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  1. Legit feel like killing myself after remembering this site, and looking back at my stuff from 4 years back.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. gingernut97


      You still in uni?

    3. iMattyz


      yea dude, doing geography. How you doin

    4. gingernut97


      Ah, right, taking colouring in maps to the next-level eh? I'm in Upper-Sixth, working my arse off on History, Geography, and English Lit. Hoping to get into Liverpool Uni for Law.

  2. Got A* in English Lit and History. LAD.

  3. He keeps messaging me, pissed I won't join his clan http://i.imgur.com/76aBMqm.png

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    2. iMattyz


      Might buy it when it comes out on pc.

    3. gingernut97


      Hush up, Freya, I'm slowly turning into a homophobic, racist person because of my exposure to Xbox's wonderful community. Don't blame me

    4. nordicg_d


      I already am and it's great

  4. Really friendly community filled with mature people in Destiny http://i.imgur.com/tZ2Wtl8.png

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    2. Bircalin


      How are you playing? I'm much jelly

    3. gingernut97


      ^Beta ended yesterday lol. Some kid started messaging me to join his clan, for when the game was released. Only got to play 6 hours of beta anyway, it was lush!

    4. Gaius Marius

      Gaius Marius

      Pess, I wouldnt rate you any better for the world <3

  5. Destiny is thw ultimate dancing simulator http://youtu.be/L8jAkxW-0wA

    1. Guest


      It is so much fun!

  6. Destiny beta is amazing! Thought it was all hype at first, but I'm loving it

    1. blindmind


      Its magic system is also based off of LotC's!

  7. Dont you just love having to learn everything all over again when software's aesthetics are changed >.>

    1. Tefzors


      stop being a ginger cnt n lern something u cheeky m8

  8. This guy should be on our media team http://youtu.be/lBICLteuQs8

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    2. SodaiKamikaze


      The sad part is, the lyrics are actually pretty good.

    3. DrakeHaze.


      Das cringe m8

    4. gingernut97


      Sadder part is that this is better than most of the server's videos

  9. God bless Belgium

  10. We only have 3 days to live!

    1. Lvke
    2. Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

      Godwein Stafyr (Z3r05t4r)

      Must be hot there. Ice cools, you do not necessarily have to eat it.

  11. American humour is vastly superior to British pleb humour, obviously http://youtu.be/DYcVtCV6qI4

  12. #immolation2k14

  13. Any other people with BT Internet having problems? >.>

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