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  1. MC Name: BentStool Race: Human Skype (PM if you’d like): HotSoupIsatoy Do you have Teamspeak? Yes.
  2. [OOC] MCName: Briton1 [RP] Name: Borin Tahle Age: 23 Nationality: Human Past Group Affiliations: None
  3. Name: Azaze Colins Race: Dark Elf Age: 182 Sex: male Other Affiliations/Loyalties: none Any notable talents, trades: moderatly skilled swordsman, trained in Hand to hand combat and an Apsiring Poet. Binding Oath: I, Azaze swear to honor my pact with the Order, to go about my duties with vigor and enthusiasm, to the High Crown, Syrio. I, Azaze swear to strive to become a very paragon of strength, Justice, and mercy. To stand stoic against corruption and sin and slander, to the best of my ability. Until the day I am set free from my duty, either by discharge or by death.
  4. Your Name: Azaze Colins Your Age: 190 Your Race: Dark Elf Are you wishing to join the college as a Mage, or a Pilgrim?: Pilgrim If joining as a mage, clarify on if you are currently skilled in the magical arts, or being taught by someone who is: I am completely Unskilled in the art of magic but I am willing to learn What affinity of magic are you skilled in? None (( OOC: MC Name: Briton1 When did you join the server?: 26 Jul 2011 But I've taken a MASSIVE break If applying as a mage, link any currently approved MAs unless grandfathered: Null If applying as a mage, list your magic type and tier: Null ))
  5. As you go on through your characters life he might begin to like diffrent things, At the start you may want to be a Fighter but as you go along You may find yourself being very happy being a farmer
  6. Might want to change your appeal title, it says ban report :P

  7. I wanted to updgrade my Gold To Diamond but the money was on two different cards so I asked Mau5noize about it and he said If I donated the money and then had an admin check they could add me to Diamond vip, I have tried to ask the admins Ig but they were most likely too busy at the time for I did not get a reply Details: -Removed by Nemantius (Acaele) ~ As Cyndikate said, only share your e-mail with those you trust. Re-opening in hopes the problem is solved. Apologies for any inconvenience!-
  8. MC name?:Briton1 Have you been banned? If so, why?:Yes, When there was a glitch back in ageis some people got Creative And I spawned some things but don't people say you learn from your mistakes? Do you have an accepted villain app?:No Do you have a TS or Skype? (TS preferred):Yes I have both Short Bio (2-5 sentences):I am a 14 year old male who happens to have a lot of spare time on their hands at the moment so I can play lord of the craft a lot more appose to the 1-3 hours a day. ------------------------------ RP: Name:Julius Whitewood Age:32 Race:human Experience:Julius is no stranger to a bow but prefers a sword, its easier to control and you dont have to worry about reloading Your oath:I, Julius Whitewood hereby swear my sword to the Nords of the Frost, and to that of the Ulfhaedyn line, to defend our lands, to stain my sword with the enemies blood, and to batter my shield in defense of my brothers. 'Till death comes to me, I shall not forsake my vow, I do by swear.
  9. *Moruk rolls 20* "Haha!"

    "shut up and take my money.."

  10. Is this the Briton I remember? /hopes


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