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  1. [Music] As Arin, Marie, and Midnus each pass on from the mortal realm, their connection to the living forever severed, echoes rush through the natural world. Deep in the Eternal Forest, a murder of crows fly from a canopy surrounding a wide plain. An old, gnarled tree stirs into wakefulness at the center of this plain. The bending and breaking of branches, the low groaning of wood comes out from within. Then a brambled, wooden foot, decorated in leaves, steps out from the trunk. Not long after they first step into the Fae Realm, the group (especially Marie) may see a large ram
  2. ((In-game screenshots are stinky))
  3. Lel Can't believe people think the Void was originally a destructive force of entropy and not just an excuse of a source for arcane magics. It was just a neutral source, then became lovecraft cosmic horror, and seems to be going back again? Regardless, it's a sign of how indecisive void lore is when choosing its theming.
  4. [Music] The demons marched through the islands South of Aegrothond. Beasts of titanic sizes and varying shapes. Hellhounds, apes, and automaton-like walkers loomed over the zar’ei scourgers as they hopped island to island. First the home of the Chi monks was raised in fire. Then they moved on to the Father Grove and began desecrating the nature there. Fires burned high into the sky as the forces approached Siramenor. On the back of an ape-like titan stood the general Tichar, wielding its Mace of Tyranny and directing the forces. Without anyone to protect it, the wood elven city was
  5. Double negatives hurt my brain. Just say “Can only ward/abjure magics you had an MA in.”
  6. An old Oyashiman man made one of his many excursions across Arcas in search of peculiar, interesting things. On such a journey he came across this missive particularly. The thoughts that came to his mind made him solemn and with a stone-like expression as opposed to his usual, boisterous chuckling. He took the missive with him on his journey home. In the recent years he’s neglected to pay his taxes and expects himself to be evicted soon. That is fine enough, he’s decided to go on a long trip to distant lands again. Always a foreigner, drifting far from home. Yet as he packs his bags in
  7. I didn’t even read dis sht but you told me to comment so hi.
  8. You’re a lil baby boi, but I will give you the rep clout this time.
  9. What the hell Benbo, how do you churn this **** out so fast?
  10. ((Tahariae screeches.)) A clerical high elf reads the flyer and sighs. She stands before it for some time and seems to ponder upon it before turning to make her leave again.
  11. lmao I haven’t read yet but I’m surprised you pinged me for telling you to do it.
  12. My brain is a bit too small. Lemme get it straight. It’s lore that explains if you travel between planes you will be followed by chaotic forces similar in power to your own? More powerful, the greater the attention it harbors? Is that it? ;u;
  13. I haven’t read this, but as a fellow Oyashima man, this looks epic.
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