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  1. meg

    best girl

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      i really really like her

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      i h*cking agree

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      Eureka better girl

  2. : )

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      stop that gamer female >: (

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      what are you doin 11!!

  3. anyways here's wonderwall

  4. so many people online, nobody in cities. my god, my god, why have you forsaken me

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      @Dougstalicious the only viable method of rp tbh

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      im gonna make an event where EVERYONE GETS RANDOM TPED TO CITIES sound good y'all???

  5. Moved to The Great Library. It shall be sorted into the appropriate category shortly. If you feel this is a mistake, please contact myself or any FM and we'll restore it.
  6. lore that I actually want to see on the server
  7. anybody need a mine slave? legendary miner bot who just wants minas for skins pls

    1. Mj.


      What's ur price 

    2. meg


      I could work off commision or flat rate tbh. like 40%? idk. I don't really need much other than payment in minas & a blacksmith to help w/ pick making/repair

      I also don't really know much abt the economy so I'm just ballparking *shrug*

    3. Deminisher


      We've got access to a mine, blacksmith, and the Asul docks. 

  8. Hey, as the LT who introduced Fi as one of the problem child magics that needed a looking at/re-write, and also as I worked with Rella extensively on this, I want to clarify a few things. The current Fi userbase was contacted as to the re-write, as they are the ones who have the most vested interest in what would happen to the magic. This was an attempt to rectify some of the less than desirable changes Connor made to the magic, but I will bring up in chat the issue of you being unhappy with changes to something that was originally your concept, Lulu. It is a touchy subject in terms of at what point does a concept belong/no-longer belong to you, but I understand the sentiment and will bring it up to forum.
  9. *flops* fixed

