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  1. Yunho takes down another Job, completed once again by Icerit. "Shame about the chap's arm, that shark sure took a bite."
  2. Yunho smiles as he pulls off the first successfully completed Job. Those Boar tusks looked mighty fine, he thinks to himself. ((Shoutout to Icerit and Teolas for being the first Hunters!))
  3. ((I feel you, but this is for more casual walk-in and get a quick RP event instead of applying for an Event and waiting for response. If you know any ET members who would be willing to help, send them my way!
  4. New LP:

    1. Helbolt


      Welcome back, used to watch your videos. Hope you keep them up :)

    2. Insomnic
  5. OOC Sponsoring Jobs: If you enjoy the Hunting Association, please consider sponsoring a Job on the boards. This means that you would be paying out the Reward Pay for a Job of your choice! Looking for Actors: Anyone who would be willing to help me act out as creatures during Hunts should PM me.
  6. Current Jobs You may claim a Job on the Forums by either posting here, or PMing myself. F Ranked Jobs E Ranked Jobs D Ranked Jobs C Ranked Jobs B Ranked Jobs A Ranked Jobs S Ranked Jobs Think you have a good idea for a job? Apply to put a Job on the board! Just post here or PM!
  7. Hunter's Association Description: An organization that has jobs for adventurers seeking exciting work. There are many levels of jobs that are available to anyone. F - D Ranked Jobs may be taken upon by anyone. C - A Ranked Jobs require a Hunter License. Most jobs are to eliminate monsters that are causing people trouble. OOC: The reason for this organization is to bring back high fantasy RP events that hearken back to The Arcane Delvers. I know what you're thinking, leave it to the Event Team! Well setting up an Event with the ET takes some time, while this just lets anyone walk in and RP an exciting hunt. Job Rankings: F Ranked Jobs: Mostly jobs that have you collect certain material. Pay: 1 - 20 Minas. E Ranked Jobs: Hunting small - medium sized creatures. Pay: 20 - 50 Minas. D Ranked Jobs: Hunting medium - large sized creatures, along with non-lethal hits on Races. Pay: 50 - 100 Minas. C Ranked Jobs: Hunting medium - large sized creatures, lethal hits on Races, and magical beings. Pay: 100 - 200 Minas. B Ranked Jobs: Hunting large sized creatures, magical beings, and semi-intelligent creatures. Pay: 200 - 500 Minas. A Ranked Jobs: Hunting massive sized creatures, magical beings, and intelligent creatures. Pay: 500 - 1000 Minas. S Ranked Jobs: Incredibly rare and special jobs that only select Hunters can take on. Pay: 1000+ Minas. Rules: 1. NEVER steal, injure, or kill other Hunters. 2. ALL Races are welcome to become Hunters. Hunter License: Hunter Licenses are badges that prove a Hunter's worth. It shows that the Hunter can hold his own during a hunt, and allows him to pursue C - A Ranked Jobs. To receive a Hunter License, you must have completed at least 10 F - D Ranked Jobs, pay a 20 Minas fee, and pass an exam. The exam normally consists of a C Ranked Job and a sparring match. Receiving a Hunter License does not bound your loyalty to the Hunter's Association. OOC: Hunter Licenses are to prove that you can RP fight well enough to handle bigger RP fights. The Hunt: Once a Hunter accepts a Job, they enter a contract to try their best to complete the job at hand. The Hunter will be briefed with the details and location of their Job, and then be released to complete the Job as they see fit. Any number of Hunters may accept a single Job, encouraging competition. Jobs may also be taken on as groups, with pay being split as the group members choose. OOC: Once a Hunter accepts a Job, time and location for the Hunt will be figured out between Hunters and the Association. The creature being hunted will be RP'd by a member of the Association. Location: Hunter's Oasis: The only building currently occupied by the Hunter's Association. It is located in the desert, south of The Cloud Temple. It contains Job Boards, a tavern, and research lab. Video:
  8. Whenever I look at old topics that I posted, the guest users that are currently viewing the topic keep increasing every time I click to the next page. Even when the topic is in the archive. What?

    1. BrandNewKitten


      I always get really nostalgic

    2. Parading



  9. I'm sorry Beast, but I'm gonna have to DENY your application. Your bio makes you sound a bit PG from the start. Also, there are still many grammar issues.
  10. Yeah, anyone can still apply.
  11. Am I the only one who is lagging a LOT more on the server recently?

  12. I'm gonna have to reject you on the notion that you didn't fill out the entire application. Denied.
  13. Accepted! Nice reworking. For the skin, just make it less blue. PM your skype. Oh, I didn't even realize till you told me. You should be able to PM me now.
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