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  1. Ferals: The Hounds of Morea The creation of the first ferals is an old story passed down from generation to generation. Details lost to time, and others exaggerated to the point of seeming completely made up and unrealistic. The story begins in a very distant land, far off in a very dense and deep jungle. Four hunters known to hunt only the most dangerous and exotic game stalked these trees, searching for a new and glorious prize to take home. Drawn to the forest by the rumors of a massive great white wolf, the idea of this elusive prize drawing them deeper and deeper into the unexplored wilderness. The four hunters traveled for weeks, leaving behind them a wake of death and destruction, disturbing the natural balance and pristine beauty of the unexplored jungles. These hunters were experts in their trade, knowing how to track, hunt, and kill their prey with relative ease and making their journey an easy one. They were however cruel and unusual to the things they killed. Commonly leaving traps filled with animals and watching them starve as they moved on, letting the creatures remain trapped and laughing while they continued on their hunt. Eventually after a weeks worth of travel the hunters found themselves lost in what they assumed to be the very heart of the jungle they had entered. The dense forest opened up into a pristine clearing giving way to a small pond and quiet sounds, almost deafening compared to the lively songs of the forest. As the hunters moved forward quietly and remaining low to the ground, they found themselves back exactly where they started, not seeming to have moved an inch. They tried again going another way, and another, only to be met with the same end results. They began to panic then push forward fruitlessly before a loud, ear piercing howl resonated throughout the clearing, though no animal in sight to create such a noise. As they picked up their pace running now blindly through the forest, time would passed, slowly fading from day to dusk with the light slowly leaving them. With the sun finally set over the horizon, darkness overcame the forest. For the first time the hunters felt fear in their bodies as they slowed their pace, exhausted from trying to break free of the trap they seemed to have walked into. As they finally stopped looking around, the moon had risen in the air above them, seeing it was not a normal white moon, but instead replaced with a full crimson blood moon. Panicked would consume the hunters once more as they started looking around. A hint of a cave set off to one side of the pond, something that hadn’t been there before, or perhaps they had just overlooked. They rushed forward now to seek shelter in the cave from whatever hunted them in the clearing. As they entered the cave, suddenly another ear piercing howl rang out, causing them to stumble and falter until the hunters dropped to their knees.The cave now engulf in darkness where they fell, turning back to notice that the entrance had now vanished. As they looked up from their positions on the ground, a massive white wolf emerged from deep within the cave. Its eyes illuminating a golden hue as the creature locks on the four hunters. With a parting of its maw, it let forth another howl this time, causing a sudden shift of images to appear. The wolves that the hunters had slaughtered for sport and fun along the way slowly crept forward into view, snarling viciously and baring their fangs as they moved closer and closer. The hunters froze in place on the ground from the sight, unable to move and only watch as these wolves made their way over. Yet strangely the wolves did not lunge or attack the hunters. Instead, they moved forward going to allow the blood running from their open wounds to drip and flow into the hunters mouths. Once they had finished their task the wolves vanished as the white wolf lifted its head to let forth a bellowing howl that shook the very walls within the cavern and down to their very souls. This howl itself stirred something within the hunters, cracking and twisting them as they doubled over to scream out in pain. Bones begin to snap and extend, fur sprouts from all over their bodies, long snouts and sharp canine teeth push from their faces, and the whites of their eyes change and swirl with a deep golden hue that similar to the white wolf. With the transformation now complete, the white wolf revealed itself to be The Mani Spirit Morea, Demigod of the Wild and Prince of the Wolves and Hounds. He stated how he was displeased with their actions, the way they defiled nature, and the purity of the hunt. Thus he had cursed and forced them to be protectors of the things they had destroyed. They would now also become the hunted, seen as monsters to men, their own ambitions turned against them, and making them the ultimate prize for any hunter. With this the Mani cast them from the cave, still deep in the dead of night as a hunger, one like they had never felt before, consumed and forced them to feel the urge to hunt and sate it. Their new found