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  1. We can't even get through a war without the toxicity going through the roof, some small methods of lowering that toxicity level is probably the right thing to do. Hope it works out, Gaius, just don't get burnt out taking up too much 'responsibility' in a minecraft fantasy role playing server
  2. Man's been here since 2011 and still has the New Member Forum Tag.

    1. UnusualBrit


      welcome to lots

  3. I'm against harassment, and I've stated so; I think those whom harass others should be reported via the systems in place, with proof. But I'm consciously trying to act in a moderating influence on any emotional reaction to this sort of thing, this is a highly-highly-highly emotional issue for some people, and with all highly emotional issues, it can go too far in the perceived 'solution'. I truly believe that if taken to its logical conclusion, a top-down approach to this issue will cause more harm than good, solutions to this have to come from the cliques themselves moderating themselves, NOT from folk spying in discords in order to leak naughty logs of their political opponents (Which is EXACTLY what will happen if such is allowed to occur).
  4. yeah the ostracization of E-terrorists was an important moral step that needed to be taken, and I think has been taken; people forget how bad it was, or they weren't around when it was bad. mog literally had to pay for VPNs for his officer-corp during past wars, due to DDOSing, stuff like that used to be the norm, no longer, thank GOD
  5. I appreciate the niceties, my view is such things require a bottom-up solution, the cliques themselves have the right to self-regulate the behavior of folk in their clique; let them do the work of such. If you find yourself surrounded by toxicity, leave that clique and go elsewhere, it doesn't require some STASI-tier political purge with informants in every discord, people worried that the moment they offend somebody its a perma-ban, and let's not forget a system like that will be abused OOCly by political evildoers to gain in mineman fantasy politics
  6. Go through the proper channels with such things, in terms of reporting, is the only method that would actually be fair in any way. Any other method would involve literal political purges OOCly, which is a disturbing concept that will create more suffering than LOTC's yet seen. If somebody is harassing another player with XYZ slurs, then they should be reported and dealt with, but blanket political purges of anybody whom disagree's with the current political atmosphere will cause the server to literally collapse. -My opinion, being a longtime LOTCer since 2011.
  7. A Lector ponders the question, finally solving the riddle through the utilization of help from Brother Harold, as well as a handy dry-erase board. Packing his stuff, the pair head in the direction indicated.
  8. Isaac Jebediah, Lector of Owyn, prepares for combat, organizing his gear, muttering towards his Brothers, "Tsudenkaku still spews it's necrotic hordes, yet th' Irehearts wish to invade? With no pretents?"

  10. Lectorate-made Owynist shrines

  12. Yeah, it turning into a back-room accepted sort of thing is a fly in the ointment for sure, I don't know if it's possible to do like a series of propaganda videos, made by staff, warning of the dangers of engaging in this behavior, or SOMETHING in general regarding warning folks about how there seems to be a slippery slope when it comes to accepting romance-RP as a normality. I've been on this server for a decade now, and this issue has been there since day 1, and most likely will continue to always be an issue. GOD help those caught up in it. Edit: By emotional attachment, I mean directly having romantic feelings for the individual, which develop due to the normal human responses to participating in romantic performances. AKA, you romance-RP with a person on LOTC, over time, is it possible to not form romantic feelings OOCly? I don't think so.
  13. Do you think it's possible to do romance-rp with an individual over an extended period of time, let's just say... longer than a month, and not form an emotional attachment OOCly? I postulate that these romantic emotional attachments over the internet in general are poisonous overall to the culture of the server, and ultimately create more negativity and harm, than they can ever form in posivity and good. I don't advocate banning romance-rp, but I do advocate stigmatizing it culturally.
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