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  1. ~The First Tournament of Kal’Omith~ A massive scroll is pinned near the entrance of Kal’Omith. “Hail lads and lassies of the Kingdom of Urguan. I, Gorum Frostbeard, am honoured to host the first official tournament of Kal’Omith. I welcome all fighters, old or young, weak or strong, fit or fat, to come and celebrate this grand event by participating in the tournament for a chance to become the first official Champion of Kal’Omith. This is a very rare title to hold, future Dwarves will look up to you for you will be among the strongest fighters to roam the halls of Kal’Omith. The rest of this scroll will introduce you to the rules and regulations of this tournament, may your axe or hammer guide you to victory.” ~ Signed Gorum Frostbeard ~Time and Location~ The tournament will be hosted in one stone week from now. ((Saturday April 1st, 6:00 EST)) It will take place in the Grand Dwarven Arena of Kal’Omith. ~Tournament Rules~ Every fighter will be provided with a set of Chain Armour. Every fighter will be provided with a Stone Sword. Shields will NOT be permitted in this tournament. Kingdom law applies. No use of potions. ~Grand Prize~ In addition to earning a spot in the House of Champions alongside the reigning Grand Champion, Morug Goldhand, the winner of this tournament will receive the following: A tax-free home located near the King’s Palace A cash prize of 5,000 Minas A set of armour crafted by the best Smith’s in Kal’Omith (Aengelic) An axe crafted by the best Smith’s in Kal’Omith (42% Black Ferrum) ~Entry Slip~ The attached form is to be filled out and handed in within the next stone week. ((OOC NOTE: You have until March 30th to enter the Tournament)) Afterwards, a scroll will be released containing the official tournament bracket. ~Message From The King~ “To all participants: I, Grand King Bastion Ireheart, am honoured to be here to witness the crowning of the First Champion of Kal’Omith. I have always enjoyed watching and participating in tournaments of old, seeing the young lads duke it out to show who is the strongest among them is a thrilling experience. I look forward to a great tournament, so bring your best performance lads. Don’t doubt yourself, have faith in your strength as Urguan had faith in his. May Yemekar bless your axes and blades.” ~ Grand King Bastion Ireheart ((A post containing the official tournament bracket will go up on March 30th, applications to this tournament will be open until then.)) ~Registered Participants~ Rodrick Southbeard (TheSouth27) Grand Queen Avilia Frostbeard (MissToni) Bodrek Doomforged (eyah_porchgla/iHB_) Tarub Grandaxe (Chaw) Garrond Frostbeard (awesomemonkey77) Dimlin Irongut (Beamon4) Ogdan Frostbeard (Ogdan) Galdryn Frostbeard (ThePortugueseGod) Korhaz Grandaxe (ArkhamBoy) Elrith Narn'wynn (Elrith_Searith) Aldal Ireheart (Soggy365) Kerwyr Frostbeard (Raomir) Kalviin Goldhand (z3M0s) Khoulgralrug Emberbelt (CoZ1Elf) Delric Grandaxe (Shambo)
  2. Name: Gorum Frostbeard Korhaz Grandaxe Zharkaz Doomforged Dwalin Irongut Aldal Ireheart Frerir Irongrinder Grumbis Frostbeard x
  3. Gorum looks at each Dwarf individually before slamming his fist against the table. "Since I was a young lad in Asulon I have never seen the Dwed act like cowards. What don't you understand? We are bound by HONOUR! Courland was there for us when we needed it most, they fought and BLED alongside us. Haense did nothing but disrespect us, our relics, and our people. " Gorum stands up abruptly, making his way to the Senate door. "I will not hold this against you. But I choose to remember who helped us, I choose to honour the lads I fought alongside in the war against Oren." Gorum opens the door, stepping halfway out the door before speaking. "You have all clearly made up your minds. However, I choose to keep my honour intact. I vote war." Gorum exits the building.
  4. Lol, that's an extremely narrow minded attitude. He's a new coder, not a dev. Read the descriptions of each role before making ignorant comments like this.
  5. thank mr dsdevil
  6. Accepted, welcome to the Grand Legion of Urguan! Report to an officer or the marshal for further questions.
  7. That's actually a really good point, something that I'm sure would be pretty easy to do as well. It also gives people a reason to explore and actually appreciate parts of the map that are currently vast and useless.
  8. There were stalls in Asulon's CT. But yeah, I do agree that it was great. That being said, the things that made it great are impossible to implement on Axios since it has separate maps and all. I personally think the new CT they're adding does this map justice. It's small and compact, which would allow people to easily travel between places without having to go through a five minute run across spawn island.
