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  1. I'll take responsibility for the issues that happened last night, as I wasn't there to moderate due to unforeseen IRL circumstances. I agree that there needed to be more clarification on the camp invasion rule, and in the last warzone I ran a broadcast sufficed. Generally, hiding in a fort during a skirmish constitutes a retreat or a surrender - so I am in full support of what happened yesterday - but I do understand your annoyance as it wasn't stated. With every skirmish if you do retreat from the combat or are drive away from the field in to your own fort/encampment, and you do not return from it, you would be considered the loser. With this skirmish, and I was reassured previous ones, the rule that Harrison followed was that during a skirmish we would basically just turn off camps so that people wouldn't hide during a skirm, and we wouldn't have to force surrender through a BC or something.
  2. "The North supports your claim!" Ostromir would say.
  3. Rringing bells are seen throughout the north and human realms, each exclaiming the following news to large gathering of people. “Hark! Denizens of Axios, the City of Vsevograd has finally reached its completion! Home to Lord Ostromir himself and his family, it shall be the leading hub of advancement within the Arch-Duchy of Haense-Ruska! All are welcomed within the walls of Vsevograd, food is plenty and homes a many and needing occupants! Speak to the various authorities of Vsevograd to find yourself settling in the Great North that is Haense-Ruska.” Posters are tacked throughout the realm displaying the following document: VSEVOGRAD Capital of the Arch-Dukedom of Haense-Ruska “It confuses me why dwarf men build such big doorways.” -Arpad the Tall Capital to the Arch-Duchy of Haense-Ruska, Vsevograd is a rising City of the Isles of Axios, competing with its sister-city, Aleksandria on the Courlandic Mainland. It offers many to those wishing to pioneer the great expanse of the Northern wilderness; housing, food, entertainment, career options and much more. Home to a unique culture, the Raevs, the true descendant of the old Kingdom of Ruska and the following Carrion Hegemonies, Vsevograd offers a far different experience than other Cities. The humble people of Raev show a unique lifestyle in comparison to others, their faith in Ruskan Orthodoxy still prevalent within its communities. All are accepted within the City of Vsevograd, as long as they prove they have no criminal records within the Kingdom of Courland. _______________________________ How to get to Vsevograd A simple enough destination to reach if you understand how to read, it goes as so; From Cloud Temple: Exit Temple, make way to docks, find pier with sign stating, HEARTLANDS (It’s in between Dwarven Boat, and Harian Boat), exit the heartland docks and traverse down the road to reach the “Cart Hub”. Locate the yellow and black cart titled “The North” and enter! Notables figures of Vsevograd The City is the Capital to the Arch-Duchy, and therefore the hub of bureaucracy for the land and home of the ruling House Ivanovich. Such an important City is occupied by notable figures of the Arch-Duchy, each capable to handle the need of the people. Arch-Duke of Hanseti-Ruska Ostromir Ivanovich The Ruler of the Arch-Duchy. Praises be unto his moustache. ________________________ Steward of Vsevograd Vitaly Barrow Head steward overseeing the administration of Vsevograd. ________________________ Structures of Importance within Vsevograd Vsevograd is home to one of Courland’s largest populace, and therefore as a result, it is a large city with much opportunity to be had. And so, there are many different structures with each of them having their important purposes. Castle Vsevograd Built by the famed Ruskan architect, Vladislaus, this recently constructed Castle serves as the epicenter of House Ivanovich, it is the most central point within the Arch-Duchy for politics. This structure serves its purpose as a Castle, tall and straight sturdy walls, but also still holding the sense of Ducal extravagance. Also serving its purpose as home to House