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  1. Chaqery introduced me to magic and roleplayed it in a way that was awesome and unique. He seemed to want to bring the team to a place where it was more flexible where it could be, and devised systems that made magic accessible to others. There might not be a lot of magic listed on his app, but he's a competent and capable dude who will only do good for the team.
  2. The responses to this thread make me more supportive of DrFate than I initially was.
  3. I hope he at least gets a trial. Crazier things have happened.
  4. Strong support, obvious return.
  5. I ******* hope so.
  6. Dan does good in any role, and he was a fantastic LT. Obvious choice.
  7. [!] And so the challenge rang through the city, and somewhere within the heights of his tower, a lone high elf listened. Slowly, he raised himself from his paper-strewn isolation, sighing at his own inadequacy. And so he made his way down to the square as he always had, for what would be the last time in a long while. "Citizens of Haelun'or, I come to answer the challenge levied against me by Tilruir'maehr Ralnor Kelyarus. He is my longest serving Tilruir, and with certainty my most valuable, willing to do what is necessary in order to serve the Eternal Library and Silver State. Yet before I reach my conclusion, I briefly wish to speak my piece. I am sorry to those of Haelun'or who I have failed. I entered into my position with goals in mind and worked diligently to achieve them. For quite some time, I believe I was truly a model Okarir'maehr. Yet as time went on, this very clearly changed. I was first roped in to deal with matters of the Arbiters, the Vigil, and then the coup, the war, and finally the diplomacy that followed, stolen from my books and papers for politics I would sooner avoid. It wasn't a choice for me, but instead a necessity, as I truly believe Haelun'or would be worse were it not for my efforts. But it was in that moment that the joy of performing my duty died away, snubbed out by the politics of this land. Through my failure, I hope that some will learn from me. We must not concern ourselves with the violent endeavors of this land, just as we must wholly reject those who would bring their violence within our walls. Politics and violence are the poison that citizens and leaders, even if they live past their hardships." The elf sighs, shaking his head, stuffing his hands into the pocket of his coat. For the first time in a long time, he put on no airs. He was haggard and weary, ready to depart once more. "I hope we might speak soon about how I can help you, Mister Ralnor, for I concede to your challenge. Congratulations, Okarir'maehr." And with that, the high elf returned to his tower alone.
  8. So long as he's willing to work with those he might not like as much, he should be added back. He would have been made a manager had he not resigned when he did.
  9. I actually support Guck, he seems to do a good job as far as I can tell, though I really wish you'd try to bait people less in chat/cool it when management tells you to do so. You're certainly better than you used to be in that regard, but there's still room to improve. That being said, +1
  10. I support this lad
  11. Please for the love of god
  12. Oh one other thing if someone hoards the tomes in lore they poof away so you're quite literally incapable of holding the tome forever and refusing to share.
  13. I think he would do well, good app.
  14. I think you pugsyed
  15. I'm telling @Heero 阴