  10. I was asleep

  11. Skjoldier jbrown67.deviantart.com A visit from a Skjoldier ship is a joyous occurrence for many lands and port cities. The hardy men of that frigid continent are renowned for their knowledge and wares. Curiously, however. They never stay for long. Their boardings are brief, periods of trade kept brisque and with little haggling. Shortly after their visits, however, it is common for strange occurrences and disappearances to plague the town. Men found butchered in alleyways, torn apart by beastly markings. Strange women, pale in skin and icy to the touch. The port towns are busy and bustling, so nothing is ever traced back for certain. But, slowly and surely Skjoldier’s eternal war seeps out into the world around it. Recorded ‘History’ Most records of the true origin of the plague upon the lands are lost to time, and any denizen will tell you the story of how it happened, with ease. "Before there was everything, there was nothing. There was nothing but Mother and Father. Father was content with their simple presence, content to sleep and reside simply in eternity. Mother did not agree, for she felt within her a great warmth and light, a yearning to spread and create. http://achen089.deviantart.com/gallery/ “Common Depiction of Mother” She went to Father once, and asked him to awake. He did not. After a hundred years, Mother went to him again, and he opened his eyes, but pushed her away. After yet another hundred years, he finally awoke. Mother pleaded with him, her desire, and eventually he relented. Their work began, Mother moving swiftly to enact her vision, working tirelessly and without rest. .Mother made the earth, the land, and the sea. From her hands she wove the dirt together, lifting rocks to make mountains and carving out grooves for the rivers and oceans. From her warmth and presence she made Summer, and Spring. Father started to make the sky, but after his first attempt did not think it reflected them well enough. So he undid it. After his second attempt, he thought it was too odd and misshapen, and so he undid it. Once he was satisfied with his third and final attempt, placing the stars carefully into curious shapes and playful things, knowing Mother would be delighted. She was, but there was little work left for him. She offered to allow him to make the final two seasons. Father was dumbstruck by her work, jealous at how much of hers would be seen, and not his. His seasons were harsh, beginning with Autumn, to pull the pretty leaves and things off of her trees and plants. He then made winter, and snow, to coat all that she had done with his own, ensuring it was all that would be seen. Mother then made her first children, and set them out into the world. They flourished and thrived, living happily in her seasons, and struggling during his. Mother spent more and more time with her children. Father grew resentful. He missed his time alone with her. He missed sleeping. The noise of creation kept him awake, and alone. Father then approached Mother, alone, wrenching her away from her precious children for a few moments. He pleaded with her, he was tired, and lonely, and he missed her and his sleep. She scolded him, for his avoidance of her children. She scolded him again, for his refusal to sleep when everyone else slept, for he wanted to appreciate his work on the night sky as no-one else did. She denied his request to leave her children and return to nothing. He returned, again, bringing her proof of her children’s misdeeds, pleading for her to return with him. She denied him, proclaiming that they were imperfect, and that was why she loved them. Father was furious, unable to see in her children what she saw. So, as she did, he descended to the lands to observe. His travels brought him to a wedding, standing quietly in the back, as the Bride waited patiently at the Altar. Time passed, but the groom did not come. When the Bride fled, only Father followed. She ran, alone, into the frozen tundra, as a Blizzard whipped up around him. Father understood her loneliness, her pain, and he was determined to make her his Bride, in Mother’s stead. His creation was twisted, however. His love was pulled from jealously, and rage, and the Bride’s form twisted in his hands, becoming a mockery of Mother: the first Witch Mother. Father’s creation spread quickly throughout the land, bringing ruin and death in its wake. Mother could do little to stop his work, her power drained greatly from the creation of her children. When Mother finally confronted Father and his Bride, she was struck down without a second thought. Her corpse was propped up in the center of the frozen castle, and became a corrupted source of energy for the Bride, who consumed her godly flesh. With his counterpart missing, Father felt a great emptiness within him. He left his Bride, and returned to sleep eternally, in solitude. The Bride still continues her work, driven by a desire to undo all that had been done by the Mother who came before her." Landform and Notable Locations Skjoldier is a large island continent, spanning countless miles in each direction and, for the most part, completely frozen over. The Witch’s magic keeps the northeastern part of the continent eternally winter, the land completely controlled by their brood for thousands of years. The northwestern corner of the continent remains free, still, with the center point being the Citadel, the large and famous “Witchless City.” Townsteads and and villages in the vicinity of the Citadel remain safe, but the further one strays from it the less assured safety is. The middle belt of the continent is in a constant state of war, control of areas switching back and forth endlessly between the Witches and the forces of the Citadel. The Queen’s Domain Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Official Art A large, imposing icy fortress that dominates the northern half of the continent. This is the domain of the Witch Queen, Father’s Bride. Most of the territory surrounding it is entirely unmapped, any mortal unfortunate enough to enter are unlikely to ever leave. The smaller towns along the coast are the source of the Witch ocean raiders, who control most of the coast. Trade vessels and passenger ships are generally expected to give offerings or stowaway witches in order to be allowed safe passage. Contested Villages http://noahbradley.deviantart.com/art/The-Iron-Wolf-Barbarians-214419878 While too numerous and varied to name, the contested villages and towns in the middle of the continent play an important role. While under Citadel control, they serve as important sources of supplies and resources, while also receiving the benefits of protection from raids. Under Witch control, the villages are afforded the same protection, however, they are required to give tribute in the form of men and women. Elderly, lame, and other men considered useless are lacking in these sorts of villages, given up first when the Witches come for tribute. Lottery systems are sometimes utilized, however towns are more likely to give people up rather than risk themselves being taken. Conversely, strong, healthy women are unwanted, being the first who are taken for conversion by the Witches. These towns are usually heavily guarded, however, preventing any from entering or leaving. Those who live in these such villages would have a life of hardship and unease, some perhaps lucky enough to live most of their lives under Citadel control, and some unfortunate to have lived under Witch’s rule all their life. Those who leave these villages may find themselves smuggled off the continent on trading ships, or living their lives working on a trading ship, and simply fleeing at first possible chance. The Citadel & Surrounding Villages League of Legends Concept Art (Demacia) The Citadel, self dubbed “The Witchless City” is a large fortress, previously the centerpiece of the vast Kingdom of Gautsdalr that once ruled the continent, but now remains as the last piece of that Kingdom. The Kingdom was slowly destabilized over the course over the years, with each subsequent King making attempts to reclaim and hold on to their remaining land. The most notable of such being Freyr The Redeemer, who reclaimed all the territory up to the Witch’s border, until it was lost slowly over his son’s rule, and then almost completely in his Grandson’s rule, Solvin the Craven, who almost traded the Citadel to the Witch Queen, in exchange for his wife’s life. Denizens of the Citadel live in relative peace, those who are born and die there will have lived without ever seeing a Witch or her effects. It is rare for people to be allowed entry or exit from the city, and those who are allowed exit may never return, for fear of bringing in spies or Witches. The Wilds jbrown67.deviantart.com There are few who live nomadically in the wilderness, rarely seen and rarer still that they would leave the lands, being so accustomed to them. Many of these travelers are those who remain of the smaller villages and druidic tribes that used to inhabit the northern part of the continent. They live now as rangers and travelers, constantly on the move, avoiding Witches as best they can. They will on occasion stop by villages to trade supplies and information, and are often valuable in tracking the movement of Witches. They are few and far between, however, and will very rarely leave Skjoldier. It is not uncommon for them to pull favors and send their children off the continent, to spare them the same fate. Culture https://www.artstation.com/artwork/kGO3l Skjoldier’s culture and customs are heavily fractured, most lost, victims of the eternal war. What remains is heavily influenced by the Curse’s effect on the continent. Due to the climate, the residents consist of only the hardiest Dwarves and Humans, with some half-breeds. They are entirely inter-mingled, with little cultural separation between the races. They live and work together, completely united in their existence. Religion serves as a unifying factor of the continent, with the majority following the doctrine of the Mother and the Father. The Father is generally reviled and unspoken of, believed to be the cause of the plague and general misfortune that has befallen the lands. Because of this, things that are believed to be his “creations” are generally unappreciated, as well. The winter and fall seasons, and the sky, with many of the stars and constellations being entirely unnamed and uncharted. Familial structure is usually kept communal, with children calling their parents by their names, believing it disrespectful to call a mortal any variation of “Mother” and insulting to call one any variation of “Father.” Young women are usually treated as boys, as well, for as long as possible, customs believing it is necessary to ward away the attention of Witches. Women are usually married off at a young age, as well, believing the ceremony to protect them as well, with the responsibility of preventing them from being turned. What remains of society is otherwise very communal and superstitious, going to great lengths to preserve what they have. They are generally open and willing to work with one another, with secrets being heavily frowned upon.
  12. You owe me

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  13. wait am I losing my mind or were there always mobs in the mine? I feel like there weren't???


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      No, they weren't always there, and they should be removed. @Kowaman please?

    3. Kvasir
    4. meg


      ok, I thought I wasn't crazy. I mined a ton at the start of this map and absolutely don't remember them haha.

  14. really gets those neurons firing

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