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  1. There would be no Dwarf history without em, definitely a great choice for the Wiki team. Dwarf wiki needs a little love.
  2. 19th of The Amber Cold, 1606 A small cryptic note is pinned to the railings of Kal'Omith's throne room bridge. "Flickering, weaving under the spell it was sparked into. A shrieking ray of melting gas purges out of the flames capturing heat. It is said that even the strongest of stones were still illuminated into molten when in communion with such a harmful object of division; like a great famished beast devouring everything in its path and belching out black smoke. Only the purest could make its identity out as courage and a sound mind. The flames hold the power to give anyone a harness of strong armies, but also the hope of a new beginning. Yellow, red and orange. The colours of autumn; yet can autumn cause so much destruction. The Brathmordakin are the keepers of the flame, and so I submit my will to them. I am entranced by its beautiful depths and destructive glow. A molten tomb, or a new beginning. A light once blue; now yelllow, red and orange. Salvation." A runic axe emanating frost sits on the ledge next to the note.
  3. ~The First Tournament of Kal’Omith~ (Saturday April 8th, 4:00 PM EST) A young Dwed stands in the center of the city, reading out of a large scroll. “The tournament is underway. Lads and lassies from near and far have signed up to compete, and preparations are complete. Due to some minor disturbances this past year (server being down), the tournament has been postponed. However, it brings me joy to say the tournament will now commence exactly one stone year from the previous tournament. ((Saturday April 8th, 4:00 PM EST)). That being said, I myself will no longer be hosting the tournament. The current Grand Champion himself, Morug Goldhand, has decided to host this tournament in my place. Good luck to all participants, may Yemekar guide you.” ~ Signed Gorum Frostbeard ~Tournament Rules~ "There has been a change in rules, the fight will be honorable and pure. There will be no extra advantages." ~ Signed Gorum Frostbeard Every fighter will be provided with a Wooden Sword. Shields will NOT be permitted in this tournament. Kingdom law applies. No use of potions. ~Tournament Matches~ Not being present for your matches will result in automatic disqualification. If you are late, your participation is up to the host. Tournament Host: Grand Champion Morug Goldhand (dsdevil) Match 1: Rodrick Southbeard (TheSouth27) vs. Avilia Frostbeard (MissToni) Match 2: Bodrek Doomforged (iHB_) vs. Tarub Grandaxe (Chaw) Match 3: Garrond Frostbeard (awesomemonkey77) vs. Dimlin Irongut (Beamon4) Match 4: Verrik Grandaxe (priceflash) vs. Ogdan Frostbeard (Ogdan) Match 5: Korhaz Grandaxe (ArkhamBoy) vs. Elrith Narn'wynn (Elrith_Searith) Match 6: Aldal Ireheart (Soggy365) vs. Kerwyr Frostbeard (Raomir) Match 7: Kalviin Goldhand (z3m0s) vs. Khoulgralrug Emberbelt (CoZ1Elf) Match 8: Delric Grandaxe (Shambo) vs. Thond Doomforge (LordCommander) Match 9: Saoirse Grandaxe (Nekodere) vs. Senurean Mars (MarakMars) Match 10: Fimlin Grandaxe (Worldiswar28) vs. Baldin Frostbeard (Mateolog) ((Refer to the previous tournament post for prizes and rewards))
  4. Gorum stares in awe. "You have been blessed by the Gods."
  5. Gorum shakes his head. "I demand answers... if none are given, there will be consequences."
  6. Gorum pins a notice in the city square. "The tournament postponed until further notice." ((Due to the server being down the tournament will be postponed, I'll give a new date once we know the server is stable.))
  7. Gorum nods in agreement. "Dwed who sit in a floating city with tree huggers, only revealing themselves when something of importance occurs in Kal'Omith... it is sickening. They are not gods... they are DWED! They will be reminded of that soon enough."
  8. Gorum nods at Oyvind. "Aye, once the King grants his approval we'll gather a force capable of rescuing our forgotten halls. The deep roads have never been this dangerous, perhaps we have neglected it far too long."
