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  1. [Dark Druids] The Fourth Way

    Pst since it seems basically like all this would accomplish is a new method of tainting lands, consider my idea I posted earlier? Bless.
  2. [MA] [Conjuration] one last slots

  3. [Dark Druids] The Fourth Way

    It'd be pretty awesome if you added a little more to this piece to separate it from Necromancy blight (with unique aesthetics). Maybe you can also mutate animals to appear malformed and become malicious entities. Perhaps not with any more power than they originally had, just more aggressive and spooky as hell looking! @Smaw
  4. [Dark Druids] The Fourth Way

    This is cool and all but I think you should come up with a different name than "dark druids". That's something that already exists in the form of druids truly protecting the balance by the views of the Aspects albeit with questionable morals (Thuleanism being an example of these druids). This is legit harming the balance due to being deceived by a servant of the deity of deception. They're actually more like unintentional draoi, so you ought to just change the name to avoid confusing this with groups that already exist IRP. Otherwise, I've not read it all yet, but it looks pretty cool so far!
  5. Patchnotes 6.1e

    Thank the lord holy shiz.
  6. Paragons of Purity

    Debatable. This is no more interference than Tahariae giving his blessings as it is. Considering they're still mortal fleshy beings, aren't inherently heightened in power, and still have access to their normal forms.
  7. I don't have good enough memes for this but just accept him GOD
  8. [Daemon Rewrite] Vaasek, The Dark Star

    This guy is pretty emo but in a hardcore way. Neat.
  9. [Lore Update] Clerics of Tahariae

    Ya'll fell for drfate's shitpost. So here's me also falling for it. Also nah, it's deceiving. This lore doesn't actually have a lot but repeats a ton of the same paragraphs for EVERY. SINGLE. SPELL. FOCUS ON PRAYER TO TAHARIAE AND WILL FOR LIGHT TO ENTER TARGET WHILE YOU IMAGINE THE THING HEALING BLAH BLAH BLAH repeated 400 times. Each spell isn't a unique ability but the same ability described with slightly different functioning. I.E. healing bruises, healing cuts, healing muscles, healing bones when it could've all been simplified as one technique of healing that gets stronger over time. Not to mention there are entire sections just about history and rules a cleric must follow instead of mechanics or "more spells". Silly silly man. EDIT: Also yes don't take Suticans as the baseline examples. What you described has never been possible by-lore and was Kary literally just powergaming. Smh
  10. Clamour Noctis

    Not sure if you meant 'experienced' the multiple times you said experimented or not. Also saint years is IRL years so 40 of those may be well beyond the server's longevity. Otherwise seems good to me.
  11. [Lore Update] Clerics of Tahariae

    God have mercy he's making me comment at 4am . . . JK, good job Fury. As slow as any rewrite appears to be happening, it's nice to see a consolidation of current canon which is (slightly) more concise. Maybe learn from our predecessors and don't use so many spoilers though, they'll be broken easily. +1
  12. Kor and Luara

    The dark elven race created by a highschool-tier meek romance, by GOD.
  13. Paragons of Purity

    Thanks for giving some alternatives. I'll change it to sanctified form when I get home from work. As for paragons being a dwarven thing - paragon is just a word meaning a person with preeminent qualities, a role model. If you wish to distinguish them, these are Paragons of Tahariae/Purity.
  14. Paragons of Purity

    Oh don't worry, I definitely wrote in several traits that are good for fighting undead and that sets them apart from regular people (aesthetics count for doing that!), but I'm not going to make them objectively better than normal clerics. The OPness of certain predecessors are a big reason for their failings in the past. As for the other guy. It's not all cosmetics, maybe read more than the comments. This has affects, but it's more for RP's sake than being some dumb powerhouse fantasy. Sorry for that, ghoulydude.
  15. Paragons of Purity

    Foremost about aesthetics and RP flavor, but it still gives some abilities alongside their weaknesses. It can be a fun thing a cleric is rewarded with for dedicating into the RP wholly. As much as it'd be neat every cleric gets this, it probably shouldn't just spread like wildfire (nor be kept in a small group - hence no cap).