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  1. minezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminezminez

  2. Goodbye LotC. I will be gone until July 14th :(

    1. Gladuos



  3. Anyone have DayZ that wants to play with me? I haz gunz. It's too scurry to play alone -.-

    1. chill_sam


      Hi how do i be Like (member or something) cuz i cant tlak :((

    2. chill_sam


      Hi how do i be Like (member or something) cuz i cant tlak :((

  4. Minecraft was all laggy so I updated my Java and drivers and now it all good :)

  5. Does Lumberjacking increase damage you do with an axe along with Axemastery?

  6. Hey dere you little half-naked Dwarf.

  7. goron

    The Lances Of Oren

    Application: Mc Name- MiniG52 Rp Name- Pepe Lysander Age- 34 Old Jobs and Work- I was in the Alrasian Order, and The Vigil. I've had a good experience has a guard. Skills for odd jobs? (Mining/Lumberjacking/Etc)- I'm quite a good farmer [Level 61]. Weapon of Choice and ye mastery with that? (Weapon Skill lvl) I prefer using a sword [Level 100], Although I'm quite skilled with an axe [Level 98]. I'm not that skilled using a bow however [Level 16]. Why do ye wish to Join the Lances? I wish to join The Lances to serve Oren and fight for it. Do ye take the Oath-needed- Of course I do. I Pepe Lysander pledge my Weapon, my knowledge and life to the Knightly order of the Red Dragon. And Swear my allegiance to Emperor Godfrey Horen and His Line of Succession. I shall serve the King, Order and Oren with undying loyalty and will do all that I can to keep them from harm. I will always complete a quest given to me by my king, Knight and Kingdom. I swear to protect its people and to stay true to the order and obey its ways and laws.
  8. goron

    Hylianmuffin's Forum Moderator Application

    +1 Hylian's quite active on the forums, and he seems qualified for the job. Plus he is awesome and helpful. I think he could be a great FM.
  9. Dat moment when a dragon attacks Salvus and you forget your diamond armor :/

    1. Samson (Derick)

      Samson (Derick)

      Dat moment when you are banned for making a hole in the ground 7200 blocks from the spawn and get banned for two weeks for it. =/

  10. I woke up at 10:00 A.M. for the war. :/

  11. Just donated $15, so I should be getting upgraded from Coal VIP to Iron VIP. :)

  12. Check out brvhrt1005's trailer for LotC! It has some flaws, but it's still pretty epic panda. ;)

  13. Creative Cafe!

    1. Hylian the Heretic

      Hylian the Heretic

      Going to sing For Whom the Bell Tolls next time!