senses and forms similar to wolves in their Lupine state, giving them new found knowledge and skills for their hunt. Once morning broke, the four found themselves now at the edge of the forest they once entered long ago, men no more, covered in the blood of the hunt from the night before with their clothings ripped and torn to shreds around them. The hunters realized then that they could not see, hear, or feel as well as they could before, their eyes all giving off a slight golden glow in the sunlight. With this new curse now upon them, they quickly fled to hide in the wilds of the lands, forever feeling a deep sense to protect the balance, and the creatures that lived in it. The four Alphas, after spreading out, sought after those just like them, hunters and poachers with no respect for the balance or the purity of the hunt. They would find them and turn the hunters into the hunted, waiting for night before attacking them in their shifted forms. With a bite into their own flesh and pouring their blood into the mouths of these hunters, the Alphas let out a howl to begin twisting the souls and cursing them to protect the thing they loved to hunt and destroy. These once normal descendants now turned feral with the same burning hunger, and sense to protect the balance that they had helped to destroy. With this, the Alphas spread out forming their packs, taking places in nature to protect as their own, forcing others they deemed a problem to help their cause. ~ The Feral ~ ~.~ The lycans in the realm known as Ferals are born of a curse given to them by an Alpha Feral. Those that know the signs of a feral can tell any descendant to be one by their weakness against silver. Ferals won’t even be able to touch the material of silver without being burned heavily. Due to this, they will avoid it at all costs. Things such as high pitched noises, fire, and bright flashes are weaknesses against ferals only within their beastial form. Holy magics will be ineffective when it comes to healing a Feral in either of their forms yet its smiting properties can only harm them when they’re in their feral form. The smell and sight of blood can send a feral into a frenzy as well. This however is all dependent on how much blood the Feral smells. A small amount of blood, such as a nose bleed or a sliced hand, will make a Feral recoil. Large amounts of blood from a large bleeding wound or something more serious will cause a Feral to lose control in their Descendant state. They will then force shift into their Feral form and go on a rampage. Voidal magic is also something that will affect a Feral greatly. If someone that possesses a voidal magic becomes a Feral they will be much weaker due to their connection to the void poisoning their physique. As such it is unnatural for there to be an Alpha Feral that is also a void mage. They will be weaker than normal Ferals that have no had any connection to the void whatsoever. ~.~ A feral grows considerably in size after their transformation. About one foot taller than when in their descendant form. Their strength is enhanced to that of a large wolf yet their speed is compared to that of a deer. Agile and quick, able to traverse most landscapes with ease whether it be snow or soil, the feral’s paws act as large pads that propel them forwards in assistance with their long legs. Their claws are very sharp but are at risk of breaking when striking numerous times against armor that is metal. A common misconception is that the Feral are always primal and animalistic. When a Feral has fed or is not on the hunt for a meal, they’re known to be quite docile creatures if not threatened. A feral will tend to look very much like they do when not transformed. The individual feral chooses their fur color (natural tones such as white, black, brown). Scars and blemishes carry over so a small cut when in feral form will appear as a large gash in descendant form. Ferals also are not the most intelligent beings, they can be easily tricked by scent misdirection or misdirection in general if the scent of the assailant is masked. ~.~ The Purpose of the Feral The purpose of the Feral is to serve the Mani Morea and protect the natural balance and cycle in a more combative way. The Druii are meant to keep the balance as instructed by the Aspects, yet the Ferals were given the task to protect the balance and natural cycle in a vicious and 'feral' manner unwavering in their duties to the balance. They are tasked to destroy and slaughter any that seek to ruin the balance for personal or detrimental gain. They are meant to be guardians of the Mani and the creatures of the woodlands whilst upholding the principles of Cernunnos as beasts of the hunt. It is rumored that Nemiisae is jealous of the creatures but that is myth among those that follow the Aspects. ~.