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  1. Felix

    Dohvi's Fm App.

    I learned this guy to know two years ago, and I've never seen one that would be better as Fm than him. +1
  2. Cant wait for 4.0!

    1. VonEbs


      You'll have to.

    2. LinkWinsAgain


      ^^^ Says every person on lotc with a brain

  3. Felix

    The Frozen Nights, Cultists Of Setherien

    Name ((and MCname)): Zahir ilythiiri - Wenderstreem ((Skype name)): Wenderstreem Age and race: 151 - Mali'ker ( Dark-Elf ) Motives for joining: After seeing the forces of Lord Setherien is Zahir convinced about who is the strongest and most powerful creatures in Anthos. Zahir has always been very powerful, by joining the strongest since Asulon. But now he sees something stronger as he has no chance against so therefore want to get bleesed and join this powerful group as a future priest and be a part of The Frozen Nights. Do you wish to get blessed? ((If yes, you are agreeing to the above OOC statements of blessing.)): Yes I wish to get blessed. ((If you betray the Scourge and are caught, do you agree with a PK’ing clause? You don’t have to answer yes.)): Yes i agree Copy this as well please: (If my character intentionally betrays the Scourge and is caught, or is expelled due to IC actions, I agree with a loss of IC information clause. This meaning that my character will forget all information about the Scourge, and that all books and documents that my character had written for himself about them will be destroyed or did not exist.):
  4. No one likes me :(


  6. Felix

    Nppeck's Fm Application

    +1 I support. He is a very great application Team member, and a great guy.
  7. Felix

    Jakedafake2 Ban Appeal

    you mean sell it. its like the same you get minas for something you cheated to get.
  8. Felix

    Jakedafake2 Ban Appeal

    Freya was watching you so she know all about it dude. sorry to say it...
  9. Felix

    Jakedafake2 Ban Appeal

    then you tell me you did not read the rules ? and i can tell i find this ''mine'' from some days ago and it was still xray minning (straight into ores )
  10. Felix

    Jakedafake2 Ban Appeal

    http://gyazo.com/a77581f2a03e8488db035ba818aa7832 Hacks is perm ban jake.
  11. Ohh thanks. a S app ?
  12. Yes i know it was stupid. And i respect that you do not want me unbanned but I'd really like to go back to the server if I have to pay for it. but he said yesterday that I got a chance and had to post a ban apeall
  13. Report: [Link to your Ban Report] http://www.lordofthecraft.net/forum/index.php?/topic/47073-alt-application-malou33/page__p__350762#entry350762 Rule Broken/Disputed: [Multikill, Griefing, Xray, Etc. Be specific.] Plagiarism, Character Witnesses: [Name(s)] Forum name : Auvreaeath Forum name : Seventh Event Details: [Reason for actions. Plea for lenience. First ban. Apology. Etc.] This is my second ban and the first ban was not even myself, so we can call it my first ban. and I'm really sorry that I have been banned and would really like to return to the Lord of the craft. It is a huge part of my day and my week I play enough up to 50-60 hours each week, so I'm really sorry. and I promise that I will never ever do something so stupid again because I do not know what else to start and do if I can not get into the server again, my life would be really boring in the next while, and I will really do anything to get back to the server because I have so many friends who also plays on it every day and it would be like to lose a lot of friends, if I get perm banned. and I promise that I never ever want to steal one application from another person again. and improve my rp much if I get back. I really regret that I strap it here. sorry I'm really sorry. and I know how stupid it was and if I come back I will start immediately and write an Alt application itself and I promise that from now on I will never break a rule again Screenshots/Vids: [Link] Its not two persons this appeal is for but my Main account [wenderstreem] and, my Alternativ account. [Malou33]