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  3. Gorum signs. Gorum Frostbeard (MC Name: Gorum)
  4. 16th of Sun's Smile, 1593 The Dwarves gather in the town square of Kal'Omith shortly after the death of Grand King Algoda II. Gorum steps onto the podium, ready to address the enraged Dwarves. "Today we mourn the death of Grand King Algoda Frostbeard the Second. He was the first King in years to provide us with something we haven't had in a long time, hope. " Gorum lowers his head in sorrow before speaking once more. "That being said, there will be a senate meeting in the next stone day to select the next Grand King of Urguan. Normally there would be a period of mourning. However, we are at war. Stability is our first priority in these dark times. " A message is handed to all the senators present. ~Senate Meeting~ 17th of Sun's Smile, 1593 (Monday, January 9th, 2017, 7:00 PM EST) It will be held on the throne, only senators will be allowed on the platform. The meeting will be public, citizens will be allowed on the bridge. Senators who cannot be present must provide Gorum Frostbeard with a representative.
  5. Gorum turns at the scoff. "You mock Omithiel's greatness one more time and I will beat you down."
  6. 18th of The Grand Harvest, 1593 On a cold stormy night the Frostbeard's gather to discuss a tragedy. Gorum, Morug, Garrond, Kilgrim and Oyvind gather around a fire, their hearts filled with sorrow and grief. "Brothers, today we lost something dear to us... the axe of Omithiel. The only thing we have left to remind us of Omithiel's former glory... and he took it from us, destroyed it." Gorum says, clenching his fists. Oyvind places his hand on Gorum's shoulder. "Aye... we cannot let this go unanswered. Morug, is the plan prepared?" Oyvind asks, turning to Morug. "Aye. Let us begin." The five Dwarves scurry off into the night, sneaking through the halls of Kal'Omith, shanks in hand. After a few hours of creating diversions throughout the city, they locate Gimrik Grandaxe. "You found me... is this it then? " Gimrik mutters, realizing the consequence of his actions. He slowly makes his way to a set of stairs. Gorum slowly approaches Gimrik, tears in his eyes. "Any last words?" Gorum mutters, tightly clenching his expertly crafted shank. "Alas, I am slain." Gimrik says, his life flashing before his eyes. Gorum thrusts his shank deep into Gimrik's elderly chest. Morug and Oyvind cheer, Garrond simply nods, and Kilgrim watches silently as his old friend bleeds to death. ~In Memorium~ Gimrik Grandaxe, Elder Dwarf, Former King of War Birth: UNKNOWN Death: 1593 May he rest in peace. ((credits to kilgrim for the pics))
  7. MC Name: Gorum RP Name: Gorum Frostbeard Skype: torun.lotc Timezone (EST, GMT, etc.): EST Do you have Teamspeak?: Yes What are your reasons for joining the legion?: To stand in the hall of fame Recruited by Garrond 'Orcbane' Frostbeard
  8. Genuinely cares about the people, +1!
  9. +1! Great ET, would make an even better GM
  10. Name: Gorum Frostbeard Subrace: Mountain Dwarf Age: 500 Prefered Weapon: Axe Profession: Miner Patron God: Dungrimm OOC Skype: Yes Do you have TS: Yes
  11. Gorum shakes his head. "Ye throw accusations at ah single lad, ignorin' the opinions ov the rest. Yer bein' vereh closed moinded boy. Ah think the citizens ov the citeh as well as the Legionnaires whu are not represented by ah clan should have ah damn say in whu becomes their King. After all, ah see these lads roam the streets ov the citeh far more than ah see members ov the Senate. There is no personal gain in lettin' evereh citizen of Urguan vote for their King."
  12. Gorum hears of the news as he continues his journey home. He nods.