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  1. [MArt] Astraeaus, The Spear of Order

    Dropped the ball on the formatting near the end there, brother.
  2. [MArt] Ritus Light

    Yes hello I am here to claim my cool healing book.
  3. Tfw dark shamans get rewrites every other week.
  4. Still looking for someone that can help me with these skins, I'd appreciate it.


    1. Keefy


      What do you need exactly?


    2. Gladuos


      Going to the post I linked should have all the details. They're a couple armor skins.

  5. [Ca] [Atronach] Dark_elf01

    "A player atronach that isn't arcanism or fire? What kind of amateur atronach forger is this?" Me. It's me. :^]
  6. An Empty Feeling

    Vel is briefly interrupted in her daily exercise routine by a loud halfling and a hostile hound shortly after. At least it acted hostile from the beginning, however with the elfess' knowledge on dog-kind she was able to make friends! She laughs as it licks her face, petting at its chest. "That's a good boy." The woes of a fading Hierophant make no note in a vehement halfling's dutiful mind. The passing of wind and season, blight and imbalance cascading away the world. To the Ram, nothing else matters.
  7. Fine, I can make RP magic items or whatever if someone makes these for me. It's really not that big a deal, it says things are negotiable in the post itself. I just need someone willing to actually make it instead of judge my offers. ;-;
  8. Okay sure, 2k mina each then. I said 1k was offered as a minimum. Unless you think it's worth more than even that.
  9. Okay so I tried my hand at this myself and wasn't totally happy with the result. I need someone with experience in armor skins to make these couple skins for me. Price can be negotiated, I have plenty but I'll offer a base of 1k mina on each for their completion. If you are interested in making either skin then just PM me or comment here for more information. First one I want the body to look something like this: For the helmet I would want something that looks more like this!: --- That's it for the first request. Second one is a bit different. I want a skin with armor designed similarly to the following however with the steel more blackened as if black steel was used instead. Dark greens or blacks instead of the blue cloth as well: If you are able I'd like there to be added decorative trimmings to the armor that look like vines, or plant-life. This might look a bit like what I'm thinking trimming-wise. Green instead of gold!:
  10. The Truth on Satyrs

    The Ram Druid watches the peculiar interactions. "Tell the Ordeh they 'ave drama an' watch them get dramatic abou' 'ow they don't."
  11. [Addition] [Creature] Striga

    I can say with absolute certainty that refusing to drink blood doesn't make them devolve into lesser Strigae as the lore was originally accepted. Drinking too much however should.
  12. [Addition] [Creature] Striga

    As I recall the lore made their features pop out more only after drinking, not for neglecting to drink. It was something I remember suggesting they change but was met with a response that they don't want it to be a cliche "kill people on a regular basis" type creature. Has that changed over time as people RPed the creatures?
  13. For Transfigurationists: Attuning

    "What a wild man this Avenel is sometimes. I feel as though I should give him some of my money." states the Second Enchanter Daniel Ward.
  14. The Potion Index

    EYE-CHANGE POTION Description and effects: A concoction that when consumed changes the color of an individual's irises. This is variable depending on the natural dye involved with the alchemic recipe used. After consumption the eye color change will be permanent unless one consumes another potion to revert it. Whether one merely didn't enjoy the color at birth or they need some change for one reason or another, this would be highly useful to them. Otherwise changing one's eye-color is only really aesthetic. When used in excess there is a chance for the potion to gradually worsen eyesight until one becomes inevitably blind. This may be treated with the use of healing magics or mending potions, however one should still be careful not to overdo it. Recipe: Base: Distilled Water 1 Water Symbol (Adaptability/Change) 1 Air Symbol (Awareness/Sight) 1 part dye color of choice (To determine new eye hue) Author: Gladuos LM Approval Required: No ~---~ EYE-GLOW POTION Description and effects: Similar in concept to the same potion as before, the eye-glow potion uses the eye-change potion as a base with a minor difference. When one consumes this potion their eyes would become aglow with the color of their aura akin to archons or children born around excessive voidal energies such as near void tears. This is done by implementing a magic represented reagent in the place of the normal dye in the eye-change potion, allowing for the magical effect to enact instead. This change would not be a permanent one however, gradually tapering off until around an IC year (an IRL week) after consumption. This would require one to make more if they wished to keep their eyes under this effect. Same as before, this only really gives an aesthetic to one's eyes. Consuming too many of these potions might be a bad idea however as much like the eye-change potion the user has a risk of worsening their eyesight. Even further, the eye-glow potion has a greater risk of harming one's vision than the normal variety. Should one not take ample care of their eyes and use this potion too many times, they may find themselves going entirely blind. Recipe: Base: Distilled Water 1 Water Symbol (Adaptability/Change) 1 Air Symbol (Awareness/Sight) 1 part magical reagent representation (such as liquid essence or Arcanae silk) Author: Gladuos LM Approval Required: No
  15. Planned Changes For Energy System

    Cmon man, skills are all halflings got. Why ya gotta give us the short straw? :^]