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  1. Z3m0s would do a great job +1
  2. "Read the job description old man." An angry Ironfoot would reply.
  3. Haensic-Urguani Accords 12th of The Amber Cold, 1594 This document shall serve as a legal affidavit between the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and the Kingdom of Haense. Signatories shall, for the twelve year duration suggested, adhere to the following terms: At the request of the Kingdom of Haense, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan pledges to respect the sovereignty of the Dominion of Malin, allowing it full authority over the governing of its people and the administration of its state - being absolutely non-aggressive for the twelve year duration of this treaty. The Kingdom of Haense agrees to independence from any alliance, pact or entity, offensive or otherwise defensive, with the term expiring on the twelfth year. In return, the Grand Kingdom of Urguan will not pursue its demand for the ceding of Haense land and mina penance - as requested in the Grayspine Concord. The dwarves will assist the Kingdom of Haense in vacating House Brawm from their lands, if House Brawm fails to vacate in a reasonable time frame. Signed, His Majesty the King Marius I of Hanseti and Ruska, Grand Prince of the Raev, Duke of Akovia, Krajia, Greymarsh and Alban, Margrave of Vanderfell and Adria, Count of Siegrad, Werdenburg, Kavat, Karovia, Torun, Owynswood and Kaunas, Lord of St. Karlsburg, Protector of the Highlanders. High Consul Yorri ‘Ironfoot’ of Clan Goldhand, on behalf of the Grand Kingdom of Urguan.
  4. Request Form: Username- JVQ Description- Kings guard unifrom Ref- What will you pay with? (Mina, items, etc)- 500 mina - more if done soon
  5. Wulfstag signs
  6. When you refer to the artefact incident as dynamic RP you are mistaken. We want legitimate and dynamic RP; Kevinblabla rage quitting and opening the vaults for his pals doesn't really fall within that bracket. Can't say anything for the Haelun'or coup, don't know anything about it...
  7. FM's should remove posts like these, as soon as there is a threat to Oren the masses do a good job of trying to delegitimise their enemies through repetitive memes. Come on guys! "We want dynamic RP!" Stop trying to undermine any RP that opposes you then! We see it every few days with the dwarves, no surprise it begins again now...
  8. Could you explain what the bounty board is? Or at least in plainer terms
  9. Fortune favours the bold
  10. Actor Application: Minecraft name(s): JVQ Skype ID: Will pm Timezone: GMT Do you hold / have you held any other staff positions? I was a MT member for a long time on two occasions. I am currently a WT member. What MMORPG/video games have you/do you play (past and present)? I’ve played anything from fifa to Total war. But mainly minecraft, the witcher and Battlefield. What are your characters? Are you willing to sacrifice any to become a event team member? My main character is Wulfstag Ireheart. I would be willing to sacrifice him to focus on the Event Department. My alts are not even worth mentioning. What race / group do you think your events would best cater to? If none in particular, give an example of the type of group that your events would entertain. My events would cater mostly towards Dwarves, it’s a lore I am most familiar with and a playerbase that I have affiliated myself the most over the last few years. Events are something that have proven to be vital for Dwarven activity and helped keep our players active. I want to contribute to that. That being said I have also played a human historically and would find no trouble making events for Humans and any other playerbase that I understand lore on. What do you believe are key factors for a successful event? Planning- Do all the work before you begin the event. If you have meticulously organised each step of the event and thought about how the event may change with the player’s reactions; any issues you may face will be easier to resolve. Adaptability- Being prepared to change the way your event is running on short or no notice. Maybe a larger group of players arrive for an event that was planned for a small group of players. Creativity - An interesting event has to be original and imaginative. It’s often good to recycle components from successful events but sometimes you can be in danger of being repetitive. Using interesting lore and developing storylines that are different from ones that you’ve used before. Also being innovative in how you can use MC mechanics in an event to make it more interactive. Interaction - Letting the way the players react to your event shape how it turns out. If the event is completely scripted and ignores how players might emote and react to what’s going on in front of them, it can quickly become boring. You have to have a certain amount of dynamism in order to retain player interest. My belief is that if a player doesn’t believe what they are doing is altering the event, they won’t invest themselves in it. Feedback - Learn from your mistakes and learn from what the players tell you. Take what’s good and solve what is bad. What strengths could you contribute to the event department? Are you knowledgeable in lore or great at organizing? -I am great at organizing, throughout my time here I have often held positions which have involved mass organization and direction. Nation leader and more recently a steward in charge of housing new players and tax. -I’m a good writer and I enjoy weaving lore in to my writing, storyline events are what speaks to me the most Why do you want to be part of the ED? I want to help the current ET’s focused on Dwarven RP in writing, planning and executing events. I’ve worked alongside most of them well in the last 3 years so I know we work well in a team. My main goal is to maintain the steady influx of events that have been going through the playerbase and keep activity and interest in the group up. I know it gets said often but I want to increase the amount of events on the server, I don’t want to cater exclusively for Dwarves. I want to help build RP in places where it’s lacking now. An event for a new player can be the difference between them staying or leaving. Create three distinct RP scenarios/events based on LOTC lore that you would organize. These are pitches to the managers and the lead, not to the community. Note: not all of the group must be handled at once. Eg: 20+ people via 5 person increments in a dungeon. (3-5) A small congregation of Humans outside of Johannesburg are met by an oddly dressed Hobbit. The halfling, small in stature and lacking in strength, politely asks the Humans to help him harvest his summer crop. The humans reluctantly accept but only on the promise of a reward. The group are led