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  1. Gorum shakes his head upon reading the scroll before setting it down, preparing to send a messenger to Azkel in response. "This is not about power. The Frostbeards were comfortable in Jornheim, Azkel. Kerwyr was tempted by those who were incapable of uniting the Dwed themselves , a temptation most Dwed cannot resist... as is our curse. That does not change the fact that Kerwyr is our blood, as are you. This practice of banishment that you young lads seem to turn to is foolish, you cannot erase the blood that flows through your veins. The rest of the Frostbeards will not be joining your cause Azkel. Even if you are correct, even if you speak the truth. We understand the importance of family, we are prepared to fall and be remembered as scum if it is for the sake of the blood that binds us. You speak of true Frostbeards, yet you do not know or hold any of our values. The Frostbeard rebellion in Vailor wasn't the first time our kin separated from the Dwed, this dispute dates as far back as Asulon, when the Dwed were ruled by a corrupt and vile Kingdom crawling with slavery and banditry. The Frostbeards stuck together, despite the entire Kingdom seeking to kill us. The few of us that survived did not fear the odds, we did not abandon each other. Those Frostbeards were true Frostbeards, as are those who stick together and are willing to die for family now, right or wrong. Remember that Azkel. If you truly wish to honour my younger brother, your father, then remember what makes a Frostbeard true. The symbol that you use, the hammer forged into the mountain peaks. Let me clarify what it means. That symbol was forged in Asulon by Frostbeard smiths, and we have been carrying it since. It represents the hold of New Jornheim, located in the lands of Alras. That hold represented family, blood, and the importance of standing by kin. The symbol was forged at a time when Gimrik the foul was hunting us down like dogs. It unified us, reminded us what it meant to be a true Frostbeard, and therefore became the clan sigil in the following years. This is my statement to both you and Oyvind, Azkel. You may continue to brand us traitors, as is your right, but out of respect for the clan do not create this new false image of a true Frostbeard that you seem to justify with Rhewen's name." ~ Gorum Frostbeard, son of Karl 'Orcbane' Frostbeard
  2. gorum falls down the steps once more, marking the end of his days
  3. u gunplei ste odon
  4. where is the slow mo black n white
  5. The King himself
  6. There would be no Dwarf history without em, definitely a great choice for the Wiki team. Dwarf wiki needs a little love.
  7. meanking was the lord of the craft
  8. Lol, that's an extremely narrow minded attitude. He's a new coder, not a dev. Read the descriptions of each role before making ignorant comments like this.
  9. thank mr dsdevil
  10. That's actually a really good point, something that I'm sure would be pretty easy to do as well. It also gives people a reason to explore and actually appreciate parts of the map that are currently vast and useless.
  11. There were stalls in Asulon's CT. But yeah, I do agree that it was great. That being said, the things that made it great are impossible to implement on Axios since it has separate maps and all. I personally think the new CT they're adding does this map justice. It's small and compact, which would allow people to easily travel between places without having to go through a five minute run across spawn island.
  12. Ogdan is extremely deserving of this role. He constantly finds ways to impress me with the intricacy involved in his roleplay. He truly is one of the only players I've interacted with who always finds different and unique ways of incorporating server lore (specifically Dwarven) to his day to day RP. Ogdan is a very competent roleplayer, and allowing him to be part of the team will only enhance his already existing ability to implement and maintain lore. I truly believe Ogdan would be a great fit. +1
  13. I've known Brock since early Asulon and I can honestly say the event team would greatly benefit from having him. He is known for going out of his way to ensure that other players are having an enjoyable experience, sometimes even sacrificing his own enjoyment for the sake of others. That kind of mind set is hard to find these days, which is why I can confidently say that Brock deserves a position on the team. +1