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  1. Ferals: The Hounds of Morea The creation of the first ferals is an old story passed down from generation to generation. Details lost to time, and others exaggerated to the point of seeming completely made up and unrealistic. The story begins in a very distant land, far off in a very dense and deep jungle. Four hunters known to hunt only the most dangerous and exotic game stalked these trees, searching for a new and glorious prize to take home. Drawn to the forest by the rumors of a massive great white wolf, the idea of this elusive prize drawing them deeper and de
  2. Lore we have nothing to do with? BOYO YOUR BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE?!?! Your literally taking our anguel and trying to take our lore and put it in another anguel. I don't care if your snow elves, humans, dwarves, etc, Your taking our lore and trying to rope it into yours. Thats what we have an issue with as your lore is incorrect for cerrunos.
  3. Uhhh yeah. That's relevant as it literally explains it.
  4. +1! I have been waiting so long for werewolves. Can't wait to attempt to commune with them.
  5. I love it. There should be more lore explaining how things became a reality in the world of lotc. +1
  6. I'll gladly send more paladins over there. +1 need more stuff to kill.
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