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  1. merry christmas

  2. hey dude how are you!!!

  3. 'you are the utterly disgusting half-caste cyka i spit on ur ashes, ustasa lives on,' love hrvatska franjo

  4. Does anyone have a working link for the Aegis map download? :

  5. Esterlen's Forum Moderator Application

    Esterlen, on the outside, might seem as an easily angered person, but once you've met him, you'd discover he's a very straight to the point, unbiased, kind, and most importantly an intelligent individual. So yes, I think that he should be awarded with a title of an FM.
  6. Imma need your opinion on something. Get on Skype asap.

  7. Fatass, when are we doing that **** with Renzbro?

  8. Got some kind of skin condition, no school for me for the whole week. :0

    1. Redujin


      Leprosy??? lolz dont die D:

    2. Maximas1211


      Get better! :O Best friend!

  9. I'mma need to talk to you when you come online :)

  10. Polako, moram oko New Sorovitza malo, sjebace ovog glavnog :D Ajde na teamspeak nekad :P

  11. HAHAHAHA,brate,aj se nadjemo IG? :D