~ How to make a Feral https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/169723-%E2%9C%93-addition-ritual-of-the-three-moons/ Transformation – During a transformation into or out of their lupine bodies, a Feral enters a state of immobility and is unable to defend itself while its body grows and features become more canine. This leaves the creature vulnerable to any strike during their (4 full emote) transformation. Females that shift while pregnant will KILL their unborn baby, and as such females go to great lengths while pregnant to avoid shifting or accidental shifting. ~.~ Removal of the Curse: Should a feral wish to remove the curse, a newly made feral has one year (one irl week) to seek a cleric, paladin, or Ascended to have it removed. When removed, the process is a rather painfilled one, and either causes them to suffer long-term negative effects, or permanent negative effects. Ranging from, but not limited to, short-sightedness, lack of smell, deafness, slow reflexes, and low pain tolerance. Older ferals that decide to leave, their senses will remained dulled permanently as their bodies have had a longer time to adjust to the changes that being feral brings. If a feral proves to be too problematic, the existing alphas, minimum two, at most four meet. If they decide to remove it, they gather around the feral, slice a part of their body and drain their blood. When sufficiently drained, all present Alphas howl, stripping the descendant of their curse permanently. Those removed this way will NEVER be allowed to become a feral again on that persona. This is not a pk (unless the player chooses to), the monks will find the body and bring the person back, losing all memories that lead up to the death. ~.~ Challenging: A challenge is when a feral disagrees with an alpha, they will challenge them for whatever reason, like the alpha being considered weak, or they made a choice that put the pack into a dangerous situation. If they win in combat, the alpha spirit will be transferred to them, if the challenger loses, then they’re put in their place. Rules of Challenging: 1. Before a challenge is issued, the challengers can both make a single request should one or the other lose. The Alpha can make the second term, and must be agreed upon by both parties. If one disagrees, the challenge is forfeit. 2. In a Challenge, the Ferals (only if there are two Ferals challenging one another) must fight the Challenge in Feral Form and not in human form until the Challenge ends. This rule ensures a fair fight and also allows the Feral fighters to fight in full potential. 3. Only those that have been a feral for four years (one ooc month) are allowed to Challenge the Alpha. An outsider can challenge the Alpha for the title, however, it must have at least two of the pack members back the outsider up in the challenge. ~.~ Descendant Form Physical Appearance: Despite gaining feralism, the Descendant does not lose their previous form. Instead they keep it, and with it most of their humanity. However, it is in this form that Ferals are the safest. Ferals in Descendant Form are just what they appear. This form has no elongated sharp canine teeth or golden sclera. Physical Attributes: In their Descendant forms however they will not have any boons whatsoever unlike their feral counterparts. Instead the opposite effect will happen and the Feral will have worse senses than that of normal descendants. Due to this a Feral in their Descendant form their eyesight will be either near sighted or far sighted. Their sense of smell will be as though their nose is clogged even though it isn’t. It will be a lot harder for them to smell even the strongest of smells. The weaknesses of a normal Feral will still affect them while they are in their Descendant form. Magical Abilities and Weapons: All aside from holy magic. Ferals can use weapons and magic in Descendant Form. See list of magics below. ~.~ Feral Form Strength : The Feral exhibits the strength of a large wolf, muscle structure and tendons become elongated and strengthened to allow clawing and brutal thrashing to occur. Their tensile jaw strength is able to snap a bone should they latch onto an unpadded or unarmored piece of flesh. However, their teeth are unable to bite through any sort of metal but can create dents to latch onto the material. Their claws are able to cause deep cuts but are unable to break through metal or plate. Agility : Very akin to their canine companions, the speed of a Feral is often compared to a deer or hound. Their padded feet allow for them to easily traverse over any sort of landscape. Their hind legs become digitigrade which allows their movement to be similar to a horse when on all fours. Smell : A feral can smell blood or scents from a great distance away. (20 Blocks). Due to their large snouts, a Feral is able to assimilate a scent with a substance or creature which allows their hunting capabilities to be keen and mind ready for whatever prey they’re seeking to hunt. The feral has one elven hour to track the scent before it fully dissipates from the air. If the scent is fresh, they’ll have an easier time tracking it. The scents can be masked by hiding in a group of other descendants, perfumes, taking a bath, etc Vision : Due to the ocular growth of the Feral, their pupils grow much larger, allowing them to take in more light and perceive the world in a more clear way. They’re able to see minute movements and sometimes even heartbeats if it is rapid enough. ~.