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  1. MC Name: BentStool Race: Human Skype (PM if you’d like): HotSoupIsatoy Do you have Teamspeak? Yes.
  2. [OOC] MCName: Briton1 [RP] Name: Borin Tahle Age: 23 Nationality: Human Past Group Affiliations: None
  3. Name: Azaze Colins Race: Dark Elf Age: 182 Sex: male Other Affiliations/Loyalties: none Any notable talents, trades: moderatly skilled swordsman, trained in Hand to hand combat and an Apsiring Poet. Binding Oath: I, Azaze swear to honor my pact with the Order, to go about my duties with vigor and enthusiasm, to the High Crown, Syrio. I, Azaze swear to strive to become a very paragon of strength, Justice, and mercy. To stand stoic against corruption and sin and slander, to the best of my ability. Until the day I am set free from my duty, either by discharge or by death.
  4. Your Name: Azaze Colins Your Age: 190 Your Race: Dark Elf Are you wishing to join the college as a Mage, or a Pilgrim?: Pilgrim If joining as a mage, clarify on if you are currently skilled in the magical arts, or being taught by someone who is: I am completely Unskilled in the art of magic but I am willing to learn What affinity of magic are you skilled in? None (( OOC: MC Name: Briton1 When did you join the server?: 26 Jul 2011 But I've taken a MASSIVE break If applying as a mage, link any currently approved MAs unless grandfathered: Null If applying as a mage, li
  5. Might want to change your appeal title, it says ban report :P

  6. MC name?:Briton1 Have you been banned? If so, why?:Yes, When there was a glitch back in ageis some people got Creative And I spawned some things but don't people say you learn from your mistakes? Do you have an accepted villain app?:No Do you have a TS or Skype? (TS preferred):Yes I have both Short Bio (2-5 sentences):I am a 14 year old male who happens to have a lot of spare time on their hands at the moment so I can play lord of the craft a lot more appose to the 1-3 hours a day. ------------------------------ RP: Name:Julius Whitewood Age:32 Race:human Experience:Juli
  7. *Moruk rolls 20* "Haha!"

    "shut up and take my money.."

  8. Is this the Briton I remember? /hopes


  10. Fricken ponies everywhere... -.-

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