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  1. "There's a saying that all roads lead to Ankh-Morpork. And it's wrong. All roads lead away from Ankh-Morpork, but sometimes people walk along them the wrong way"

    1. Lago


      Anhk-Morpork, city of a ten thousand souls, and as the Patrician observed, twice as many people.

    2. ~ Odin ~

      ~ Odin ~

      Thud… That novel… (sighs dreamily)

    3. Lago


      THIS. IS. NOT. MY. COW.

  2. I wonder how a city based off Ankh-Morpork would fair in the land of Lord of the Craft...

    1. Cirdanoth


      It would fair amazingly, I personally think! Ankh-Morpork for New Abresi!

    2. Lucas


      I'd love to see one, but perhaps a separate city altogether, a satire of the satirical city would be quite interesting. Or just, you know, a copy. :D

    3. max.


      It'd be awesome, but I don't think it would work.

  3. Lucas

    The Red Sun Pirates

    Godin stares blankly at the board in front of him, absentmindedly perusing over the notices. The true focus of his mind however is about recent matters. Up until recently he'd been under the indirect care of the Valois family. To be sure, he'd assisted add food to their stockpiles by fishing and doing some basic work around the house while awaiting for a particular man to return in order to maybe ask him whether or not he could learn, to possibly be accepted and then perhaps gain a good job. Maybe. It was not to be however. With all his intellect he couldn't predict the maneuvers of other humans and thus he was forced to leave, he was dead weight. Out of home, out of pocket, but hungry with ambition Godin was looking for work. Upon the notice board something catches his eye. *Gold* The word seems to jump straight out at him, shining bright among the other meaningless drivel posted on the notice board. Now gold, gold he could work with. He studies the poster thoroughly, considering his options. A prickling on the back of his neck arouses suspicions of being watched, however he doesn't spot anyone. His heart begins to race as he fears some authorities have been altered to his interest in a pirate recruitment poster; a pointless paranoia, yet a suspicion all the same. Quickly, he pulls out a patch of paper and a small lump of charcoal and begins to write out a small notice of offer to join the Red Sun Pirates, detailing his numerous skills with mathematics, rhetoric and his previous experience with money making (leaving out the bits about failure). ((OOC)) Application MC Name: Amarnra Rp Name: Godin Ecklesbury Skype name: leldyn What do you want to play as? (Bosun, First Mate, etc...): As my character is physically inept, any role that requires thinking would be preferable. Quatermaster, (He's not a very good Chef, so that rules that out), he could learn to be a doctor but he has no prior training. Do you have experience in sailing RP?: None whatsoever, though he can swim. Will you obey the OOC rules?: Of course. Do you accept to not be an a-hole?: I believe it to be in my power, so I accept. I'm not promising I'll be overly active though, I hope that's okay. If not, that's cool.
  4. Lucas

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    6.5/10 Seen you around a couple times, you seem like a cool guy! :)
  5. Hello there, Mr Lucas. :P

  6. You total tophat you!

  7. I helped you out? :O Wow! You have gone so far! :)

    More posts and reputation than me! So proud of you! :')

    I'm just drifting around here and there these days. Sometimes I'll log on to play with a few friends (I'm a Kharajyr), but generally I'm busy with school work or Europa Universallis 3 or another friends minecraft server. I'm alw...

  8. Hey. When I was making whitelist apps to gain entry to the server, you helped me out a lot. I don't know if you're still around, but thank you.

  9. Pancake Island? Isn't that where... we met the eight foot er... natives? With the whole... *motions in big wide circles* Thing going on?

    I shan't be needing any further pancakes, what ever do we need from such a locale? The hippo-wheels are rather tired from our last adventure to Muffin Land.

  10. When shall we set forth for Pancake Island milord?

  11. Lucas

    [Updated] ~~| House Klaren |~~

    Lego has put so much work into this, organising it and putting together a list of skins and house motto's and even a banner pole. It would be foolish of one not to consider joining this house. ;)
  12. Lucas

    [Actor] Application Garet867

    I'd just like to give you some constructive critisism if that is alright ^_^ If you take offence to any of the preceeding information just send me a message and I'll take it right out. I reccomend you do a spell check on your application, there are a few errors in there. Your answer to the necromancer question has a lot of player emotes. I believe the question is more aimed towards what you would do, rather than how other players would react. Still include them is my reccomendation, but try to include more about the necromancer. You went against the whole point of the second last question. "accidentally" is the key here. Now I am in no way of knowing what Shift wants to see with these applications, and my reccomendations are based souly on logical analysis of the questions, so my reccomendations may well be erroneous. Enjoy!
  13. Why does Rhis look like she is smiling in your DP? o_o

  14. haha, I have denied a whole lot more. That count should be halved as well because of the "Moved to denied forum" message. Before the system was set in place I had already denied a couple hundred... Tough work being an app team member. Not that I'm complaining xD

  15. wow 955 posts in the denied apps lol XD.