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  1. Free market wins every time in my book. Having players is a resource that people compete for, if I were to personally create a Guild, I'd set up in a city; not because the city needs me to set up in it per-say, but because I could use the cities populace as a recruiting tool. Otherwise, say if I were to create a Guild out in the wilderness somewhere, I would have to compete with these cities, but with you setting up within the city, you could increase your chances of success.
  2. hey buddy miss ya

    1. Ford


      a revolutionary reunion

  3. Do warning points ever expire, like I've been a good boy

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Abeam


      What if the person who gave me the points is a girl?  Do I have to start flicking beans?

    3. ImperialRoyalist
    4. devvy


      you gotta appeal them

  4. The changes to nexus are good, hopefully guilds will start returning to the server now

  5. Anyone got any pictures of Hansetti from 2.0?

    1. Space
    2. DPM




      nah this more like it

  6. ~ OOC ~ MC IGN: Abeam1 Discord (required):Abeam #0700 Teamspeak: I have it. Timezone: EST ~ Role Play Information ~ Name: Damer Flinn Age: 22 Race: Human, Heartlander Skills (Nexus): Alchemy, Enchanting Any Allegiances: Previously a member of the Empire of Oren, now Damer is incredibly desperate for some hot elven love.
  7. Take a Stand.

    I'm sorry to hear about your friend, I'll be sure to mention this story on Wednesday when I go to church with my prayer group. The petition, on the other hand; is a different matter, bullying that causes a person to commit suicide is already a crime, I don't want further governmental interference in my online experience, just because some self conscious kids trying to make up for their lack of social lives decide to write mean words on the internet; doesn't mean that the government should start prosecuting willy nilly.
  8. Bygone Glory

    I'm proud of your english skills Mog, I remember the good ole days when you sounded like a barbarian
  9. LotC has a hate problem

    Sticks and stone may break my bones, but people shittalking on the internet won't hurt me. That's the lesson to be learnt.
  10. Yo coalition, meet us on minisiege in nappy wars, lets settle this

  11. I hate big government.  -The Average LOTCer                                                                                                    Lemme expand governmental power!  -EVIL, SMELLY, GODFORSAKEN, LIBERAL Devs

  12. I'm tired of all these godless Europeans passive-aggressively insulting the United States, maybe we should pull out entirely and see how they like Russia being their master?
  13. [Denied] [Trial]Gameman

    -/+ 1 This guy is a poopoo head
  14. [✓] [Magic Rewrite] Transfiguration

    its an obligation to +1 this post