~ How the Different Magic Groups affect being Feral Voidal Magics: Like in their descendant form, a feral that uses voidal magics will physically be weaker then those who don’t use them. This also carries over into one’s feral form as well making the enhanced boons given in this form weaker than a normal feral making them as strong as a normal descendant. This effecting one from becoming an Alpha. Dark Magics: Shades/Frost Witches/Undead/Necros/Mystics/Striga/Naz’Therak/Strength of the Abyss/Thallassos/Izkuthi cannot become ferals. Morea will reject the offered person because they are both a perversion of nature and a threat to the balance. Thulean/Blood Mage ferals will be more akin towards monsters, enraging more often, going on killing sprees more often. Deity Magics: As their souls are protected via their various patrons, most holy magic wielders cannot become ferals. This includes Paladins, Ascended, Clerics, Azdrazi, Their connection to their patron cleanses it before it could even take root, aside from druids as they dont have the same soul cleansing as other holy magic users. The only Deific magic that will be able to become ferals are Druids. _(OOC: If your soul is already altered in any way shape or form, the curse will have no affect on your soul) ~.~ Weaknesses: Fire: Flame is also anyone’s worst enemy, yet even more so for a Feral. Within the Feral state, their increased sense of keen eyesight allows flame to blind the Feral temporarily when put close to the ocular area of the Ferals. The contrast of light on the golden sclera of the eyeball allows the reflection to cause the eyelids to glaze over with a thick coat of slime from the eyelids in order to protect the creature from losing its sight, thus temporarily blinding the creature. Also the dry and matted hair of the Feral is easily set alight by the tiniest lick of flame due to the dry properties of its coat.In descendant form, they will actively avoid going near open flames, due to the increased fear of fire, however fire will affect them like any other Descendant. Silver: A material that maims both the soul and the physical body of the Feral. It appears as an extremely bright glowing object to a Feral and causes them not to wish for anything to do with it. It also causes the tainted blood of the Feral to sizzle and boil when it makes contact with the corrupt substance. Just a simple touch is enough to form a third degree burn, prolonged contact will cut through the ferals body, like a 1000 degree knife through butter. High Pitched Sounds: A feral within their beast like state has a very high sense of hearing, much like their canine counterparts. However, should a high pitched sound be emitted then it could potentially sedate or cause the creature to pass out from the auditory stress of the volume that would cause immense pressure on the Feral’s head causing it to become distraught or even unconscious. In Descendant form, the Feral can handle high pitched sounds as much as any other Descendant. . Bright Flashes: At night, the sudden burst of an electrical evolutionist's magic could cause the Feral in their beast like state to become blinded for a few minutes (3 emotes). This is due to the fact that the Feral must adjust to the dark setting it is in and it’s eyes are meant for slow changes in light, not sudden flashes thus their weakness to the brightness of flame and silver. Within Descendant form, it is normal like how a Descendant can handle bright flashes. Can not use Weapons: A Feral in their beast state is unable to wield any type of weapon due to the sheer size of its hands and its inability to use its muscles like a descendant can when using a sword or axe. Their paws are simply too large and claws too long for the creature to successfully use any type of weapon effectively. In Descendant Form, any Feral can use weapons like any other Descendant. Inability to wield Magic: While in their transformed state, a Feral is unable to use magic due to their brain being reversed to a more primitive level. The Creature is not able to tap into their mana pool or concentrate enough to wield magic. Weak to Holy Magics: The affliction of the Ferals make their soul in their beast like state is inherently corrupt by nature, in turn Deific magics such as the Ascended Arts, Clerical Arts, and Xannic Arts can cause the same effect on the feral as it would to a ghoul or other creature with a corrupt soul. In Descendant Form, Holy Magics will NOT affect the Feral in any way except how it would normally affect a Descendant.The only difference is that within both forms, Holy Magics cannot heal them. Transformation: During a transformation into or out of their lupine bodies, a Feral enters a state of immobility and is unable to defend itself while its body grows and features become more canine. This leaves the creature vulnerable to any strike during their (4 full emote) transformation. Females that shift while pregnant will KILL their unborn