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  1. Like father like son.
  2. I think the staff have a rule about no GM nation leaders and I like you as Rex :(
  3. I like you a lot Sky, but I don't think you're suited for staff at this point, particularly not GM. The way you ran the ET revealed a plethora of issues that are also important for being a GM, like pretty serious bias and difficulty completing tasks. I would advise waiting longer before applying for staff and applying for something less serious than GM when you do.
  4. A high elf prepares armour he had not worn for decades, afterward applying additional enchantments to his slayer steel sword. He mouths a wordless prayer, readying himself for his ride to the West.
  5. Be my friend
  6. I don't think Adunians can live that long.
  7. The moral of the story is we should all move to discord
  8. Name: Icarus Adil Username: Laethis Timezone: CST usually Skype: (you can send it privately if you would like): lol What would you like to teach?: Philosophy, cultural studies, law, politics, history, whatever is most needed that is not based on the natural world When is the best day to conduct your interview? After this weekend
  9. Weren't y'all gunna take all the old ones from pre-purge and give them a trial or is that no longer the plan?
  10. How long had it been since the elf had slept? One day? Two? In all honesty, he had no idea… Icarus tossed and turned, the disheveled mess of sheets barely covering him at this point. He wanted to sleep; that was what mother wanted, after all. Yet the idea agonized him so. It terrorized him. Quivering in his bed, torn someplace between the realms of sleep and wakefulness, the elf was stuck without solution. Then the whispers started. “What’s wrong, Icarus? Can’t sleep?” The cold voice asked him. “Is something wrong?” The elf pressed his hands tightly to cover his face. He wasn’t going to answer. “Silence? Really? I’m just concerned for you, Icarus.” Once again, Icarus offered no reply, only gritted teeth as response. “We share the same body, Icarus. I want you to be well. Mother said I have to treat you nicely, remember?” “I don’t want to talk.” The response was immediate, and quickly the high elf regretted it, grabbing one of his pillows to pull over his face. “Oh don’t be like that. I’m trying to help you, after all.” “She told you to let me sleep!” He shook his head, giving in to the impulse to retort. “Leave me be!” “Oh this isn’t me, Icarus. This is you. You’re the one doing this, no-” “Shut up!” “Icarus, why are you so worried? What’s keeping you up, really? I just want to talk. To help.” Once more, Icarus mustered silence, slumping back on the bed. Only a weary sigh escaped him. “Is it what I said about your friend? About what I’d do to him?” “Stop it…” “Or maybe you’re worried they’ll find out. Hmm?” “Please…” “That she’ll see how bad you’re doing and take me away? That you won’t be part of the family?” Icarus tried to respond, but nothing came. He could feel the tears welling up now, his lips pursing involuntarily. “Do you want me to stop, Icarus?” No answer. “Ignoring me won’t get you anywhere, you know?” No answer. “Fine, Icarus. I’ll make this easy. I’ll make an offer and you only have to respond if you disagree to it. If you agree, I let you sleep, if you don’t, we keep playing until you do. Alright?” No answer. “Good. Good! Now, the next time you…” And so the shade posed his offer, eager to see if the two could come to an agreement. Icarus gave no answer. The shade said nothing further. And soon, Icarus slept.
  11. I don't like it when I have to rep Leo.
  12. This is why we can't have nice things.
  13. I support it