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  1. pffft and you thought I died


    1. Zarexan


      Damn, you've been gone a while.

  2. Any fellow students of philosophy on LoTC?

    1. Show previous comments  13 more
    2. saromon50


      Oh it is by far one of, if not the best text that I have ever read!  I'm planning to try and read it again this summer if I have the time.

    3. Locklathlan


      I'm meant to be sitting down to read the Iliad, and Vitruvius' work on architecture - lots of Classics work for next year.

    4. Sherlocks_ homes

      Sherlocks_ homes

      I love the Classics.

  3. I could spend hours reading about Elvish lore and language!  Damnit I love you beautiful brilliant bastards!

  4. So... You should come back to LoTC... :)

  5. His story continues (In other news I have no idea why the formatting is so screwed up...)
  6. Could someone please explain to me how to change the font style on Forum posts... Pls...

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. saromon50
    3. jamesb


      Yea, unless something was changed, but it is no longer where it used to be.

    4. saromon50


      Guess I'll just have to wait until they put it back haha

  7. Don't mind me, just a little shameless self-promoting ;)


  8. Guys... my horrible youtubes is back.

  9. For anyone that remembers my old YouTube series "My Adventures in LoTC", what do you think about me starting them up again?  I can't promise a steady stream of videos, but I'll do what I can if y'all would like! :)

  10. [[A new entry has been posted! (if anyone has a suggestion about how best to format this so it isn't just one massive wall of text feel free to share your wisdom)]]
  11. I just listened to the first few minutes of my old youtube vids... *shudders*

  12. [[This is a journal from the perspective of my character Tormis, everything in it is something that has actually happened to him while in character. Obviously this isn't everything that has happened to Tormis, but it is what I feel is the most significant. Some of it I recorded on my old YouTube series My Adventures in Lord of the Craft (which I may start up again), some of it not so much. I just think it is a pretty cool story that Tormis is undergoing and thought I should share it!]] *An old leather bound journal may be f
  13. Miss you Bae... 


    1. NomadGaia


      Welcome back! It's me, venom!


    2. ImCookiie


      Welcome back!

    3. saromon50


      AH Venom! hey man!  And thanks Cookie! :P

  15. Well they say curiosity killed the cat....

    1. Giga


      Indeed! But laziness also killed a dog once.

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