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  1. The Diamond Pox - On Thaumic Petrification

    Good to see something commonly referred to and roleplayed gaining fleshed out lore. +1
  2. Shades

    Can you give some examples of how many emotes it takes to cast the caliginous flames? How much can be summoned before exhaustion? Context on just how much it would hurt a deific user?
  3. Introducing the Vault!

    Can you PLEASE at least make the vaults different between personas? 27 items only? All these dead RP items. ;-;
  4. Shades

    Of course, a Druid would sense the dread an animal is going through but they should be able to correct the issues with enough power. Ambercrafting yeah I imagine it wouldn't do anything unless it was being directly harmful to stuff around it somehow. It would be something to debate about. The caliginous flame just seems too outright powerful if it should even exist at all. Something that hurts holy users just for being connected to a deity as much as their magic could hurt a spook? When under most circumstances a holy magic doesn't hurt a dark user for using dark magics? I mean, even the magic which was directly about anti-holy magic doesn't directly hurt holies commonly. Why add something even more powerful than that amidst SO many other abilities? I don't like it, that's just my opinion. EDIT: Not to mention resonant knights are incapable of using any other magics, which is potentially even worse than what is suggested as the drawback for caliginous flame stated here. EDIT EDIT: Which honestly I understand the want to make anti-holy based magics, but the way lore is... It never really made sense to me. Holy magic is meant to be the direct antithesis to dark magics, so it should realistically protect them more than a normal person against such forces. And whereas dark magics overall are able to really mess up normal people in a most advantageous way. Sorry for all the ranting, just trying to get my thoughts out there. I wish good luck to the lore otherwise, hopefully things are sorted out right for everyone to agree on.
  5. Shades

    Druids can most definitely heal animals of various forms of corruption through blight healing. Blight healing is an abstract magic meant to correct any form of unnatural twisting magics on both life from nature and landscapes. This goes beyond just lifeforce tainted land. They would never be able to use it on regular people though. And yes despite the drawbacks shades can already do many things, I think such a directly anti-holy ability should be reserved for the magic which is primarily about that. Being strength of the abyss. Edit: Should also mention druidic blight healing can't be used as anti-magic or something. It can only try correcting unholy magics after it is blighting natural lands or animals/plants. So they can't just blight heal away your control over amber tendrils or other spells normally.
  6. Shades

    I've not read through the entire thing yet but I've made it to the flame section. I don't agree with adding a directly anti-holy magic such as this amongst such an already fleshed out subtype. It seems like something the resonant knights should have, not shades. I don't quite like that. Edit: I have since read the rest. So here's what else I ask or mention. Also Druids seem to be getting a lot of the short stick here. I understand not being able to fix people, but surely blight healing could heal an animal with the shade curse. Why do you have mention of Foretakers/Daeva using non-shade magics slower if earlier in the piece it mentions you must use all 5 slots to shadedom to even become a Foretaker? Meaning, shouldn't they not have other magics anyway? As holy wards are it's effectively burning at impurities that walk through them. At some point in this you mentioned shades are harmed by holy magic, but in the Foretaker section mention they are only harmed by wards while in dark form. Which one is it?
  7. The World of Atlas

    So is the vault system going to be the same as from Vailor to Axios? I think they only gave us room for a half chest worth of items. I have a lot more RP items than that this time around so is that going to be a problem?
  8. Infernic Castors; Firearms

    If I had literally any time for this I would make an extra gunslinger character who rages against the world of mages and gods. Purge all unnatural influence, make the world true again. *clenches anime fist Phil told me to comment okay.
  9. Magic List Errors

    MC Name: Gladuos List in Question: Arcane, Atronach Forging Error in Question: My character Daniel Ward has known it for a while now and I'm still not listed as far as I can see. Link to Magic Application (If Relevant):
  10. A dream halfway achieved.

    The Ram Druid surmises a most hope-filled halfling must exist this day. So ill-prepared they must be. If life doesn't crush them they may persevere yet.
  11. Fall of the Enchantry

    Daniel awakens from a deep meditative trance to look around due to this explosion. "Oh. That can't be good."
  12. [MA] [Deific] [Clerical] AstartesTemplar

    Vel cheers quietly for her friend as she remained by the sidelines of the temple! But not too loudly for fear of ruining the moment...
  13. [mart] Deck Of Many Things

    I understand this isn't something average or thoroughly explainable, but it's not good to remove portions of the application format. What I mean being the 'explanation of effects' section. I'm sure as it's more of an event item it could be sparser, yet the section shouldn't be entirely gone for something this significantly powerful. I still love the Deck of Many Things though so good luck.
  14. [mart] Deck Of Many Things

    No wish card 0/10. Jk. I always liked the deck of many things! lol
  15. Magic List Errors

    MC Name: Gladuos, Fury_Fire List in Question: Accepted MArts Error in Question: One of the two Recalling Blades was given to another owner. Malanox aka Fury_Fire has one of the two, the other still remaining with my character Daniel Ward [Gladuos] Link to Magic Application (If Relevant):