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  1. should never be a time where the war rules aint down to the war team
  2. did i lose post counts or somet? had 1800 posts before

    1. DrakeHaze.


      I lost 3000 posts, I ain't complaining though. Never made that many posts to begin with.

    2. James2k


      they stopped counting statuses

  3. Forum Mod censorship is so dumb, can't post anything remotely confrontational or that musters any controversy. Just frustrating
  4. Sorry Thomas, you ruined Lord of the Craft Server has become an institution with all of the quotas and ****. Staff is a thankless task with work that's not particularly difficult, just tedious and ineffective work that is basically just real life applications that people try and use - which fail. Dont treat lotc like anything different to what it is, a game. Maybe when people start thinking about it like that won't be so boring. Server gotta run its course eventually cus everythings been done, I saw people trying way too hard to counter this - if only to appear active for pex
  5. I addressed most of your points in the post sky - although we didn't add our guys it doesn't make sense why that rule prevented us from defending the city in the first place. They caught us off guard we rallied, ready to go fight them as soon as we found out. There's no justification to prevent them from doing so if they are tied to the region in rp. What beamon says about it just being us three isn't accurate, there was a fair few frostbeards that rocker up and were told they couldn't fight.
  6. Dunno if you read my post or not, if you read it I address what you're saying
  7. Not denying you mightve roleplayed before it, but its a two way thing - if you are roleplaying the seizure of our capital we should be allowed to stop you in roleplay. This post isn't downplaying you guys Im sure it was well fun, its more that we were prevented by rules from getting involved and trying to stop it. There was no rp our side
  8. The rp prior to that pvp was the most interesting thing to happen in a long time
  9. Following a huge amount of rp yeah
  10. Today we were told by Mateolog that our region, Kal’Omith, was being attacked by our enemies (McPancakes). After arriving we were told instantaneously by Cablam that most of us were unable to aid our capital, due to us not being added to the region being couped. Kal’Omith was siezed by Raomir’s group about a month ago, during an event that took place in the coup downtime. Regions were wiped and the city was being rebuilt, it wasn’t on our agenda to reinforce the region with members and owners because the relevancy regions would later have on coups wasn’t made clear to us until last saturday, when the new rules came out. So whilst a single region owner was able to bring eight external players to aid in the coup - we were not allowed to bring our own allies who are in the same clan, to fight against a coup happening in their own city, solely because they weren’t added to regions that had recently been wiped. There was no accurate representation of the population that occupies the region, only outsiders. Speaking to Xarkly, it was reinforced that we should have fixed the regions when we first couped: I kept on stressing that it was only enforced last saturday that region members mattered in coups. Even then we weren’t full aware of the extent in which we would be limited until this was thrown upon us today. We’re to blame for that I suppose, but this event is proof of the flaws in the new coup system, if we can lose a CAPITAL CITY without any roleplay or any opportunity at defense. I argued for hours at some chance of a compromise, only to give us some chance at defending our city, but we were given this verdict by Xarkly: ‘Yeah given the circumstances there's just nothing I can do about the coup itself anymore. The point of the coup is that it is catching you with your hands down and it was just a matter that you didn't have people added on the region. What I want to do is allow you to instasiege in retaliation but that needs to be sorted out tomorrow because I've got to go rn’ We weren’t caught out, we turned up to defend ourselves and wanted to fight this out dynamically, but we were effectively region sniped because of the new rules. If we turn up with players sharing the same second name in rp as the primary region owner, there is absolutely no justification for us being prevented from doing so. There’s proof in that affiliation that they have the right to be there and to defend Kal’Omith, along with its pro who is their King. I was told it wasn’t fair to the Coupers to prevent them from seizing the city because they did everything lawfully. Maybe so, but it’s equally unfair to us if we don’t receive any oppurtunity to defend it. It’s not us hiding behind rules, we wanted to attack this and deal with it in RP. It should be a warclaim if it’s the army of your enemy, regardless if they have some inside help. Maybe the system would work if the regions had been sorted, but they weren’t and there was no need for them to be during the reconstruction of the city. At least in this instance it would be fair to skirmish fairly for the city, and give RP some influence over an event of this gravity. When we took the city, it was entirely dictated by RP, and that’s been cancelled out by this. Not trying to call Xarkly out, he was up for discussions on skype and he wasn't there to deal with it in game. I'm only wanting to point out something thats a major injustice and has fucked us over in rp using ooc means. EDIT: I'll clarify that there was probably RP from the coupers which is fair enough, it's the fact that we weren't allowed to respond to it which makes it shitty.
  11. Freedom! Kyle mackin didnt die in vain!
  12. Written by Ironfoot Goldhand!
  13. Wulfstag would address the Clan Lords in letter ‘Brothers! Never has the need for unity stood truer, yet we are divided as enemies. I am an unknown to some of you dwed, only a servant to Algoda years ago, but with the news escaping the human realms it is surely time to make peace with one another - convene about Omith and grant it to a King that all of you elect! The wounds of this conflict will not heal soon, but there are more pressing issues facing dwarfkind than the rebellion. There is a great war to come and it is time for you, the Clan Lords of Urguan to answer that call and aid our old allies. Once more should dwed rally under the same banner, for a just cause. Listen to me as a dwarf with no agenda other than to see us in stance to defend ourselves against what threats now arise. I only wish to open a real dialogue between conflicting parties in Urguan. I invite the Clan Lords, and all of your kin to meet on neutral ground this stone day, at the Cloud Temple hall. Ere long, we will find strength. Dwain Irongut Fimlin Grandaxe Kerwyr Frostbeard Zahrer Irongrinder Oyvind Goldhand Dormin Doomforged Gror Ireheart Darek Hammerfist The Members of the Clergy Please brothers, you’re our only hope! Wulfstag Ireheart (3EST/8GMT)
  14. Borin stands in front of his brothers. "Kerwyr Frostfart you are, king of the no one. Urguania calls, I declare my for the old customs! Your coup has failed, slay thyself by the sharpness of your cold blade. Live in the snow where you dwell old man of the iceberg. Removal of your Kingdom is my goal, I am a follower of the true dwed, older than your birth and stronger than your host. Here me here me, I am Borin son of Thorin, the Lord’s council is stronger than your Kingdom. Urguania Urguania - Wyvrun is false brother, fall on a leaf rake and perish in a fire scum of Azwyr. Two wrongs don't make a right, take your parents as an example. I'd like to see things from your point of view but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass. If I wanted to kill myself I'd climb your ego and jump to your IQ. Your family tree must be a cactus because everybody on it is a prick. You are an accident! It looks like your face caught on fire and someone tried to put it out with a hammer. If you really want to know about mistakes, you should ask your parents. If I had a face like yours, I'd sue my parents. I'm jealous of all the people that haven't met you! Looking at you, I understand why some animals eat their young. I would ask you how old you are but I know you can't count that high!" Borin Grandaxe, son of Thorin
  15. Pavlo the Old watches as the Romstun men sally from the trees of Vizegrad. "Go get 'em boys."