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  1. Hiebe is firm but fair, if I can do it this guy can.
  2. Go ahead! Gildur's Shaders
  3. Hello! In line with the new Cloud Temple release we thought it would be a good time to reintroduce the youtube channel. This trailer is the first in our plan to bulk up our advertising through social media - videos on youtube are what brought many of us to the server, and the trailers since aegis have garnered upwards of 100,000 views. We've not released a video on the main channel in over six months, and with our initiative to increase applications/player retention now is an appropriate time to begin releasing again. Stay tuned. Thanks! :)
  4. >keaton is unbeaten

  5. Chaw is a level headed and competent dude. +1
  6. THE BATTLE OF CURON The Warzone Region and the surrounding area. WARZONE The Warzone is now open! Travel by cart from either Karlsberg of Aleksandria to reach each nation’s respective warcamp, from which you can move off into the PVP zone. From now up until the eve of the battle the warzone will stay open, with each evening a small skirmish being arranged for both hosts to field larger rallies. As the warzone for the Battle of Elba has already granted rewards for the upcoming battle, the Friday skirmish will yield a reward and the Thursday won’t. THURSDAY 23rd OF MARCH Last man standing - 5EST (No Returning) FRIDAY 24th OF MARCH Capture points - 6EST-7:30EST (Returns allowed) -Winner takes an extra trebuchet for the Siege https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/158301-no-stone-left-unturned/#comment-1497897 Rules Statuses are required in the warzone, and switching statuses should only be done within war camps. (Haense = Affectionate | Courland = Crusading) To prevent spawn camping, War Camps are not to be invaded. Grappling hooks are encourage to be used, but should not be used to hide on the trees or gain access to an opposing party's war camp. Please maintain a balance of role-play when using mechanics. Horses are strictly prohibited, following an agreement by both sides. As always, maintain other server rules while in the warzone. Thanks to everyone that helped in building the Warzone, as well as Niccum for the formatting/rules on this post. HB Tahmas Vege Teegah Wolfkite Wapples Nathanbarnett Shalashask Hackehen Cakefool McThornz TheCollectivist
  7. It's not even just living during the time of the Urguan, any dwarf living during the great collapse kind of makes no sense - which coincided with Simmpa basically... :)
  8. "I, Velwyn Ireheart, Lord of Irewatch and protector of the first dwed, Warden of the grayspine peninsula, Duke of Rasterly Rock and Count of Kal'Valen, Priest of the reformed Brathmordakin and your loyal vassal, do declare my nomination to be the only dwed capable of this task - My great great grandfather Valen Grandaxe. The paragon of writing."
  9. Despite being a nation leader I think Vege would be capable of being fair and unbias. I've seen how competent the guy is at dealing with large amounts of players - a large amount of which new players; he is probably the reason for a lot of them staying on the server. Big +1 from me!
  10. happy birthday kipples

  11. Ah man that's strange we have the same bday! 19 today...

    1. Leitseig


      have to say it here because nobody cares

    2. Jaeden


      happy birthday! and it's not actually my birthday, it's just Amaya and Sythan pulling a prank on me

    3. Racker / Lefty

      Racker / Lefty

      It's not Kipples birthday either lmao 

  12. Sad to see u go Bastion!

  13. "Torvin is a true dwed, I 'ope we can move past this grudge - he acted as many dwed might have!" Says Velwyn.
  14. Solnik messengers are distributed throughout the realms, giving information to the criers in the Human capitals. “Gather! Gather! For the execution of Charles, Regent of Marna! Gather! Gather! All be welcome in viewing! To the travel carts of the human realms for the viewing, it happens as I speak!”