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  1. Does anyone remember the pillars that were in nexus regions? Those were cool. Not nexus regions, just the pillars.

  3. I think Harold would be best suited for this role.
  4. I'm sure we can find space for Norland ;^) In all seriousness I don't support removing Tahn either.
  5. Two of the only active RP hubs on the server are on Ceru and Asul, it would be a bit bizarre to force them to up and move...
  6. I'd support this one, she would do well.
  7. There was another exodus.
  8. You seemed good before, but why did you leave last time?
  9. whoops
  10. Need more rep.

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    2. Bad Guy Shady

      Bad Guy Shady

      My post rep ratio is better than your post rep ratio and I don't wanna share with you.

    3. JuliusAakerlund


      Don't even remind me about the top post days, makes me remember the downvote days as well.

    4. Detective


      I don't know what happened, I clicked the green arrow and now it is red.

  11. I guessssss I can get behind this
  12. Sort of yah, but this is nice because it doesn't require any personal upkeep. Everyone would automatically join and it's always there for people to use, no invite or maintenance required.
  13. I don't know if she could handle the degeneracy... Vaynth would be a good add, I think. She has good ideas and a solid mindset for the task.
  14. When do we get to murder Leo and Tofu? Anyways, seems like a fine candidate.
  15. You seem to have good intentions, but given your bans, your temperament and some of your attitudes, I don't believe you'd make a good moderator. Sorry friend -1