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  1. Farseer Shamanism Index 1. What’s Changed? 2. Definitions 3. Magic Explanation 4. Abilities and Spells 5. Farseer Tier Overview yo, bro is it safe down there in the woods? (Toblin, Deviantart) 1. What’s Changed? Farseers progress as they level up - At higher tiers, Farseers become more powerful. Roleplay is much more about the journey than it is the destination, so instead of keeping a Farseer’s capabilities static, they progress at each tier to become more capable than they were previously. Reaching the next tier gives you a little more kick,
  2. Farseer Blessing List This lore acts as a companion piece to the Farseer Rework (LINK) Several Blessings found below do not strictly follow the mechanics outlined in the “Tier Strength Table”. These have been marked with a * and should be read over carefully. Although this table was created to simplify blessings, in cases such as Healing and Enchanting-focused blessings more care had to be taken to provide mechanics that were fair, balanced, and reasonable when scaled. If you have any questions or concerns about these Blessings don’t be afraid to contact your friendly neighbour
  3. Farseer Blessings This lore acts as a companion piece to the Farseer Rework (LINK) Blessings: Empowerment, Rituals Planewalking, and the abilities that stem from it, are merely means to an end for the enigmatic Farseers of this realm. Although conniving, cajoling and consoling Immortal Spirits take up the brunt of a Farseer’s duties and much more than the brunt of their free time it has often been said that actions are more powerful than words. And so, when Farseers choose to get off their asses and do something about the way of the world (Spiritual or otherwise), they do so
  4. Spiritual Tattoos This lore acts as a companion piece to the Farseer Rework (LINK) A long-winded prelude It’s a hard truth that a Farseer’s work is often rooted in impermanence. A blessing can be strong, can be potent and can even be (despite a shaman’s best efforts, perhaps) a catalyst for great change. But for all these things the work of a Farseer can rarely ever endure. You could, indeed, be blessed to fight battles worthy of history, to create art destined for fame or to write songs to be sung for ages, but a blessing itself does not endure. It does not last. A good bless
  5. Farsight and Visions This lore acts as a companion piece to the Farseer Rework (LINK) Prelude Granting these wise Shamans their names, Farsight is the gift of receiving visions of past, present or future events. These come in two forms: Passive visions, which occur naturally as a Farseer travels through the Immortal Planes, and Targeted visions, which are the product of an Immortal Spirit (Usually a Greater) directly contacting a Shaman to impart information onto them. let me guess, u got lost again? (Toblin, Deviantart) Farsight Roleplay Des
  6. Frum'Shauk Spiritual Companions: A re-submission. Assistant Shaman (Tyami, Deviantart) “… all forms one could imagine. They gathered about the great Traf accompanied by their Shamans as Frum'Shauk; they obeyed, but only in companionship, for these beasts were never to be controlled. By one Uruk’s side only a flat, grey shadow could be seen, trailing from his feet and blinking back at those that glared…” Frum'Shauk, the spirit-y companions of the Farseers, Witchdoctors, Lutaumans and Elementalists alike, reside solely in the Immortal, Ancestral and Elemental plane
  7. Some nerd holed up in Krugmar wonders how 9/10’ths of a single Dwarf voted for Dorinmur, 2.24 were undecided, 5.62 voted for Charles and 11.24 Dwarves voted for Jorvin. Either DNN’s stark raving mad, asked someone more than once, or there’s something terribly, terribly wrong with the Dwarves of Urguan. He tries not to think on it too hard.
  8. Thurak’s memories had been slipping, of late. They often slipped and found old friends. Four Hundred Years. Laughter and languish and slaughter and tears and four hundred very, very long years had left Thurak wise, weary, and wanting every single one of those four-hundred back. Today, he wanted to see his friend again. Chatlog: 2016-02-27 Azoth saves Thurak’s ass. Thurak opens his eyes and lets a simple, sad smile slip onto his face. When he glances down to the paper at his desk and its fondly-familiar, beautifully calligraphic prose, he notices its marred by a few wet
  9. For several months now, greedily and selfishly, I’ve hoarded a technique that has made me, and none other, an all-powerful, all knowing and unmerciful God of LotC. This power is not for everyone. It’s definitely not free from abuse. These were the reasons I hid it from the outside world, safe in my care, and maybe I was right. But maybe that isn’t for me to decide. Forgive me for opening pandora’s box. If you’re like me, and you have a smart character that is played by a person with the intellect and memory of a dead goldfish, you’re going to forget things your character should certainly kn
  10. If it helps with the discussion going on above me, as someone who plays a Bloodline Braduk I can confirm that we all are, and always have been, dumb as ****.
  11. Hey dude! It’s awesome to see that you’re invested in creating some lore and background for your guild, and I’m really glad you’re writing it up. It can be a tough thing to put your ideas down, and it’s even harder to do so in a way that fits the theme of the medium you’re in. Like the comments above me said, this doesn’t really fit into the theme of LotC right now, and if you want to talk more about why and what maybe you could do to change that, I’d love if you hit me up on my discord (ilikefooddude#8500) or here on the forums as a PM. Good luck man!
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