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  1. The Vision Remains

    Athedil could little but shake his head as word of the new Sohaer reached him, “And thus the cycle continues, a mali’ata once again sits at the head of the Silver State, proudly announcing his victory just an elven day after he snaked his way around his opposition. I am glad I gifted him gold, I wonder if it is time he got another piece.”
  2. He complains about a lack of candidates just eight elven hours after the result of the first election was announced, what is this man, stupid? And then he announces his own candidacy in the same announcement as the one in which he declares the beginning of the vote. I know I have never personally been one for elections, but when they are there, at least try to do them properly, if you can even manage that Mister Laurir’ante. If this does not prove why I have my doubts about this man, and why I do not trust him, I do not know what will. He is a disgrace to Larihei and her people, not worthy of Haelun’ors legacy. I am not even going to honor this fraud of a vote with my participation, it should be nulled and voided, allowing people to share their candidacies working up to a proper election amongst our people. - Athedil Acal'elor
  3. [Arcanism][MA] Eledar Haler'thilln

    I am indeed going to teach this nerd
  4. With the vote for Sohaer passed, the votes have been counted and the valid ones picked from the invalid. With a record low participation of seven votes of which only six are valid, the vote has ended in a tie. With that I, Athedil Acal’elor announce my loss in the vote. While it cannot come as a surprise that I had hoped for an outcome in my favor, I cannot say that I am too surprised. I wished to appeal to the purest of our people, the ones who truely cared about our ways, but as might have been expected, those have long since left Haelun’or. Our people have been declining for an age, while I served as Maheral I tried to slow the degradation, but a single ‘aheral can do little when he stands against a flood. I saw this as a last attempt, a way to change things for the better without having to convince others who were less willing to take the needed steps, as I could simply take them myself. Now we stand here at the other side of the bend, walking into an unknown future. I wish Mister Laurir’ante the very best of luck with restoring our people, while it is true I have many doubts about the man, I hope that he will be able to succeed where so many before him have failed. Should he fail however, I have only this to say, Haelun’or is but a nation, while it may hold many tales of old, and many traditions to its name, it remains just that, a name. The mali’aheral who follow Larihei’s path have long existed elsewhere in this world, and they will continue to do so long after Haelun’or is but a memory. Maehr’sae hiylun’ehya is ever enduring, perhaps in an age a new group of mali’aheral will find the eternal college like we once did in Asulon, and from them a true Haelun’or will rise once more. It is one of those many matters that only time has the power to prove right or wrong. For now I wish my people the very best, may an age of silver be upon you. Athedil Acal’elor.
  5. The Election for the Sohaerate

    Athedil Acel'elor Athedil Acal'elor [x] Abstain[]
  6. "And here I seem to recall that the Golden Butterfly had no offspring, thank Larihei for that, it brings one to wonder what this individual really is, claiming to be a descendant of the mali who started our downfall." Athedil sat there shaking his head lightly, “I mean this man even has trouble spelling the parts he hasn’t simply copied.”
  7. The Pitiful Snake

    A simple note was found in reply. Is this not saying, those who speak out against the pure dare not even put their name on their ridicule. I spoke up against a man who lead you to war, who time and time again have proven his impurity. I explained why I believe Cenwall to be unfit to rule, we shall let a debate prove who is right and who is wrong - If Mister Maeyr’onn honors tradition and shows up -.
  8. "An impure Sohaer and council cannot be allowed to rule, I challenge him not by right of our laws, but in adherence to ancient tradition." Athedil would write in reply, continuing with a small side note. "But I do not expect a banished impure murderer to understand such matters."
  9. In adherence to ancient tradition, I Athedil Acal’elor challenge Cenwall Maeyr’onn for his position as Sohaer. For years this child has reigned by false ideals, unable to understand the true path Larihei envisioned for her blessed people. He along with his incompetent council have let you astray, he has taken our people away from wisdom, away from knowledge, away from silver. Under his reign he has killed mali’aheral in acid, he has cast people in gold, he has shown that he is cursed with violence, much like the curse that rested on his ancestor Nelecar the Lion. Instead of teaching his people he has lead you to war, wasting your lives for a pointless dream of power. Much like Kalenz the Butterfly he is cursed by gold, more focused on the affairs of lessers, than the development of his own people. He attempts to return us to a time that ultimately lead to the world seeing our kin as a sickness to be cured or cleansed by fire, seeking us out to do us harm and bringing us ever further from our ideals. It is time to look back my fellow ‘aheral, back to a time where we were true to maehr’sae hiylun’ehya, to a time where those words were set as a standard driving our people towards ever greater heights, instead of being used as an excuse for why we should rule over others. The road forward from where we are now is full of hardships, unworthy ‘aheral and mali’ata have left our nation and its people in chaos and disorder, and it will take time to restore Haelun’or to a time where we were truly a beacon of scientific progress within this world, a time where we valued our neutrality and did our best to remain out of the destructive politics of the outside world. Lucion the Worm once spoke of blessed neutrality, a state of politics where we sought relations with the outside world, yet stayed out of their wars. Was this not a better alternative to the needless deaths and suffering, caused by partaking in affairs that should have nothing to do with our people. Larihei taught us to shun violence as it was the weapon of lesser minds, we have no stake in their infighting, nothing to gain, nothing but a way to prove the impurity of this nation, and why it needs a change in leadership. May we find purity through isolation Maehr'sae hiylun'ehya
  10. The Mages Guild

