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  1. Perma Kill During Warclaims

    I love the idea of having to PK because some kid clicked faster than me /s
  2. Lore Amendment: Voidal Magic

    And I fell for it, hard.
  3. Lore Amendment: Voidal Magic

    I did, which is why I suggested the freezing of teaching. What else could you do? People aren't going to be happy if you take their magic away.
  4. Lore Amendment: Voidal Magic

    The only thing that makes magic cool is it being rare. Period. Changing how they cast or what they cast out of is pointless.
  5. Lore Amendment: Voidal Magic

    Whether or not this would be god for the server, it would never pass due to how many people have magic already. Only way to work towards magic being cool again would be to freeze all teaching and letting people slowly die off. And you say cut back on voidal magic, yet I see Druidism and other Holy Magics more than voidal magic these days.
  6. IronLich [MAT] Application.

    Hard to find someone better suited +1
  7. Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    I never thought I'd see so much debate about pregnant plants.
  8. To the 'Ferals'; The Servants of Morea

    Briza chuckles to herself, reading the decree "What ah terrible night for ah curse..."
  9. Grand Opening - The Library Of Dragur

    A certain Dark Elf leaves her application. [Pinsir99 l Pinsir#8188 ]
  10. Local Man Does AMA, Pretends to be Relevant

    Why won't you ever respond to my love letters? I'm running out of ink
  11. Pinsir's LM App

    Whoops, meant 7. I'm bad at math.
  12. Pinsir's LM App

    Minecraft Account Name(s): Pinsir99 / Sohaer Discord: Pinsir#8188 How long have you played on LotC?: About 7 years Time zone and availability: EST - Available on discord during most of the day, more so in the afternoons and evenings What lore are you versed in most?: Alchemy, Druidism, and Mental Magic Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: N/A Have you ever written lore for LoTC?: Yes, thought none has been accepted as of now (1) (2) (3) Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: I was banned back in 2012 for powergaming magic, there is no post as far as I know Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: No one in particular