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  1. Isaac Jebediah, Lector of Owyn, prepares for combat, organizing his gear, muttering towards his Brothers, "Tsudenkaku still spews it's necrotic hordes, yet th' Irehearts wish to invade? With no pretents?"

  3. Lector Isaac Jebediah polishes his blicky, satisfied with the knowledge of two trophies gathered by himself, after defeating the Orcish Pirate with a quick draw, Han Solo-Style.
  4. Isaac Jebediah frowns, before shaking his head, "I suppose that ends that, a piece of history for us ends."
  5. Lectorate-made Owynist shrines

  7. Yeah, it turning into a back-room accepted sort of thing is a fly in the ointment for sure, I don't know if it's possible to do like a series of propaganda videos, made by staff, warning of the dangers of engaging in this behavior, or SOMETHING in general regarding warning folks about how there seems to be a slippery slope when it comes to accepting romance-RP as a normality. I've been on this server for a decade now, and this issue has been there since day 1, and most likely will continue to always be an issue. GOD help those caught up in it. Edit: By emotional attachment, I mean directly having romantic feelings for the individual, which develop due to the normal human responses to participating in romantic performances. AKA, you romance-RP with a person on LOTC, over time, is it possible to not form romantic feelings OOCly? I don't think so.
  8. Do you think it's possible to do romance-rp with an individual over an extended period of time, let's just say... longer than a month, and not form an emotional attachment OOCly? I postulate that these romantic emotional attachments over the internet in general are poisonous overall to the culture of the server, and ultimately create more negativity and harm, than they can ever form in posivity and good. I don't advocate banning romance-rp, but I do advocate stigmatizing it culturally.
  9. Romance-Rp should be intentionally stigmatized, it's always a terrible choice to participate in Romance-Rp.  It leads to negativity at least, and true evil at most.

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    2. Gaius Marius

      Gaius Marius

      Unwillingly, I know you mean well so please give my reply charity.

      Abeam isn't ostracizing anyone. I think this is a case of making sure you don't give an inch in order for x number of people to take that mile. While you & I may have strong enough discipline and will to keep roleplay and OOC completely separate, I concur with Abeam in that we humans behind the computer can slip and mix in OOC especially when there is an emotional catalyst. Affection & attraction is one such catalyst.

    3. Abeam


      Yes, I'll further clarify that I don't mean to intentionally bully those whom perform romance-rp, that's not what I mean by stigmatize.  Rather, I'd envision it as making the consequences of OOC romantic bonds forming between players known to all, and common-knowledge, perhaps through a series of PSA's or videos on the topic, made by staff.  Co-incited with a cultural shift from the bottom, towards being more aware of the subject, and in turn, aware of the dangers of it. 

    4. ᴜɴᴡɪʟʟɪɴɢʟʏ



      I don't think it's psychologically possible to do long-term romantic-RP without having OOCly feelings.

      I have to very strongly disagree with this. like, again, ooc =/= RP. people who are RPly together aren't always OOCly together. people who are RPly mortal enemies aren't always OOCly mortal enemies, etc etc. there's dozens of players who are proof of this

      taking what u guys poointed out into mind, I do understand the caution towards romance RP and where it comes from, especially with the very frequent outings on a server filled with mostly a largely younger audience - my bad if I misinterpreted what you meant @Abeam. i still do believe that romance RP is not the main crux of these issues, but rather edating, inability to separate OOC from RP, getting too attached to your counterpart, etc etc are

      it's a conversation that I'm open to discuss in DMs for the sake of avoiding status update spam 👋

  10. Romance-Rp in general is just a terrible decision to participate in, at all. I've always advocated against it, it does nothing but cause problems over and over. And anybody who's actively done it for some time will more than likely corroborate what I'm saying. It's impossible to do romance-RP without an OOC connection forming, some sort of emotional tie to form. And truly emotional ties of a romantic sort are the source of so much evil in this community. From one end of the spectrum you got the jilted lovers causing issues in discord, which I'm sure everybody has seen. To the other end of the spectrum, with active pedophiles, sex pests, so forth. Don't do romance RP ppl, no matter how much you want to, it truly is not a good choice.
  11. Will you return to RPing, Gaius, or do you prefer to write and create within the LOTC-verse, rather than directly participate yourself?
  12. How long does it take for warnings to go away?  I got warnings from 2014 and 2017, I'm a good boy I swear

    1. itdontmatta


      These don't matter anymore

    2. Abeam


      they are a stain upon my honor

    3. Shady Tales

      Shady Tales

      same I wanna wipe the slate clean i hate being judged for my old sins

  13. Take a break and play some RPG for a while, come back and don't join staff, relax for some time Caleb
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