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  1. 8/10. Seen you, you haven't seen me :ph34r:
  2. MC name?: Zigge313 Have you been banned? If so, why?: No Do you have an accepted villain app?: No Do you have a TS or Skype? (TS preferred): Both Short Bio (2-5 sentences): "Hank was raised in the wilderness on a simple farm (More information will come later)" ------------------------------ RP: Name: Hank Whitton Age: 32 Race: Human Experience: Hank's father taught him many things, the art of the axe and how to build with his own hands. (More information will come later) Your oath: I, Hank Whitton hereby swear my sword to the Nords of the Fro
  3. The server is online.. annnddd it is offline, once again

  4. *A hooded woman sets out from her home in the dead of night. She travels on the departing ship headed for the Cloud Temple. She arrives in the middle of the day a week later. She sits at a table, watching those around her. As night falls, the temple begins to empty. She approaches the message board and tacks up a large poster. As she leaves, she looks over her shoulder to see a man watching her. When he approaches the message board, he can see the words, "The Call to Validus Scutum." Validus Scutum The Mighty Shield of Silva Insula "Freedom can only be held in one hand whilst a
  5. The server went down once again. Why does the server have constant crashes?

    1. Crystal


      I feel your pain, buddy... Not only that.. It was lagging pretty badly tonight as well.

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