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  1. gingernut97

    [Denied]Goliaths Gm App

    MY BOIIIIII Yes, a thousand times over: yes. Goliath is perfect for the job, and we need more GMT GMs as it is.
  2. gingernut97

    [Denied]Gm Re-Application

    Not a girl? There goes half of the community's fantasies. But, yeah, if you lie about anything: why should should anyone trust you in a position of power? Personally, I couldn't care less. But I can see the reason for people's discontent. TL;DR Untrustworthy due to lies, I cannot support
  3. gingernut97

    Remove *needless Ooc From The Forums

    Is this meant to be a joke?
  4. gingernut97

    Lym's Fm Application

    Ooh, ja! Lym is an amazing person, and has shown an undying dedication to the VAT. He constantly babysits Gemmy, which has proven to be a difficult job at times, but Lymmy sticks with it! . Lym has always shown himself to be both mature and level-headed, and he's helpful to everyone. I'm surprised that he isn't a GM already!
  5. gingernut97

    [Accepted]Matt's Gm App

    +1 Matt's a great guy, and he most definitely deserves this position. Matt has shown great dedication in his job as an AT member, and I think that he is mature enough to hold this position, as well as holding enough experience as a player moderator.
  6. gingernut97

    Snowshovel's Fm Application Of Destiny

    He's evil, and threatened to murder my family if I did not give him a referral. Snow is a great guy, and I would love to seem him added onto the FM team. He has a great application, a great community spirit, and a great level of maturity.
  7. gingernut97

    [Actor] Aptrotta's Event Team Application

    Aptrotta is a great roleplayer, and an all-round great guy! I would love to see him added to the Event Team as an actor. +1
  8. gingernut97

    Ben's Forum Moderator Application

    My fellow Briton and rower, Ben, has always shown a strong sense of right and wrong. His maturity shows through every post he makes, and I've never seen him do anything wrong in the time I've been on the forums. I know he will take this job seriously, and perform to his absolute best!
  9. gingernut97

    Raulin Vonschlichten (Wip)

    Character Name Nicknames: Raulin Age: 26 Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Alive Description Height: 5ft 11" Weight: 75 kg Body Type: Relatively stocky, not overtly muscular. Eyes: A dark shade of green. Hair: Reddish-brown hair. Skin: White, lightly tanned. Markings: A small, white scar on the nape of the neck, as well as a long scar running down the left-side of his jaw. Health: Good, well-fed, slightly drunk at most times. Personality: Very quiet when it comes to conversations, he prefers to listen to others rather than speak himself. Can be sociable at times, but appears to brood when by his lonesome about his father and the rest of his family. Life Style Alignment: Lawful-Neutral Deity: The Creator. Alliance/Nation/Home: The House of VonSchlichten Job/Class: Tutor and labourer Title(s): N/A Profession(s): N/A Special Skill(s): Drinking Flaw(s): Easily angered when it comes to the subject of his parents, his lack of a father-figure in his life has made him bitter towards others with happy families, and anger at his father for leaving his mother. Weaponry Fighting Style: Bare-knuckled. Trained Weapon: Staff, short-sword Favoured Weapon: Staff Archery: N/A Biography Parents: Saul VonSchichten Siblings: N/A Children: N/A Extended Family: Uncles Gestahl and Mandru, grandfather Reinhardt. Cousins Rosalyn, Shia, Saul II, Alexander the Elder, and Alex the Younger (adopted) Pet(s): N/A History Raulin was born out of wedlock. A bastard. His mother, a barmaid, had fallen pregnant with him after meeting a stranger travelling with the VonSchicten Company. 9 Months later, a child was born. But at a cost. Raulin's mother, who shall remain unnamed, gave her life for the bastard child of her lover. Raulin had no one, with his mother dead, and a missing father in his life: he was juggled around families across Oren constantly. Always being sent from one house to the next every few years once he became unwanted. As Raulin turned to his fourteenth day-of-birth, he had left his final family. Travelling to Abresi, Raulin picked up many jobs: Carpenter's Assistant, farmhand, messenger, and even as a librarians assistant. But sadly, none of these jobs held an interest to him as he wandered on through the kingdom towards Abresi. It was only when Raulin turned 15 had he really started to put some thought into the identity of his father, he knew his father was involved with the VonSchlichtens -whoever they were- and that he was travelling with their company. Questions constantly clouded his once clear mind, often unable to concentrate on his work. What was his father's first name? Was he a servant for the VonSchlichtens? Why had he left his mother to die a painful and lonely death. It seemed for every question he thought of, more new questions were spurred on. Years later, Raulin would travel to the small island of Gallmore after hearing word of there being a "VonCo" business working there. On the island, he met his uncles: Gestahl and Mandru... And his estranged grandfather Reinhardt, the very man to have betrayed Raulin's father Saul. And yet, there was no sign of Saul on this quiet island in the ocean... Well, quiet apart from the shouts and curses from Reinhardt from his tower. Months after his arrival to Gallmore, Raulin had to move on again. He had picked up no clues whatsoever on the whereabouts of his father, and so he hid upon a trade ship leaving Gallmore: full of VonSchlichten wine barrels. Naturally, Raulin drank his fill of these barrels before falling off the side of the ship, and washing back onto the mainland with little to no memory of the past year. So, with a belly full of sour wine, our hero set off for the realm's longest pub crawl- still with the intention of finding Saul, of course. After his legendary pub-crawl, filled with brawls, women, and ale... and more ale, Raulin found himself at the Fringe- away from the "comforts" of Anthos, but ever eager to find his father, and the poision he had grown so fond of. And so, he began searching for both his House of VonSchlichten and his father Saul. Skin:
  10. gingernut97

    Snowshovel's Fm Application Of Destiny

    Snowshovel is a brilliant (and skinny) person to be around. He already exhibits some level of responsibility, and seems to be a level-headed individual from what I have seen so far. I support this application.
  11. gingernut97

    Matt's Fm App

    Matt is a great guy, from the time I knew him as iMattyz, he has always been a friendly person to me. He has always invited me to any chats he has been in, and seems to respect me despite the age difference. An extremely mature individual that definitely deserves a high-up staff position such as a Forum Moderator, I already know that a person such as Matt will be able to perform his tasks efficiently, and without any problems. Full support from me! +1
  12. gingernut97

    Arzota's Fm Application

    From my experience with Arzota on the forums so far, I would have to say that he is a mature individual with many ideas. From what I've heard: he's a great roleplayer too! I support!
  13. gingernut97

    [Actor] Monkeycoffee's Event Team Application

    Monkey has been a great friend to me for many months. He has always made me feel good about myself, and is the most mature person of his age that I have ever met. As a current AT member, Monkey has amazing organisational skills that are frequently shown in his acceptances/denials on whitelisting applications that should prove sufficient to this position, and he takes his current position on the Application Team as a fully-fledged professional. Monkey has always taken his roleplay as well as staff position seriously. Monkey is a highly commendable individual for a position on the Event Team. +1
  14. gingernut97

    Spamshok's Fm App

    Spamshok has always been helpful, and an all-round nice person! I give my full support on this application.
  15. gingernut97

    More Fonts?

    Yeah, I miss my Arial Black Bold. MY PIXELS D: