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  1. Parkins

    Holy Healing Is Bad

    What. Excuse me? This has been contested for ages, we have discord channels based on fixing it and have for months.
  2. Parkins

    The Curse of the Fjarriauga: Frost Witches

    Gotta be honest, having roleplayed with FWs since Athera or before, this seems like too much. The whole purpose behind the witches were to be man-eaters who could hide among the populace with disguise and had a cold association, that was it. I'm not against adding more depth to creatures and magic in general, but good lord this is just tacking stuff onto a simple idea that I feel doesn't really fit. Like runes, for example, or thralls. Why would a witch take male thralls when they should want to eat them? It'd make more sense to have female thralls alone. All in all, I'm not a fan. Return to expand upon the original theme and idea, not tack on things for the sake of diversity and such. I've hated thralls since the beginning, though so maybe I'm biased.
  3. Parkins

    Formerly The Xoatol

    Really though, remove a race before adding more.
  4. Parkins

    Incel Thread

  5. Parkins

    Veteran's End [PK]

    Beneath the feet of stone and rock which covered his brood, Gravelord Adremeich simply stared toward the wall from atop his throne. Seeming much like a lifeless skeleton which had faded with the ages, he spent many hours reminiscing over the soldier he had dragged from the horrid ruins of Johannesburg.
  6. Parkins

    LOTC Is Full of Psychopaths, Sadists and Narcissists

    The people must know.
  7. Parkins

    LOTC Is Full of Psychopaths, Sadists and Narcissists

    yeah fair
  8. Parkins

    Farewell, I guess

    Cya in like 3 months my dude.
  9. Parkins

    [Denied]FlyingHalfMast's Game Moderator Application

    Take bets on if he lasts longer than two weeks again. +1
  10. im sry about all this give your mom my best ok? 

    1. The Combatant

      The Combatant

      don't worry I will thanks for understanding


  11. Parkins

    VIP Forum Ranks

    MC Name: Parkins VIP Rank: Gold In-game screenshot of your tag and username: https://gyazo.com/882afcea47ba746107cea60b49a77751
  12. Parkins

    [CA] [Lich] Bromadan

    kill me
  13. Parkins

    A thorn in our sides.

    The Gravelord Adremeich simply shrugs, muttering about blowing their information on disguises.
  14. Parkins

    yeah nah

  15. Parkins

    Soft shelve.

    Not speaking for the MT or LT here, but one thing that has been brought up a lot among player groups was the fact that we have a ton of CA characters that only a handful of players or clique use to be special or different than others. Looking more into it, most of these shelved creatures are either just different versions of a similar thing (PKs and DKs are just stone and iron golems), or all various incarnations of nature creatures that don't need to be played. Honestly, giving descendants more ways to stand out without making another CA creature should be looked into more imo. Stop being entirely different, just be slightly different with a wider range/audience.