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  1. Actually I joined before that, I lost my old account. Joined in Anthos. But anyway I preferred roleplay back then. Back when I joined people actually roleplayed well and fights were a joy, not a struggle. The problem now that I see is people dont WANT to learn how to roleplay or be better. They want PVP factions roleplay but decide to come here for who know what reasons. Stop coming here for PVP, come to learn roleplay and be better. I was a **** roleplayer back in the day, now I'm not. It's not that damn hard if you actually want to put the effort in. We still had hundreds of players back when people actively roleplayed, stop blaming everything on the people who come here to do what is advertised.
  2. "Mal latum flûst." An aged lich drawls.
  3. Yeah
  4. Yes
  6. yeah
  7. ghouls are totally in right now
  8. yeah again
  9. yes
  10. I like it. +1 Also, I believe this fills the dark druidism role better than blood magic druids. Far better. To be honest I've never even heard of evil druids and I've been around a while. I'm not saying it won't be niche, because it will be to an extent. This lore was primarily made to aid the Oaks section of Xionism, and I think it works wonderously. A nature based dark magic isn't something we really have. We have spirits, lifeforce, blood, ghosts, ocean things, why not nature? I think it'll be a worthy addition.
  11. yes