  9. Ogdan is extremely deserving of this role. He constantly finds ways to impress me with the intricacy involved in his roleplay. He truly is one of the only players I've interacted with who always finds different and unique ways of incorporating server lore (specifically Dwarven) to his day to day RP. Ogdan is a very competent roleplayer, and allowing him to be part of the team will only enhance his already existing ability to implement and maintain lore. I truly believe Ogdan would be a great fit. +1
  10. I've known Brock since early Asulon and I can honestly say the event team would greatly benefit from having him. He is known for going out of his way to ensure that other players are having an enjoyable experience, sometimes even sacrificing his own enjoyment for the sake of others. That kind of mind set is hard to find these days, which is why I can confidently say that Brock deserves a position on the team. +1
  11. thank mr dsdevil
  12. After watching him RP as the Grand Marshal, it's clear that he would be able to create enjoyable RP for large groups of players. +1
  13. Great man, top notch candidate for GM. +1
  14. Minecraft Name: Gorum Skype ID: torun.lotc Timezone: Eastern Standard Time (EST) Do you, or have you held, any other staff positions: I have not. this is my first staff application. Where do you grab inspiration from: It's hard for me to list a specific source of inspiration. I'd have to say that I draw inspiration from whatever I'm interested in at any given time. For example, TV shows such as Vikings and Game of Thrones. I sometimes borrow concepts and ideas from both shows. In terms of LoTC, the Dwarven Lore inspires my in-game actions heavily. Some aspects of the lore which describe lifestyle and mannerisms are extremely well written, and I try to draw from it as much as possible. What are your current list of characters, and are you willing to sacrifice any: Gorum Frostbeard is the only character I'm playing as. I wouldn't mind sacrificing him at all to better an event or storyline, assuming my character is involved. What race, or group, do your events best cater to: Dwarves What do you believe are they key factors for a successful event: A key factor for a successful event is the adaptability of the event. The event needs to revolve around the roleplay interactions with the players involved, and not set in stone prior to the event. It must be unique and enjoyable, giving players a reason to stay invested in the event. One thing I frequently notice in events, especially non-PVE events, is the fact that players often show up to events and don't really get involved in it. This is primarily because there are times where events, non-PVE specifically, revolve around a handful of players and shut out nearly everyone else. This is something I would like to avoid. I plan on involving everyone in some sort of way, letting everyone's actions affect the outcome of whatever event I'm running. An example I'd like to mention is the Undead in Aegis. Those events were extremely enjoyable because ANY player, old or new, could enter an undead attack and totally change the course of the server's event. Another very important key factor is the difficulty of events. I recently had the chance to experience events that were very difficult, and everyone who participated praised the event coordinators for creating these challenging obstacles. In my experience, some events try to cater to the player way too much. An ideal event should be challenging, and players SHOULD die if they do something extremely brash in a tense situation. This would make events significantly more rewarding for the players involved. Lastly, meaningful events are very important. Although large events are necessary, smaller more intricate events should be a lot more frequent. For example, if given the opportunity of being an ET I would collect information on players prior to planning an event. As a result, I'd be able to incorporate aspects from their RP into my event, making the player feel a lot more engaged. In addition to this, spontaneous events are also extremely important. I feel as if players roleplaying as Kingdom Guards should actually be attacked suddenly while on patrol, without them having to request the event beforehand. If it were to happen without their knowledge it would not only be extremely enjoyable, but it would encourage them to continue to involve themselves in Kingdom, or guild RP. What strengths would you bring to the team: Initiative and a willing attitude. I would make it my goal to create spontaneous events for players without having to interact with them OOCly prior to it, unless it's an event of importance. I would do things like attack guards patrolling out of the blue, or interact with players randomly exploring the world to bring life to the map, and consequence for exploring "dangerous" places. Why do you want to be part of the team: The Dwarves currently have a major event line that players are extremely engaged in. There are only two event team members working on this event, making it extremely difficult for them. I would like to assist them as much as possible, as well as achieve and uphold the key factors listed above. It's a pet peeve watching a new player enter a city and failing to find something to indulge in. I constantly find myself trying to occupy players and give them something to do, and I strongly believe that as an official Event Team member I would be able to do so with ease. Create three distinct event scenarios based on the servers lore that you would organise: Psycho the Priest: A filthy rich psychotic priest looking to gain more money through selling hostages. His primary goal would be to seek out other religious figures and sell them back to their city of origin for a substantial amount of money, too much to actually pay. The captured priests would be harassed by Psycho with the primary goal of converting them to whatever his belief may be. The captives would be given several opportunities to escape, and those who try to rescue the captured priest(s) would have several enjoyable obstacles in their way. The players actions would decide how the event unfolds, whether it's long or short term, difficult or easy. Mountain Raiders: This event would take place around the city of Kal'Omith (Dwarves). A group of raiders would constantly harass the surrounding towns and settlements of Kal'Omith with the primary goal of cleaning their sacred mountains. The Mountain Raiders view settlements as viruses infecting a peaceful environment, and their primary goal would be to capture as many people from these settlements as possible. The goal of this event is to give the Dwarves, and Dwarven Guard, a reason to patrol their lands frequently with the possibility of being ambushed. The Fortune Telling Farmer: Mokuku the farmer, located anywhere on the map, would be available to tell the future. Anyone who approaches him would be warned about potentially harmful actions that could be done to them in the near future, or subtle interactions with people that would have a significant impact on the future. Depending on the size of the harvest, or season, the prophecies would be vague or straight forward. Most actions foretold by the farmer would be carried out by the event coordinator in such a way that the player involved wouldn't think the prophecy was being carried out by the same event actor playing the farmer. It would be my top priority to ensure that actions predicted seem as "normal" as possible, to immerse the player even further. This event could tie in with several other events, potentially even making Mokuku the farmer a hub of some sort for future events. How long do you plan to be able to work on the team: As long as I'm needed, I would only step down if I feel as if my work becomes stagnant. Otherwise, I'm perfectly willing to work on the team for as long as possible. Tell me a joke: Yes.
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