to a colossal field not far from where they were, ripe with gold wheat to harvest. The Hobbit tells the Humans that whomever gathers the most wheat from his field, will be given the hobbits own unyielding scythe (Unbreaking X hoe). Planning for an event like this will be very straightforward. Small events without the weight and seriousness of many of the bigger events can be refreshing. The reward isn’t overpowered but still an interesting item to own. Preface: The following eventline is something that I have written in order to facilitate a change in the Dwarven nation that is being planned. If it’s not allowed due to lore faults I’m happy to write new events. The event follows this suggested lore: 5-10 Part 1 of two Part event Dwedmar are encouraged to follow Velwyn on an expedition to an uncharted Island far from Axios after the Dwarven navy discovered it. The Dwarves sail to the island before making a base camp on the Island’s shores. After they’re settled, the group are tasked with exploring the small volcanic island, looking for any points of interest. After a short time, one of the Dwarves discovers a stone ruin with a map and a burnt fragment of paper that reads: “And to his Eldest, created in his image at birth, he left the gems and fruits of his reign in the hope that they might rule with the same righteousness as him for as long as they endured.” The map shows an aerial view of the island. The Dwed follow more clues on the map, eventually arriving at a long and narrow cave leading into the Volcano. The cave follows on for a while, the Group are met with some mobs guarding the cavern which they dispose of quickly. Eventually they reach a dead end as the cavern is caved in, Velwyn tells the Dwarves to go back to the camp and send word for more Dwed to bring more suitable tools for clearing the rubble. This event is a setup for the next one which will involve a larger part of the playerbase. The mechanics of this are relatively easy, two fast travels, one to a boat in the middle of the ocean and one from the ocean to the Island. The players will be required to roam this relatively small island searching for the ruin which will be fairly hard to find. The event is puzzle based with a small amount of PVE. The rewards will be RP items, and important RP artifacts. 20+ part two of event. With the support of the King and all dwarves that can be mustered, the group returns to the expedition site. The tunnel remains sealed and the rubble is cleared quickly. Behind the stone, a large runic door sits at the back of the cave; the walls there have various markings and a systematic code to the door. Through some small puzzle work, the dwedmar work out the order in which the buttons need to be pressed in order to open the door. The group is then led through the door and into a large building built into the centre of the volcano. Around them they would see vast libraries, another large door at the edge of a lava lake, and large furnaces. The congregation search the large rooms, eventually finding two broken halves of a runic key and a letter: “By decree of his Imperial Majesty Velkan Ironborn, It has plagued our Kingdom for centuries. Burn it, burn it all. May a new legacy rise from these ashes.” The dwarves attempt to cross the lava lake, a precarious path that leads to the next door. Once there, they use the separate halves of the runic key to open it, the door opens into a large dark cavern with a suspended walkway leading to a final glowing entrance guarded by two statues. The dwedmar are met with underlings, such as goblins and large arachnids, but make quick meat of their foes. As the group reach the end of the walkway, the statues begin to form a final obstacle for the dwed, a couplet of golems. The dwedmar eventually defeat the golems, and walk through the gilded entrance into a grand library. Various books sit in chests, ancient writings from a millenia ago that detail the significance of this room. Within this holding lies the last documentation of Urguan’s line. The line of Kings. A portal sits at the back of the library, with a riddle written at it’s foot. “My son locked Odnarch within, a hammer stroke broke his cold. My love was one who begun us, a paragorn and father of all.” Using the information from the libraries books the dwed answer the riddle, “Yudora” being the answer. Upon the correct answer, an old and rigid dwarf slowly appears from the portal. He slumps on to the ground, the caves around begging to growl with an imminent eruption. The group aid the dwarf, making haste back up out the way they came. Around them, gravel and rocks fall, lava rising in the collapse of the caverns. At the surface the dwarf starts to explain the purpose of the caves. The volcano was built to systematically destroy all dwarven history and documentation during the great collapse. The island was commanded by the Ironborn during the empire of Khorvad, and the second library was to hold all information regarding the line of kings, Urguan’s heir. The dwarf was held there, in an ageless prison with all information of his inheriting sons, a line which finished at Thailrin son of Glorvin. Thorgarn Ironborn, in an attempt to consolidate power and solidify a right to rule, removed all evidence of Urguan’s dynasty. The dwarf reveals himself as Thailrin, rightful heir of Urguan. Thailrin was seized during the rise of the empire, and locked in the library, the last remnant of Urguan’s line. This event is written off of lore that I’m suggesting to the dwarves: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1sX5ZQiLQgdZpO-l13YlP2VFKJQkEzsbv0yaRLsSwa5A/edit The event starts off with a small redstone mechanism which enables the dwed to use the information around them to work out the combination. Once open, there is a small avenue of exploration within the first library, uncovering MC books which will hold information detailing the events lore. There’ll be a parkour course over a lava lake, with room for failure - considering the significance of the event if agreed to, I’d TP players back to the start to retry. Once the second door opens, they’ll be met with MC mobs on the bridge and an RP fight with the two golems. The second library will be another exploration, with players gathering books of information. The riddle, when answered, will cue an ET or whomever has been decided to play the heir, will unvanish. With care, I would begin to destroy the environment around the group, prompting them to return to the surface with emotes. How long do you plan to stay on the ED? As long as it takes! Tell me a joke! Arockstar28
  11. Clan Father Wulfstag Ireheart
  12. 8k Minas? What the hell happened to holiday discount?
  13. The Irehearts pen their official response. 'Clan Father Velwyn Ireheart will represent the Clan as Senator.'