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  1. best event in a long time, great job

    1. DelaneyG


      @Skylez1 thank you very much. Your event breathed new life into me.

    2. Skylez1


      Thank you, I'm glad I was able to perform it.

  2. kincaid paid me in russian rubles to get raomir to kill lefty, i can't take the pressure anymore, i have to admit my guilt!

    1. Zebanamana


      You ******* sociopath!

    2. Tommy Shmurda
  3. Ser Berengar Helvets lies in bed, unable to sleep, the implications of the coming apocalypse making his dreams too terrifying to face.
  4. "Don't you just tell me I'm a wierdo' cause' I'm upset about this! I'm sick of dishonorable TRASH! Them MORDRINGS! YOUR FAILURES, YOUR LITERALLY FAILURES, YOU THINK I'D SELL MY FAMILY OUT LIKE YOU, DIRTBAG!" -Ser Berengar Helvets, quoted during a duel with a Darkstalker.
  5. the westerlands would love to deal with stuff like this, so as long as it is made fairly and without OPness
  6. This is a Cthulhu mythos reference, i like these references
  7. good kid +1
  8. Good luck with life man
  9. "Alright, I'm all charged up."
  10. "We're about six Saints Days away from kicking some serious beardling ass." -Excerpt uttered by Ser Berengar Helvets of the Westerlands, in conversation with his older sister.
  11. known this kid for 5 years, he's been forged by lotc, his mind has naturally and unconsciously stored every single individual meme for the sole purpose of creating events for the playerbase. his forging process is complete now, and the battlestation that is joey calibreeni is ready to launch its invasion of the galaxy
  12. wallachia will rise
  13. know steven for like 4 years now, he's smart, you should let him in, +1
  14. Yeah, that's understandable. To be fair almost every single war that Orens fought in for the past 3 years has been defensive. The various World-Wide Alliances against Oren always declaring first. The current wars occurring have happened due to the technically still continuing Axis war, though its a mop up operation by now.