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  1. Iatrilemar Elervathar, I am honoured that your would accept me as a caretaker of a celestial, however, I have been forced to depart Haelun'or for an unknown period of time, and will thus be unable to properly administer the duty of looking after one of these beautiful creatures. I hope that you will understand, and that I am deeply saddened for the added administrative work I may have placed upon your shoulders. Athedil Haler'thilln
  2. ((MCname:)) Talias_ ((Skype:)) [email protected] Name: Athedil Haler’thilln Race: Mali’thill Practitioner of Arcanism: Indeed, however my studies have come to a halt after the departure of my teacher Ceruberr Asul’ailer. Additional information: I reside within Haelun’or, thusly rather close to the residence of the Celestial Order.
  3. "Ralnor, you have proven yourself useful over the the last elven weeks. Eventhough you may lack experience, I have no doubt that you will grow to fill the task of Okarir'maehr. I wish you the best, and hope that you will stay true to Maehr'sae Hiylun'ehya."
  4. Athedil stood with his hands gathered on his lower back, as he listened to Erendriel as he speaking. A brow raised, as the topic that was to be spoken of was made clear. "You speak words of truth Erendriel, but to blame the council for all our hardships would hardly be righteous. They are but three, two of which only recently ascended to their position. Surely you cannot blame them for straining under the burden suddenly left by Erinali’s death, and the departure of Icarus. Take a moment to consider things from their side.” He walked to the front of those who had gathered to listen, so he might speak to them all. I blame not Erendriel nor anyone else for the anger and frustration so many of us carry these days, I feel it as much as the rest of you, but I ask you, urge you even, to not raise a whip to the backs of our okariran when things go poorly, seek to understand and instead aid and support them to get our nation back on its feet. They are but Mali, just like any of us, when burdens weighs heavy on them they too might fall to despair and hopelessness, much like the citizenry. It is in these times they need our aid, so don’t complain, ask yourselves 'how I might helpful in overcoming the stagnate existence that has overtaken Haelun’or.' Perhaps it is time to fill the council, to spread the burden of leadership on the strength of more than three. The council cannot do this for us, this task falls on us all, to take a moment to consider if we could aid in carrying the wright of leading our people, and if you believe yourselves able, to rise and let your voices be heard, and in time perhaps chosen as an okarir. I know the prospect of leading might be frightening to many, the fear of failing is great, but see it as an experiment, our research is trial and error, rarely do we get it right at first, but we learn from our mistakes and try again."
  5. Why would you do this to yourself Rebecca... You have so much to live for, don't sell what remains of your soul to the pixel team.
  6. Quick question from the scrub, is there an easy way to convert this into a single player map? So you won't have to set up a server to access it.
  7. Athedil joined the small mass of people standing around to comment on the new reform, "I for one support this lack of democracy, too long have we suffered under the stupidity of the masses. Things should be how they originally were, in the first silver city the council was not elected, they chose who joined them when a seat became vacant, and it was the least impure city we have had since the death of Larihei."
  8. I've messaged him on skype aswell, I hope he gets around to it tonight.
  9. MC Name: Talias_ Character's Name: Athedil Haler'thilln Character's Age: 378 Character's Race: High Elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Arcanism Teacher's MC Name: Captainsheepy Teacher's RP Name: Ceruberr Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: N/A Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: I do indeed. Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/A
  10. Appointments of Tilruiran'hiylun 9th of the Amber Cold, 1591. Posters could be found hanging around Haelun'or bearing the official seal of the Okarir'hiylun. "With the recent appointment of a new Okarir'hiylun, it is time to get the production of our beloved city back on the right course. To that end I Athedil Haler'thilln am looking to appoint a number of new Tilruiran'hiylun, to ensure the city has what it requires to progress. Skills within either production of raw resources or further processing of materials, are required to hold the position. Should it be of interest to you to aid in ensuring the ability for all of Haelun'or to keep progressing towards maehr'sae hiylun'ehya, then please send a letter with the following information to the Okarir'hiylun Athedil Haler'thilln. Name: Age: First or second class citizanship: Profession(s): ((OOC info)) MC name: Please note that both first and second class citizans are able to apply for this role. Should there be any more questions, do seek out the Okarir'hiylun so that he might address them for you. Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya." ((OOC)) To send the letter, please just make a reply within this thread addressed to the Okarir'hiylun.
  11. Name: Athedil Haler’thilln Race and Age: Mali’aheral - 375 School of Arcane known(Magics Known): None as of yet, however I intend to learn transfiguration if accepted. Why do you wish to join the Enchantry?: The arts of the arcane have long been of interest to me, I was suggested to seek out the Enchantry to have a group to belong to and work with as I began my studies. As for my reasons to seek the enchantry, most noteable is by far the desire for a network of other mages and scholars, with whom one might discuss matters of the arcane on an educated level. Secondly is the chance to be on the forefront of research into magical anomalies, and a chance to aid in figuring out their secrets. Both for the betterment of the world in general, but certainly also to further my own understanding of the arcane. Do you understand and accept the Enchanters Codex?: I do and I do. ((OOC Information)) MC name: Talias_ SA/MA's for listed magics: N/A
  12. Haler'thilln "A promise of silver can never be broken." Traits: Family tree: