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  1. - Breaths down Reynard's neck - "Yooooooooou are dead to me.... not really HI REYNARD!" :P

  2. Just found that not long ago... so if you were wondering what a furry is. this explains it in song!
    1. Belyn


      All troll/hater responses will be removed.

  3. Achievement get - Face licked by Willette Forestina on Teamspeak

    1. Belyn


      <19:51:50> "Will Forestin": *extends his tongue, dripping a bead of saliva as he drags his rough tongue across Belyn's cheek repeatedly.

    2. kurk brak
    3. Taiga


      Inb4 sai-ber. < Stupid censors.

  4. Captain Sparkles gains a couple million subscribes just by his Fallen Kingdom song playing on Minecon's stream.. I can see it now.

  5. New signature is boss..

  6. http://i49.tinypic.com/10cufjl.png AC130 have you aquired your target? Yes, we have. We're ready to fire. Proceed to firing.
    1. Belyn


      ^ Tis my Texture pack.

    2. Rilath
  7. Sigh, Ogedi I miss ye.

    ~White Raven Leka/Belyn (Can't remember which one)

  8. *Looks at Wyvernos, walking up to him. I proceed to stick my tongue out, licking his face as slow as a continent moving.* Hey Wyv Wyv!

  9. I have DayZ, my steam is leka21991. I am new to DayZ still learning it, just bought Arma 2 Combied yesterday. <3
  10. Username (ooc) : leka213 Username (in-game) : Loka Highest skill level (type /Stats) : Archery 100 Lowest skill level : Blacksmithing 25 What can you bring to this Guild? : I can bring protection, I am excellent on the arts of a bow. I can serve as a archer if needed to be so. Race : Kharajyr Age (character) : 33 Weapon of choice : Bow or sword (75) Guild experience : This is my first guild, I will be accepted into...
  11. -Minecraft Account Name: Leka213 -How old are you: IC- 421 OOC- 21 -Time-Zone/Country of Residence: EST, USA. -Small 2-3 Sentence Description of yourself: IC- I am a fun person, I love to play around when I can, but when I am doing something important I will do no such thing! I am also caring, I would help anyone who needs help! Shall it come to medicine, or just someone to talk to! -Do you have a good grip on the English language/good grammar?: I do. -How much time could you be on the server weekly?: Almost all day, every day... -Do you know how to use Teamspeak and are y
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