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  1. miss you man, hope irl **** is going good

    1. Space


      what isn't he banned for grooming kids what the **** guck

  2. If you want in on the first wave of actor additions, apply to the ET shortly.

    1. Ysabelet
    2. Vamoose


      Accept @Swgrclan or receive roggvirs divine punishment

    3. Jake!


      put me in coach

  3. Anyone remember Khabbi?

    1. Fid


      Furthermore I remember YOU, Mr. Stormborn. Varivik will rise again.

    2. ski_king3


      Heh I can't wait

  4. While Asulon (and presumably Aegis) had a skill system, I would argue that I by and large preferred that one. At least at the time, it made professions feel meaningful and tied to the RP of one's characters, and when it went, professions pretty much totally left the realm of RP. That being said, I think a big part of that was just because there was so much less stuff in Minecraft five years ago, in terms of number of blocks. But regardless, the system was much simpler, and wasn't overly prohibitive for new players.
  5. I think creating incentives to play less popular races is a good and positive endeavor and also that using PVP buffs as a means to achieve that end is a truly horrible idea. I liked Telanir's constellation system personally, give all characters the same buff options and let them choose.
  6. Anyone remember that really remote steampunk island in 3.0?

    1. Hanrahan


      Yeah the Republic of Gallmore

    2. ski_king3
    3. GloriaPreussens


      booty bay was better

  7. If you would like to be an ET Actor, apply today.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      Can I be super biased and still become an ET?

    2. Auriel_


      Willing to do such my guy.

  8. If you want to be an ET Actor you should make that known by posting an application.

    1. Gusano


      thanks for the heads up

  9. If you like the ET, and wanna be on it, you should make an app.

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      But if I'm an ET I can't be biased towards my fellow halflings

  10. "the spread of people and settlements in axios is like soup on a plate" -@_SurrenderMaine

  11. if i start being edgy on the forums will that make me cool too?

    1. Sporadic


      No because you had to ask first. Cool kids never ask they just do.

    2. UnBaed


      Are you saying that it was cool of me to kill my parents?  Nice.....

    3. ThatCanadian


      No, just drink vodka, smoke a cigar and tell people "**** that *****, this is Russia." Then you'll be cool.

  12. why are you so savage

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