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  1. The Cottonhill Family The Cottonhill's family lineage spans back well before the charter journey from Axios; however, the Cottonhills have always been terrible record keepers--preferring rather to live in the present. Therefore, precise records of their origins are impossible. Fortunately, Mirabell Cottonhill (formerly of the Barleyoats before marriage) began keeping records in her recipe books once they settled in Atlas. Mirabell married Aldagrim Cottonhill upon settling in Fernswood. After the loss ot two children during childbirth--while living in Fernswood--Mirabell and Aldagrim relocated (along with the other Halflings) to Dunshire, where the Cottonhills have remained ever since. ~*~ The Family's Culture and Tradition The Cottonhills have always been a bumbly bunch. Goofy at heart, all of the Cottonhills have valued joy, generosity, and kindness above all. If there is time for a laugh, time for a good chuckle, or time to pause and enjoy the moment, the Cottonhills have relished it. Expert singers and master drinkers, the Cottonhills have always prided their ability to drink Bigguns' under the table, as well as their ability to write lines of verse. Both Darcy Cottonhill and his father, Andywise Cottonhill were poets (as well as fishermen--the tradition of Cottonhill men). Like most Halflings, the Cottonhills are by no means fighters. They're a peaceful bunch. Though, like raccoons, they've been known to get rather defensive when cornered. And don't let their family's short, plump statures fool you! They're quick on their bare feet and nimble as foxes. ~*~ Cottonhill Family Appearance All of the Cottonhills never pass up a meal. Breakfast, second breakfast, elevenses, lunch, anytime worth eating is a time you'll find good company among the Cottonhills. For this reason, many of the Cottonhills are rather chubby. Though it has long been a matter of fact among Halflings that Mirabell Cottonhill was one of the most beautiful Halflings in Dunshire (arguably, of course!). Most all of the Cottonhills are redheaded, an uncommon characteristic that could hint to Dwarven genes in their ancestry. Though (again, due to terrible record keeping) it's impossible to know for certain. One thing is sure: all of the Cottonhills are short. And by-in-large, their eyes are hazel, though some exceptions have been noted, for example, Darcy. ~*~ Religion Due to their history as fishermen, the Cottonhills have chosen (most often) to worship Squidlord Arugula. However, Darcy Cottonhill, in defiance of his father, chooses to worship Knox & Squidlord Arugula. The price, of course, being that he is often cursed with catching shoes and sticks--more often that catfish and lakefish. Though Darcy has yet to take note of the correlation between his lack of devotion to Squidlord Arugula and his fishing success (or lack thereof). ~*~ Family Artifacts Mirabell "Gran" Cottonhill's Biscuits n' Jam recipe: Perhaps one of the most notable biscuits and jam recipes in Dunshire, this recipe dates by generations. Notable for their flakiness and moist suppleness, "Gran's" biscuits are something of a delicacy among the Cottonhills and among Dunshire. Aldagrim Cottonhill's blessed fishing rod: As legend has it, Aldagrim met Squidlord Arugula who blessed his rod with the gift of luck. Consequently, Aldagrim is one of only a few residents of Dunshire to have been know to catch (and subsequently release) the Great White Squid from Dunshire lake. Aldagrim passed down his lucky rod to Andywise, who subsequently passed the rod down to Darcy--who now (due to his half-invested faith) only benefits from half the rod's luck. Mirabell "Gran" Cottonhill's lucky ring: Given to her by Aldagrim upon their relocation to Dunshire, "Gran's" ring was caught by Aldagrim from the depths of Dunshire lake. It's unknown exactly where the ring came from, or who the previous owner was; however, it has proven quite lucky. Darcy has won many a shogging match from wearing "Gran's" fortunate ring. ~*~ Current and Deceased Family Aldagrim Cottonhill - deceased Mirabell Cottonhill - deceased Andywise Cottonhill (son of Aldagrim & Mirabell) - deceased Belba Cottonhill (daughter of Aldagrim & Mirabell) - deceased Bell Cottonhill (daughter of Aldagrim & Mirabell) - deceased Rosie (formerly Underfoot) Cottonhill (wife of Andywise) - deceased Darcy Cottonhill (son of Andywise & Rosie) - living in Dunshire Sam Wade Cottonhill (son of Andywise & Rosie) - living, although his whereabouts are currently unknown
  2. Out-Of-Character IGN: ldjulius In-Character RP Name: Darcy Cottonhill Race: halfling Age: 28 Job / Occupation: Fisherman, Poet Residence: 3 Lake's Root, Dunshire
  3. A Cottonhill always makes time for biscuits n' jam.

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  4. First night in Asulon was rough. A traveler in Seventus was kind enough to lend me a sword. I managed to acquire some apples and a hot bowl of mushroom soup as well.

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  5. Calan is ready to find a home in Asulon

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