  9. meanking was the lord of the craft
  10. ((TOURNAMENT IS POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE, A POST WILL GO UP WITH A NEW DATE ONCE THE SERVER IS STABLE.)) ~The First Tournament of Kal’Omith~ A massive scroll is pinned near the entrance of Kal’Omith. “Hail lads and lassies of the Kingdom of Urguan. I, Gorum Frostbeard, am honoured to host the first official tournament of Kal’Omith. I welcome all fighters, old or young, weak or strong, fit or fat, to come and celebrate this grand event by participating in the tournament for a chance to become the first official Champion of Kal’Omith. This is a very rare title to hold, future Dwarves will look up to you for you will be among the strongest fighters to roam the halls of Kal’Omith. The rest of this scroll will introduce you to the rules and regulations of this tournament, may your axe or hammer guide you to victory.” ~ Signed Gorum Frostbeard ~Time and Location~ The tournament will be hosted in one stone week from now. ((Saturday April 1st, 6:00 EST)) It will take place in the Grand Dwarven Arena of Kal’Omith. ~Tournament Rules~ Every fighter will be provided with a set of Chain Armour. Every fighter will be provided with a Stone Sword. Shields will NOT be permitted in this tournament. Kingdom law applies. No use of potions. ~Grand Prize~ In addition to earning a spot in the House of Champions alongside the reigning Grand Champion, Morug Goldhand, the winner of this tournament will receive the following: A tax-free home located near the King’s Palace A cash prize of 5,000 Minas A set of armour crafted by the best Smith’s in Kal’Omith (Aengelic) An axe crafted by the best Smith’s in Kal’Omith (42% Black Ferrum) ~Entry Slip~ The attached form is to be filled out and handed in within the next stone week. ((OOC NOTE: You have until March 30th to enter the Tournament)) Afterwards, a scroll will be released containing the official tournament bracket. ~Message From The King~ “To all participants: I, Grand King Bastion Ireheart, am honoured to be here to witness the crowning of the First Champion of Kal’Omith. I have always enjoyed watching and participating in tournaments of old, seeing the young lads duke it out to show who is the strongest among them is a thrilling experience. I look forward to a great tournament, so bring your best performance lads. Don’t doubt yourself, have faith in your strength as Urguan had faith in his. May Yemekar bless your axes and blades.” ~ Grand King Bastion Ireheart ((A post containing the official tournament bracket will go up on March 30th, applications to this tournament will be open until then.)) ~Registered Participants~ Rodrick Southbeard (TheSouth27) Grand Queen Avilia Frostbeard (MissToni) Bodrek Doomforged (eyah_porchgla/iHB_) Tarub Grandaxe (Chaw) Garrond Frostbeard (awesomemonkey77) Dimlin Irongut (Beamon4) Ogdan Frostbeard (Ogdan) Galdryn Frostbeard (ThePortugueseGod) Korhaz Grandaxe (ArkhamBoy) Elrith Narn'wynn (Elrith_Searith) Aldal Ireheart (Soggy365) Kerwyr Frostbeard (Raomir) Kalviin Goldhand (z3M0s) Khoulgralrug Emberbelt (CoZ1Elf) Delric Grandaxe (Shambo) Thond Doomforged (LordCommander) Saoirse Grandaxe (Nekodere) Senurean Mars (MarakMars) Fimlin Grandaxe (Worldiswar28) Baldin Frostbeard (Mateolog) Verrik Grandaxe (priceflash)
  11. Name: Gorum Frostbeard Korhaz Grandaxe Zharkaz Doomforged Dwalin Irongut Aldal Ireheart Frerir Irongrinder Grumbis Frostbeard x
  12. Gorum looks at each Dwarf individually before slamming his fist against the table. "Since I was a young lad in Asulon I have never seen the Dwed act like cowards. What don't you understand? We are bound by HONOUR! Courland was there for us when we needed it most, they fought and BLED alongside us. Haense did nothing but disrespect us, our relics, and our people. " Gorum stands up abruptly, making his way to the Senate door. "I will not hold this against you. But I choose to remember who helped us, I choose to honour the lads I fought alongside in the war against Oren." Gorum opens the door, stepping halfway out the door before speaking. "You have all clearly made up your minds. However, I choose to keep my honour intact. I vote war." Gorum exits the building.
  13. Lol, that's an extremely narrow minded attitude. He's a new coder, not a dev. Read the descriptions of each role before making ignorant comments like this.
  14. thank mr dsdevil
  15. That's actually a really good point, something that I'm sure would be pretty easy to do as well. It also gives people a reason to explore and actually appreciate parts of the map that are currently vast and useless.