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  1. haha sucks to have lungs i can live in jburg forever.

  2. "Hmph. More propaganda. Suppose it's fuel for the forges, though." Johan van Loden mutters
  3. Nicholas, the elder Necromancer begins his search for the idiotic lich.
  4. "I shall run, brother! The Van Loden family will rise to greatness once again! Vote for Johan van Loden for an age of wealth, women, and wine!" Johan van Loden shouts across the square.
  5. I doubt you can make a lich and a cloud of ash in real life without heavy camera work.
  6. Necromancy is a natural magic. Necromancers have nothing different about them other than that they can manipulate lifeforce to a degree much greater than normal. There would be no way for a necromancer to be affected by this, as it's by and large a very natural magic in itself. Also what affect would these have on liches? Liches don't feel anything on their body and are much different from living beings. You can't really get a sick feeling in your stomach as a lich because you don't have a stomach or nerves to feel things. All in all a -1 from me, find a cleric or an antimage to ward off magic folk.
  7. my lich bones already break if you breath on them what more do you want
  8. I think perhaps I say perhaps too much.

    1. Shroud


      literally this guy is like seriously like the cringiest guy ever like literally

    2. Cooliomafia


      you say just enough

  9. maybe if people didn't have so many players who only log on for pvp the server cap would be higher.

  10. yes
  11. why is your birthday one day after mine you copycat
  12. Getting Happy Birthday messages like

    2016 confetti squidward not amused

    1. richkeyboard


      happy birthday

  13. drop them all on vailor it deserves it most
  14. dogs have always been better.