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  1. Where's my Valheim invite?
  2. I was brought back from death by this lore post to give it my official support. +1
  3. All I was saying was to not copy the video beat for beat man you don’t gotta get so heated. The difference between those examples and your own is that they took parts of the story from Gwyns Knights, like I said. Lord of Sunlight is a trope as far back as Ra if not before, and hunting dragons likely just as long. Again, changed for the setting and not beat for beat.
  4. I never said you can’t take inspiration from a source, people have been doing that since the dawn of literature. Where I draw the line is outright plagiarism, even in something as simple as Minecraft lore. You could’ve AT LEAST made an attempt to differentiate it a bit more from the video, while still keeping the core themes intact. People still come up with somewhat original ideas every day, it just has to be different enough to be considered separate, like most LotC lore.
  5. Firstly: The Phantom Craft? Really? It sounds like a minecraft metal gear solid server. Second: Why did you literally just copy the story from this World of Warcraft trailer. Did you think nobody would notice, or did you not want to come up with a more original idea? Like, you didn’t change a single thing except the names and some of the dialogue to just be the same thing said differently. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hndyTy3uiZM
  6. This is VERY barebones, and would be even worse with just being mindless PvP machines. You’ve stripped all the purpose and ideas behind the original lore, so, nah. -1
  7. drfate doesn't speak for necromancy. Also this rewrite isn't nearly detailed enough or written well enough.
  8. Necromancy Curses have been around almost exactly as they are here since before Soul Puppetry was a glimmer in the eye. This argument has been brought up a lot and it's entirely baseless - if anything Soul Puppetry would be removed for being a copy of Necromancy curses as they came first. We've let it slide because who cares, yet here you argue the opposite.
  9. What. Excuse me? This has been contested for ages, we have discord channels based on fixing it and have for months.
  10. Really though, remove a race before adding more.
  11. im sry about all this give your mom my best ok? 

    1. shortchangehero


      don't worry I will thanks for understanding




  13. Hey guys, go vote on this thanks. 


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