baby, and as such females go to great lengths while pregnant to avoid shifting or accidental shifting. Exhaustion: After their form is reverted, the feral in question will become extremely fatigued and weakened. They become unable to transform for the rest of that day. Due to a feral’s connection with the night, a feral will find themselves sluggish and tired during the die making their actions and movements slowed. At night however a feral would find themselves with renewed energy and a bit hyper, this however gives no extra benefits apart from their mind being a bit sporadic. Senses: When in Descendant form, their senses will be dulled. Sight will be reduced, either taking the form of near sightedness or far sightedness. Hearing will be slightly dulled, things will sound slightly muffled to them, almost as if they have water or cotton stuffed in their ears. Their sense of smell would also be weakened like having a cold, this also transfers over to one's sense of taste giving things a more bland taste, but not taking away from taste all together.. When in Feral form, their senses are heightened, this increase in one's senses is the cause of the dilution of their senses in descendant form.. Full Moon: Once an elven week, the feral will forcefully shift into their lycan state, and be stuck that way for a full elven day. The downside is that the Feral are less in control of their descendant sides so the Feral, in short terms, are more wild, always on the hunt for more food. New Moon: Once an elven week, the feral will be stuck in their descendant form, unable to shift for a full elven day. The feral’s weakness will still be in full affect, and due to the inability to shift their moods would be a bit worse, and more prone to temper outbursts. Feeding: A feral must eat raw, bloody meat every elven day (Every IRL day). They need to consume enough meat to equal the weight of a sheep. (150 pounds spread out over the course of the IRL day) Redlines: A Feral can not attack or defend itself during a transformation. The ritual of consuming the blood of a Feral must be performed by a Feral willing to transfer the blessing with approval of the Alpha Feral. Ferals can not hold or use weapons when transformed. A Feral is only a trace of the person they are when not in a Feral state. Ferals are unable to connect to the void or any deity and cast magic while in their Feral form. It will take 4 full emotes that detail the transformation in order for a Feral to switch into their lycan form. General weaknesses of Ferals: Silver, Holy Magic, loud noises, bright flashes of light, fire. If in Feral form a feral cannot use weapons (swords, maces, etc.) or wear armor of any kind, or deity/voidal magic. Small amounts of blood such as a nosebleed or cut hand will make a feral recoil. Large amounts of blood on the other hand will make a feral lose their sense in their Descendant form and frenzy If a feral has their affliction taken away they will suffer from different weaknesses due to it being taken away. Their senses will be considerably worse than that of a regular descendant. They will be weaker and feel sluggish. Ferals must consume 150 pounds of meat every IRL day. This can be spread out throughout the day and does not have to be all at once. Once an elven week (IRL Week) a Feral will be trapped in their Feral form unable to shift back into their Descendant form for an entire day. This must be roleplayed. Once an elven week (IRL Week) A Feral will be trapped in their Descendant forms. They will be unable to shift and become a Feral for the duration of that day. If a woman were to get pregnant and shifted into their Feral form the fetus wouldn’t be able to cope with the changes going on and would be killed as soon as the shifting was complete. Ferals will have weaker senses in their Descendant form than compared to a normal Descendant. Ferals will be unable to use their boons in their Descendant form. If a Feral were to know Voidal magic their bodies would be weaker even in their Feral forms. If a Feral proves troublesome then two alphas may be able to deferal them permanently. This leads to the player that is being deferal’d never being able to gain the feral affliction again on that specific persona. New ferals have one week to have the curse cleansed by a paladin, ascended, or a cleric. After the week period, they are stuck with the curse, unless they talk to an alpha. Credits Original Lore - Sug_ | Delmodan Mani Spirit Lore - Leowarrior Feral Amendment - Ridethesky Ritual lore - TorkoalTom Rewrite - EagleEyeKK | DarkSoundwave | TorkoalTom | Wytchlings | Total_Xanarchy | WhiteKnight_19
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  3. Lore we have nothing to do with? BOYO YOUR BARKING UP THE WRONG TREE?!?! Your literally taking our anguel and trying to take our lore and put it in another anguel. I don't care if your snow elves, humans, dwarves, etc, Your taking our lore and trying to rope it into yours. Thats what we have an issue with as your lore is incorrect for cerrunos.
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