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  1. But humans get to go to the Seven Skies instead of becoming stuck in the soul stream.
  2. This guy gets it.
  3. NANI!?
  4. Spellforge is MENTAL.
  5. You're a bit silly if you think entlings are overpowered. When you consider druids can have regular animal companions which may offer greater physical potency. Or consider something like conjuration which conjures bears with one less emote etc. Similarly spriggans, though bound to singular trees, are basically the same except more powerful and require a comparable amount of emotes to summon.
  6. Lame. I was told a while ago that it wouldn't work unless taken from the soul tree, where the soul is. Also what's this about wards not breaking a link or whatever? Does this mean the magic can't be dispelled? If it's magical then warding should be able to dispell it period.
  7. Why though? How do you connect with a soul that isn't there?
  8. There's no soul in a tree lord husk. ;~;
  9. Eh, i think it's a little unfair. If you can't cast the spell normally then you shouldn't be able to put that spell into an object. If no one in the process can cast it, it shouldn't be enchantable. That's my opinion.
  10. I already do it like this anyway. I am okay with this. Also it shouldn't apply to wards, they aren't casting separate magics. It's just dispelling different kinds. That's far less OP. @JCQuiinn
  11. A once-monk from days gone by looks at the trade offer. "EXCUSE ME WHA' THE ****. A weapon teh take life goes everyt'ing against wha' the Triumvirate respresents!" No bid was made.
  12. Also maybe most MArts are voidal not because arcane magic is OP or anything but because any enchanting magics that are of other archetypes are just limited as hell?
  13. I actually don't understand how mental magic is OP. It seems to have a decent number of ways to resist it including mental wards, barriers, shades, voidal horrors in your head (cognatism), etc. Of course there are a lot of potential uses for mental magic, but it's only available to be used on one person at a time. The illusions are subject to the same rules of needing to be logical to the mind or they don't work, and the only ways around that is under high tier diversion of consciousness that takes a long time to accomplish and can be resisted. Of course you can remove long term memories and such, but never without OOC consent and honestly I don't see how that's too much of a big problem? I'm really not seeing it here. I agree with Phil as well, transfig is a utility magic and making it several slots would definitely not do it any favors.
  14. MC Name: Gladuos List in Question: Arcane Error in Question: I'd like my RP name for several magics changed to just Daniel Ward instead of Daniel 'Vince' Ward. These would be in telekinesis, transfiguration, fire evocation, conjuration, mental magic, voidal feeling, voidal displacement, and atronach forging. Speaking of which, I'm not listed with knowing atronach forging when I should be. Link to Magic Application (If Relevant):
  15. "Solidified mana, huh... These are some interesting developments!" a red-haired wizard exclaims.