗] GoddessofNight's Ban Appeal

    I've known Marsi for a good while now, she's a very passionate individual. Yes she can sometimes take things to the extreme, however if there's one thing I've learned about her its that she has the capacity to grow and change. I feel that her ban should be reduced down to a more reasonable sentence. A lot of things all lead up to what happened. Some of which I know, some of which I don't. If anything at least give her a chance to prove she's learned her lesson. #freetheraven #lettheravenfly
  8. [✗] GoddessofNight's Ban Appeal

    Do you mind if I post?
  9. [Deity] [Druidism MA] DarkSoundwave

    MC Name: DarkSoundwave Character's Name: Riv'su Des'Nox Character's Age: 78 Character's Race: Mali'ker What magic(s) will you be learning?: Communion and control Teacher's MC Name: Delmodan Teacher's RP Name: The Owl Druid Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: n/a Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yep Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: n/a
  10. [✓] [Lore] The Origins of Druidism

    I love it. There should be more lore explaining how things became a reality in the world of lotc. +1
  11. [Accepted] Jacktheblue20s AT Application

    Give my dad the job! +1
  12. [Change]Smelting Armor & Weapons

    As a blacksmith, I like this idea. It's annoying as **** to make a bunch of items, only to have no use for them. So I'd love to be able to reclaim even at least a little bit of what I wasted.
  13. [✗] The Crimson Onslaught

    I'll gladly send more paladins over there. +1 need more stuff to kill.
  14. Been there. Done that. It failed. Moving along.
  15. [MArt] Armor of the Ashkeeper

    Well, gonna be fun hunting your armored guys down then <3