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  1. Gorum©

    [Denied] [Pending][Actor] Shuggie_

    Shuggie is one of those people who doesn't even need ET Pex to create fun situations, which is very rare on lotc since most people are too selfish and too afraid to 'lose'. Giving him a shot at actor will only add onto his already existing ability to create fun and spontaneous events. +1
  2. Gorum©

    [Fixed][Bug] Shops are broken

    Please follow the bug report format.
  3. The more level headed GM's on LoTC the better, haven't ever seen Dreek get petty or upset when dealing with situations as a staff member. +1
  4. Gorum©

    Thirteen Nations

    People are toxic because conflicts are literally created and resolved on skype/discord, and it takes 3 months to conclude a war. It's been like this for years, I feel like the staff just needs to make absurd rules that'll probably piss people off but overtime this shitty mindset might go away.
  5. Gorum©

    Make Minas Great Again (???)

    it was extremely buggy and notes used to vanish randomly
  6. Gorum©

    Thirteen Nations

    It's impossible to actually 'lose' without consent, and it quite literally takes 2-3 months to conclude a single war. Nothing should ever take that long, especially not on a Minecraft server.
  7. I think the increased drop rates were associated with nexus. I haven't played vanilla in literally years but I think you only get like 1-3 pieces of meat per cow.
  8. Would you consider raising the limit at all to allow for people to use meat as a primary food source? I feel like meat will be way too hard to harvest.
  9. Gorum©

    Freebuild tile rules poll

    This is the most overlooked thing on LoTC in recent years lol. If all of these player retention program attempts took this into consideration they would've been a lot more successful. I personally believe that it should be the responsibility of every Kingdom/settlement to actively check their surroundings and either impose themselves on or assist players that are building near their lands. This is something that created so many RP opportunities in the past.
  10. Gorum©

    Freebuild tile rules poll

    There should be some consequence for not living under a Kingdom, it shouldn't be easy.
  11. Gorum©

    [Accepted] [Pending][Builder] Algoda's app

    As a former ET I can confidently say that Algoda would prove to be an invaluable member of the event team. Whenever I was in the process of setting up an event, he would be one of the first to offer his assistance and even go as far as building a mini event site for me despite the fact that he wasn't an ET builder. Someone who is this dedicated to providing others with an enjoyable experience should be given a chance at doing it on a much larger scale. In addition to this, back when I was a new player in 2011/2012 he was one of the senior members of the server that would always strive to provide great roleplaying experiences for the newer players at the time. He is a great builder, especially when it comes to terrain and landscapes. He is doing amazing work on the current Dwarven 6.0 build and is also responsible for landscaping on the official 6.0 map itself. +1
  12. Gorum©

    Zezimus's Wiki Team Application

    There would be no Dwarf history without em, definitely a great choice for the Wiki team. Dwarf wiki needs a little love.