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  1. Is this meant to be a lore for holy alteration in all things clerical, paladins, and ascended? In which case, don't clerics and ascended have plenty of lore to explain their own respective stuff already?
  2. Perrin please. Is this like the eighth lore piece in the past couple weeks? You've been working hard. Also what would you call "the colloquial term referring to the frame that Soul Essence is built around in order to construct a living, functional inferior or lesser soul"? Not a soul blueprint? What is it called then?
  3. I don't like how lawless raiders have more numbers to guarantee PVP if they attack as there would always be over 8 people involved unless they're fighting one person. (either way it could be severely unfair) Not to say lawless raiding numbers should stay down, but the rules stating when it becomes PVP default over defender default should change.
  4. So a caretaker basically can't use any of their direct abilities on themselves? Also I was just saying the absorbing light section mentioning it can't be used to take a wound on the self was misleading because it's an ability the caretakers would be able to have anyway through transference. And thanks for the answers, it helps a lot. As a side note, I do know that Quav was working on a Yeu Rthulu magic a while back. It may still be worth getting in touch with him about that.
  5. Okay so I've had some time to read through the lore and new changes, and think on a few things. -Empowerment only works on others? A caretaker couldn't give themselves increased strength or speed? -So which abilities in specific require the other person to be considered an 'ally' or have an 'emotional link' with? -Is the mending ability comparable to clerical healing in potency? Could a caretaker use it on themselves? -Why say absorbing doesn't work for wounds when you can do that through transference anyway? -Is Sensorial Link something permanent or only works for as long as the caretaker focuses on it? -Okay so as for how the Yeu Rthulu light ability works. It's essentially supposed to be a thing where if someone's dying, the light surrounds them and it either heals them of all wounds or just does nothing? The descriptions of this ability seem hard to interpret personally. Also I still don't like mandatory rolling systems. -I don't think using instruments fits Yeu Rthulu very well as a deity, and seems far too 'bard-like'. Not to mention not all augurs or people of Yeu Rthulu faith know how to play instruments/sing. ;-; Also area of effect empowerment sounds really OP. -Slowness/stun is still referenced in blessing instruments and tier progression sections. Just FYI.
  6. lore overload Looks like a cool idea, I'll read it more soon. Lots of lores flooding out recently.
  7. But using focus crystals in enchantments and such is still physically channeling a spell through it.
  8. I have to agree with some of the others. I don't think the degradation factor of mages should be tampered with compared to how it already is. In relation to something else in the lore. Would the implementation of this basically mean if you don't do this ritual to make it an 'implement', a focus crystal will always break itself on use? That seems like it could be a problem in some cases.
  9. Daniel makes note of the size in bids, an intrigued look appearing on him. "Maybe I ought to do an auction myself."
  10. The thing is that that's not what the MArt system was made for. Just keep it documented yourself if that's what you want, I suppose.
  11. Maybe it would be fairer to say immune to natural flame and not magical? Not to say weakness to magical fire but still affected?
  12. Cool lore, but I don't like the ever-increasing list of creatures immune to fire.
  13. MArts are supposed to be for artifacts that bend or go beyond lore moderately. If this were accepted then such objects would no longer fit that criteria. I don't think the MArt requirement is entirely necessary. Very interesting lore regardless.
  14. Opinion of me?? When are you going to get help for your meme addiction? What would it take for you to just make that halfling minstrel immediately?? Best way to play a snelf?