    ((MC Name: )) Talias_ ((RP)) Name: Athedil Acal’elor Known Arcane Arts: Arcanism(TA) Transfiguration Position Desired (Student or Instructor): Instructor When is the best time to contact you for an interview((Discord)): I’m GMT +1, so between 18:00 and 23:00 within that timezone.
  11. [MA] [Arcanism] Victoria 'Dazzler' Vientos

    I am indeed going to help her make glitter!
  12. Athedil still seemed to enjoy his stay away from the Haelun’or, this time he had found a pleasant little spot under a tree near the cloud temple to enjoy yet another glass of wine - He was running dry, a dreadful situation to be in to be true. He spent his time catching up on worldly news, or atleast the news he seemed to care about, which were few these days. “Such an odd last name, or is it simply because she has translated it to the common tongue for some reason, Titania Star, it should be Titania Celia, ah well, it matters little.” He muttered to himself as he continued reading, “Well I suppose she does point out some present issues, but what internal issues are she talking about now.” He shook his head lightly, before making it to the quote, “And then she quotes an impure who did next to nothing with his position, she must be new around Haelun’or.” He finally made it to the end, “What is this with ‘the mali’aheral shall rule once again’ bit, hopefully she isn’t another Kalenz supporter who wants to rule the world, we’ve had quite enough of those.” With a faint sigh he grabbed his wine glass once more, taking another sip, much to his surprise emptying the glass.
  13. Maliearnan Ito Cura'cinh

    Athedil sat in the inn at the cloud temple, enjoying his time away from Haelun’or and his former duties as Maheral of the Mali’aheral. As he came upon the notice and took some time to read it over, he came to laugh so hard he almost choked on his wine - which would have been such a shame, seeing as it was one of his last bottles from Axios - He quickly sought to regain his composure, making sure no one seemed to be eyeing him strangely. “My, my, so first they perform acts of savagery in mutilating one of their own kin, and now they want to act like they have even the faintest idea what maehr'sae hiylun'ehya is. To think these fools lived in Haelun’or during our more enlightened era, it seems they learned little. Ah, how I wish we just ended this idea that maehr’sae means progress, it may be the closest translation into the common language, but its real meaning is the creation of knowledge and wisdom, so it means progress specifically in that area.” He shook his head lightly as he spoke to himself, “Also, what is this with dressing up like spooks, these people are odd indeed. Perhaps they were dropped on their heads as children, but then again, one of Iat’s children seem to be amongst them, he doesn’t seem like the type to drop his kids, and the statistical chance of all of them being dropped is also quite small.”
  14. The Art Warehouse - cllosed

    Character Name: Athedil Acal'elor Character Race: High elf What kind of Art wanted: Upperbody portrait Details regarding the character: just thinking a rather standard ressisance looking portrait Reference Picture: (Pictures showing how their face looks like is greatly appreciated: I'll look for something tonight Discord ID: You already have me on discord
  15. On the topic of quartz

    Seeing as the response to this came in a Status made by Aythyinae, I think it'd be reasonable to further the point and make a little request. In the beginning you had set the price for quartz at 3 minas, but later raised it to 5 making it even harder to get in the large amounts needed, can we atleast see about getting the price lowered a bit so we won't need upwards of 50.000 minas just to finish our builds, you have to agree that that is quite frankly an unreasonable ask. Setting it at 1 mina a block, or even just the original 3 would make the idea of ever finishing our builds possible, instead of just some distant dream that will never actually happen.