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  1. OH MY GOODNESS! yay!! We should all make one big family, and become royalty lol rule da lands

  2. Oh my goodness!!!! Of course I will haha wasn't planning on not returning at all!

  3. Rasun, you should get back on in 3.0. I miss you and your pink fluff! D:

  4. 'Course I do! Hey! Where have you been? :o

  5. Good to hear you're still around! Don't worry, we'll eventually meet up ingame. Just you wait...

  6. Hi Silvos! I haven't been online in ages, but I do lurk the forums sometimes. I probably won't be able to return online for while...

  7. Rasun, you remember me? I was ol' Fealnor back in Aegis.

  8. Rasun, are you still around? I haven't seen nor spoken to you in ages!

  9. Hey Rasun, how is Kal'Alras doing? Any big news? I'll be back in 4 days :3

  10. 11 People Online ~ When the restart happens we'll be doomed.

    1. legoman144


      not just lotc I cant log onto any servers I think the mc server itself is down.

    2. Dasaro


      Oh... it's everyone that can't log on?!

      Thank bejesus, I thought my computer

      killed itself.

    3. youlovesocks


      Rasun, this is only place I can post. Your message inbox is full!! I posted goldhand app :)

  11. 16 People on LotC

  12. That was no problem at all! Remember to visit me in Kal'Alras some time! Enjoy Asulon ~

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