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  1. righto chap o mine righto, troll sounds more like the Gaius I know and love

  2. It was more of a 'HurHur, Im a Troll' tone to the comment, my apologies if it sounded condescending :D

  3. I can not tell tone threw that comment but I assume it was rather condescending. I did not ask him to, nor do I allow any people who are helping me out promote it here on LoTC. I have more respect for this server that that.

  4. You gotta be kidding, Timayame is advertising your server?

  5. Hey, look who's back. :P

  6. Go to the maw inform them of the house you purchased and they will write one up for you

  7. How do i get a permanent passport? Because it's been a few weeks since i bought my house.

  8. What are you looking at :P

  9. Hey there you boss.

  10. Oh yeah, you know that meeting? It's kinda postphoned, my character had a heart attack and stroke.

  11. Thanks man great to be part of it!

  12. Welcome to the team, dude.

  13. Yessir! I'll be calling you Forum Moderator and wearing a leather jockstrap for your pleasing... scratch that last part :P

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