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  1. Gorum! I just wanted to say Hi!

  2. My body is ready for 3.0.

    1. gingernut97
    2. brvhrt1005


      Oh god, I forgot about that, I'M NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO HANDLE IT!

    3. Gorum©
  3. I just kept joining even if it was full, and ended up getting in

  4. Why does VIP not work?

    1. Gladuos


      It was broken I think...

  5. Well, uh, whats been going on lately?

    1. Gladuos


      Yah know, whole Asulon map deleted by hackers with no chance for a backup. THE USUAL.

    2. Gladuos


      Just kidding, this sucks.

  6. What is "Total Tophat" ?

    1. Agent Miller
    2. Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      Nefarious Aus Shitpost

      Someone of higher class then yourself, peasantry.

  7. Hey, does anyone know about this YogsCast video that was suppose to have 3.0 on it?

  8. Anyone know some really fun games? Thinking about buying some today.

    1. Jibuis Winterborn (Vinnie)
    2. brvhrt1005


      Bro dat game be for children! C0D all the way swag.

  9. I was thinking about playing Majora's Mask, then I heard about Ben...

    1. goron


      I'm glad I showed you that. ;)

  10. Looking for a new gaming keyboard, anyone know where to find a good one?

  11. More Worldpainter, think I may be getting better. http://i750.photobucket.com/albums/xx150/killingman300/2012-10-02_111541.png

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    2. Bawd


      Gaius, what do you base your assumption that that is a server on?

    3. ΚΨΙΞ


      Gaius you can use my server if you wish.

    4. brvhrt1005


      Sorry, but this is my own server that I am just messing around on.