Ivanovich, many of the important Ducal Family members are found within its halls. With much work and dedication, Castle Vsevograd shall be the heart of the newly reformed Northern Realm. The Raev’ing Horse A hub of entertainment, news and much more within Vsevograd. Serving strong Ruskan Ale, and inhabited by Raevs who make for good drinking partners, a highlight of the Capital. It is currently not owned by anyone and is open for discussion regarding ownership. Contact Head-Steward Vitaly for more information. Governance and Administration of Vsevograd Ultimately, the City is ruled by the Lord Ostromir, the Arch-Duke, but to ease governing, the City is lead by a group of stewards, chosen by the Head Steward and approved by Lord Ivanovich himself. Council of Stewards The organization of Vsevograd is headed by the lead steward, Vitaly Barrow, who in turns leads a small council of lesser stewards to aid him. They are tasked with keeping the peace within the City by meeting the needs of the people, organizing events and the general improvement of life. The City Watch A militant order within the City walls of Vsevograd, they are tasked by the Arch-Duke to keep peace and order. They are usually led by a Commander, but the position itself at the moment is vacant. ___________________________________ Written by The Right Honourable, Adelwen Ruthern, Signed, Issued by, His Highness, Arch-Duke of Hanseti-Ruska Ostromir Ivanovich Glory to Godani
  4. The Battle of Dauðurmenn The Warzone Region and the surrounding area. WARZONE The Warzone is now reopened for the forthcoming siege! Travel by cart from either Kal’Omith or The Krag to reach each nation’s respective warcamp, from which you can move off into the PVP zone. From now up until the eve of the battle the warzone will stay open, with each evening a small skirmish being arranged for both hosts to field larger rallies. The beacons will work as usual, standing around them will slowly capture the point - black signifies Norland and Orange Urguan. THURSDAY 27th OF APRIL Last man standing skirmish - 5EST (No Returning) - Winner earns an extra free trebuchet. FRIDAY 28th OF APRIL Capture points - 6EST-7:30EST (Returns allowed) - 32 stone shots (Treb Ammo) https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/159455-a-debt-paid-in-blood/ Rules Statuses are required in the warzone, and switching statuses should only be done within war camps. (Dwarves = Casting| Norland = Flagged) To prevent spawn camping, War Camps are not to be invaded. Grappling hooks are encourage to be used, but should not be used to hide on the trees or gain access to an opposing party's war camp. Please maintain a balance of role-play when using mechanics. Horses are strictly prohibited within the WZ. As always, maintain other server rules while in the warzone. You may not enter the Warzone naked and without armor in an attempt to snipe loot. Thanks to everyone that helped in building the Warzone.
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  6. I endorse veg would be a great GM
  7. This warclaim has been resolved.
  8. THE NORTHERN AGREEMENT PREAMBLE In honor of Northern Union, and to uphold the integrity of one another's borders, it falls upon Northmen to band together and brave the harshness of Northern winter as allies. A new era of Northern union shall now be created, and together the North Lords will vow to respect the sovereignty of one another's rule. TERMS The Duchy of Herendul & the Arch-Duchy of Hanseti-Ruska shall respect the autonomy of each other's lands, respecting the laws of their people. The Duchy of Herendul & the Arch-Duchy of Hanseti-Ruska will offer military support in the event of foreign incursions on the others land. The Duchy of Herendul & the Arch-Duchy of Hanseti-Ruska offer judicial cooperation between their regions, never harboring criminals evading capture. Signed Ostromir Ivanovich, Arch-Duke of Hanseti-Ruska, Baron of Vsenk & Godansk, Warden of the North, Warden of August, Hetman of Krajia, Captain of the Solichinian Band, Keeper of the Hussariya, Defender of the Sietch Harold Winter V, Duke of Herendul, Baron of Pvpfortia, and Baron of Hoosefalldoon.
