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  1. best girl

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      i really really like her

    2. gab


      i h*cking agree

    3. overlord2305


      Eureka better girl

  2. : )

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      stop that gamer female >: (

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      what are you doin 11!!

  3. anyways here's wonderwall

  4. meg

    [Arcane] [MA] Mabel Durette

  5. meg

    [Dark Arts] [MA] Perplexed_Aris

  6. meg

    Your View: Alchemy (Again)

    Hullo, so for my LT project I'm planning on taking a good hard look at Alchemy with a microscope here soon and potentially making ajdustments based on feedback and discussion. Firstly, however, I want to hear what everyone has to think and get a gauge on people interested in participating in the discussion. Please fill out the following questions, and be sure to take note of the separation between nexus alchemy and RP alchemy in the questions. If you are interested in participating in the official discussion, which will be on skype or discord (depending on what's easier for some people. If you would like to participate, please fill out the following form. disclaimer: this is a really big undertaking and due to a busier dev schedule with other things there's no guarantee nexus will be changed heavily in the near future. and while the final dream is to have the two equalized, it may not be feasible, but I will do my best. thanks.
  7. meg

    [MArt] Uthrandl, remnant of the Dark Sun [Fixed]

    Pending the "Both" section needs to be heavily rectified or removed entirely -Tah magic would not protect you from draconic fire, Xan magic is the dragon counter -how would the sword tell one is of a specific bloodline -does it allow one to parry a spell if they have the reflexes for it, does it improve reflexes, or does it create a dome/shield of sorts please clarify the nature of "Taint" that the holy version of the sword cleanses. there is a difference between necromancer taint and the taint that clerical magic targets, such as the example of flames of reckoning you used. additional emotes need to be added for activation
  8. meg

    [MArt] A Cleric's Bond

    Denied. Location-finding deemed to far out of clerical magic. A simple calming effect shouldn't reduce the potency of poisons or slow blood loss.
  9. so many people online, nobody in cities. my god, my god, why have you forsaken me

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      @Dougstalicious the only viable method of rp tbh

    4. TeaLulu


      im gonna make an event where EVERYONE GETS RANDOM TPED TO CITIES sound good y'all???

  10. meg

    [MArt] Kraken Fang