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  1. [!] Missives are hung throughout the lands of the Dominion, and only the Dominion, scribbled in a manner indicating they were written quickly and furiously. [!] To my fellow citizens of the Dominion of Malin, In all likelihood, you do not know me. My name is Laethis II Elverhilin of the Ihelia Seed, and I am a resident of Norseth'onn concerned by the recent proclamation. I know not of the circumstances leading to the Dominion's status as a Protectorate beneath the Holy Orenian Empire, only of the dissatisfaction of the mali I have managed to speak to on the matter. I am neither old nor wise, yet one need not be to understand the folly of this choice. Too many times have elves become the puppet of man, and too many times has it earned us little more than hardship and strife. War brews throughout the realm, and it is my belief that we must stand apart from those who seek to domineer over us. We are elves, and we must not find ourselves beholden to men. If there are any other like-minded elves of the Dominion reading this, I encourage you to join me. I wait in the public tavern of Norseth'onn, the city which I call home. And to those who would oppose me, know that I remain here unarmed, and seeking no quarrel, only to gather with my elven brethren to express our discontent. May Malin guide us, Laethis II Elverhilin of the Ihelia Seed
  2. The Dominion Protectorate Act, 1631

    Laethis II shakes his head upon hearing this, lips curling into a small scowl. "Incompetence. True incompetence."
  3. If you want in on the first wave of actor additions, apply to the ET shortly.

    1. Appetency


      call me daddy

    2. Vamoose


      Accept @Swgrclan or receive roggvirs divine punishment

    3. Jake!


      put me in coach

  4. How much to buy the server?

  5. Anyone remember Khabbi?

    1. Fid


      Furthermore I remember YOU, Mr. Stormborn. Varivik will rise again.

    2. ski_king3


      Heh I can't wait

  6. While Asulon (and presumably Aegis) had a skill system, I would argue that I by and large preferred that one. At least at the time, it made professions feel meaningful and tied to the RP of one's characters, and when it went, professions pretty much totally left the realm of RP. That being said, I think a big part of that was just because there was so much less stuff in Minecraft five years ago, in terms of number of blocks. But regardless, the system was much simpler, and wasn't overly prohibitive for new players.
  7. I think creating incentives to play less popular races is a good and positive endeavor and also that using PVP buffs as a means to achieve that end is a truly horrible idea. I liked Telanir's constellation system personally, give all characters the same buff options and let them choose.
  8. [Denied] [Pending][Actor] I can do this, I promise dude

    Application placed on pending, you will be contacted shortly.
  9. [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] Parker

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  10. [Pending][Actor] Temp

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  11. [Denied] [Pending][Actor] Flugal

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  13. [Accepted] [Pending][Actor] Aelesh's ET Actor Application

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  14. [Pending][ACTOR] periklis02 first try

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