  9. Ostromir drafts a second response to the Northern Opinion. "Make remove of ratbag Courland."
  10. Do not make this man a GM. Seen how bad he abuses TS perms so he can hide in private channels and snake people. On numerous occasions seen him dipping through different channels just tryna bait people and cause civil unrest. He would be a horrible GM. -1
  11. A RESPONSE TO THE NORTHERN OPINION The 5th of the Deep Cold, 1607 Dearest Marius, For centuries, Raev have been felled by the yolk of Horenian persecution. Ripe betrayal and slaughter through race driven hate crimes. You style yourself the Prince of the Raev and the protectorate of its people, yet idly followed the perpetrators of these evils, a dog that licked the boot of its master. Ask this of yourself: What is a King who failed his country? Who is a ruler without his land, his people or his titles? - He is not a ruler, he is a man. You are not a man, you are a boy. We share ancestry, but it is not you on which they would smile today. You speak of your Once Holy Empire, but do not claim for a moment that the wars between Courland and your liege, the defeat of Haense, or the aggressions between the states of Orenia and the Stauntons are greater ills than the constant incursions on all Axionites by the Horens. It is an arrogant falsity and you fool none but yourself. You led your people under the banner of these same men, and forge yourself a victim through this missive. No titled Prince of the Raev would support the Horenic Empire - allowing your people to be subjugated to the yolk of its scions cut your hand short. You are not the Prince of the Raev, you forsook your titles in your insolence, but you grasp them like an ape a tree. The Courlandic armies have in recent times, if only through their defeat of the Holy Orenian Empire, staked a better past in defending the interests of the Raev than you, Marius. The Horen allowed themselves to fall to foreign vassalage, surrendering their weakened human state to Thorin King who held dominion over man for decades. The Horenite struggle to stand atop the mountain of man was what forced the human Kingdoms down, their own interests weighed higher above that of their people, ushering them into a bleak serfdom under the Urguanites. It was Siegmund who by an image of a unified state, and driven by the desire to repair what had been destroyed at the hands of the Horens, established the Vochna. There, man would once again flourish - short of the imperialistic breed of the previous conglomerate, and stronger in ideals of peace, strelesy and camaraderie. Humanity had found existence void of the conniving Horenite administration. Tuvya was betrayed by Renatians, a realm long governed by the Horen dynasty, in a means of seizing the Imperium. Through which they turned on the people of Petrus, and betrayed the steady peacetime of the human realm. Our own heritage pushed into an illness by the trials of war. A humble man and a King of the people ruined in their ambitions. Krajia and Vsenk, both ended by the Horens.When the blood of others no longer satisfied their scythes, they took their harvest upon the Raevir. Where were you when they drew death upon my tribe, where was the protector of the Highlanders? You have never held steadfast in the protection of my kin, betraying Adria’s legacy whilst you fought wars for the Horens and aided in their ever constant pursuit of power. Your own King was boiled in milk by the Emperor, the last bastion of your House. Your administration betrayed him for the Horens, after he chose to stand up to those who had committed these atrocities on your kind for a quarter of a millennia. I would have followed King Andrew, for he showed the true character of a Raevir King. I have spoke only of Ruska - Throughout history Hansetian sovereignty has been breached an innumerable amount of times by these same perpetrators. Why do you honour those that committed these crimes on Ruskan and Hansetians alike? You are a boy, but has education taught you nothing of the history of your people? The hypocrisy in your writing is raw. Liken Courland to the Horens only when they have slaughtered Raev, Dwed, Elf, Uruk alike. Throughout the course of history none other has proved such a constant scourge on the mortal races as the Horenite Empire. It would serve you well to know this, as you followed it so blindly into your own demise. It saddens me to see that even now, in the consequence of your defeat and in the post-bellum era of Axios, that you still protect the Empire, and still claim to be a King. Do not call yourself the King of Hanseti-Ruska, for you own not the lands nor the titles. You are not the Prince of the Raev, for you know nothing of its past and stand for those who harm it. Every war fought against you was a means of ending the aggressions carried out by your liege, but in defeat you still felt strong enough to continue the same resolve. We wish you no more heartache or suffering, only to swallow your arrogance and accept that there is no longer any cause for you to argue. You were the last Barbanov King, and you have only yourself to blame. I hope this meets you in good health, Marius. Signed Ostromir Ivanovich, Arch-Duke of Hanseti-Ruska, Baron of Vsenk & Godansk, Warden of the North, Warden of August, Hetman of Krajia, Captain of the Solichinian Band, Keeper of the Hussariya, Defender of the Sietch
  12. Wow sure do hope I get accepted
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