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  1. Slic3 is a good man. +1
  2. It's entirely possible to become a Lich. We're always looking for good candidates, just have to make a good impression.
  3. ((IRP)) Name: Nicholas Thorbecke Race (any race is accepted): Lich Age: 150ish Why do you wish to join?: God's are bad ((OOC)) Skype (optional but recommended): parkins_ MC Name: Parkins Do You Accept A PK Clause If You Leave For Purposes Harmful To Us Or Betray Us?: I mean I really can't die so no.
  4. what a cool application +1
  5. this isn't what i meant
  6. From atop his bear in the streets of St. Karlsburg, a van Loden grits his teeth in thought.
  7. Johan van Loden gives a nod as he prepares the storage rooms.
  8. We have weird ass magic which we probably couldn't represent properly through a magic plugin, especially dark magic.
  9. I like the idea. Would be fun to fight someone who's arm just suddenly turns into some blade. +1
  10. Rare footage of human soldiers wiping out the Smoeni.
  11. Da