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  1. BUt this just isn't true. Before it favored PVP because it meant that raids virtually always defaulted to PVP (unless they're raiding below cap or the defenders are fine being disadvantaged). Now it is neutral. In lawless raids, it defaults to defenders, so settlements that are more geared toward either roleplay or mechanical combat can have their preferred method. It doesn't break defender default, it enhances it and makes it properly neutral. It's impossible to discuss this change without discussing the lawless raid limit. Yes, 9 people is a big RP fight, but anything below means that defenders cannot protect their settlement with any semblance of an advantage while choosing RP. While this change came late, it was essentially a compromise necessary to raise the raid cap from 3 to 4. If you want this lowered, you really have to lower the raid cap too.
  2. I'm unsure why this rule is even an issue. There are plenty of places on the server and plenty of people who will opt for PVP when it comes to DD. But now settlements that are more geared toward RP combat and less interests in mechanics can call RP in these situations without being at a severe disadvantage. The goal here is a balance, and the rules previously did not reflect that.
  3. @nordicg_d Are you still interested in this? I know y'all ceded a lot of your land.
  4. This will cost 3000 minas to set up. Feel free to modreq for its setup at any point, or contact me.
  5. This doesn't address all the issues the LT/MT had with the magic (admittedly a stupid long time ago), but it's definitely an improvement. Glad to see it up there!
  6. Icarus sighs upon reading this, shaking his head. "This is going to end badly for us..."
  7. Yah, no activity last week means the last one we published data for. The tent camp didn't exist from August 1st through August 7th, so it couldn't have been active then.
  8. Whoops I had totally forgotten to update the spreadsheet. That is fixed. Except the region info tab, which I'll be trying to update completely this weekend.
  9. Additionally, this past week, we did 33 checks that cover a wide swath of timezones. They're not scheduled or done when it would benefit us, they're simply done when we are available to do them, when there are over 30 players online and one has not been done in at least two hours. Yes, we do a bat job of getting late night/early morning US timezones, and those are slightly less represented (which I am hoping to resolve), but the fact of the matter is santegiaduchy1 wasn't terribly active, and only showed some activity toward the end of the week. The first day they had 5 people was on August 13th, the fourth day of this check period. There were six checks that day. The following day, there were unfortunately only three checks, none of which the region exceeded 5 people. The same thing happened the next day, though they had 12 people during one of those checks at 8pm EST (more or less). And the following day we had six checks, of which two were found to have the region active. More often than not when I do checks, I see two or three people there, usually InfamousGreek and one or two others, folks in reddish uniforms if I remember correctly. I see y'all regularly throughout the checks, but not at enough to get marked down. If you believe that there are times that we are somehow missing where y'all regularly have 5+ players, let me know and I will personally make sure that checks are done consistently during those times the next several days (I am usually busy in the daytime as I'm looking for a job, but can make it happen if you feel we're missing you). Also, I realize that I did not update the public spreadsheet for this most recent post. My bad, I will do so shortly.
  10. kill me now
  11. Hope the dude's alright, thoughts are with him.
  12. Your second artifact has passed, the first and third will remain pending until changes can be made. Please contact me for more information. My discord is ski_king3#4268, and my skype is ski_king3.