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  1. Ngl I have no idea what those plugins are that you mentioned, but making birds incapable of interfering with conflict is good. I'd just hope it doesn't become an excuse to punish players for using /msg to organize get-togethers for RP when out of immediate RP/conflict, instead of using some plugins.
  2. Glad you went with the less is more approach for rewriting conduits, I approve.
  3. God bless the first bearded elf. We've been through a lot in the past decade, and while most of the oldies have gone away, I'm glad people still enjoy telling stories together.
  4. In some distant plane there exists the wails of endless souls, sickly green and like an ocean of evil. They fill the entirety of this existence; there is no up nor down, for all direction is meaningless. In the center there is a massive, black silhouette. As its chest heaves, a vacuum forms that pulls in the ichor, faces locked in permanent torment within. The body is obscured, save for the mouth as its maw opens wide to reveal the many rows of serrated teeth... "Dav'kul kramutru, ikztoz'zak..."
  5. When Marie passed into the Eternal Forest, abound with life and wonder, guided by the hand of Taynei'hiylu... She and her group had been overlooked by a great, black Ram on distant hills. Its companion sheep were there to welcome them - welcome them home. Then the Ram only nodded, before rushing off again into the Wilds. As Marie welcomed newly passed druids, she'd often see the Ram there too - though it was never close-by. Sometimes, it looked at her with its blazing turquoise eyes, and the lightning around its body subsided. The Ram never stayed to speak, but it seemed calmer, or less intense, whenever it saw her. Like looking in a mirror of what could have been, and being relieved.
  6. How many years until you surpass Dream? Can I have a pepsi? Who was the first person you RPed with? Who is your favorite roleplayer, and why is it me (Jk... Haha, unless?) Are you addicted to LotC and the pain it supplies? Do you know half my questions are just memes? What's your next video about? What was your favorite RP encounter ever? K, thanks. Have a wonderful time
  7. I haven't read this, but my inner extremist druid screams at the prospect of dragons corrupting my good wholesome nature's balance . . . (Aka dragons not technically being a part of the Aspects' 'nature' originally) And my OOC self screams because dragons literally leak into everything in LotC lore, nothing is without dragoon, and the lack of variety hurts my soul Though this looks like a lot of effort was put in, I respect it
  8. Damn. That's some nostalgia, all right. Makes me miss the old adventurous feeling, of when everyone and everything was new.
  9. Hot damn boi that's a big ass boi. Neat edit: Maybe woulda been best splitting this into several lorepieces and spoilering all flavor entirely
  10. In the deep recesses of an unnamed plane, a soup of ravaged souls swell and fall away in never-ending waves. There is no up, no down, no place where one's feet could ever find purchase. The moaning spirits of long-stolen lives pass by in haunting torrents, glowing in a sickly green hue. At its center lies the silhouette of a massive, black beast. Its eyes blaze through the storm of maleus. "Urbug unmatar ak'viizr... Ze raht zen." Its voice shakes the plane and is reverberated by the screaming souls abound. "Kuul... Zd'zak ikztoz unmatar ak'kiztik."
  11. An ancient sleeping mind stirs at the advent of such a widespread communion. It grumbles with the cracking of branches. An enormous tree shakes the earth in a field of crows. "Brotheh Bluejay..." The tree muses. Then it sleeps again, and all returns to normal.
  12. This video is insanely high quality, hot damn.
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