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  1. A Necromancer toils away in the Abyss, crafting new horrors to unleash.
  2. He threatened me with a fork if I didn't +1. Xarkly is a hardworking no-lifer who loves doing paperwork and stuff, which is weird. He's in general a weird dude. But all in all, you have to be a little weird to be a GM. So I give him a +1.
  3. Some Necromancer in the Abyss groans as he finds out he has to work overtime making undead legions.
  4. Jawohl
  5. How does a pervert like you get GM Mod. How many witches did you contact?

  7. A newly married Johan van Loden would give a warm smile and a nod to nobody in particular as he heard the news, nudging Erin slightly with his arm as they sat eating breakfast. "Tell Owyn I said congratulations."