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  1. You'd be a good GM, but as people before me have said, this is a hole for your happiness and effort to go down. +1 anyway
  2. Pinsir99

    [✗] Guardian Spirits of the Realm of the Fae

    Very well written. You've put lots of time into this and it shows. We don't need more endgame though, both in druidism and the server at large. -1 I'll try to write up a bit more once I'm able.
  3. Pinsir99

    The Void, A Summation

    Huge fan of the lore and they way you've compiled it all. It may have taken 20 minutes but I enjoyed the read all the same.
  4. Pinsir99

    [Denied] [Interviewed][Pending][Actor] Tsuyose

    Quality RPer, Quality person, Quality spook +1
  5. Pinsir99

    The Virarim: Shield of the Elves

    OOC Application Minecraft Name: Sohaer / Pinsir99 Discord/Skype: Pinsir#8188 IC Application Name: Laureh'lin Race: Mali'Ame Age: N/A Previous Martial Experience: Some previous experience
  6. Pinsir99

    Perma Kill During Warclaims

    I love the idea of having to PK because some kid clicked faster than me /s
  7. Accept my boy +1
  8. Pinsir99

    [Denied] IronLich [MAT] Application.

    Hard to find someone better suited +1
  9. Pinsir99

    Lore Amendment: Plants Can't Have Babies

    I never thought I'd see so much debate about pregnant plants.
  10. Pinsir99

    Pinsir's LM App

    Whoops, meant 7. I'm bad at math.
  11. Pinsir99

    Pinsir's LM App

    Minecraft Account Name(s): Pinsir99 / Sohaer Discord: Pinsir#8188 How long have you played on LotC?: About 7 years Time zone and availability: EST - Available on discord during most of the day, more so in the afternoons and evenings What lore are you versed in most?: Alchemy, Druidism, and Mental Magic Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC: N/A Have you ever written lore for LoTC?: Yes, thought none has been accepted as of now (1) (2) (3) Have you ever received a blacklist or ban?: I was banned back in 2012 for powergaming magic, there is no post as far as I know Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team?: No one in particular
  12. Pinsir99

    [✓] Entling and Spriggan Amendments

    Apologies, I mean that smaller ents wouldn't need to be as close.
  13. Pinsir99

    [✗] [Addon] Attuned Chimeras

    Chimera's lifespans are meant to be ethereal, and I believe it should remain that way. Besides that, I don't mind additional variations of Chimera. Fix the former and you'll have my full support.
  14. Pinsir99

    [✓] Entling and Spriggan Amendments

    I like the changes, but think that perhaps the range you can be from your Entling should scale with the size of the Ent.