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  1. did i lose post counts or somet? had 1800 posts before

    1. DrakeHaze.


      I lost 3000 posts, I ain't complaining though. Never made that many posts to begin with.

    2. thankyousalvini


      they stopped counting statuses

  2. The United Front

    There is currently a warclaim up on the targeted region. This warclaim is denied until the already standing warclaim is resolved.

    Mardon has no land route to Bastion. You'd have to show me the fleet that you plan to carry your army on unless you are given permission to travel through Courland or Urguan.
  4. [Denied] Dreek

    back from the dead plus 1 x
  5. Never spam the submit button

    1. Vege


      never submit the spam button 

  6. [Denied]Vegetarianism's Reapp

    I endorse veg would be a great GM

    This warclaim has been resolved.
  8. [Denied]Nazdus' Game Team Application

    Do not make this man a GM. Seen how bad he abuses TS perms so he can hide in private channels and snake people. On numerous occasions seen him dipping through different channels just tryna bait people and cause civil unrest. He would be a horrible GM. -1
  9. The Final Cleansing

    Moved to Completed Warclaims.
  10. To Behead a Serpent

    We're gonna have to push this to the following weekend as the warclaims posted before this have priority over the times. There's gonna be a clash otherwise
  11. Connection to server

    grumdul you're back!
  12. Can you edit/film/animate? Contact me if you're interested in working on a project for the channel.

    1. Harrison


      i sign this charter.

  13. [Accepted] Hiebe's probably 10th GM app

    Hiebe is firm but fair, if I can do it this guy can.
  14. >keaton is unbeaten

  15. Dwarf Aging System

    It's not even just living during the time of the Urguan, any dwarf living during the great collapse kind of makes no sense - which coincided with Simmpa basically... :)